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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 11, 2016 12:36am-1:06am MDT

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all new viral videos today "right this minute." a teen battling cancer is surprised by bikers who know she's -- >> a huge fan of "sons of anarchy," the fx motorcycle drama. >> the show's support from the heart to bring a tear to your eye. a guy leaves the comforts of
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one -- >> fascinating story. >> what inspired his year of living. one rider chats up another before -- >> he's about to take off. >> but see who is not going to let him. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and get ready for a couple's workout. >> that's all, girl. >> needs extra weight for his pull-ups. >> why he might need to wait for his form, too. >> lot easier expecting. nick and i particularly would relate to the excitement of this girl. >> she got a motorcycle. >> 30 of them, actually. no joke. yes, alexander johnson looked outside of her window and saw 30 motorcycle riders showing up to greet her. she's been battling sarcoma since 2013. this is the second time she's
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a long time because the way her body is dealing with it, but during that time she became a huge fan of "sons of anarchy," the fx motorcycle drama. >> wow. that's an intense show. >> and she is actually in ireland. >> that's cool, because there was a whole season that took place in ireland. now she's having the authentic experience. >> with the help of the motorcycle club brother of the third wheel chapter and her family, they were able arrange a visit. once everybody's there, you realize they've brought goodies for her, and i mean a full-on "sons of anarchy" jacket. >> nice jacket. >> even made her an honorary member of the chapter, they gave her a patch, they gave her a teddy bear. >> a lot of the clubs are into philanthropy, they love doing things like this. this is the kind of stuff that
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of. >> you heard of a ride because of all their philanthropy. >> in this case they are making a huge impact on this girl's life. she's only 14 years old, but already knows she wants to have a bike some day. the long arm of the law will use many tactics to catch the bad guy. i don't think they should try to behave like a battering ram. here you are in kazakhstan, two young guys on to go, he's about to take off. >> oh, snap. the police come in, no lights or sirens, they knock that guy off the bike. his buddy takes off. he's standing there, oh, time to run. one officer chases him, the other ones are like we'll just stand around. >> another police vehicle chasing the other bike down the road, as well. obviously, some movement they were trying to do. >> are the bikes stolen? what's happening? >> police have not said a word
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planned and maybe this was a sneak attack. we don't know. all we know is they use that to gently get that guy to the ground. >> here comes the cop that chased him, empty handed. >> police had to be called in to this incident in mexico. there's a man on the hood of that seleca. according to witnesses that woman hit two cars. that guy jumped on the hood so the person taking the video gets into his car at that point and follows the >> totally digging the car to try to get him to fall off, as well. >> somebody has blocked her in and she won't get out of the car. she doesn't roll down her window. see her going like this with her hand. >> not the way i expected to see when they got up to the window. >> i wouldn't stand in front of her car either. she's clearly not afraid to run into things. >> watch what happens next. hit the truck in front of her as she evaded this guy and drove
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police know who she is. they've identified her, this has gone viral on the internet and they've called her lady fuga, lady run. seth roberts, otherwise known as nick calderone's spirit animal, is planning his day. >> got a meeting first thing to london. got to find a little work. then in the evening, up for grabs. probably wondering what this is doing in a in the forest. >> fascinating story. and it's got a pretty long answer. it all started back in 2014, he was living in bristol in a house with his two buddies. the buddy got married, which means he had to then move out. he decided to maybe try and do something a bit more adventurous. >> tv guide survivalist
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>> i think that's when i had the idea. >> kind of interesting idea. of course, got to go camp in the woods. there are some questions that occur to you. >> what and where would i eat, how would i wash, and what would i do with my stuff. >> even though he figured out the answer to those, one big answer left. >> terrified of what people would think. terrified of announcing this grand plan and two or three days in kind of giving up my id. i'll tell you what, i'll go live in the woods for a month and rais homeless people. cool, let's go do it. at the end of the month he's nowhere near ready to leave. >> nature, feels good, spiritual, good medicine. >> that's what he's saying. for a while that was his day to day. lay out under the stars. sounds perfect. >> yeah, i don't see the problem at all. sounds phenomenal. you're not paying for rent, you
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every single day. >> right. then he decided to make his life more complicated. >> after three months of sleeping outdoors, i had it in my nature to quit my job. >> three months? >> what does he do, sit around camping in the woods? >> went on a two-month 2,000-mile bike ride around europe. >> after that cycling he's five months into living out in the trees. >> that's amazing. >> still raising money? >> now he's started his own production, that's how he funds his life. >> here i am two years later, still kicking outdoors. >> what? i admire people who can just roll the dice and do stuff like this. it opens them up to the world. >> he may be the freest person i've ever seen. don't get a case of the mondays, it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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a resident of the u.s. or canada. stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. if you remember the first time you went fishing, somebody was probably there going beginner's luck. kind of what happened to this guy. beginner's luck, except he wasn't fishing with a fishing pole or a net or any of that nonsense. he bought himself some lines, some worms, and attached it to the bottom of his drone. >> no way. >> he wept >> sure did. >> if it's heavier than the drone, you're losing the drone. >> good point. >> he flies over this reservoir 30 seconds after putting the worm in the water -- >> what? is this real? >> it's a flying fish. >> yeah, is it possible he put the fish on the line and flew it out there and pulled it out? yes, it's possible, but i don't believe that's the case here. i think it really did work. he got the fish, flies it back towards shore.
