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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  October 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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our top story on denver 7 at 11:00, the first hearing in a class action lawsuit filed against the city of denver. that hearing just let out about 45 minutes ago. >> it's challenging the city's treatment of homeless people during routine sweeps, calling denver's camping ban policy unconstitutional. amanda joins us outside details this morning. >> it was a packed courtroom this morning. many homeless people and their advocates wanting it to end. they spoke to the prosecution about who exactly they're finding at fault right now the lawsuit is filed against specific people who work for the city and county, including ayor michael hancock. the judge advising that approach
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protects government officials from liability for civil damages. recommendations coming from the judge warning in this case time is of the essence. we spoke with the lead plaintiff in the case. he said he was away from the camp looking for a job when a sweep took away all of his belongings. he said he wants to be respected. >> even the homeless people. if they have a place they can go to where they're not being asked to leave every few hours, they can actually for lack of better words make a home for themselves. then they can stay warm, the elements, they can stay safe. >> a status conference is set for october 20th so the judge can figure out how exactly to move forward with this case. reporting live outside the federal courthouss, denver 7. presidential nominee donald trump is ramping up his attacks on leaders within his own party. on fox news, trump called house speaker paul ryan out, saying
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message from trump's campaign manager just hours ago on good morning america. >> not pussy footing around in the fact of do you support or or do you not support us? the fact is some of theeleaders have been wishy-washy. >> hillary clinton is battling more e-mails released by wikileaks, accused of giving presidential treatment to clinton foundation donors after the 2010 haiti earthquake republican voter support. she's making campaign stops here in colorado and nevada. >> she's holding a rally in pueblo at the fairgrounds. that's where we find denver sev reporter marc stewart with a look ahead. >> interesting to see hillary clinton here in southern colorado. there are certainly a lot of democrats here. but when it comes to the issues such as the second amendment and gun rights, they often take on a more conservative approach.
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lot of latino voters here, a very large latino base. many latino voters have lived here for generations. so for that reason hillary clinton is going to make a point of differentiating herself from donald trump and really try to make a big welcome to those voters as well. in addition here in pueblo, there has been a lot of economic strife. there have been some pick-ups along the way. unemployment has been an ongoing issue. for that reason, hillary clinton will appeal to those voters to forgotten. compared to other parts of the state, pueblo is not necessarily a liberal stronghold like denver or boulder but it's certainly significant. so expect to see a big a-team performance when she takes the stage just after 1:00 this afternoon. live in pueblo, marc stewart, denver 7. new at 11:00, senate candidate daryl glenn has just suspended his endorsement for
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nominee's lewd comments about women. glenn says he believes trump's apology but wants to know, quote, what's in trump's heart before deciding if he'll reendorse him. glenn's announcement comes after former governor bill owens posted on facebook, calling trump a charlatan and narcissist. trump's campaign has not given up on colorado. yesterday his son derek trump said his father is running for pr has given their family everything. breaking news just in out of colorado springs. the aclu has filed a lawsuit against the police department in springs. they say officers made racially motivated stops and searches. the suit was filed on behalf of two black men who say they were both victims. new at 11:00, the charges have been dropped against four men accused in a kidnapping for ransom case. made that announcement.
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and held him hostage for five days, all while they asked the victim's family for ransom. the men eventually got some money and released the man. the men have been moved to fedel custody. at 11:05, the family of a man shot by a rocky ford police officer is demanding money from the city. jack's family is suing the former police chief, the city, and the former cop. that officer, james ashby, is now in prison, kicked of murder while on duty. he's the first cop in colorado least two decades. he'll be sentenced later this month. the lawsuit says rocky ford police hired ashby in 2014 despite his history of excessive force complaints and failed to train him. ashby already had several complaints against him just four months in to his job at rocky ford. two haened the week before he followed jack home and shot him in the back. >> we're hoping that this lawsuit can open a dialogue
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ford and its government and specifically the police department. so the police department will hopefully hear them and make% changes and hire quality police officers to police the streets of rocky ford. >> he left behind three kids, one of whom was born after he died. we reached out to the city but haven't heard back. it was a busy morning for denver police. overnight they investigated multiple crime scenes including a suspicious device, a hit-and-run, and a person barricaded in a home. first, that suspicious device found downtown. this was at 16th and lawrence. denver police say a person with some mental health issues had suspicious items in a backpack. police confronted that person, but they say the matter is resolved now. now to this shooting. one person is in the hospital. it happened on birch street near colorado and louisiana. very few details are being
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victim is doing. a man is now in police custody after a standoff overnight near iowa. denver police say he barricaded himself in a garage for more than an hour. they say it all started because of some kind of domestic violence incident. they have not said what charges the man can face. >>and a woman is dead after being hit by a truck overnight. crash happened on i-25 near speer boulevard. police first called this investigation a hit-and-run, but then they say the driver of a tractor-trailer came back about an hour no word if that driver is facing any charges. also overnight, a stabbing just a few blocks from denver north high school. one person was stabbed and the suspeet is still on the run. denver police say some police were arguing at federal and 29th. the victim is expected to ?urvive. so far we have no description of the suspect. it is now 11:07. we've got your first alert on a beautiful start to our day but it's out west. you've got to head west on i-70 to get any sunshine right now.
