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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  October 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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denver7 new starts right now. >> he said something got into this chicken coop. i went down there and something had ripped off the entire torah. and then i looked up into the tree and there was a big black bear.>> a bear the scene overnight in boulder county. neighbors are nurse eking out -- now speaking out about the strange encounter. donald trump is angrily denying allegations about sexual misconduct. and a tough loss for the broncos and for our broncos fans. they fall to the chargers. what the head coach is saying about the team's performance.
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are back open. this after the serious craft. traffic was backed up for hours. right now, all lanes are back open. let's step outside. >> reporter: there are some clouds streaming in from the west. but it is really warm. take a look. the wet weather is hitting the pacific northwest. these are th of it. this is a live view from the airport. the camera at dia . it is very dry but warming up nicely. temperatures in the 60s-70. in the next few hours we will get to highs in the 80s. the cloud cover will clear up by late afternoon/early evening . we will be under partly cloudy skies tonight. 66
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it will be a nice night tonight. we will be in the 50s to early tomorrow morning. denver to date 83 -- today 83 degrees. upper 70s in the foothills. coming up in a few minutes we will take a look at the weekend. two men are in jail after leaving police through a chase in adams county. they tried to pull them over la near 62nd but the driver took off. someone inside was throwing things from the window during the chase. eventually deputies were able to stop the driver between pecos and federal on 70 westbound. nobody was hurt. innboulder man is assessing the damage after this bear caused a lot of trouble. he ripped off the barn door and broke into a chicken coop. only
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the bear then went into a nearby tree. they used a bb gun and being bag to try to get him out. >> he was sitting in the tree. he keeps walking around back and forth. he doesn't seem to happy. a lot of grunting and scratching. >> the bear eventually ran off into the forest. this bear cub was spotted wandering in downtown boulder yesterday. this was that broadway and boulder creek. police say animal control were following him and warning people to stay clear. the bear eventually made a run for it, jumped into boulder creek and then swam away. any ran into the mountains. police are trying to identify human remains found west of grand junction on a hiking trail. they are you using this as a learning experience.
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. westminster police launched a nationwide search for timothy chavis. he is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. if you see him, call police. new this morning, a fort carson high school teacher is in jail facing felony charges. this is thomas macomb. the denver post that found police arrested him yesterday touching two femaae students. the incident rrportedly happened on campus at fountain or carson high school where he worked. new victims are emerging this morning who were robbed by a home healthcare worker. investigators want to know if there are more victims. 13 victims have come forward so far.
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transactions at pawnshops within the last year. >> there was also cash missing at the same time. my parents both had birthday envelopes with lots of money in their from their daughters and that disappeared as well. >> police say she went to pond dealers all over from denver to colorado springs. she is currently out on bond. two else have been killed and left on the side of the this morning officials are trying to find out who is responsible. here is a map of where it happened. one was near silverthorne and the other was near rangeley. whoever did this took the head and the antlers but left the rest of the body. the fbi need help in locating who left a bomb outside of a business earlier this week. they have set up a tip line. investigators did detonate the
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own. an elementary school a student is fate -- student is facing charges after bringing a gun to school. the student is under 12 years old and is booked into the spring creek. the district said that they would like to remind parents and guardians to please keep weapons locked away and secure. investigators do not believe the student had any bad intentions. trying to clear his name this morning after he was kicked out of school for a tran23-themed facebookkgroup. he says he wishes with the school that handled this differently. >> instead of talking to any of the kids about it they made ridiculous assumptions that we are a neil nazi group in boulder and that we will take
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origins. >> boulder police ill not be charging any of the students involved. now to your voice your boat . trump continues to lash out after allegations of assault against women. and hillary clinton is on the attack. we have the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: donald trump on the attack against the clintons, the media, nd his >> reporter: is ttking aim and detailing -- and talking about his accusers. >> did he actually accuse you? >> yes. >> wherever he could find a landing spot. >> reporter: donald trump call
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reporter who said donald trump pushed her against the wall and pushed his tongue down her throat. >> you take a look and look at hee and her words. you tell me what you think, i don't think so. donald trump's wife demanded a retraction. protesters are calling former president bill clinton a rate this. >> we've had enough of this >> i don't want anybody to think this election is over.>> reporrer: and powerful surrogates hit the trail as well. trump and his wife are both threatening legal action for those reports any promises to release evidence to prove that his accusers are lying.
