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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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now. >> enough is enough was the message when denver added more cops to the 16th street mall after attacks. the city is reevaluating plans and looking for a month -- a more permanent solution now. liz gelardi joins us live. whether the city is actually making progress depends on where you stand. >> reporter: weel, we have talked with a lot of people who say yes except we just watched someone break a beer bottle across the street getting set up. but if yowant to know if the city is really making progress, just ask the guy caught in the middle of a fight here on the 16th street mall. >> guys, leave him alone. >> reporter: see this guy in the gray shirt being punched? >> i was just a bystander like everybody else. >> reporter: this was human june. he still keeps coming back to walk the 16th street mall. >> more police presence and less crowds on the street. less
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one noticing a difference. >> i have noticed more security. >> reporter: for the downtown partnership, perception is a big deal. the mall brought in $16 million in sales tax revenue last year alone. police admit as a try to clean up the 16th street mall, the homeless are just going elsewhere. like here, a mile and a half away to other parts of the city or even beyond. >> the problem hasn't gone away so we do see some displacement. some of it has moved outside the city. we have heard from our neighboring cities and districts . >> reporter: police are also reevaluating the number of officers staff here as we head into typically slower winter months. >> ? >> reporter: next year's proposed budget would add 16 offices downtown, a more permanent presence on the mall. >> you know, anytime you get
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the crime prevention aspect, you get people who can take ownership of the area. >> reporter: the owner of the appaloosa grill wants to seek more officers at the late-night hours. he says the city is not quite there yet. >> it's definitely going in the right direction. >> reporter: here is an example of an improvement, something business owners say is really making a difference. the city has closed some of these alleys. people were go use drugs and other illegal activities. now that this is closed, they say they have noticed and police want to hear from you. they want to know what you are seeing on the mall and they also want to know if you are seeing some of these problems moving to other areas in the city. reporting live, liz gelardi denver 7. >> whether it's the additional security, lighting, attention or just luck, the city some more visitors along the mall this summer. a typical summer the summer,
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the city is trying to build on the number hiring a consultant for $650,000 to get ideas on how to improve the mall experience. the searches on for alice carver in westminster. if she looks familiar, it's because just last week she wandered away from home but police are worried once again because she is autistic and last week she was found within a couple hours. new developments about the develop crash in new jersey. the train engineer is out of the hospital a cooperating with investigators. one woman was killed this morning and more than 100 were hurt when this train crash into the historic hoboken station. incoming trains are restricted to a speed of 10 miles per hour. this one was going so fast, it hit with such force, that it jumped the steel reinforced platform, smashed down a calm and even cleat -- even caved in a glass roof.
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>> i saw a couple gentlemen bleeding. some people couldn't walk. some people were covered in debris. >> reporter: in all, all 100 injured are expected to survive. two men are on the run after robbing a compass bank southeast of city park. the neighborhood in the area was locked down for three hours as police searched for robbers. within the last hour, adam hammond >> to a homeowner cut in the >> reporter: as you say, those suspects are on the run tonight and neighbors here say they think they know why because while dozens of police officers are right here telling them they can leave their houses, the suspects could have gotten away. i talked to bob shannon who was playing video games when he was notified that there could be think robbers in the garage behind his house. take a look at this garage right here. we went in there to get a up
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standing. dogs alerted police officer that the suspect could have been right there and something was clamping it in place. they really thought the suspects were behind there. after 90 minutes, they noticed no one was there. listen to what bob has to say. >> with two or three dozen officers feeling of this neighborhood, they are in out looking anywhere else. they all think their somebody here and they are all concentrating their efforts the bank suspects are long gone. >> reporter: now, bob says there is a good reason for that. that's because all the neighbors here use the bank just across he street and he thinks the dogs may have picked up there sent from that and brought them back to the garages here. i spoke to another neighbor who is pretty spoken up -- show can up -- shaken up. he said police even use -- used
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inside. adam hammond live for denver 7. >> maybe a couple hours of sleep for bob tonight. the keybank of littleton was also robbed. jeffco sheriff's office released is clear pictures of the man they say hit the bank close to noon. he also took a lollipop in addition to the cash. calls today on capitol hill for the ceo of wells fargo to step down. john stumpf was grilled by the house committee on his knowledge of 2 million fake accounts opened by his 5300 employees were fired as a result. that ceo has blamed the scandal uncontroversial sales goals. what happens when you're not the onlygame in town? this november, several states including several western states could legalize recreational marijuana. colorado hassenjoyed tax revenue from pot sales hoping everything from schools to prevention programs. marc stewart joins us to explain just what is at stake.
