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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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5:00 a.m. we're tracking breaking news out of lakewood here police are looking for a group of people they say shot a man just trying to be a good neighbor. our eric lupher got there right after this happened. >> he joins us now. what have you found out? >> reporter: it's really amazing what suspects will do, the lengths they will go just to try to get away by firing on you can see here what's happening off of cody street. south of alameda, east of garrison. they've got this cul de sac closed off. i have video to show you what investigators have been doing the last few hours or so. a neighbor, a man walked outside, noticed multiple suspects trying to steal a truck. those suspects noticed him and fired on him. police are saying several shots were fired. we don't know if it came from
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but that neighbor was hit and taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries we're being told. the suspects got away in a car, in a vehicle. but police aren't sure what that vehicle is now. they'll be knocking on doors trying to get as much information as they can. a lot of activity. this is a quiet neighborhood, very dark, only a few street lights, very dark investigators are here gathering all the evidence they can. back to you. from the first alert desk now, we're tracking the search for a suspect after a person was found stabbed at an apartment complex in littleton, that person now in the hospital. this happened off bellevue avenue. we have no description of a suspect and no condition of the victim. we're working to get more details from police. also, a bad rollover crash that landed someone in the hospital.
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denver. at 39th and fox in you can see the damage to the car. police are still trying figure out what caused it. this morning want to talk about that giant thing there. that is hurricane matthew, pretty serious. it's a category 2 storm. >> it just continues to gain strength as it heads towards land. people in the bahamas and cuba are all bracing for this. there is a chance matthew could also hit florida next week. let's get over to lisa, she's got her first alert forecast of what in colorado. >> we have a bit of a change. temperatures will start to drop a bit. more cloud cover this morning for the morning drive. even a few showers possible up and through the foothills this morning. anything would be light early on. mountains have picked up most of our rain the last couple of days. kids getting ready for their friday, you're going to find this morning aasweatshirt probably good at the bus stop. low to mid-50s early on between about 8:00 and 9:00.
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storms are possible. temperatures will be about 5 degrees below yesterday. it's a cooler afternoon and we could see a few storms right here in town. i'm going to show you what that looks like cominggup hour by hour in just a minute. here's your first alert that we settle into the 70s today and jayson we stay there thrrugh the weekend. a lot of folks in the 70s on the roadways, at least on the outskirts of town. of i-2 that's not the speed ide- limit and we have reduced speeds because of the paving that continues on left lane is open. you can see the sign board pushing everybody over to the left as ttey're continuing the paving work down there. a lot of good driving conditions. 25 minute security wait time at dia. deputies in jefferson county are looking for this man. he is accused of robbing the key bank ii littleton yesterday. it happened around noontime. a few ours after that --
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compass bank on colfax and denver. them. earched but didn't find this man will go on a trial after a judge found him competent to stand trial. investigators say richard kirk ate pot edibles and killed his wife. she was murdered two years ago. her friends said richard was abusive. he says that's not true. the trial begins in march. about 25% of people killed by police have a severe mental illness, it's what a ne that's something the aurora police department is trying change. they teamed up with the health center trying to deal with suspects with special needs. >> we're not teaching officers how to talk to people, but how to listen and draw information from the clients so we can assess their needs and figure out what will work best for them. >> the sergeant there says he wants to train every patrol officer.
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is 36-year-old christopher alm, just found dead. he disappeared from his home in may. investiiatorr say this is suspicious, but they have not told us how he died. family is keeping hope for david cook, an experienced hiker who took off last wwek to hike but never came back. it looks like other states across the country are going to follow our lead in colorado, try to make in november voters in maine, massachusetts, nevada, arizona and california could all give the green light for recreational sales. it comes as pot shops across the country set record sales numbers. more competition makes some of those owners a bii nervous. >> the more states that legalize it, the more it has the potential to dilute the impact that colorado has nationde and around the world.
