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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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metro and not just happening here. this trend is over the front range. >> lance hernandez is talking with school districts that are taking each one of these seriously. >> they have to. so far local reports involving people in clown costumes appear to be copycat hoaxes but here is also a possibility that one of the threats could be real. denver police were called to several schools in the green valley ranch area on reported clown sightings or other threats. one viewer had this photo of a clown that was taken at city park and didn't say when. one security expert says they may be dressing up in clown costumes to scare people. 3 he has this advice for parents that are concerned about these people dressing up. >> a parent has the right to tell your child you don't engage in a conversation with a clown unless i as the adult authorized it it like we are at a birthday party.
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need to run the other way and alert the nearest personnor police officer. >> there was an incident in jefferson county where several 4th graders reported seeing clowns while they were out for recess. in denver at 6:00 the steps that the school took to make sure the threat was not real. clown threats have turned into a real attack in ohio. a school district in suburban cincinnati canceled classes beeause a dressed as a clown grabbed her and made threats against students. breaking news. hurricane matthew has turned into a behemoth of a storm. raising it to a category 4 hurricane. it is moving across the caribbean and it could track for the u.s. next week. we are not clear yet. the first alert that mike nelson has been keeping watch.
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because of the storm. you can see the large cloud band and at the end of the loop there is an eye. this is a massive storm. as you mentioned it will take a turn towards the northwest and it will go across haiti and the domincan republic and cuba and in the bahamas next week and we will watch it carefully to see what the winds do as far as florida and the southeast coast in terms of turning the storm more out to sea. there is a big storm and several days away before we get closer to the united states. for us, we have a rather minor storm coming through the area to watch clouds and showers and drop the temperatures. 73 current reading for the weather. and coming up first alert there is some snow in the mountain forecast. i will have details in a bit. and this just in. police in el cajon california released video of two officers
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this week. this video taken from a nearby restaurant drive thru and if you look closely you can see alfred longo in the black shirt and walking and an officer approaches him after he backs up and after this officers fired four shots at him. a relief a couple of days showed longo pointing something at officers and it was a vapor smoking device. we found out today that the psychiatric teen was on the way to th arrive until after the shooting. a 300-degree audio simulatoo and reporter eric looper took it out for a test run and learned the tough task that officers face every day. >> not an experience here inside the denver police academy. i checked out this 300-degree wrap around simulator. it has audio and video and the
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seem like a real situation. so here was my scenario. we pulled up on the traffic stop and there was a man acting air radically with a baby n his arms. take a look. sir, calm down. >> you don't want to hurt anyone. you don't want to hurt anyone. >> we are not going to come any closer. give us the baby. >> there you go. i was trying tt talk down the suspect but he was the problem. the gun was out aiming at him and after simulation was over i was told that doesn't help with deescalating the situation. especially since i am putting the baby in danger by pointing the gun at that baby. i was told that a better way to do it was to keep the gun in the holster and deescalate the situation. here is the difference compared to maybe other simulators of the denver police department.
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can help them with real life scenarios. quite the experience. it costs $280 and this came from a lot of donations. $180,000 came from wells fargo to help buy the machine. i'm eric looper. denver 7. the despicable allegations against a monument woman. the 49-year-old woman accused of faking cancer and bilking an elderly man from out of $34,000. investigators say that the woman met the man on a dating site and she said she had cancer and only six months to live. >> we know how two sisters died. annie and robin had excess water in their lungs and brain. well a former f.b.i. agent says this could suggest drug usage either directly or
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somebody that gave them something based on their health and age that it is something that they ingested or inhaled that caused their death. >> the sisters were found last ?eek at a $2000 air- conditioning night resort. it was part of a month long ?acation in africa. a police spokesman says the day before the death the women had been seen drinking at the resort and the staff had to help them to the room. >> 40 people die every month from opioid overdose. we have been telling you about this that has been sweeping the country. the denver county jail is stepping up to get involved. denver 7 sally manview is at the detention center with more on this new program. sally. >> and shannon, this is a jail based treatment program that gives inmates the options to
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treatment der the jail supervision. because of his heroin addiction, 32-year-old chris farrell keeps coming back. before going back to jail on a drug related charge chris decided to tart methadone treatment. >> it takes your cravings away. you don't have the urge to get high. >> and he was able to continue the methadone treatment because denver county unlike other counties in colorado offer methadone treatments. and the ongoing opioid epidemic problem one step further and offering inmates the options to go through treatment and reduce the sentence. >> it is one of the major reasons people are here. >> denver sheriffs say inmates fill most of their cells. >> we see people coming down off of drugs every day.
