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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  October 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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as 5:30. a teenager is dead and another likely paralyzed after denver police say a homeowner shot them. why make my day defense may not work for them. some are choosing to hunt outside of colorado. ?hat that could mean for our state. we're less than a month away from the election, and the trump campaign is expanding its efforts today in greeley. we'll tell you about that event later it's beautiful on the trees changing colors, but not beautiful spread across your yard. >> it's time to rake the leaves and the city of denver opened up two locations to collect the leaves. you can drop them off near cherry creek south and i-70 and havana. you can do that monday through friday between 8:00 and 2:00. right now, let's check with lisa to find out today's first alert forecast. >> a little fall-like. >> it's time to rake the leaves or leave a message for your
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i'm all over that. >> or your wife. i'll make it fair. upper 50s. it's mild outside. not fall-like right now. temperatures above normaa this morning. it's the southwesterly flow that's pushing up, and ushering in warm air. we have dry conditions across the plains, but it's wet along i-70. snowy as you get to the tunnel. 61 at city park this morning. boulder at 60. when you step out, you're goinge cloud cover. that's keeping our temperatures. low 730s by 12:00. we have a little more cloud cover this afternoon. and there's a slightly better chance for a few showers if the here's your first alert. we're tracking tomorrow's cold front. we'll show you how cool it gets, katie.% >> snow showers in the mountains. train and traction law was in effect for the mountains. no major accidents
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scene right now. this is an oil spill beeween i-25 between alameda and 6th. we'll bring updates as we get them. they're working to clean that up and a couple of lanes have been closed. if you're heading west, we're going to see chain and traction laws. these are in effect for i-70 and veil and copper mountain and u.s. 6. if you're heading over loveland passing, be aware you need to have your car ready to handle the snow. a 15-year old boy is dead and his 14-year old friend is likely paralyzed after they were shot in someone's backyard. the man accused of pulling the trigger is in jewel. keith hammock told themmhis motion detector light went off where he grows marijuana. he went out to investigate and saw two people on the ground arguing. a criminal defense important that we spoke with said that's not a good enough reason to grab your
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the dark for being on my real property. there's a big change when somebody comes inside your home. >> police found several guns in the home and discovered shell casings in an upstairs bedroom near the window. just in. first alert now after days of silence, it appears, new jersey governor chris christie is speaking out abou the fallout from the leak of trump bragging about groping a woman. this is political reporter. he said this election is about bigger issues christie's twitter page isn't showing response, but the political reporter in new jersey says that's what christy said. this morning, donald trump's son eric will in greeley trying to throw out support for his dad. his father fell in the polls after the recording surpassed where trump talked about groping women.
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trump is doing this morning. >>reporter: the trump campaign is expanding its colorado ground game a month ahead of the presidential election in november. now, according to the campaign, dolled's son eric is expected to speak with volunteers anddsupporters at this location in greeley later this morning. now, the event today is introducing the new weld county trump for colorado office and that's set for 9:30 this morning. this visit following a small business round tabl yesterday. today's visit is the latest in a string of colorado visits from the campaign and race. you'll recall last month we were live in love land preparing for trump's rally then. he also rallied in pueblo that morning as well. and in september, we had ivanka trump and donald trump jr and mike pence here and throughout the state for the campaign. we'll talk more about the event in the
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in greeley, i'm amanda del castillo. clinton will in colorado tomorrow. she's making a stop in pueblo. she's going to help those sign up to vote for that rally. mail in ballots will be delivered in our state. those in trump's party has been turned on him. glen, the u.s. senate nominee who supported trump is on the fence. he told denver 7 he's waiting for a possible face-to-face meeting with trump this week to decide if he'll support him. >> so you >> correct. >> you won't say who you're voting for yet? >> well, i'm not supporting hillary clinton and i believe that donald trump, based on what he's saying, i want to see if he's a man of action, and he's willing to come and talk to the underserved community and have that conversation. >> you can watch the interview with glen on the free denver 7:00 a.m. and glen isn't the only cclorado lawmaker
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so is senator cory gardener. he said he'll write trump's running mike pence. if do you that, it won't count. a were in candidate has to file paperwork 110 days before the election to make the vote official. if neither major party presidential candidate floats your boat, you do have other options. in fact, we counted $22 name on the sample ballot -- we counted 22 names on the sample ballot. to g ballot, have you to pay $1,000 and get 9 friends to elect you. if you want to do more research before casting your ballot you can go to our website at and you'll find information on the candidates and the ballot issues and everything you need to know. denver gets a bad wrap for being expensive. boulder county