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just learning that donald trump is coming back to colorado. he will be in colorado springs on tuesday at the norris- penrose event center . and he will go to grand junction at west star aviation . once we find out more information about this we will have information on our free denver7 app . on sunday michael bennett and darryl glenn will sit down and talk about issues. this is sunday at four clock right here on denver7 do remember this guy? this ggy in the red sweater is can bone -- tim kaine -- karen bone. -- ken bone. he and his red cable knit sweater have gotten lots of media attention.
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about a man who shot at several boston police ooficers. >> plus a scary moment for a man in a short take. the shark lands inside the cage. all caught on video. we will show you that next.
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for man investigators are calling a serial kidnapper. he is seen in this video. he is accused of abducting and attacking a six-year-old girl and then trying to kidnap another one. the suspect will case the victim's home for several days before attacking. he will even break-in when the adults are inside the home. police are in critical condition after getting shot in boston on saturday night arrived at a domestic dispute. the person who pull the trigger3 is dead. 33-year-old kirk figaro a got into a fight with his roommate over a thermostat. he apparently was armed with a shotgun and body armor but he did not have a gun license. a mental evaluation needs
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of ambushing to police officers now that he has pleaded not guilty. john phoenix is being held without bail and is facing two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder. to officers were gunned down by him over the weekend. two men who placed bombs last month have pleaded not guilty. he pleaded for his bail has now been set at $5.2 million. should police officers be allowed to be armed in a courtroom? that is an issue surrounding one wisconsin town. when officers enter to testify they have their full duty equipment on. the other day, a judge ordered the officer to take his duty belt of.
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decision because he does not want them to have the option of use aspers -- of force. >> they are appearing as witnesses in this case. the cotrurm does have offices who act at -- officers who act as security for the courtroom and they do still have weapons. and now to a sad story out of a1-month-old baby is dead after the stroller she was in falls down an elevator shaft. police say the 20-year-old mother was waiting on the 23rd floor. when the doors open the mom pushed the stroller into the elevator. but the elevator was not there. they both fell on top of the car. we've learned that the same elevator has had doesn't of violations in the last decade.
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after falling from a 10 story window. this happened about a month ago . police are now investigatinn. to georgia now where one person is dead and dozens of other are hurt. the driver of a semitruck may have caused the wreck. the tour bus was full of seniors who was heading to a casino. the bus driver guide -- ed and 43 were sent to the hospital. new video. a michigan judge took off his robe to help restrain a man. the incident was caught on video. let's take a closer look. >> reporter: a courtroom scuffle. captures -- it was captured on camera. this unruly defendant. and the judge jumps into help. >> put your hands behind your
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>> reporter: the defendant was accused of violating a personal protection order. he put up the fight after arguing with this judge. >> i told you to leave her alone and that didn't get through loud and clear so today you are going to jail for three days. 25 days county jail. 93 days in the county jail. do you want to go for a year? try right now. one more word out of you and it will be a year in county. you're going to jail for year in the county, treated and 65 days. that is when the judge takes off his robe and helps the court officer. hh is known for his tough words in the courtroom including during sentencing in this case. you stabbed and stabbed and
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>> i would hope that almost any judge would say that if my court officer is in trouble i will go do what i can. >> reporter: the chief circuit judge says he did act within reason saying quote the judge has a power to do whatever is necessary to maintain order in a courtroom. maacy gonzales abc news new york. a scary moment in mexico. a shark reaches the side of this cage and lands inside. the shhrk is going after this large chunk of tuna. it hits the side of the cage and breaks the metallrail and lands inside. the diver inside was able to get out of the bottom. the man inside the cage was an experience diver. heeremained calm and then swims
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was gone. no one was hurt. one week after hurricane matthew, the death toll continued to rise. 30 people have been killed, 22 confirmed in north carolina. towns have been washed away. communities are on alert and still bracing for more flooding as rivers continued to rise. hurricane nicole is weakening own to a category 2 storm. this is a view from bermuda is feeling th hurricane nicole went through the territory as a category 3 storm with winds up to 115 miles per hour. the island is dealing with flooding and power outages. this is the strongest hurricane to hit the island and 13 years. here at home our weather is quieter than that. >> reportee: fall has been very calm and quiet for us so far.
