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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  October 2, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MDT

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afforded to zero. we will so -- show you the celebration inside the winning locker room. in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama
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coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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this is 7 spprts extra. >> really really proud of everyone in this room. as a football team, we had some things going on but we kept at it. we lost our quarterback but way to come in and do your job. welcome home. >> [ applause ] >> on three. >> you have to love another winning locker room. walking to 7 sports extra. the burglars or 4 those are after a 20 point win in tampa. so many things going on. first, aqib talib returned with two first-half interceptions and set up the broncos for two easy touchdowns. trevor siemian injured on a second second quarter. rookie first-round pick paxton ?ynch came in 14 for 24. first td pass to emmanuel sanders and did not turn the ball over. the defense dominated jameis
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27-7 final. woody paige, 4 to zero as well predicted. so many twists and turns. the starting quibec injured, defense plays well. paxton lynch comes into again for his first-ever nfl action . >> reporter: i think you have the takeaways that they are the only 4-0 team in the nfl. the patriots went down, the ravens went down. the eagles are idle live idle this week. the broncos should be number one in every power pull that exists. number two, trevor siemian did a good job while he was in there but that is apparently based on the official diagnosis provided by him that it is a bum shoulder. as if you want for a second opinion you would get why did you go out on a car if it was
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the third thing is paxon came in and it looked like a legit nfl quarterback. he opened up, shotguns and through passes. he wouldn't embarrass you if he came into a game this season. the fourth thing, as reggie straw that stirred the yankees. this defense is still the . aqib talib got them off to a paxton in a few minutes but troy renck is in tampa for all this. trevor said after the game he doesn't think he will miss any playing time. >> they didn't lose the game even though they lost ttevor siemian. he went out with a left shoulder injury. paxton lynch takes over and they seamless transition. they outscore the bucs 13-0. of
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pterodactyls in his stomach. he credited his teammates for calming him down. >> i was prepared to go in but obviously i was nervous because it was my first time. the guys came to the sideline and they were talking to me about we have your back. don't worry. keep moving. they gave me confidence. trucks -- >> reporter: trevor siemian made history here in rainsoaked tampa bay. he says because it's his left shoulder that a sprained, he hopes to be available for the falcons game. they will know more as the week progresses. is the closest to anyone on this team. >> i'm not the least bit surprised he came out and had success. i know everybody has a lot of confidence in him. i'm really happy he goo us the >> reporter: cam newton, andy dalton, jameis winston, and now mother nature. nothing can stop these broncos. they have win nine straight since the end of last season. gary kubiak weighed in on the team's start. >> it's a good model.
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truck monday will bring more news about trevor siemian. will he be available and will it matter? this team has shown they can win with osweiler, simeon gutman and now paxton lynch. >> paxton lynch is the future. the future was now. the future is bright. the moment wasn't too big for him but if trevor siemian is healthy this week, we will no more as the week goes on. we specifically is but you don't make a change now no matter how paxton lynch looked. >> i had suggested the paxton lynch should be the quarterback. absolutely do not make a change even when kyle horton was the quarterback and he started 4 to zero and people didn't like him. you didn't make a change to tim tebow at that point. i don't think if trevor siemian
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continue. you don't replace people who are injured who are undefeated. >> let's talk defense. we saw a decimated jameis winston. passer rating aal of 34.4. right now, let's go back to troy renck in tampa. the broncos wanted to get off to a faster start and aqib talib ignited the fire early. >> reporter: quite the return for aqib talib. this was the organization that drafted him. in 2012. they thought they would lose into free agency but he had his first interception and another milestone on sunday. arguably the best first half of his career. one pick in particular upset him. >> the lion attacked me. i let a lineman tackle me. he might have been the first. >> reporter: trevor siemian's injury tainted the victory but we got to see something unique,
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was like chum in the water to sharks. they say they were having fun even playing in the slop. >> we got it done. >> it's time to get sacks. we know once we get down, it's game for that team. >> it's a 4-0 championship team. for us, it's big because we finished the first season. regard to put that behind us. >> lines the pockets and climbs right into the arms wolfe. >> reporter: the man, the wolf, the legend. derek wolfe enjoyed playing in these conditions and had multiple sacks. he says the defense wasn't worried when paxton lynch came into the game because of how they've seen him prepare and practice. >> we practice every week like everybody is going to play. >> reporter: the broncos return home to face a surging atlanta falcons team challenging julio jones who clips 300 yards. these defenses really up for
