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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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it's 6:00 a.m. trump headed to colorado and a tax return scandal coming with him. what we can he can suspect when he -- what expect when he hits the stage. car jackers on the run. they could be armed and dangerous. breaking littleton. >> let's check with nicole. >> >>reporter: police are looking for suspects in a silver silverado. this is near broadway. the suspect in that silverado tried to drive-thru gates but were stopped because of the gun store put in some extra security measuree after a breek-in in june. we covered ?his breaking in june when
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from the triple j armory. up to 30 guns were stolen. handguns and rifles mostly, but they added additional security measures. today, no one was able to getaway with anything, but those susppcts took off and they're out there. 6:01. today we're warm and windy across the front range. party cloudy skies and a chance for showers in mountains andda cool down this week. and satellite, we have a red flag the denver-metro. dusty winds with low humidity. warm and dry conditions. fire danger is high today. cool over night as a cold front moves into the sttte dropping temperatures with a freeze watch for the western slope. right now, outside, pretty mild start. 58 degrees in denver. 42 right in leadville. 40s and 50s for the mountains. here's your first alert that these are going to be our high temperaturessa little later on this week. i'll show you your 7-day forecast and how cool it's getting in a bit.
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telling you back on the westbound side of i-76 involving this semi. the helicopter has moved further away from it. but heavy damage to the front of this semi-. it's going to take time to get the bigger tow of there. with the left lane blocked, there's a long traffic ?am. you can see it on the map coming from 74th avenue down here. extra 10 if not 15 minutes on that ride try to go get to i-25. the rest of the ride o lights aren't working at alameda and pecos. between broadway and university, so we'll have more details on that as well coming up. 6:02. aurora police are searching for two armed men responsible for a carjacking that happened near i-25 at yo semi.
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the victim and stole a gold toyota -- the license plate ?78stg. police say the suspects are a couple of hispanic men in their early 20s and that's the only description. if you have information, call crime stoppers. two people and two dogs are recovering froo gunshot wounds. two mask men broke into a home around 8:00 this last might. this happened in pueblo. 1 persoo had to have emergency surgery and the the two dogs had minor injures. so far police haven't give especially us a description of the suspect or the getaway car. one famiiy in loveland is -- this picture is from our friends at the loveland reporter herald. the rescue authority hasn't said how this started and no reports of injuries. trump will be in colorado in a matter of hours. he's making two stops. one in pueblo and
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amanda is live in lovelan what are we expecting from the republican nominee. >>reporter: we're expecting himm afternoon. many are talking whether he'll be discussing the past infidelities of former ppesident bill clinton. that's the a topic he has picked up in the past couple of events. his surrogates aren't ssre if he shhuld continue with that line of attack. recall he was in colorado springs less than a month ago. the visits comes as polling results are showing trump and clinton are even in this sttte. today's campaign showing massive loses and a new speculation that trump may have used that to not pay taxes. there's no indication if he'll cover that topic today, but if you're
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leave your signs, banners and posters and yoor glass bottles and yourrplastic items at home. i posted items baaned. it's here at 6:00 p.m. you can find those items on my twitter page. i'm a mania, denver 7. >> clinton picked up a big name endorsement. basketball star supporting clinton. he expects her to continue the legacy of president obama of the the libertarian nominee candidate johnson is speaking in parker. he's going to be at cu denver. >> it starts friday. he's telling those to rsvp online. on the facebook page, 100 peeple say they're planning to attend at this point. the state supreme court will make a decision in the case of
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it has been a year since they were accused of making threats against mountain vista high school in douglas county. the decision could come at 10:00 or earlier. jason gruenauer hhs detailed. >>reporter: this case is at a standstill until we can finally get that ruling that's expected later on this afternoon. should these 216-year old giils should bb charged and should this case proceed as i or should it be moved back down to juvenil court. they're charged as adults and they were sophomores when they were -- they planned to hurt students and teachers. they were moved from juvenile court to adult court. it has been back and forth. ttday the colorado state
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happens next. a lot of this comes down to the mental health of these girls and given the fact they're both 16. how should this proceed. that's really wt the supreme court is going to decide. did district court make an error in moving this from juvenile to adult. we're going to talk about their mental health and how all -- >> we juut lost jason at the end of his report. moving to our next story. hurricane matthew is packing wind gust of 140 miles-per-hour this morng headed straight for jamaican. the country's prime minister says the damage could be catastrophic. officials are pushing those to evacuate. some are preparing oobrave the storm. >> i feel like i'm safe here. i'm from here. i will die here. [indiscernible]. >> it's stillf the states. thursday night or friday morning. there's a chance that
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the atllntic ocean. this morning, kim kardashian west is badly shaken by physically unharmed. pulled a gun on her. $10 million worth of jewelry was taken. this makes the largest robbery in decades. police are it's not theehome. clear if any other family members or the two young children were home at the time of the robbery. granttis caused of creatingga -- two people were killed and two others including grammar badly hurt. the crash happened last april near the medial exit. she's facing two counts of homicide. it was a strange game in tampa bay, but the broncos walked away with the begin. getting the w is all we care about.