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are changing. take a look at this map. all the states shaded in green including california and arizona in the west could approve recreational pot cells -- sales. that could seriously impact our ability to make money here in colorado. at starbuds and at dispensaries across the state, pot sales are strong setting a record for july. but a force outside of colorado could will the success. voters in maine, massachusetts, nevada, arizona, and california could all give the green light for recreational sales, extinguishing the novelty here at home. >> how many of your customers are not from colorado? >> roughly 20%. >> reporter: that's in denver but a 2014 states study reveals in some tourist rich counties, out-of-state his account for about 90% of sales. >> the more states that legalize it, the more it has
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impact that colorado has nationwide and around the world . >> reporter: there is a sweet side to the story. pot related businesses like this bakery see this as a potential opportunity to expand beyond colorado. >> we definitely see expansion into other states is a good thing. >> reporter: at love's oven, this cannabis infused baklava has allowed them to reach new sales highs. the owners want to share the experience be on the mile high. >> we are definitely looking at expanding into other states and helping with their industry or moving our business into their states. >> reporter: shannon, there are so many products. the list is endless. these are chocolate bars but at the end of the day, colorado has been a pioneer in all of this. other states will look to us but as far as long-term impact if they pass recreational salee, it's kind of hard to
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people in the industry pointed out it took about a year once it was passed in colorado to implement. it's a bit of a guessing game. >> but how quickly this whole thing has changed in this nation. ?e couldn't have had this conversation 10 years ago. >> it's a big social shift. we have new video tonight showing inmates attacking staff members at a juvenile detention center in colorado springs. this is the spring creek youth services center in august. several staff members were assaulted leading to investigation by the police department. nine teenagers are facing assault charges because of this riot. national law could change because of a highlands ranch family fight with the jeffco school district -- douglas county school district. the district court will hear the family's case. they say their autistic son was not getting an appropriate free public education when he went to summit view elementary between kindergarten and fourth grade. advocates for families of children with special needs say
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time with schools developing individual learning plans. >> when you look at dyslexia, research shows one in five kids have it. that's a lot of kids in a school system. sometimes, the kids lesson plans don't match their exact needs. >> the high court will hear the case in january. the clowns are on the move. today, some kids stayed home aggin. this is at poudre high school in fort collins after a clown threat was once again made on social media last night. police warrants to concerned because they say this looked like the other hoaxes across the country but police showed up at school just in case. we're just getting started tonight on denver 7 an ironman dream cut short over chapstick. please stick around for this one. we are the only ones talking to him tonight. your voice your vote. donald trump heading to
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supporters are getting all kinds of amped up about it. plus, the new decision in congress that will help with
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here are our headlines for your voice your vote. donald trump is extending his
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adding a stop in public that monday before speaking in loveland. we spoke to mcmorris running for congress in colorado. >> the business background he brings to washington, while he will have to learn the ropes of how government is designed and how everything can't be done east and -- done instantly, i think it's a fresh perspective. >> the super pac supporting hillary clinton is spending big. it will spend $10 million to air anti-trump ads in several swing states including colorado. it just a few hours, president obama the funeral for shimon peres . we told you about this problem before. injured war veterans come home to find their insurance doesn't cover very expensive in vitro fertilization. it's sometimes needed because of injuries sustained in war but congress gave hope to people like tyler and crystal wilson today, a local couple
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injuries. congress approved the va to cover ivf for one year. the wilson's say it's a start. >> our goal is so that no other couple has to strain, go through this struggle when they are already struggling on the day today basis of getting through life paralyzed. >> and a wonderful postscript. after starting ivf in january, tyler and crystal learned they are going to have a baby next favorite activity. now, imagine qualifying for the super bowl of that and then finding out you have been disqualified because your lips got chapped. that is a very real story from a denver area triathlete. marshall zelinger is live at the cherry creek trail tonight with the story of a denver area athlete and his performance- enhancing chapstick. >> reporter: shannon, already
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eight hours, matt smith did not need water. he did not need his ennrgy drink. after doing an ironman, halfway through his run, he needed chapstick. this got him disqualified from an entry in the super bowl of ironman. swim, bike, run for a really long time. that's an ironman. >> in our sport, this is the holy grail. >> reporter: denver holy grail when he competed at this weekend's ironman at chattanooga, tennessee. >> finished second r the 40 to 44 age group and in the top 10 amateur men. truck but you have to take his word for it because despite photogenic proof he was on the course, his overall rank is disqualified. >> when they originally told me, at first a long list of
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head. >> reporter: but why was matt out of the results and now out of the world championships in hawaii? >> the referee said did you accept somethhng on the course? i said yes, i accepted a chapstick from my wife . >> reporter: is this performance-enhancing chapstick? >> i don't think it has anything performance-enhancing . >> reporter: it's spelled out pretty well in the rules. compete without receiving assistance from other parties. >> just out of principle, i said i would never argue with a referee's decision on the with her and accepted it gracefully . >> reporter: that he is actually practicing what he preaches. he coaches triathlete and make some sign an agreement with this caveat, arguing with a race official, volunteer or other athlete will terminate the coaching relationship immediately with no refund. >> reporter: how do you not say it's chapstick, this is ridiculous? >> i would say it was hard to