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loveland. from denver to limon, out east on i-70 we still have plenty of cloud cover at this point. quite a bit of fog, even a little drizzle ttis morning. now we're just seeing some of the cloud cover but it's still really chilly. upper 30s to mid 40s right now. it's warmer in the mountains where therr is some sunshine. dillon right now, 45. estes park, a good 7 to 10 degrees warmer than ii town. we're expecting here in denver later this afternoon mid to up we'll start to see clouds clear up a bit, a little bit more sunshine through the afternoon and really a beautiful day but a lot cooler than normal. we started this week off with temperatures near 80. today it's going to be mid to upper 50s at best for us here in town. 60 in pueblo and 74 in grand junction. more sunshine and again more warmth as you get out west across the western half of our state. coming up we're going to take a look at this afternoon. for the kiddos it is chilly
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tomorrow looks a lot warmer. even more so on friday. details in just a few minutes. investigators still have not said what an explosive was that was dropped off at the the nederland police station yesterday. we brought you this as breaking news at 11:00. a bomb squad was on the scene for more than 12 hours. they detonated the device. the police marshal says it was definitely a threat. everything is back to normal at d.i.a. after a suspicious item was found there tsa agents found something suspicious while x-raying bags. they called in denver police to check it out. officers determined it wasn't anything dangerous but they didn't say what it was. new at 11:00, a student makes a threat at glenwood high school. now police and school district leaders are investigating this. that's according to the post independent. investigators are not releasing details on yesterday's threat. the student responsible is not allowed on campus though and their punishment is being decided.
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high schools in the boulder valley district have been expelled because they were involved in a nazi hemed facebook group. police found out about the group last month after a boulder prep high school student killed himself to show his allegiance to the nazi party. our partners at the daily camera report the group had about 15 members. students from high schools in lafayette, lewisville, arvada, as well as boulder. a truck plows in to a group hear from a witness about the moments before impact. >> a case of extreme littering caught on camera at look-ouu mountain. police spotted the suspect, but find out why they didn't stop them. >> and former bronco tim tebow went from football to baseball but today he may have a new
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back now with new video, a driver plows in to a crowd in downto reno. this happened during a columbus day protest on monday. we're just getting this video. take a closer look. you see the truck nearing the crowd. a man tried to punch someone inside. then the truck rams in to the group. >> we're here to educate and speak about what genocide was
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they were saying derogatory remarks, saying hateful things against our people, against native american people. >> at least one person was knocked to the ground. five people hurt. one of those taken to the -?hospital. witnesses say the driver did this intentionally but so far police have not cited or arrested that driver. fbi investigators are looking in to if a plane crash in connecticut was intentional or not. a student and an instructor were onboard. th s the instructor who survived reportedly told investigators the crash was not an accident. the plane took off from a hartford area airport. it appeared to be trying to land when it hit a utility pole. it then cartwheeled down streets, missed a van narrowly, then burst in to flames. >> three poles. when it hit the last one, just boom. >> reporter: the chief of police said he asked the fbi to investigate because the plane happened to go down near a
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military, and general aviation. new at 11:00, lawyers for the only surviving suspect in last november's terror attacks in paris has decided not to defend him. they say abdeslam plans to invoke his right to silence, and if he won't talk, they can't defend him. abdeslam is in solitary confinement. the attacks killed 130 people. new information on the deadly police shooting in tulsa. an autopsy was completed on the results revealing terence crutcher had pcp in his body at the time of his death. videos like this one show crutcher with his arms in the air moments before police opened fire. officer betty shelby has pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with his death. shelby claims she thought he was reaching for a weapon but no weapon was found. back in colorado there's outrage over some blatant disregard for our environment.