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the average home cost $400,000 according to the latest survey. neighbors in denver are coming together to take down a developer. it's over parking. the-month-older -- he bought -- the builder bought two lots. this group is meeting with the f adjustment today to try and get the provoked. a drop in hunting licenses could mean the state could lose thousands of acres of land. hunters haven't purchased quite as many big game licenses as years past. they have a budget short falll the state will lose thousaads of acres of hunting grounds. one way to make up for those losses is raising the in-state licenses fees which hasn't been increased in 11 years. >> the sports man have been
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the biggest problem to clarify right now is we don't know to what extent the fees will change or increase. >> if the money is going to be used for what they say it's used for, for the conservaaion and the hike and fees is not a low amount, i'm for it. >> right now for example, an out of state hunter pays 627 -- it goes to the state l increase so nothing is probably not going to happen until january. get ready to party. cu boulder 102nd homecoming is this weekend and celebrations are happening all week long. ending with the bucs beating arizona state on saturday. that's their predictiin at least. a parade will be held on the pearl street mall at 6:30 friday night. and end at the boulder county courthouse along with a pep rally. a homecoming concert
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aa 8:00 n the university memorial center. our city love the beer could fuel us. >> it takes 7 barrels of water to make beer. engineers at cu boulder think they can use that waste water to grow a fungus that could help them lithium batteries this. this makes the fuel. >> since we're creating our material from waste, the cost is extremely low. anddso since we can bring down the cost of the carbon we can lower the price of the device. >> they started a company aimed at commercializing this technology and utilize the waste water. >> fascinating stuff. >> i hope they pull it off. trump says he's not the only billionaire to avoid paying
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is it true? >> [indiscernible]. we got to be better off. >> just heart breaking. a mom gives a jailhouse interview. she says why she killed her own two children. it is now 5:39. we're here in the first alert weather center. we're just now 20-day as way from halloween and still no snow in denver. today we get a few showers and a little rain across the plains. a little snow though in the mountains. at tomorrow's cold front and how cool it gees in town. the traffic on northbound i-25 has been reduced to one lane.
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just into the first alert desk, another tragedy in the garment industry truck in cambodia flipped over injuring more than 50 people. the people on the truck were all headed to work at a garment factory. the driver who took off from the scene appearrd to have been going too fast and driving in the rain. we told you about an independent mother accused of murdering her two children who you see here. they're 6 and 7-year old. now she's giving a jailhouse interview saying why she did it. telling the
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>> and they chose to go to heaven? >> yes. >> what did they say? >> did they say i want to go to heaven or did they just agree? >> my daughter said she would kill herself before somebody hurts her. >> so you put your hands over their mouths, did they fight you at all? >> a little bit, yes. >> the w neighbor who she went camping with. she hasn't -- she hasn't been charged in that case. trump said at a rally yeste- >> it's good that someone with the temperament offtrump isn't in charge of the law in our country. >> becauseou would be in jail. >> george w. bush's former press secretary says trump was wrong
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and former attorney general eric holder is calling it a promise to abuse power. some analyst say trump making that claim showed republican leaders that if they dump trump they could lose support of voters to keep gop -- even with the drama leading up to the second debate, there was a drop in leadership. it had a 20% smaller audience than the first debate which broke records. some blames sunday night football. facebook says this second debate was the most talked about debate ever on the site. it's a quarter to 6:00. trump called our warren buffet saying the billionaire took a tax deduction. he didn't like that. and says he has paii federal income taxes since 1944 back when he was 14-year old. he has copies of his returns to prove it. trump has yet to release his tax returns, all know the times showed -- he
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which meant that he would not have to pay taxes for about 20 years. while campaigning in pennsylvania yesterday, trump took a minute to bond with a yng man who looks like him down to the suit and the hairstyle. >> now, he's supposed to look like donald trump, but he's actually much too good looking. you are really handsome. do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump. >> trump. [cheers and >> so the boy wanted to stay with trump. he did go back to his parents so trump could go on with his speech. >> that looks like his real hair, too. >> it does. >> you're talking about the boy, right. >> exactly. >> brings a good point, how mann trump and clinton costumes are we going to see this halloween. >> or kim [indiscernible]. we have got a nice start now. a lot of people asking,
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september 3rd, 1961, was the earliest snow on record. november 21st, the latest on average. october 18th. so we're talking next week. no, at this point, we're not looking at snow on our 7-day forecast. not here in denver at least. we do have a rain-snow mix in the mountains. it's making for some wet roads along i-70. picked up an inch or two up near the eisenhower tunnel and across the plains we have more cloud cover this morning. stillar our vero camera in akron, our sunrise after 7:00. and with it, you're going to find a mix and sun and clouds across the the showers will lighten up and we'll get clearing and by this afternoon and early evening, the chance for a little bit of rain, a little more snow up and through the mountains and there's a chance, a slim chance that a few of these showers will roll oat over denver, aurora, greeley, fort collins, so we could gett3 rain through the early evening.