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unbeaten team in the ac. >> siemian left yesterday's game with a shoulder injury in the -?second quarter. the team thinks siemian sprained his ac joint. siemian says he plans to play against atlanta this sunday at mile high. there's a lot of sunshine at the beginning of the game, but lightning delayed the finish of last night's game by more than an hour. the bucs dominated they walked way with a 27-7 victory. here's what gary kubiak said in the locker room. >> we lost our quarterback. you have to wait to do your job -- >> we're going to hear from the big name broncos players this morning. you can cat our weekly web show orange first tonight on our free denver 7 app. it's 6:09. temperatures n the upper 50s, low 60s. here's your first alerr. humidity will
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from the south, southwest gusting up to 30 to 40 miles-an-hour across the temperatures above average for thhs time of the year. upper 70s, lower 80s and plenny of sunshine today. a major cool down is in store for tonight heading into tomorrow. lows dropping into the 40s and our highs for today staying mild and warm across much of the fronttrange and plains. a lot cool near the mountain. a chance for snow this eek, jason, in the high country. >> we have this accident causing hefty delays along i-76 coming from bri big tow truck here..3 the driver is going to hook up this semi which is a ig tanker semi. hopefully they can get out of here in the next 20 minutes. a huge delay coming from 88th enue. >> thanks jason. 6:10. a deadly weekend on our roads. five people killed in a roll-over accident.
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plus why aren'' your kids plus why aren'' your kids wear i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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6:14. a live look from air tracker 7. this is westbound there's aatanker truck crash, so the traffic is backed up to 88th get to jason on ideas how to get around this. people said they felt an imagine -- it hit southwest of the evergreen. people felt it as far as wwy of bailey. we want o make sure you see this picture because deputies they want this man off the street. they say he tried to force a ttenager girl into his suv friday morning while walking
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called 911. deputies say he was driving a midsize suv and described as hispanic and short, 5'3" with dark hair and dark glasses. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. therr's massive fire at a houston apartment complex. families have been left homeless. this two-alarm fire broke out less than 2 hours ago. a pregnant woman, 3 her due date was alerted by someone knocking on her door. she and her four other children were able to get out safely. no injuries reported from this so far, but people are saying they lost everything and our affiliate in houston says it has covered two other fires at that same complex. >> 6:15. a plane is forced to make an emerrency landing after cargo worker was reported missing. while that worker was stuck in
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the plane was flying to portugal. the carbo worker was sufferrng from mild hyperthermia. no idea how they got trapped there. a 52-year-old civil war will continue in columbia. the people voted against a peace agreement with socialist rebels. the two sides are under a seize fire. there's no danger. the rebels have used tactics tor throw the government. the rebels say they're prepared to go to the shootin the columbian government. the rockies are done. they have been no contract negotiations. as for the hard hitting superstar, gonzalez, he needs a new deal and there hasn't been negotiations. baseball experts
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million contract in free agency. who knows if they're going to keep him. this morning, a big congratulations to the cu buffs. they're back in the playoffs. >> they're ranked 21st. ?hey knocked off oregon a couple of weeks ago. they dominated% oregon state. the schedule does get tougher for cu as they go forward. they play usc in los angells. they have games against they're looking good. top 25. wther wise it's going to feel more like football season. >> absolutely. temperatures in the 60s and 50s as we head into the middle of this week, but the first start to october, and today we'll see highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. feeling warm, but here's your first alert, extremely windy this afternoon. is making its way into colorado. that's going to prompt this red flag warning into go into effect
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-?denver-metro area, the north eastern plains and south, southwest.winds from the%- you combine those are low humidity and warm and dry conditions. fire danger is -?high today. also a freezeewatch will go into effect across the western slope. tomorrow, things cool down. a pleasant start to the morning. 59 degrees in city park. same in bennett. we'rr seeing 40s and 30s for tht right now. castle rock at 61 degrees. our front range forecast for today, expect a mix of sun and clouds. upper 70s and denver expecting a high of 80 degrees. temperatures still above average, but looking at our future cast, we have a chance of seeing shower and storms at higher elevations later on this afternoon. clearing skies for the metro area, but very ssrong usty winds from the southwest throughout most of the evening and clearing skies overnight. that will drop our temperature back into the 40s. 42 is our