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right about now. what is happening? >> is this the future of fishing? is it fair you're able to fly out over the water without casting, without a boat, and spy and see where the fish are? >> i don't think he's going to be putti a dent in the fishing industry with his newfound technology. >> i want to see this tried out more. i'm with you guys, could be easy to fake. i think it's real, but i want to see other people go out and do this. >> what are you doing this weekend? i have a drone. >> i'd love a drone to grab me a nice lobster. that would be awesome. sammy the king charles spaniel. >> fell three feet on to the track. >> find out how he ended up there. and -- >> who's going to get hurt? >> not me. >> why getting a running start didn't end well. >> oh, that is rich. ? ?
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even a b closed captioning provided by -- e. act? advanced kills 99% of these germs. act? advanced. if i say mind the gas, what am i talking about, oli? >> london underground. >> people are supposed to be careful when stepping off the platform on to the train, there's a what happened to sammy. this is sammy's mom, she's terrified. the person who started filming heard a scream and thought somebody fell down. british rail workers trying to get sammy out. >> yeah, sammy, you little pooch. >> sammy is a beautiful king charles spaniel. >> see the dog's eyes? spooked.
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>> well done. >> fell three feet on to the track, but it didn't take them very long to scoop sammy out. >> what's his name? >> sammy. >> sammy. oh, cranky. >> well done, well done. >> sammy appears to be just fine. >> lovely dog. >> she explains how sammy fell in. >> he likes to sit back with me. >> he slipped back and fell into the gap. poor creature. >> the thing is, such a cute dog, everyone on the train is that's all right. >> happy ending. time for fails. >> time to get hurt. >> first takes place at a climbing gym. see all the rock climbing walls there. check out this guy. and go!
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>> what happened? >> missed his foothold. slips off and instead of going up, he goes straight into the wall. this is how not to do it. >> the couple's workout situation, this guy decides to do his pullups and the lady in her red dress is about to join him. >> all right, okay. >> have fun, girl. >> needs extra weight for his pull-up. that's coming down. >> it didn't come down. she went d >> looks a lot easier than i expected. >> last and certainly not least, i love trampolines. it guy does, too. back flip. and back flip. >> oh! >> managed to keep you inside of the perimeter. >> oh! >> monday is here and it's time
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with an extreme close-up. >> incredible stability on that zoom lens. wow. >> then, is it real or an illusion? >> the prism should be moving. >> it's splashing on the ground. >> and a raft tips over, but that's not the end of it. >> no! >> you be the judge. ebaum's world is next. plus, don't miss the buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini. first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely to choose luvs than first time moms. new luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies snug & dry, to help stop leaks - even overnight. and you can save up to $150 per year by choosing luvs over huggies. live, learn, and get luvs. (coughs) that cough doesn't sound so good. well i think you sound great. move over.