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tomorrow morning, you're going to find partly cloudy to even mostly cloudy skies, some patchy fog early wednesday morning, but then it clears up. and we've got a lot of sunshine tomorrow afternoon. there is a cold front tomorrow. don't let all the sunshine tomorrow fool you. it's going to be cooler. highs today in the mid-to upper 70s. denver at 75 to 77 here across the metro area. evergreen, 69. aurora 75. and in kingsburg, 7s and 60s for mountains and still a couple of spots where we're well above normal. 80s near pueblo and lamar. warm to the south. today we're at 75. tomorrow, o8 degrees. tomorrow's cold front is going y kick up our winds a bit. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds early on, and then skies are going to clear out. thursday, right back to 72. speaking ever thursday, the broncos in san diego. i know thissis going to come as a
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a mix of sun and clouds and 70s. 72 on thursday. heading into the weekend, beautiful. closer to 80 on friday. a good spot for the bright spot to be both friday and saturday, katie, mid-to upper 70s. >> i love, fall. thank you, lisa. a tanker is leaking fuel. this is on i-25 northbound, so it has been reduced to one lane. the center and the left lane are blocked. we're seeing traffic backed up to lincoln and broadway. daryl laura is live on the scene to going on. daryl. >>reporter: yeah, katie. we'reg i-25 right northbound 25 right at alameda. as you can see right hhre, this is where the tractor-trailer is. these guys had just filled up at a trump stoo moments earlier. and apparently they hit something steel that was in the road and it ruptured their tanks. the fire department are
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fuel spilled. this is four lanes of traffic h. they have all three lanes shut down. only one lane openee which is the center lane against that barrier wall there. so traffic is backed upcoming on i-25 as far back as we can a couple of miles. so is santa fe. there's double lanes of trafficg onto i-25. major back up this morning on te i-25 and police are tel could take a while to be cleaned up because cdot has to get spongy material to clean this up. back to you katie. i'm sure there's a way to get ad that. >> daryl, that's going to cause the back up there. if you can avoid that section of i-25 near santa fe, please do. go around. if you're heading west, eisenhos a live view from cdot. we picked up snow showers and roads wet. chain and traction laws are in effect for the mountains. let's
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they are in effect for. it's between veil and copper mountain. if you're traveling east or westbound, you're going to need the good tires on your car and commercial vehicles traveling over loveland pass on u.s. 6 need to have the good tires preparing for the snow showers we're going to see over the next little [indiscernible]. 5:51. they're used to create change. the justice set history herself. what does about colin kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.
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who says i my doctor. have my dentist.yday? definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims,
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and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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5:54. she's used to paparazzi taking her picture. this time it was the police camera taking her mug shot. she was arrested for protest dakota pipeline. she was on facebook when it happened. >> because i was trespassing like everybody else. when i asked me to leave, i left. >> 26 other people her charged with trespassing. that pipeline would carry crude oil north dakota to illinois. strusburg is sharing -- she says it's quote dumb and disrespectful. the san francisco quarterback started the protest in august, colin kaepernick you see on the left. players across the country have joined in. the creator of the apprentice says he cannot release footage from the show that trump hosted.
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buzz feed report claim that ark burnett threatened anyone who was tempted to release the tapes, but ber at any time and mgm both say they can't make the videos public because of a contract and they said that no one ever threatened anyone. people in florida will have one extra day to vote. a federal judge pushed the deadline to tomorrow night because of hurricane matthew evacuations and the govern didn't want to extend it saying people had enough time to sign up. it takes a certain kind of person would you get a tattoo without knowing what it's going to be. >> here's how it works. you put your arm in a hole. let the artist on the other side pick the design. now, the artist apparently isery popular doiig least one guy didn't mind trusting him. >> this s like getting [indiscernible]. it's the same thing. this is something you can't throw away or gift.
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he said it was like a christmas gift. the artist was given out 18 of these free tattoos, but people lined up around the block hoping to be the lucky few, and everyone seemed happy with what they got. >> they should have raised money for a charity. >> we have done it though. >> you can see -- if it was a bancy artist. >> i would get a really tiny one, maybe. >> mitch run the ther direction. >> i would put an cumulus cloud on there. >> you can cover up your arm most oo the time at least. we have a nice start. here's the bus stop planner for those getting the kids ready as we speak. they mite want a light sweat shirt. it's mild. mid-50s and more cloud cover thh is why our temperatures are so nice. mid-70s by the time the kids are heading home. mid-to upper 70s. there is a chance for a few showers today. we have broomfield in the upper 70s
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parker, 74. aurora, you're going to hit 75.s your first alert that we have a cold front we're tracking for tomorrow. wednesday, it's a lot cooler. details at 6:00. and a major traffic incidenw . this is air tracker fe.t i-25 northbound near santa a trucker has spilled a lot of fuel on the highway. only one lane is getting through at this time. let's look at the map. traffic right now backed up until lincoln and broadway. a good way around it, get off the highway and
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6:00 a.m. take a look at this live picture near the eisenhower tunnel. the traction laws in effect for the high country and along i-70 because snow is falling. ski season just around the corner. we're going to start this newscast with breaking news on our roads -?in the city. ?> a fuel spill is causing a problem on i-25. denver 7 daryl ora is live near alameda with a look at this mess on the road right now, daryl. >>reporter: yeah, guys. we're along i-25 northbound. right where santa fe merges into% northbound 25 right before alameda. you can see the truck right here, tracker trailer. he ruptured his fuel tanks and spilled 100 gallons of diesel. there was a piece of steel on


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