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people dumping trash on look-out mountain. the people dumped at least four bags of gargeba he called police right away. they ronalded and found tte vehicles -- they responded and found the vehicles but urged them not to chase them because the crimes were nonviolent. 100 gallon of water was taken from an apartment complex without permission. this happened over a four-month time period. the landlord called police higher than it should have been. shh thinks someone may be using an outdoor spigot to get water. it's chilly. only a one-day chill because by tomorrow we're already back in the 70s. the mountains are warmer than what we're seeing here in denver. that typically does not happen. not noomal for us. here's your first alert headlines that our skies are slow to clear right now. it is going to be the coolest day of the week. right now we're near 40 degrees. we'll get another 10, 15 degrees
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to the weekend. i'll show you the weekend warmup coming up. right now on satellite and radar, it looks really clear but it doesn't do a very good job of showing you some of the lower lying clouds and all of the fog that we're seeing out east still from the top of our building, can't even make out the foothills. typically udbe -- you'd be able to see it from this shot. because of the clouds we're not able to see it. still chilly. 38 degrees. relative humidity at 93%. a very fall-like day for us here city park at 40. parker at 42. as soon as that sun starts to work in, as our atmosphere starts to mix out, these temperatures will climb and should happen pretty fast. conifer right now, you're at 45. we've got 50s and 60s in the mountains at this point. by 1:00 we're going to be around 50 to 52 in denver so another 7 to 10 degrees warmer. and then mostly sunny this afternoon. the drive home is going to be
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overnight tonight under a partly cloudy sky could still see some patchy fog on the plains early thursday morning with our temperatures in the mid to upper 40s early tomorrow so it's going to be a touch warmer tomorrow morning. lakewood today, you're at 60. aurora is going to hit a high of 57, 58. erie at 59. and in golden, close to it again, near about 60 degrees. a lot cooler across southeastern colorado. upper 50s to low 60s. grand junction one of the warm eagle, 67. quick look at futurecast. skies clear out so by 3:00 you're noticing across all four corners a beautiful sunny afternoon. a few clouds overnight tonight and then tomorrow we're under a little bit of fog, patchy fog, mix of sun and clouds in the morning. then a lot of sunshine. beautiful couple of days ahead of us. tomorrow we're looking at highs in the low 70s. look how much warmer it gets on friday.
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our 7-day forecast. it's also the bright spot. 80 degrees to end the week. then heading in to the weekend it does get just a touch cooler saturday and sunday. if you've got plans to head to the mountains, we could see a few showers there on saturday. but here in denver just a mix of sun and clouds. more sunshine and 75 on sunday. >> nice for football. thursday night. let's talk broncos. turning now to some sports. the broncos are back on the field tomorrow night in san diego. they'll be wearing the with the old denver d logo. this is the first time that logo has been worn during a game since 2002. quarterback trevor siemian could be a game-time decision for the broncos. siemian missed sunday's game because of a shouldernjury. paxton lynch will start if siemian can't go. so never mind the weather in colorado. it's not in colorado. san diego is always nice. but head coach gary kubiak will not be on the sidelines. he has the week off after being
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wiih a complex migraine. players say they're focused on the chargers. kick-off is tomorrow night, 6:25. our team will be providing live coverage from san diego starting tonight on denver 7 at 10:00. one former bronco going viral. we're talking about tim tebow. >> tebow, who now plays baseball of course was talking to reporters at an arizona fall league game when suddenly he ran in to the stands. that's because a fan was having a seizure. tebow went over to say a prayer. matter. people matter. and this young man, he mattered. -?so for me, just the first instinct was to be with him, to pray for him, to put my hands on him. >> the man was rushed to the hospital. we don't know how he's doing now. the next time you heaa to the grocery store, you may notice you're paying less for some popular items but others are costing you more. we'll break it all own for you next. >> a case of road rage caught on camera. a man and woman go at it in the middle of an intersection but
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>> coming up at 11:30, a denver 7 investigation. he risked his life protecting our country. now con artists are targeting a veteran.