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more important thaa the results. >> reporter: so how did chapstick 2016 take place? his wife actually through the chapstick on the back -- on this ground and matt picked it up to be careful of the rules. cheating? gray area? reporting, marshall zelinger denver 7. >> i've got to say, that is a gentleman athlete. first alert, some big changes in the weather. chief meteorologist mike nelson with his winter prediction. >> ast year we had an el nino, with warm water in the pacific affecting the jet stream. that is now gone and the temperatures have cooled to a neutral freight -- neutral phases.. it will alter the jet stream pattern in the coming months and it looks like our primary jet stream pattern although it will vary from time to time
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stormtrac from seattle through the great lakes and eventually toward washington dc. colder than normal conditions expected across the dakotas. a little bit warmer over southern colorado and certainly down into arizona, new mexico and texas with that type of pattern. later conditions along the stormtrac. northern rockies, northern mountains of colorado a little bit dryer. that stormtrac will carry out over the eastern part of the country. what does that mean around here? i think about 60 inches of snow for denver t last winter we had 75. the best snow will be for the northern and central mountain areas with lesser amounts to the southwest mountains. with that pattern, mild overall but with a northwesterly flow, you get good, cold waves coming through giving us some below zero nightt but we will also have strong wind events. chinook winds tend to be warm winds. those will be very cold. very mild overall with a few cold snaps and about 60 inches
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are mostly clear, 62 degrees downtown, 64 degrees at the airport after a high of 87th leg. winds from the south at 11 miles per hour. overnight tonight, mild and the skies will be partly cloudy and low temperatures expected down around the upper 40s, low 50s. tomorrow, the high in the mid- 70s with afternoon showers. currently, there is an upper air disturbance moving into the state from the west. showers tonight over much of on the plains. the temperatures in the upper 30s that leadville, near 40 degrees in telluride and upper 50s to low 40s over eastern colorado. tomorrow, we start with showers and thunderstorms in the grand valley. showers around red feather lakes. showers and storms midday and in the afternoon we see nothing severe but a little rain for denver and the eastern plains along with slightly cooler temperatures. 75 degrees and under, 75
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down east. mainly mid-70s for lowerr elevations and 60s for the rest. the metro area settling at 78 degrees with mid to upper 60s. tonight, partly cloudy and 50 degrees. tomorrow, the high expected 75 degrees with a few showers. a good-looking weekend. temperatures will be in the mid- 70s, sunny to partly cloudy. a stronger and colder storm arrives tuesday and wednesday with snow in the mountains and rain showers here. look at that, by wees denver area. we had a nice round of perfect weather. for just $50, you can help honor victims of the aurora theater shooting. you will also need a pair of running shoes.
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it was a big night for the denver scholarship foundation, the program that has helped more than 5000 denver students go to college. they are celebrating their 10th anniversary tonight. denver 7 is a proud sponsor and we spoke at the organization's gala. >> tonight, we are going to show you just how much your support has met to thousands of students right here in our beautiful state of colorado.
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learning about low graduation rates and high dropout rates within dps back in 2006. so the governor was honored tonight. our partners continue celebrating hispanic heritage month and today, by looking at the great work of aaron abeyta. the work he has done in antonito . he fought off big companies to protect the community and save the town's water while he was mayor. i encourage you to learn more about this you can help build the memorial for the aurora shooting victims. all you've got to do is run. a 5k is being held saturday at the aurora municipal center. it starts at 8 am with a $50 registration fee. the fee goes toward building the memorial. i am line will be in the new with the latest from done -- dove valley coming up. we have some great football
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sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun. >> welcome to 7 sports extra. we start with a huge high school football game. cherry creek hosting valor christian. dylan mccaffery armed in motion. sweet baby ray's, he's got it. 80 yards for the score and later mccaffery two-pack curtis. curtis stretches and for the touchdown. he is the son of the coal offensive coordinator of cu. you love to see this don't you? a big win against oregon state. now to the broncos, yesterday was trevor siemian winning the offense of layer of the week. today, this man 58 degrees -- 58 got an even bigger honor.
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valley . >> reporter: von miller made tackles look silly. on thursday, he made history. he became the first bronco to win defensive player of the month honors three times. miller says the team dynamic, not his own personal ability, is what is making this possible. players have taken ownership. >> we come out here to work, to practice. it's 100% football. you can't just flop. here at work. you got somebody who is going to check you. >> reporter: use the term. it doesn't matter to emmanuel sanders. he wants the ball thrown to him because it makes them better, being the broncos offe the group took a lot of pride this week in its ability to finish off an opponent. >> that's what make this team so unique him special because we have guys who want to step up and not depend on other people.
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100%. he is racing the clock to be ready for sunday. the broncos defense is emphasizing to stop the quarterback and run the scramble. that's why they are rushing stats on for they would like them. let's check the rockies. final game on the road. down the third base line, chuck's gloria spirit of sasquatch. 5-2 giants leading in the 6th. they have a homestand against milwaukee over the weekend. it's been nice to spend the it's been nice to spend the evening i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community.
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he's not like other republicans. i think he's betr. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- armie hammer, from ?notorious?, piper perabo, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from damian ?jr. gong? marley and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very coming. i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything, really. for those of you visiting,


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