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and very cool as well across the western slope and only in the 40s across the plains. highs frm tomorrow, a big chance from 76 in denver. 50s 60s in the west and to the southeast, mid-70s. about 20 degrees cooler than what we're expecting today down to the southeast and across the next 7-days, very cool. wednesday, 65 degrees. we have a chance for increasingw showers and overnight lows mid-to upper 30s. feeling veey cool overnight. by thursday only in the mid-50s, jason. and we'll start to warm things back up as we head into the weekend. >> getting speeds into the 30s would be a dream on i-76 because we're creepiig along this tanker accident at i-25. the tankkr weet careening into the crash wall. bounced off. that's hy the front is all smap . the hood came off. ?he tow
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?opefflly it will be gone in the next 15 minutes. highway 2 that comes through commerce city and -- the rest of the ride looks typical. 270, the driveeon the north side of town, lights not working on pecos. this officer involved accident near du, they sa damage. it's not worth -- c-470 along the west side, 225 along the west side, wide open. 6:20. thank you.%- families prepare to lay -- five people were killed in a 1 car crash. this was along the arapahoe county albert county line yesterday morning on east county line road. air% tracker 7 over the scene.
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excessive speed may have been the issue. alcohol and speed may have led to a deadlyycrash early yesterday morning near florida and dayton. two people were killed when a car hit several trees andda light pole. philip's girl friend said she was in the car and she posted this video. >> we ggt to the hospital and his best friend was they tried to help phil, but they couldn't. >> he's called a call of duty legend. the names of the victims haven't been released. aurora police are investigating. 1 students are injured when -- 11 students are injured when
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? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel. ? come in to village inn every wednesday for free pie wednesday the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats
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to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. it is 6:24. a mild start to this monday morning.
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denver. cloudy skies at the airporat 58. humidity levels will drop and winds intensifying. temperatures today as well, also staying above average in the upper 80s. plenty of sunshine of the gusty wind conditions as we head into this afternoon. highs also staying pretty mild across the plains. upper 70s, lower 80s and cool for the mountains. we'll see 50s in aspen and eagle. 63 n grand junction. temperatures drop to the 400, jt will we start tomorrow with highs in the upper 60s. out at east denver, a person walking right near monaco and colfax, this is the eastbound side of colfax at monaco wasshit by a fire that came off a vehicle that was driving in that area. all eastbound lanes of colfax are closed. people are going to monaco and turning around and they're heading east.
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blocked. one lane of northbound monaco is blocked as well. traffic is able to get through there in okay shape. that is a wild deal. we don't know how the person is doing how how badly the person is hurt. eastbound colfax is blocked temporary for right now. a school bus driver gets distracted for a split second and in that moment she hits a truck and that bus rollover into a ditch. >> that happened in houston. 52 student were onboard 11 of them were hurt. experts say those injuries could have been prevented by seatbelts. >> seatbelts save lives, and seatbelts should be on every school bus. >> one major school bus company put out this video, that shows students flying through the air. a couple hit their -- >> safety offiiials want seatbelts on all school buses, but the problem is money.
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install seatbelts. protestors take over the streets of southern california. police officers go into the back ground as people blocked the whatts behind this. high fire danger around they . yesterday --
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6:30. we're following breaking news along colfax reports of a person past 15 minutes. >> denver 7 brought the news. air tracker 7 leaving the scene. jason gruenauer joining us. >>reporter: this is the scene righh here where someone was hit by debris. they say it was possibly a tire hat came off a tire on monica. all beelanes blocked. folks are coming back
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monaco is blocked. the ambulance just left the scene moments ago. take a look at the map. the other trouble spot, air tracker 7 was over the% scene. there's an semi clearing at i-25. that traffic jack goes back to 96th avvnue. slow traffic jam. highway 2 getting across commerce city may be able to help you out. we have the traffic lights not alameda. 6:31. here's your first alert warning that a red lag warning goes into effect for the denver-metro all tohe north eastern plains. gusty winds. warm and dry conditions across d also it will be very cool overnight tonight. a freeze watch goes into effect for much of the western slope currennly. castle rock and parkinn at 57.