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women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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i'm mike coffman, service. it started with my dad. he fought in world war two, was wounded in korea. he's the reason i joined at 17, fought in two iraq wars, and still serve today. the va scandal is an outrage, failing to care for our wounded warriors. that's why i took on the va: to get our veterans the care and respect they deserve. because i understand the sacrifices they made, and i'll never stop fighting for those who fought for us.
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back now with new video. a case of road rage caught on camera. fists flying in the middle of a las vegas intersection. here's a closer look. when the light turns red a man gets out of his car with a crowbar in his hand. he goes face to face with a woman. cars start honking. as the two go at it, you see the woman grabs the crowbar, turns it on the man picks up the woman and flips her over. >> it was just crazy. i'm pretty sure everybody seen it on facebook by now. my advice is just let it go. you never know what somebody is going through that day. just let it go and go about your day. >> both are okay, but police are now investigating. some mixed reviews on how safe america's teens are driving.
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the rise this year for the first time since 2006. the report found 19-year-olds, that's the most likely age group to die in a crash. researchers also found teen girls are more likeey to wear seatbelts but they're also more likely to be distracted. teen boys on the other hand were more likely to speed. the study was done by the governor's highway safety association. heads up, next year's social security checks will have a little something extra. 66 million beneficiaries will get a pay hike. that increase will b and .5%. that's up to roughly $2 to $6 more per month. it's the smallest increase to date. the average retirement check is $1300 per month. good news at the grocery store. the cost of a dozen eggs is now down more than 30% from last year. and a gallon of milk is about 40 cents cheaper. you'll also notice savings for beef. a pound of hamburger is about 50
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supply and demand. however, fruit and vegetable prices are creeping up. that's in part due to a drought in most of the west. chipotle is unveiling another way to get back customers. it's offering a match and win game that could reward you with free food. a producer here at denver 7 tried it out and got a buy one get one free entree. you can find more on our denver 7 app. chipotle is recovering with dwindling sales after several salmon canned food and other nonperishable items all for the school's annual cans around the oval. today actually marks 30 years of this program. you can get involved by heading to the oval at csu between 10:00 and 4:00 today. the haven't gathered 350,000 pounds for the food bank of larimer county. a lot more news coming up in our next half hour, including hillary clinton's latest campaign stop here in colorado. >> a live look at the fairgrounds in pueblo.
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he'll bring us an update about today's event. >> also, if your child is hoping to dress up as a clown for halloween, they might not be allowed to come to school in
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denver 7 at 11:30 begins with the race for the white house. there's no question colorado is seen as a battleground state as hillary clinton returns here.
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that starts in hours. denver 7's marc stewart is live with details on what to expected to from clinton. >> hillary clinton is going to have to make a very ssrong sales speech. it's a bit tricky here in southern colorado. democrats are not necessarily as liberal as they are in other parts of the state, such as denver and boulder. they often take a much more conservative stance to the issues, including amendment. there's a big battle over gun control and democrats from southern colorado did face some heat from their decisions. with that said, hillary clinton does have a lot going for her here in southern colorado. there's a large latino base. many latino voters have lived here for generations. there's also been some economic issues, some downturn here especially with manufacturing. so hillary clinton is certainly going to make an appeal to those
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around 1:30, around 1:45. it will be interesting to see if the speech today is perhaps mentioning some of the events over the last 48 hours including donald trump's word choices and of course the debase on sunday. but most importantly she wants to make sure that the democratic voters here show up and vote because as we have seen in past elections, southern colorado really can make the difference. for now we're live in pueblo, marc stewart, while clinton campaigns in pueblo, former secretary of state madeline albright is in du today. she plans to discuss what's at stake in this election. she takes the stage at 4:00 this afternoon in the 5th floor of the complex. denver's homeless population is hoping the city's so-calledd3 homeless sweeps are banned for good. at the end of august a class action lawsuit was filed against the city and county of denver calling the policy unconstitutional.