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market. some voters in iowa are already casting early voting ballots. it's why hillary clinton spent the day there, telling voters to direct people to nearby polling places. she needs all the support she can get in iowa. a recent poll there shows her losing to trump. while clinton is worriid about iowa, trump might be nervous about voters here in colorado. he is making two stops in our state next week, even though his children were just here. monday he'll visit pueblo and then loveland. trump needs to do better in the next debate. looks like he's letting former rival chris chriitie coach him. trump's campaign manager says
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wait and see. gary johnson again drew a blank when questioned about foreign affairs, happened again on live television. this morning he sent out this tweet here. most are laughing at his mistake, but not necessarily with him. you may remember when he didn't know what aleppo was, the center of the syrian crisis now. here's a look at his latest misstep. >> name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i'm guessing i'm having an aleppo moment in president of mexico. >> but anybody in the world. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> well, anybody. >> i'm having a brain freeze. >> the latest oll shows him at 7%. polls show if his sspporters
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likely pick clinton. enough of politics, let's talk about beer, because it's friday. >> and it's 5:07 in the morning. >> why not? the denver beer fest is here. >> it lasts the entire week. breweries and restaurants across the area are participating with hundreds of beer related events. some of the highlights are beer wiping nights, breww-- bike nights, bury tours and -- the denverrzoo has a new resident, an orangutan from germany. forget hat annoying noise on your tv. the government is coming up with a better way to send warnings. a woman killed in this horrible new jersey train crash, tragic details about what the young mom did just before getting hit by thht train. re in the first alert
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mountains. did i scare you? here it will be pretty nice. 50s, even 60s early this morning, and some clear skies in spots. more cloud cover early on today, and chance for a few we'll talk about this coming up. i'm starting to see a
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right now as former israeli rest, the moment people are to talking about -- president obama says it's a reminder of unfinished business of peace, as negotiations have been 3 frozen.
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life support after being shot at his school in south carolina. the 14-year-old accused of shooting little jacob hall is now in jail this morning. now police are trying to figure out why he did it. they think he might have been bullied. turns out he was home schooled after being suspended for bringing a weapon to school. he also shot at another boy and a teacher. both of them survived. police believv he killed his dad before attacking the school. as investigators try to figure out what caused a train to crash into a new jersey about the woman killed there. she recently moved to the u.s. from razil. she had just dropped off her 18- month-old baby girl to dayy care. the train hit her as she was waiting on the platform. she died. more than 100 people were injured. most not seriously. the engineer at the controls is a railroad veteran is cooperating with the investigation now. still not clear what went wrong here. the train industry is
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like this never happens again. dayle is looking into new technology they're adding to avoid crashes. >> that's right. in just three months trains in new jersey will begin testing an automatic system. trains across the country have until 2018 to install it. it's called ppsitive train control. it uses gps, wi-fi, and it monitors on the tracks to show a train' they say it can even activate the brakes if the train is going too fast. this is something the ntsb has been pushing for years. investigators say this could have prevented the deadly amtrak train crash last may. mitch, back to you on more with a new way a warning system our government is working on.
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emergency alerts straight to your cell phone. they could be about anything, severe weather, missing children reports, maybe security threats. the agency just approved new rules requiring wireless carriers to upgrade their this comes after the system wasn't able to text a photo of the new york bombing suspect which would have been helpful in catching him. it will be least another year before the system works in that fashion. a man in detroit will never forget his keys again everything went wrong. >> take a look. yep, that's him. he broke his basement window and slid in, but his feet got stuck. % he ended up hanging this way for 13 hours. >> to make it worse, it was raining. that also meant it flooded the basement with all the water, raising the water closer and closer to his face. he was just inches away from touching his head when his neighbor spotted him and got help.
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fine. >> i saw that episode on macgyver and i think he used a toothpick and duck tape. across the plains we might get rain later today. it's been a dry, warm week, and satellite radar will get more active here in denver. temperatures are all over the board as you walk out the door this morning. winds now out of the northwest, going to be a touch cooler 57 at city park. 54 in parker. we do haae low 50s, looks like upper 40s in the foothills. evergreen 49. ttose were he currents. here's yoor highs for today. denver 77. parker 74. as you get farther north we'll be closer to about 78 degrees. estes park 65. % in bailey today a high of 66. we're cooling down, all of us about 5, 7 degrees cooler. pueblo this afternoon a high of% 84.
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the divvde. we'll get a few more showers creeping closer to the tunnel today. scattered activity through the morning. we have more cloud cover denver north to fort collins this morning. might help a bit with the drive. it's been such a bright commute -?all week long. we'll see a few more clouds, partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. ?ess sunshine today. there's a few of those storms and shooers that will rrll-off the foothills by afternoon early evening. if you have plans tonight, just have the umbrella handy. any showers would be short overnight skies will clear and tomorrow morning we'll see a few more clouds building before some isolated storms and owers pop up. tomorrow even fewer than what we're going to see later on today. sunday even more so. more sunshine for the second half of the weekend. it's pretty nice, pretty mild from today through monday. temmeratures will eiiher be at or just above normal.