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park at 57. stiil above vanilla. boulder getting up 74 degrees. a mix of shun -- a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the lower 40s. and 20 and 30s for the mountains your first alert. we'll see the potential for snow later this week in the mountains. the ap is out with a report women during his years as the boss on the show the apprentice. the trump campaign ii denying the allegations laid out in this report. the associated press interviewed former contestanted. they gave examples of comments that trump made. in a statement, the trump's spokesperson is saying they're unsubstantiated claims and trump
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on twitter or anywhere else, but the spokesperson ays these were fabricated by hungry and disgruntle former employees. a brush fire broke out yesterday. firefighters, they're not sure what caused this firr. no one as hurt though. and no buildings were ever in danger. a different brush fire burned 3 acres in jefferson county. firefighters will finish this one broke out near c-470. firefighters are investigating how it started. 6:33. canneds and cars doing burn out as -- candles and cars doing burn outs as those continue with protest. police
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them. gain officers shot a man after getting a call about a man with a gun. the lapd says they have body cam footage from the incident. they haven't decided if they're going to release it. >> these police are trained to kill and they're not trained to stop anyyody. what they did was uncalled for. >> no arrests have been made in la. they were several arrest made in el cajon where a man was killed last trump is going to be in colorado. denver 7 amanda dell castillo joins us in loveland. that's where trump is going to be speaking. good morning, amanda. >>reporter: good morning, 35 days until election day and today at 6:00 p.m., trump will be here in loveland as his visii is the third visit to colorado since he was nominated at the gop convention. his visit
6:35 am
colorado springs. the question is whether trump will stay on message today. his poll numbers goes up when speaking about jobs and tradd deals and the war on terror. when he talks about clinton's marriage, his feud with the -- and now miss university, alicia, there's a drop in support. the campaign stop comes after new york times shows massive losses in a 90s tax form and a speculation that tr pay taxes. there's no indication whether that topic is apart of his agenda today. if you're planning on attending the rally, doors open at 3:00. again it starts at 6:00. this is following a 3:00 p.m. visit to pueblo this morning. reporting live in loveland, i'm amanda del castillo
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most politically active in the country. >> we have made it really easy for those to participate in this election and to me it's the most important elections we have ever had. >> the vice presidential nominee will hit the debate state tomorrow. this could be a boost. an abc news poll shows 41% of people can't name the gop nominee pence. and 46% of democratic nominee kaine. despite that, mos you can catch the debate at 7:00 on denver 7. 6:36. another pot shop is probably coming to aurora. the city has one available retail license left. they'll accept applications for that license today. the deadline to apply is november 30th. the city charges $15,000 just for the application. aurora officials say they'll handdut the license by february 1st of next year.
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build 300 new winder mills. they'll be in cheyenne, and lincoln counties. they should be up and running by the year 2018. the company leader says that is going to create 350 jobs although they're temporary while they'll be constructed. you might have heard there's a population growth happening in colorado. there's growing pains involved with this. >> there's a lot of people feeling this. a lot of people are choosing colorado. more than 150,000 people could mooe to just lariier county over the next 25 years. long time residents there are noticing the change. >> it's frustrating when you''e like this should take half the time this takes -- you go to the cu, csu game and you have twice the amount of time. the work to try and easeect in condition. larimer county is working to widen i-25 from fort ?ollins to johnstown.
