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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 it's 4:30. we have multiple break news stories. a neighbor is shot while trying to do a good deed in lakewood. >> eric lupher arrived on scene, spoke to police. >> reporter: this is scary, the information we got. this is in a neighborhood just south of alameda, east of you can see police cars lining the street and they've got this part of the road blocked off. this is why. this is just crazy. multiple people outside trying steal a truck. this is according to a sergeant here on scene this morning. when a neighbor noticed they were trying to steal his neighbor's truck. that's when the suspects fired several times. we're not sure if multiple suspects had guns or just one gun that was fired. and taken to the hospital. k
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okay. nonlife-threatening injuries. but the suspects are still out there. they didn't get away with the truck they were trying to steal. you can see this neighborhood is very dark. investigators are still trying to gather evidence. we are going to continue to try to get more information, especially when the sun comes up to get a better idea of what went niwn here overnight. happened around 12:30. scary for this neighbor who was trying to make sure his neighbor's truck didn't get stolen. back to you. in denver one person was rollover crash at 39th and fox. happened around 2:00 this morning. police haven't said what led up to the crash or if they believe alcohol or maybe speed were more breaking news, violence at an apartment complex in littleton. police say a person was stabbed there early this morning. >> this happened on bellevue avenue. the suspect is still on the run. at this time we do not have a description of that person and we don't know the condition of the victim, but we are working
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right now at the funeral of shimon peres, palestinian's president shaking hands with current israeli pm netanyahu. president obama said there's unfinished peace there. now hurricane matthew reaching category 2 strength as it moves through the carribean. but officials say it's to early to tell if it will affect florida. already winds up to 120 miles per hour. we're looking ahead to changes for the weekend. lisa has our first alert forecast. >> we are. past few days been pretty near perfect. yesterday near 80.
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cover, little more cloud cover here in denver. even a few showers up in through the mountains. you could find wet roads there up along i-70. likely a nice and dry drive for us here. temperatures, though, changing. yesterday we were in the low 80s. today we're still starting off in the 50s, but we're only going to top out in the low to mid-70s. in denver today a high of 75, with a little more cloud cover. there is a chance for a few storms and showers afternoon. we're in the mid- to upper 70s across most of northeastern colorado. 60s in the mountains. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk about theeafternoon shower storrs. i'm heading to the rockies game so you know it's going to rain. it's why i'm sporting the purple today, rockies' last home stand. it's purple day on his friday. low to mid-70s on most of the
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this section of i-25 is a lot smoother down to hampden as they finish the paving work early this morning. this morning police need you to keep an eye out for 14- year-old alice caver of westminster. she is autistic and has wandered away. the search has been called off ffr missing cook. last week the experienced climber went out and there's still no sign of cook after days of searching. jefferson county deputies are searching for this man. he's accused of robbing the key bank in littleton. this happened yesterday around noon. ?f you recognize him you are asked to call the sheriff's office. police say two armed men in denver robbed the compass bank on east colfax. officers blocked off tte area
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men. new saw anything that could help, call police. this denver man accused of killing his wifewhile high on marijuana edibles will go to trial. a judge set richard kirk's trial for march of next year. kirk has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. investigators say he shot and killed kristin kirk in ddcember of 2014 while she was calling 911. in fact, detectives say you could hear her screaming, then you remember the fights caught on camera along the 16th street mall in denver? those videos have gone viral and now the downtown deer partnership says they've had enough. the group met yesterday to look at the issues facing the mall and proposed to add 16 officers downtown creating a more permanent presence there on the mall. >> i'm excited about being able to get some officers down there full-time and really dive into the community policing and getting to know the area and have the responsibility for it.