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let out at arouud 10:11 this morning. >> the judge began by pointing out a motion for a class action certification hasn't been granted yet. but it was a crowded courtroom this mmrning. both homeless people and their advocates just wanting these sweeps to end. essentially these sweeps force these people from their camps and they take away all of their belongings. the group denver homeless out loud say sweeps amendment, unreasonable searches and seizures, the 8th, unusual cruel and punishment, and the 14th, seizing aad destroying property without providing a hearing. the judge saying the 8th amend ment argument doesn't apply. the status conference is scheduled for next wwdnesday morning, october 20th, so the judge can figure out how to move forward with this case.
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deadly shoot-out between motorcycle gangs at the national western complex. now a woman is filing a wrongful death suit. her husband, victor mendosa, was killed at the denver motorcycle expo during that brawl. she's now suing the iron order motorcycle gang and one of its members. nooone has been arrested in the brawl. neighbors in denver trying to fight a developer have lost their battle. the humble street neighborhood association chalnged the city's approval of a developer's permit because the was building apartment units with no parking. but four out of five board members voted against that appeal. right now the city's zoning code doesn't require a developer to. this has caused outrage among residents who say this has caused a parking nightmare in their area. pueblo police have arrested a murder suspect. he's accused of killing a man near the intersection of u.s. 50 and i-25. and just in to denver 7, we got some new information on the suspect.
11:34 am
outstanding warrants. the shooting happened just before 4:30 yesterday morning. an officer who was off duty spotted him a few hours later at a mcdonald's. we're also learning more about this man, gustavo taez. police say he killed a woman in a glenwood springs home last week. he faces a prior charge as well as third degree assault and obstruction of telephone services charges. some colorado school costumes because of the creepy clown threats. look at this one here outside this car. this is happening acroos the front range now. schools all over the front range. those districts are adams 12, brighten 27 j. denver schools doesn't allow clown costumes or makeup. in jeff co, schools can decide for themselves. >> when it comes to halloween costumes, really, you know this caused a lot of fear. let's try to use good judgment.
11:35 am
say they've seen lower attendance. they believe students are too scared to come to class. because of all the clown mcdonald's says they're thinking twice before sending mascot ronald mcdonald out to events. the east coast is still reeling from the effects of hurricane matthew. the worst of it is the flooding in north carolina. some towns are underwater. thousands of people are without power. more than 2,000 people have had to be rescued. >> no clothes, no shoes..3 my grand kids lost things. we don't have anything. >> north carolina has counted 18 deaths from matthew. in all, 36 people have been killed in the storm in the u.s. back here in colorado, the beulah hill fire is now almost fully contained. the wildfire in southern colorado destroyed eight homes and burned eight square miles. nearly 2,000 people were forced to evacuate at one point.
11:36 am
machinery from cdot likely sparked the fire. at least one person was seriously hurt in this crash. four cars were involved in this one late last night near yale and havana. the impact so strong, one of the car's roofs was ripped off. denver police say one of the drivers may have run away from the crash here. here's our first look at the man police arrested naked in a pond at denver city park. this is taylor white. investigators say he took off after a deadly crash monday ni i-70. nearly 46 years after a utah woman was killed, this man, thomas egley, says he is guilty. the murder happened back in 1970. the daughter of loretta jones found her mother dead inside their home in price, utah. egley has always been a suspect but police didn't have enough evidence to make the arrest back then. now he could be put in prison for life. and this guy is behind bars accused of multiple violent
11:37 am
days. matthew cornifelt. he tried toostart a fight wit a shuttle bus driver a few weeks ago. a few days later police say he allegedly snapped on a pizza shop manager when he couldn't get a discount. investigators say he stole a brownie, smeared it on the front window then tried to throw a keg through a door. now to a denver 7 investigation. a veteran reached out to us saying he is getting the run around from travis strong said he hired larkspur buildings to construct two barns on his property. consttuction was supposed to start in may. now it's october and still not done. the company took about $50,000 for the work. he says now he just wants a refund but the contractor says they won't give it to him. >> i have over 40 phone calls to him saved asking please come out here and pick this, do this. it's still not done. >> you can see the builder's
11:38 am