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20088 the united states is celebrating a rider cup victories. the u.s. dominated europe. the racer team celebrating as well for the second time in 3 weeks, mark wins the checkered flag and he's considered the favorite. >> i have so many people to thank, a i don't know what to say. >> it's fun, that's what it is. the chase for the sprint cup continue that is saturday. they're racing in charlotte. the cars will be on the track for the bank of america 500. it is nnw 6:38. some of the states most at-risk individuals may have beennabused at a public facility and the governor is stepping in. we have details about the
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breaking into the fiist alert centee, police are searching for a man who crashed into several boats while trying to seal a yacht from a arina in miami beach. this happened last night, we're hearing from a witness whose listen to him describe it. >> he was going forward and backwards and just going bananas trying to get out. he hit everything that was around. >> apparently after that happened, the man just jumped into the water and swam away. he wasn't able to drive off ii the yacht after hitting hose
6:41 am
for him this morning. 6:40. we'rse shift in the weather. a cold front will move into colorado brinning strong storm to the west. here's your first alert, very windy this afternoon across the front range and the palmer divide and the plains. winds from the southwest. gusting up to 50 miles-per-hour in spots. a chance for a few mountain storms and showers and this week, we'll see a big cool down coming. so here's our red flag warning that's in effect for this afternoon for much of the front freeze watch going into effect tonight aad tomorrow. temperatures will drop. tomorrow, we'll be in the upper 60s. you talked about the winds. air tracker 7 landed. before they did, they spotted this accident on the northbound side of pecos right here at the ramp to go east 36. going from south pecos -- we have other problems. take a look at the map including the accident being cleaned up.
6:42 am
it's backed up into brighton. you have a stop and go traffic mess right now with a near crash at i-25 and east 6th avenue at federal. the east side of -?colfax and monaco is block off from a fire that hit somebody. a northbound 225 crash at colfax that leads up to mississippi. it's a busy morning. 100 dayed and those injured recorder was not working when the accident happened. the recorder would have been a key piece of information for crash investigators. the train's engineer is cooperating with the investigation. however, he says he cannot remember a thing before the crash. the city of grand junction is looking to layoff several citt employees and the workers has 2 weeks to take a buy out offer. if not enough people to
6:43 am
layouts. we're going to get you caught up in your morning stories. that includes the supreme court. this is a threat against mountain vista high school. find out what will
6:45 am
it's :45. your morning scared parents across our region. two teenager girls plotting to kill other students at mount vista high school. >> court documents shows one teen has a history of abusing animals. >> here's denver 7 reeorter jaso g this morning. to mental health status of these two girls as well as heir age and how the case should move forward. the case is on hold until -- whether this case will remain an adult case and the teen will be charged as aaults or it will move to juvenile court. -?the case is on hold, but ?ohnson and higgins are being
6:46 am
includes a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. they were planning an attack at mount vista against student and teachers. accordiig to info that came out, a teen brought bb guns to practice shooting and drew out a map. the evaluation has been argued back and forth. those decisions expected to how this case is going to move forward -- the twoogirls have court hearing in district court to move this case forward as early as later on this week. we have images to show of% you of a house fire that -- to show you of a house fire that happened near garfield and 29. loveland fire posted these
6:47 am
showing the spoke and damage. the cause of the fire is nder investigation right now. fortunately there were no injuries reported, but the fire department and the power -?department responded to this fire. a tragedy on lone peek. rangers says a 61-year old greeley man died yesterday after slipping on ice. he fell 100 field. he hasn't been identified. 6:47. two armed c aurora.the run this morning in%- police say this of yosemite. the eye lens late is 878 stg. call crime stoppers. donald trump will beein pew blown for an afternoon event before a nighttime event in
6:48 am
he's hosting a rally on the cu south denver campus as apart of his nationwide bus tour. doors open for that event at 5:00. tickets are available. denver 7 is joining all the local groups in helping to keep you informed about the ballot issses in colorado. this wednesday at the denver post auditorium, we're look at colorado care which is -- it's free and it starts at 6:30. we'll host another forum after the election to talk about the results. a mild s this aaternoon, we're going to look at a red flag warning going into effect in the denver-metro and the north eastern plains. extremely windy conditions of the gusting in from the southwest and very cool tonight. a freeze watcc goes into effect under much of the western slope. strong storms making their way through the western portion of the state right now. theemetro area, we should stay dry through the day today. right now we're at 62 degrees at city park.