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the number of officers staffed thhre, especially as we head into the typical slower months of the year. colorado's pot industry could be facing some competition. pot sells are strong in our state, but a force outside of colorado could be changing things. voters in maine, massachusetts, nevada, arizona and california could all give the green light in their state. >> the more states that legalize it, the more it has impact coloradd has nationwide and around the world. >> at the same time, there is some enthusiasm. some businesses llke love's oven hope to share their expertise and possibly expand into those states. a petition says a little boy with auuism wasn't getting the appropriate education he needed while attending summit u
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have a big battle with public schools developing their individualized education programs, knoon as iep's. >> you look at the incidence of dyslexia, it's one in five. that's a lot of kids in a school system. so sometimes the support the kids get don't match their exact beings. >> the arguments at the supreme court is expected to be january. congress has given the va the green light to cover in vitro fertilization. after a yeaa of advocating for a change, congress listened to have a baby but couldn't g to naturally because tyler suffered an injury in afghanistan that left him paralyzed. the fight isn't over, because
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to cover costs for one year. >> our goal is so no other couple has to strain, has to go through this struggle when they're already struggling on a day-to-day basis of getting through life paralyzed. >> as you can see, the wilsons are pregnant. they're due in march. we're learning more about deadly train crash in new jersey. still to come, what passengers say happened right before the accident. the top republican in the senate exxlaining why he may
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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we have new details released this morning in the new jersey amtrak track. police just named the engineer in the crash that injured more than 100 people. >> we had a photograph of him just pulled up. his name is thomas gallagher. lease 48 years old. he's been an employee 29 years. passengers say the train failed to slow down approaching the terminal, slamming into a bumper block. it went airborne through the concourse and the crash killed a woman waiting on the platform. >> we got jolted out of their seats. loud crash and explosion outside. >> police are working to inspect the train's braking system and determine how fast the train was going. they say the engineer is ?ooperating right now with this investigation. right now a 6-year-old boy
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shot on a school play ground. jacob hall was one of three people shot outside south carolina's townville elementary school. a 14-year-old boy was arrested and may be behind the murder of his father earlier in the day. we still don't have a motive ffom police. we know the boy was home for bringing a weapon to school and may have been bullied. barely a day after turn a veto, one lawmaker has regrets. now, senator mitch mcconnell says nobody thought about the international effects of the law that could put diplomats and u.s. troops in trouble abroad. >> i hate to blame everything on the president, and i don't, but it would have been helpful
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about this much earlier than last week. >> house speaker paul ryan says the house could revisit the law. he hinks lawmakers can fix it to protect our service members overseas. breaking political news. morning about the former miss universe who has been attacking him this week. heesaid, crooked hillary was dupeed and miss u. he says crooked hillary helped disgusting alicia m become a u.s. citizen to use her at the debate. at monday's debate hillary brought up alicia and how trump criticized her in the past for her weight. donald trump is extending his stay in colorado next week, adding a stop in pueblo monday, then off to loveland later this weekend.
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is running for congress and seems to be putting support behind trump. >> the business background he brings to colorado, while he'll have to learn the ropes how our government is designed and not how everything can be done instantly, i think it's a fresh perspective. >> hillary clinton's super pac is putting down big bucks to take down donald trump. is spending millions for an ad showing a boy with a rare former of cancer of the spinal cord. the teen says he wants a president who inspiring him and doesn't believe trump is that person. tough moment for gary johnson. on live tv he once again drew a blank when questioned about foreign affairs. earlier this month johnson didn't know what aleppo was, and then this week this happened on msnbc.
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moment in the former president of mexico -- >> anybody in the world you like. >> i know. >> anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain freeze. story around with a little e %- humor saying "it's been almost 24 hours and i still can't come up to." >> little bit of pressure running for the big office quarter till 5:00. want to check the forecast. it's beautiful. this morning similar to yesterday. little bit more cloud cover. it's friday. temperatures in the 50s. a cup cooler by mid--- touch cooler by midafternoon. chance of showers and it will get cooler next week. temperatures will start to drop by the second week of fall. right now we're tracking some
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through the central tains. you'll notice also up and through the foothills a little activity on radar. could get a sprinkle in the foothills this morning. across denver, boulder, fort collins, we've got more cloud cover to deal with this morning and again a few light showers possible as you get west along 285, i-70 and up towards estes park early on. skies will quiet down a bit through midday and then by this afternoon another round of scattered storms these ones do move closer to denver. t collins to boulder to denver we're expecting a few more storms. more showers and skies will clear out overnight tonight. we're looking at about a 10 to 20% chance that you're oing to get wet with any of your afternoon or evening activities. if you do get a shower it's not going to last long. overniiht skies will clear. tomorrow morning we'll see a mix of sun and clouds early on, and then even fewer storms tomorrow afternoon.
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anything through saturday afternoon early evening. now the temperattres, thiigs cooling down. mid- to upper 50s this morniig. we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s by this afternoon. so it's about 5 to 7 degrees little bit more cloud cover. parker you're at 74. platteville today 78. highlands ranch 77. and low to mid-sixes in the foothills. more 60s in the mountains today and a little cooler near pueblo and tomorrow and sunday, so the weekendd mid-upper 70s. temperatures will be similar to what we're seeing today. then early next week winds will start to kick up. we've got a high of about 78 on monday. a little warmer, and hen tracking our next cold front, this one will really bring our temperatures down. 60 on tuesday. 55 on wednesday. and still have that overnight low of 35 early wednesday morning. my goodness. it is getting cold out there.