contractor to court. we'll keep you posted on what happens. police in denver as well as officers across the country can no longer use a too to track your moves on social media. twitter, facebook, and instagram just cut off access to geofeedia which monitored your online activity. the aclu said it allowed officers to abuse data they collected. it's been a month since the city of denver started enforcing they've banned 22 suspe users for the 90-day period. denver 7 went out along the found five heroin needles. a little more than a month later we spotted three but also noticed a lot more people out on the trail. >> there's less people hanging around from the trail and there's less needles that you see, a lot less of that now. >> the city has put the ban in place for six months and say it could become permanent. now to a happy reunion. a 4-year-old girl was missing
11:39 am
on saturday. rebecca lewis is now back with her family and safe. officers found her more than 800 miles from home at a hospital in memphis. police say a young woman at the hospital saw rebecca with her abductor and recognized the little girl from amber alerts on facebook. >> thank you. without you, [ inaudible ] >> this man, 31-year-old matthew pibus is now in custody. withhthem. tennessee policc are also under fire because they waited to issue an amber alert. moms saying they can't sleep because of what they found in their baby formula. >> this is a nightmare. all i can think about was that stuff in her body. >> this is a discovery that will make your stomach turn. and they have an urgent warning to other moms before you feed your baby a bottle. >> a store under fire today for
11:40 am
prices. the so-called man tax was meant to send a message and now the owner says it's creating backlash far beyond the intended purpose. >> now at 11:40, it's still really chilly outside. we have temperatures near 40 degrees here in town. we should see some of the cloud cover that we've got right now clearing up here within the next couple of hours. more sunshine this afternoon and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. here's your first alert that it gets really warm by friday. at village inn, the brightest ideas are always the best.
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come in and enjoy a free slice of classic fruit or featured pie. and sweetin' up wednesday.
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? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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a woman in missouri sharing a disturbing find. take a look if you dare. a mom says she found worms in her baby's formula. >> you guys are not going to believe this. i found worms, lots of worms. >> helen williamson says she found them after she mixed up from a she said she recorded the video to warn other moms. >> happened to glance over at the bottle and see waves. i hold it in the light, and i see worms inching up. >> helen isn't alone. another mom in missouri says she also found wurmss but this was in a different formula made by similac. she snapped pictures that have been shared thousands of times. >> i depend on that company and then this happens.
11:44 am
it's not right. really isn't. this is a nightmare. >> no word yet from the formula maker on how the worms could have gotten in there. >> wow. to chicago now where a townhome exploded. look at this. two gas company workers were hurt in the blast last night. one is in bad shape too. investigators say it all started with a gas leak. thankfully no one was inside during that explosion. in tennessee, an 11-year-old apartment catches fire. look at these flames. firefighters say a smoke alarm woke the boy up so he got his mother and seven brothers and sisters out before the home was all but destroyed. investigators say a candle started it. to new york now where a pharmacy is being bombarded with e-mails and phone calls demanding answers. some outrage after the store posted two signs on its front
11:45 am
the other sign says all male customers are subject to a 7% man tax. the owner says it was just a fake discount. she said she did it to highlight the fact that women are often charged more than men for identical products and services. >> people are so angry that i think this was their way of expressing their anger. i don't really know if it was to the point of what we were doing as opposed to what's going on in the world today. wa't wasn't intention to do anything bad. >> she went on to say that she would do it again because of how much awareness she brought to the issue. some are calling it the wells fargo of cable. comcast has been ordered to pay more than $2 million for reportedly charging customers for services and equipment they didn't ask for. it's the biggest cable fine the fcc has ever given. the fcc said it received more than a thousand complaints from customers about this. regulators will watch comcast
11:46 am
required to address complaints from customers who have disputed charges. samsung is now sending galaxy 7 note users fire-proof boxes to customers returning those phones. it's offering the prepaid shipping boxes to people who bought their phones online. just yesterday the phone maker said it was discontinuing production of the phones. that's just two months after the phones were first released. have you ever noticed the smell at your local apple store? well, i haven't, but apparently some people like it and the company has that's supposed to smell like a new mac computer. the candles are made by 12 south. they have notes of-minute,% peach, basil, lavender, and sage. if you think people don't want these candles, you'd be wrong because they sold out in just two hours after going on sale.% new mac. >> is it ironic that samsung is