6:49 am
the front range, above average for this time of year..3 feeling pleasant in the lower 70s and lower 80s. highlands ranch, expect 79 degrees and 350s for alan's park of here's what to expect through the day. we're going to see gusty winds from the southwest. a chance for a few mountain showers and storms. for the most part, staying dry across the plains as that cold front moves through. very gusty wind conditions for tonight and then our lows overright tonight as you can see is staying cool across the mountains. leadville getting down to 23 degrees. 30s for aspen and eagle,,grand junction at 40. denver at 42 degrees. our 7-day forecast ?hrough the day today, expect windy and warm conditions. a mix of sun and clouds across much of the front range, but tonight that's when we'll start to cool things down as the cold front comes through. 42 overnight. breezy and cool for tuesday. only in the mid-to
6:50 am
afternoon and evening showers. wednesday into thursday, a very good chance we're seeing snow in the high country. here in denver, staying in the mid-60s but a lot cooler come thursday. 55 is our expected high temperature for thursday. we'll see rain in a day and things gradually start to warm back up as we head into the weekend. temperatures warming into the 70s. jason. full freeways and problems.g to start with a clearing of the semi ccash, the taaker crash on i-76 a it's out there for so lock, ttaffic is backed up to highway 85. huge delays and that's not fun. the other big trouble spot is the crash at 6th avenue right by federal. you can see on the camera back here, the heavy stop and go traffic coming in before sheridan. it's stopped from wadsworth through sheridan and trying to get to i-25. this is going to bb extra 15 minutes. i-70 might be a better option if you're coming
6:51 am
trouble to the east side, northbound 225. the accident after colfax backing up us to mmssissippi. we have eastbbund colfax closed at monaco. a tire fell off a truck, hit a person standing near colfax and monaco. don't know the injuries there. we're putting the ambulance -- they were put into the ambulance to get treatment. we have that restricted. quiet conditions to the south. heavy traffic to we expect more about this deadly roll-over. 5 people died in this 1 car roll-over on sunddy morning. neighbors we spoke with says this is a popular area for drag racers and police confirmed the car was speeding beforr the crash. the victim's names have not been released. a suspect is still on the loose after a man was found shot to death in inglewood. this
6:52 am
the victim hasn't been identified. a man remains in critical condition after a shootout. this happened on 37 avenue. this wasn't far from the luis turner park. a woman and another man was inside the apartment at he time. no one has been arrested. governor hickenlooper says an innocent monitor will handle the abuse allegations at pueblo regional center. we told you about this last week. a report outlines abuse on the disabled there. steph members sexual normal activity. no one has -?been charged. two people and two dog was recovering from gunshot wounds this morning. they were shot during a home invasion and the suspects on the run. 1 person% had to have emergency surgery
6:53 am
we don't have a description of the suspect or getaway car. greeley may change its laws against panhandling. the u.s. supreme court changed the law -- it's unconstitutional. our partners at the tribune, they said the police chief will try to get that ban permanently removed. there's three teams remain nothing th the bucs. this was delayed because o nasty rain storms. the bucs had to finish without siemian. he came out the game ?n the second quarter after an injury to his story. lynch stepped in and finished the game and the broncos won 27-7 >> the team's doctor will exam siemian. they think this is a minor shoulder injury. siemian telling reporters he plans to play on sunday.
6:54 am
pretty well. well, it's 6:53 -- it's not quite ski season. as we head to break, it's 6:54. we look from the mile high camera.
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it is 4 minutes until 7 trm. we have a bunch of traffic issues incllding this odd where a person walking right near colfax and monaco was hit by a tire that came off that truck. westbound side the colfax closed westbound lanes are open for that investigation. taking a look at the map. heavy stop and go traffic. i-76 his been a trouble spot.
6:57 am
semi was. there's an accident after cold fabbing. depend ongoing the forecast they could start making snow this week. no word when they'll open. >> it's almost cold enough. >> just about last year around october, loveland was open. this week we're going to see a big cool down across the high a chance for snow. looking at radar and satellite,g . very warm, windy conditions. right now outside, 64 in city park. 57 in parker. toddy, temperatures will warm into the upper 70s, lower 80s across the front range and very windy this afternoon. here's your 7-day forecast. as you can see, we'll start to cool down by tomorrow. upper 60s to mid-60s then to the 50s come thursday. >> boom.
6:58 am
>> that will get your attention. in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
7:00 am
good morning, america. matthew on the march. the powerful category 4 hurricane barreling through the caribbean with 130-mile-an-hour winds and life-threatening flash flooding and mudslides. thousands fleeing the coastlines. u.s. citizens told to leave. hundreds of miliry family members evacuated, as the storm tracks north toward the u.s. donald trump's taxes -- the leaked documents, showing he lost nearly a billion dollars in one year, are raising big questions. did trump avoid paying income tax for nearly two decades? his advisers now calling him a genius. critics say he's a tax dodger. as he ramps up the personal attacks on hillary clinton. >> i don't even think she's loyal to bill, if you wanna know the truth. >> with less than a week to their next debate, "saturday night live" takes aim at their first showdown. >> we should be talking about the important issues like


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