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this is that time of year we start to see cold fronts rolling through. they'll pick up the winds before they tank our temperatures. look at tuesday, 60 degrees. chance for howers. overnight lows will starr to drop into the 30s. your kiddos, they've gotten away with a sweatshirt every morning. next week, wednesday into thursday, you'll need to find the jacket and get them on them, because it will be chilly. put them in that parka. >> that's a little much. you see the sign boards on the southbound side of i-25 at colorado boulevard. ?hhuld have all the cones picked up in the next five minutes. rest of the drive looks nice. a fascinating story just in, an innestigation has recovered two stolen works of -?art by vincent van gogh. the museum tweeted out these photos. they were found in naples, italyywhere authorities were
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investigation. they were stolen in 2002 and now they'll be returning to the museum. 5:19 now. highlands ranch family could inspire national change. the u.s. supreme court will hear the family's disability case against the douglas county school district. >> the family says the district diddnot provide thhir son who has autism with an appropriate free public education. he attended summit view elementary between kindergarten and 4th grade. advocates say public schools often individualized education programs. >> you look at the incidence of displexia, research shows it's one in five. that's a lot of schools in a school system. sometimes the support the kids are getting don't match their exact needs. >> the high court will hear the case in january. come look at this, patients at childrens hospital in colorado getting to see some of their favorite super heros.
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happy friday from denver 7. a live look at abbey road. yes, that's the place where the
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their picture taken there in that exact pose and annoy the traffic motorists to no end. those people are walking right across. there you have it. that's happening in london today. denver based chipotle is paying nearly $8 million to a former worker sexually assaulted on the ob. happened. she says her manager in houston regularly touched her inappropriately. a jury decided chipotle was on the wrong side of the law. he faces multiple drug charges, including intent to distributee marijuana. officers made the discovery after someone called complaining of a pot smell. he was arrested last week and has been released on bond. the competition between 3 amazon and watch is getting real. wal-mart is looking to invest
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-?it's ccrrently worth $16 billion. the competition is stiff, amazon shares are now up 23% this year. it is not even october, and stores tell us the christmas shopping rush is already beginning. today is september 30th. >> i know. i haven't been to costco in a couple of weeks, but i bet the christmas stuff is out. halloween costumes are gone? >> costumes. >> 34 million people say they've startetheir shopping.. 1million say they've finished it. more than half of us don't finish until december. another survey says mosttpeople are nnoyed by the early shopping. >> most don't think the holiday sales should show up until around thanksgiving. but stores like a longer shopping season, of course,
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workers. >> it gets worse and worse. >> it does. although i do love the season. i put my decorationup early november. >> oh. >> do you really. >> jayson has his christmas lights up. >> i bought new ones. >> he said he's thinking of turning them on the day after halloween. >> jayson. >> i'm looking at the clock as my wife isn't up like a display animated thing. she's going to hate it. but i bought it already. >> the things we say when our spouses aren't listening. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 70s by this afternoon. i knoww we shouldn't be talking about christmas when it's this warm. clear skies by about 12:00. we'll get a little more sunshine at that point. we are seeing more cloud cover today. chance for a few showers this afternoon. 74 in the tech center. longmont 78.
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into the weekend. iim just hearing of a motorcyclist and a car accident, but i didn't get the location. so i'll get back to that in just a second. it was just coming in. you can see the 270 drive and i- 76 drive getting a little bit busier. overall a decent ride. up into the foothills a smooth ride at i-70 and floyd hill. a nice drive on 285 or the foot hill roads is 16th street mall safer
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-?weird. it is 5:30. we are tracking breaking news out of lakewood. a man was just being a good neighbor and he got sent to the hospital for it. now police are looking for the people who shot at him.
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we have a map of theearea. we'll zoom into the spot. eric lupher on scene now. eric, what have police told you so far? >> reporter: well, they don't really know what these suspects got away with. we know they didn't get away with the truck they were trying to steal. police aren't giving us a description of the car they did get away with, after they shot this neighbor who was trying to make sure his neighbor's truck wasn't stolen. still a crime scene. we have new video of an officer actually taking off a tire, cherokee. we don't know how that vehicle was involved either. but that's just part of the crime scene this morning. it was just after 12:30 when a man came ut of his house and noticed multiple people trying to steal his neighbor's truck. he confronted these suspects and that's when they fired on multiple shots were fired according to police. that man was hit and taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries thankfully.


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