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now, back to the show. weekend is over and mondays can be a real bore. but there's no need to fake your way through the day, because mr. mac dreidel is here with us for real or fake. >> yeah! >> what's up, what's up, mac dreidel with ebaum's world's representation. always go hard for raider nation. go ahead and pump your brakes for "real or fake." >> all right, video number one. >> >> extreme zoom lens, right? >> trying to say look how incredible the zoom is on this camera we're using. >> the fact he was trying to find focus made it look real. i say real. >> i say it's real. >> i'm going real, too. incredible stability on that zoom lens. >> wow. >> i'd like to know the camera. >> real all around. >> i wish i knew what camera
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information. what they did say is this has a 300 times zoom, so this is 100% real, you guys got it. >> second video. >> what the -- that's incredible. >> the prism should be moving. >> it is splashing on the ground. i think what's causing us to think that it looks weird is the way it's coming right out of that hole there. >> one of the illusions due to the framework, frozen in time because the frame rate is exactly the same speed. >> i say it's no reason to think otherwise. >> real for real. >> i'm with you guys, i think it's real. users said the same thing primarily. now i did research this to find out if this is real or fake. it's called laminar flow, aspect of fluid dynamics to describe with no disruption between them. whatever all that means is this is real. >> is this the final? >> we're all clever. >> final video.
12:57 am
that looks like it was -- >> oh! no! right up until that. it was real. i think what they've done is cut it. they've combined two videos. remember those guys pulling out all those incredible fake videos, that looks like exactly the same from that video, because look at this, i'm calling fake. >> right. >> fake. >> you can't even hide it. i can't get anything by you. you guys got it right away. down to the detail, that shark footage is very familiar looking. just take a look at this great video when she goes underwater. wait a minute. where have we seen that clip before? another anomaly in the video i had to point out is when they go under water, all of a sudden the camera is like a chest cam and you can see it's first person
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boat. doesn't make sense. you got it all this week, proud of you guys. >> good to see you, see you next time. believe me when i say this, you're going to. >> oh! that's a shovel. >> it is a shovel. doesn't just look cool, it sounds incredible. >> no, no! >> justin johnson, who goes by the name "the wizard." he's an international slide guitar champion for good reason. >> this isn't rock and roll. >> just a great tune. absolutely shredding through this awesome song on the guitar. mississippi blue guitarist, specialty, three strings, but listen how he makes it sound like a band almost.
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i honestly part of me doesn't want to believe this is a guitar, that it's working, and that he's playing it. three strings and he's playing it sounds amazing. >> doesn't make sense three strings can make that much sound. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old and a legal u.s. or canadia >> and head over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> now let's reveal monday's buzz word. are you ready? it's wild. >> get over to, click win ipad, and enter the buzz word, wild. w-i-l-d. >> later this week, bonus give away day, that means somebody is going to win an ipad and somebody else is going to win a
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grandma. >> oh, my goodness. an early birthday present! grandma, happy birthday, lexi and mike. >> see the big surprise she's not grasping. >> great grandma.
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get everything worked out. i'm interesting to see how much these bad boys will cost. >> oh, my goodness. an early birthday present. >> >> enthusiasm of grandparents, they don't know what it is and already so grateful. >> she's just glad that her granddaughter is being super sweet, so she goes to open her gift -- >> oh, my gosh. that is a big cup. >> in this case it's a big old mug. >> great grandma. >> i am a pretty great grandma. >> you don't get it. what does it say? great grandma.
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ding, ding, ding! >> fantastic moment. >> really? >> yeah! >> oh, my gosh! >> goes over to give her granddaughter a big old hug. >> as is the grandma in this video. >> no, no, no, no! >> neighbors are already calling 911. >> she's really excited because to be a grandmother. going to be a pretty great one. she's screaming like she's terrified, but she's really just really excited. in the end, i think grandpa comes over, realizes the good news and immediately catches grandma and comes over. thanks for taking a look at the day's top videos with us. we appreciate it. has lots
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company jc, what are you doing now? >> circular motion. oh, i'm just checking for breast cancer, because the doctor taught me how to check my wife. >> very good you're doing that, because october is breast cancer awareness month and one out of eight women in the united states is going to be diagnosed in her lifetime. but it's not a death sentence. early detection is the key.


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