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morning. take a look at the cameras shifting around. what it does, every so often, about every 10 tes or so, it turns around in different directions, so it can take a picture and put it on the cdot web site. some of the cameras are live. you can see on the southbound side, the sign boards there, pushing over to the left side and that will be for that paving work that continues to go through hampden. it's a lot smoother than it has been the last coople of days. you can see on the map otherwise a lot of green north, south, east, west, including to dia. more than 2500 people in colorado are predicted to get devastating news thii year that they have lung cancer. it's the leading cause of cancer deeths. >> but this weekend thereeis a way that you can help in the fight. one colorado woman says the need for funding and awareness has never been greater. peggy dennis was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. like so many people diagnosed
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denise, rather, has neeer smoked. >> why? younger women it usually hits nonsmoking women, and let's look at that. what's going on with that and why is that on the rise? >> you can help by joining the denver free to breathe5k and walk in wash park this sunday. you can register online at the americas hhve eliminated the measles. health organization. a disease is declared eliminated when there's no illness there for a year or more. measles had caused over 100,0000 deaths in the americas between 1971 and '79. common painkillers like ibuprofen and naproxen have
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researchers studied data fromm 10 million europeans and found people currently using painkillers had a 19% higher risk of heart failure. the verdict is still out on how parents feel about this next story. more young adults arr living with their parents than at any time in the past 130 years. according to the u.s., across the u.s. i should say, one- third of 18 to 34-year-olds live at home. in colorado that number is just under a quarter. more adults over the age of are staying in the workforce. a fifth of american workers are past retirement age. reasons include the obvious probably, the need for income ?nd health insurance. but there's a third ttat say they continue to work because they enjoy what they do and worry they might get bored. their fitness digitally with a device just for them.
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changes for the amber alert system. >> smartphone users will receive more specific details. the tracking -- most of us get a new computer abbut every 10 years. this one is going strong. >> there is a commoddre 64 from 1982, it's still being used to run an auto repair shop in poland. >> it's so ig, too. >> it's kind of cool it's still around. >> it's a little clunky..
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triathlete disqualifyed for having chap smith. >> matt smith was qualified for the super bowl of the ironman competition in hawaii, before he was punished for taking chapstick from his wife. >> the head referee came up and let me know my results would be that i would lose record and because i'd accepted outside assistance during the race. >> he accepted it, saying as a coach he requires his athletes to agree and not argue with the referee. >> that's harsh punishment. how scary it is to hit a deer on the road, but few of us can understand this video. >> a deer strikes back.
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check out this weird video from new jersey. a woman hit the deer with her truck and the deer came back swinging. >> the police dash cam caught the whole thing on camera. after the initial incident, the woman pulled over to check on the animal, and that's when that deer darted across the road and attacked her. >> it was mad. it was real mad. it happened so fast, i just grabbed a handful of antlers
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>> deer was not happy. the officer who was behind the 3 woman said he's never seen anything quite like that before. >> that's crazy. that deer jumped in the door. >> i'm surprised that hasn't happen. i was tellinn you guys during thh break i've hit three deer in my life in colorado. >> oh, dear. i'm surprised they don't attack me. 40s and 50s. this afternoon mid- to upper 70s. it will be a warm afternoon. still a few degrees above normal, but definitely cooler than where chance for a few showers today and tomorrow. pretty mild for the weekend. pretty mild on the roads. the only real big issue is the colorado, evans down to 5, %- hampden. one lane is open there to the left. you can see on the map a lot of green about anywhere else you want to travel on this friday morning. here's what we're working 3 on for 5:00 a.m. soon it will cost more to use your credit cards. we'll tell you what ome business owners are trying to get passed in the supreme court.
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upside ddwn outside his window. the reason will likely leave him feeling a little embarrassed. chipotle back in the headlines, not for health
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5:00 a.m. we're tracking breaking news out of lakewood here police are looking for a group of people they say shot a man just trying to be a good neighbor. our eric lupher got there right after this happened. >> he joins us now. what have you found out? >> reporter: it's really amazing what suspects will do, the lengths they will go just to try to get away by firing on you can see here what's happening off of cody street. south of alameda, east of garrison. they've got this cul de sac closed off. i have video to show you what investigators have been doing the last few hours or so. a neighbor, a man walked outside, noticed multiple suspects trying to steal a truck. those suspects noticed him and fired on him. police are saying several shots were fired. we don't know if it came from


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