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methadone users. they will treat two inmates each week and will get chance to make it right. something that chris' friends did not get. >> i have had a lot of friends die. 15 friends have overdosed. >> it will how methadone does help. colorado is the place to be for politics on monday. libertarian candidate gary johnson will be in parker and speak at the c u campus and donald trump will be in pueblo and loveland. aad this is not what you want to hear. a source from inside the department of homeland security sayy hackers have voted the
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no information about the specific states but the head of the f.b.i. is looking very hard at russian hackers trying to disrupt the election. we are tracking three donald trump related headlines. first for the first time usa today's editorial board is calling donald trump unfit. this morning a lot of donald trump owned hotels woke up to the hotel. the donald trump foundation is not registered to solicit charity donations. registration would open up the foundation to yearly audits. donald trump went on an early morning tirade attacking hillary clinton and machado. he call her ms. piggy.
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debate. trump call her, machado her worse ms. universe and said hillary clinton floated her as an angel without checking out her pass and says hillary clinton suffers from bad judgment and to check out machado's sex tape and hillary clinton said donald trump is unhinged and asked what kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman. try to put yourself woman's shoes. during monday's night debate she got 13,000 text messages and 600 phone calls and i know you are wondering why. c span accidentally put her number on tv asking for viewer comments. c span has since apologized. the woman knows who she is voting for so the comments did not sway her. poor wom >> a prairie dog has to pack up
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not specifically but where they will end up after this weekend. a teen does not let his incurable condition keep him on the sidelines and his mother is fighting to make sure it stays that way. >> did you catch ttis sunrise. dia had to deal with a little shade on social media. >> it was pretty and the sunrise was pretty because the storm moving in.
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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this next story about a boy and his service dog. >> as mitch reports their search for a medical cure is less harmonious. >> whether on the field or in the stands ... >> during the game we play some short songs call pep when the plays are over. >> jack knight is a member of the gators marching band. >> for me i don't really worry about the music as much as the friends you meet. and the fun you have. >> jack is right there in formation driving his wheelchair with his left hand and playing his instrument with his right hand. there by his side is 9 ideal golden retriever amber. >> she goes everywhere with me.
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skiing and horseback riding. 3 >> and when i paddle board i put her there with me. >> jack is active despite battling muscular dystrophy. >> it cuts your life expectancy. jack's mom angela knows why at age 16 jack still has the use. >> we think it has to do with the clinical >> three times a day jack takes an experimental drug. >> whaa we know about the drug ii that it has changed the courseeof jack's life and he is able to play in the marching what -- band at 16 with no side effects. >> it is approved in europe but in the u.s. the fda is not so sure. it wants more tests that takes more time and that's something that jack and the other boys with this disease does not
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of boys dying to get the information that the pda needs. >> angela fears without some moment on the fda part the drugmaker may give up denying jack the medication that seems to be helpful. >> so why jack and am baton rouge march jack's mom is pushing for a cure hoping that washington using common sense to extend the liie for young you go jack. yes. >> you know next wednesday is walk to school day and now boulder is offering up something for the parents. the city is kicking off the first bus to workday. >> just as it sounds a way to encourage people to use public transportation and the city is offering food and drinks and making some of the bus routes free. >> and in the interest of more housing for humans. tomorrow boulder moves about 100 prairie dogs to a new location. they need to make room for
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north boulder and lahill drive. a tradition nearly five decades old. you can see the army rotc running the game ball for tomorrow's border war. the rams haveewon for the past three years. if you are going to the game, c dot is teaming up with law enforcement in colorado and wyoming and cracking down a drunken driving and speeding and seat belt use. still showery for theerun but tomorrow should be nice for the me loveland ski area. and a few rain showers move through and a few days we will be looking at some snow coming back in the mountains but right now it has always been in liquid form and down here in the plains this view from the ?amera at the western hotel in westminster. some of the clouds thickening up. denver right now partly cloudy skies. it was cooler today because of the cloud cover. 71 downtown and 73 out at the airport and 34% humidity so