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>> let's recap. trevor siemian noo hurt badly. paxton can get the job done. defense can still win games but now here comes atlanta in mile high next sunday. the no-fly zone, is going to meet the high fly zone. >> you had a test in the first game playing carolina. a super bowl repeat. then going to ccncinnati and we wondered about what the broncos could do in tampa against a young cornerback around all over the field. i think he realized that was a mistake. now you have atlanta coming in and decimating the carolina panthers. the broncos barely beat carolina. that shows you carolina has got some real problems but atlanta is back to being the team that it was two or three years ago, not the one that fell so far. matt ryan is going to be another serious quarterback test for the team. >> he had 503 -- 503 yards
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this would be a big test but confidence wise, this defense feels like i don't care what kind of numbers he put up, you come into play us and we're going to be a. >> if you go back to orange crush this is like windows 8. only three players have thought about this. louie wright should be a hall of famer. could challenge for starting spots. this is a great team that has overcome the loss of three players that were key to the defense last year. >> windows 10 now but thanks. we will check out those falcons highlights coming up. and also, the buffs rising to the top for the first time
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welcome back. the falcons are coming to mile high next nday. cam newton on a two-point conversion here. he has taken some serious shots3 to the head. had to leave for a concussion evaluation. get ready for matt ryan and catch. ryan, 503 yards passing. the falcons 138-43. let's check the afc west. the raiders are not going away. in baltimore, michael crabtree. we in the 4th, the ravens of 21- 20. the touchdown factory. four td passes.
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28-27. big ben to antonio brown. that also works pretty well and often. 38 yard touchdown. five touchdown passes. steelers win 3314. they are 3-windage and the chiefs fall. now to college. the cu buffs, the rise is real. the buffs has risen. back in the ranks of the best team in the country -- teams in the country. after beating oregon state yesterday, the buffs are number 21 in the latest ap poll. number 23 in the coach's ppll. 11 long years. 2-0 in the pac-12. coach mcintyre told us it's like a roller coaster. justtbuckle up and hold on and go for it. >> we are kind of going up that
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yelling. that's what we are going to do. >> i think we have so much to go. if we win these first two games and lose the rest, it's not going to matter. we still have a lot of work to do and a lot of big things to accomplish. now to the border war. wyoming up on csu 17-14, late second quarter. this was the game changer. 24-14 cowboys. the crowd was disapppinted. brian helmick scored for the cowboys. the rams fall to 2 -3. the falcons or 4-0 after beating the navy. when we come up, the rockies
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welcome back. now to the rockies. the final game of the season today but the bigger question is was t bigger for the manager? the rockies six straight losing season. his contract is up and there have been no discussions on a new deal. they have been noncommittal about the future but i think walt will be fired or decide to move on, on his own. woody paige agreed saying this was his last game but he could catch up with the organization
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charlie blackmon, 29th homer against the milwaukee brewers but juss like all season, the bullpen was the demise and downfall. chris russian gave up a hit and the annual appreciation for the fans that turned out no matter what the record was, congrats to dj lemahieu for winning the batting title. >> a lot of ups and downs this year. if is a roller coaster for sure but you know a lot things ahead. we will just see what happens, see if there is still a fit. nascar, denver dominating. martin truex jr. won his fourth of the season. another celebration in victory lane. furniture row already in the next round winning three of the last five races. the championship is the ultimate goal. >> we are here to get it done
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of guys yoo could ever ask for. it's just amazing to drive their race cars. i am just ecstatic. so many people to thank. this is just unbelievable. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> i don't even know what to say. final day of the ryder cup. phil mickelson jumping for joy like a rookie after winning over patrick read. the energy, the enthusiasm, the pure emotion. ian frye mcelroy staged an epic battle. ryan moore wasn't even on the team a week ago. he delivered the cup clinching point and the uss gear up 17- 11. first victory since 2008. sprayed on the crowd as they chanted usa. that was a ryder cup for the ages. >> i would love to be one of those golfers tonight >> i would love to have a
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>> temperatures around 80 way.- degrees tomorrow and then the 60s for a couple of days on tuesday and wednesday. then into the 50s with chances of rain and snow in the mountains and potentially around here in the overnight hours depending on the timing of this storm system and 70s next week. >> can you believe she is
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