11:47 am
something that you light on fire? >> the two of us have been like this for three months now. it is a beautiful day. if you're in the mountains you've got a lot of sunshine. here's your first alert and your cheat sheet. 50s today. we'll be in the 70s tomorrow. gradual clearing skies today. i promise we're going to see a little more sunshine here pretty soon. it's very fall-like right now. this is good napping or reading there's a big warmup in store as we head a little bit closer to the weekend. a view from akron right now from our camera there still very cloudy out east. the same thing here in denver along i-25. look up to the mountains. now loveland ski area has shifted the camera around. we've got sunshine mixed with quite a bit of snow. they're building a decent base up there right now. they've been making snow overnight. we had a little help from mother
11:48 am
you'll see on futurecast they're just under a sunny sky. sooe of the clouds we're seeing right now will break up. we've got mostly sunny dry conditions this afternoon. and then overnight tonight we're under a bit of some cloud cover and early tomorrow morning with some lingering moisture we might actually see some patchy fog again out across the plains. then tomorrow afternoon more sunshine and it's going to be a much bigger warmup. now right now we're at 40 degrees at city park. 36 right now in bennett. this h warmup with all the cloud cover. actually warmer in the mountains right now. fraser at 46. we have 50s, even 60s farther west. hoping and crossing our fingers we're going to get in to the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. aa soon as that sun starts to break through and the atmosphere starts to mix out a bit more we'll see more sunshine and our temperatures will warm nicely. still well below normal. a far cry from the near 80 that
11:49 am
it's a lot warmer out west. grand junction, 75. looking ahead. eric, are you listening? the broncos game is on san diego on thursday. you should have seen the look i gave him earlier in the show when he said looks like great football weather thursday. san diego will see a high of 71 with sunshine. so it's almost identical. >> that's what i meant. >> sure you did. thursday will be beautiful. tomorrow much warmer. good if you've got a tv outside maybe to watch the game. on friday we'll be at 80. mostly sunny. the bright spot on friday. then looking ahead to the weekend, some low to mid 70s. chance for a few mountain showers saturday. we'll get a better chance for a little bit of rain here in denver early next week. so far no snow, you guys, for denver on that 7-day forecast. >> we'll take that. new at 11:00, october is national energy awareness month. it looks like three colorado cities need to do a little better. wallet hub ranked 100 cities.
11:50 am
the list. aurora, 47th. and denver, 52nd. the study looked at 20 different sustainability factors. denver was among the worst for greenhouse gas emissions. you can see the full report on our denver 7 app. still ahead, who doesn't love a good implosion? it's always an entertaining event. but one bridge refuses to go down. up next, video of the botchedd3 bridge implosion that took spectators by surprise. >> take a look. it's a place for man to relax, unwind, and get their nails done.
11:51 am
when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say...
11:52 am
that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
11:53 am
back now with a bridge implosion. well, sort of. take a look. crews set off the explosives to take down the broadway arkansas. and well, it didn't go down. for 5 hours crews kept trying to take it down, finally using a mighty barge, the stubborn thing came down. we all know ladies love to get pampered, but now one salon is catering to men only. it's called hammer and nails in los angeles. the salon looks like a man cave. there's beer, tvs, oversized
11:54 am
get your mani-pedi. the founder said he wanted to create a space where men could feel comfortable getting groomed. >> this very hyperfeminine environment. i felt out of place. if i can create a place with a guy that would never step foot in a nail salon would not only go too but want to come back, i coulddbe on to something. >> the store is expanding, selling nearly 200 franchise licens >> i don't know if it's going to convince the guy..3 the wife makes me go before vacations. she oesn't want me to have dumb and dumber feet. >> what is there that men have that we would want our own? >> i want my own weight room. when i'm at the gym, people are spitting. >> and a sports bar. >> a sports bar just for the ladies. >> that would work. i might get a franchise if
11:55 am
colorado. for you mommas out there trying to get the kids to school tomorrow, mid 40s early in the morning. won't be as cool. then tomorrow afternoon, 70s for
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> announcer: it's day three of our incredible adventure at the epcot international food and wine festival at the walt disney world resort. today, we're serving up magical meals in minutes. clinton's got the perfect dessert with music superstar monica. mario and michael are trading in their lightsabers for spatulas in an intergalactic culinary challenge. and we're taking a trip to where disney culinary magic is born. and it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ]


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