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winds from the northeast at 7. overnight tonight. temperatures drop down to the low 50s and some clouds and a few light showers and the normal low is at 42 tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s and a little bit aboveethe normal but shy of those 80s that we have had in recent weeks. here is showers just down to the south of us. jefferron county and douglas county and clear creek county and park county drifting slowly toward the northeast but we won't see a lot of heavy precipitation out of this although tre lightning ssrikes south of bailey. upper air disturbance coming through and showing it the last couple of days. not a big deal but a minor storm. between now and 9:00 scattered showers and storms and they will start to move away from the denver area overnight and so byymorning the skies should be clear to partly cloudy across the state. nighttime lows will drop down in the 30s in the mounttins and 32 at leadville and 39 gunnison and 34 telluride and 50 in
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little patchy fog in the kansas border. this system is not really going to move out of here entirely tomorrow. so you will notice some spots of showers developing in the afternoon. i don't think will be a big problem as far any of the outdooplans and a nice day coming up. 77 in denver and 78 in liman and 82 in pueblo. the front range numbers, 61 in winterpark and dee isn't colors in the mountains and the best showers along interstate 70 and the metro looking at readings to the upper 70s and partly cloudy, about a 20% chance after light shower and generally a nice dry day and warmer in platville and, of course, longmont. tonight mostly cloudy and isolated showers and 50s. tomorrow just a slight chance of a light shower.
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day with a high of 78 and we will give hat the bright spot and then monday 80 and windy. might be the last 80 we see. colder air comes in and we will put the first alert weather day tuesday and wednesday. not a major storm. showers around. i think tuesday and wednesday will get snow perhaps a few inches for the northern and central mountains. >> >> it is? >> all right. thank you. you are being very specific. yesterday we told you the surprising statistic from the census bureau that a quarter of millennials in colorado still live at home with their parents. perhaps they are burdened by high payments. our partners at sserra credit union says 20% is ideal not the only option. >> if it is possible to put down 20% down payment, thht's
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amount of money. a three-and-a-half percent option. >> the one consideration for those if you are considering a lower down payment, you will have a higher mortgage rate. a little kindness is something we can all use. that is why here at denver 7 we have teamed with rachel's challenge to help spread the message of kindness and compassion. some of the messages are really very simple like you see in this billboard. start a ccain it begins with my hands. a reference to rachel scott's writing or this billboard, everyone is different, embrace individuality. many of the bulletin boards and post it notes of kindness are created by friends of rachel clubs. so if you or your child is doing something to spread kindness, we want to hear. send us a note at challenge at the denver and you
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challenne program in the spotlight section of denver section.
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shington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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the unofficial state car colorado faces a big recall. subaru. the windshield wiper motor can overheat. 2010 to 2014.
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motors for free. another recall to takata air bags. bmw is recalling 4000 suvs because the air bags can break and shoot out debris. it goes back incorrect welding at a takata factory in mexico. dealers will handle the repairs in november. when it comes to sunrises and sunsets. in my opinion no state comes close to colorado but that didn't stop dia in a twitter war. it started with this tweet from di ashowing off this morning's sunrise and the orlando airport tweeted back let's do this. dia fired back if you want to go there. >> orlando bowed down quickly and dia got the last word or
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and this afternoon amy van dike tweeted out that she and her husband are stuck in orlando's airport beccuse of thunderstorms and they are bored to tears. sorry, amy. % >> here we are with perfect weather. >> there are some scattered showers but i don't think they will delay anything at dia.
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tonight, breaking news. authorities urging calm right now. just releasing this video. the deadly police shooting. police say the man had taken a shooting stance. you can hear the screaming on the video. the sister who said she told police he had no gun. tonight, authorities telling businesses to shut down. also breaking, the category winds up to 140 miles per hour. the potential path affecting the u.s. ginger zee is standing by. donald trump's tirade. sending out tweets at 3:00 in the morning. about miss universe. and breaking at this hour in new york.


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