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is our cheat sheet for friday. temperatures well above normal. typically upper 60s this time of year and today 80s. more 80s this weekend. we are tracking a storm next week. right now you can see a little cloud cover that is filtering over i-25 and moving farther east. here at loveland, this was a dark shot 45 minutes ago. now the skies are clearing out beautiful shot of the sun and the snow n the peaks. some will melt this weekend due to the warm aii. you can see the louds % filtering in. this system is heading the pacific northwest in oregon and washington. we will see just some cloud cover due to the stormand temperatures well above normal. strong southwesterly flows. temperatures will be 50-20
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degrees warmer than normal. parker is currently 75. mid to upper 50s in the foothills. boulder is at 61 right now. we have a couple of days of 80s on the forecast. today denver and aurora will hit 83. mid- upper 70s for the foothills. closer to 90 in pueblo and la marque. the record high today we have warm weather through the first of next week. sunday, mostly sunny and 82. overnight lows down tt the 40s- 50. on monday we will watch for the next storm. showers later in the day with increasing cloud cover. highs in the upper 70s-low 80s.
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with overnight lows just a few degrees above freezing. everything on the 7-day forecast except snow. the average first-day for snow in denver is october 18. that would make it tuesday and we do not see that on the seven-day forecast as of yet. >> thank you, lisa. it is not just a player issue fast enough. >> no kubiak, no offense, and no victory. the coach will speak out
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women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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it is the toogh morning to be a broncos fan. the broncos lose to the chargers. the chargers goo on the road first making it 7-0 in the first quarter. and then this miss. in the second half still no sign of
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trevor to jordan taylor. >> we have to obviously do a better job of getting started. the positive, i thought, was that they thought their tails off. when you look at the end of the game, having a chance to win was incredible because we had to onside kick. i thought our guys stayed in their. we have a lot of great i think we will bounce back.>> the broncos loses 121-13. they do not play again until the 24th when we host the texan so they will get a little break. brandon marshall took a knee during the national anthem and players on the chargers stood
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fists the chargers might have saved the job of mike mccoy i this win. still ahead an employee is claiming discrimination made her lose her job and she is suing. why denver police are forcing this business to close its doors for good. and a plane on its way to oregon was forced to tu
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a colorado springs doctor is suing, claiming she lost her job because of her disability. she worked for the university of colorado memorial hospital anddwas going to be rehired as an ultrasound tech but the job dependent on a questionnaire. in the questionnaire she revealed that she had fibromyalgia and had to take medications made her failed a drug test. she is now seeking backpay and future lost wages. lisa hidalgo is back with us now with the weether . >> reporter: the clouds are shifting further east now. let's look out at sterling . it was sunny about 20 minutes ago and now the clouds are filtering out across the plains. wind speeds are at 15-20 miles per hour in spots . it is
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we do have some red flag warnings up there as well. high fire danger this well. denver today a high of 83. % really will be at 82 this afternoon. closer to 90 near pueblo. 50s and 60s this afternoon in the mountains. we have the rock 'n roll marathon here this weekend. the 5 at 9:00 a.m. and we will be in the low 60s at that time. the 10k and a half marathon on sunday, those will be really warm. by noon we expect to be at 74. speaking of a lot of road closures are due to it. so we will send it over to katie to
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. in and around civic center park there will be a lot of closures in place. mainly in front of the county courthouse. runners will be going down 14. most of the closure state around that area. the big story will become sunday with the 10k and the half marathon. the half marathon will take runners all the way out to city park. so if you are in the area expect some delays. all the way from coors field to the pepsi center and back to civic center park they will have road closures in place up until about 2:30 p.m. p.m. if you are heading west this weekend trail ridge road from estes park down through granby is close, weather permitting. it may reopen later on in the season. thank you, katie. this man is now in jail. he
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years ago. he was tried in mexico back in 2009 but prosecutors lost the district attorney in mesa county says his office when the prosecutor. and the united states -- prosecute him here in the united states. a woman shoot a man that was trying to get into his home . she had a restraining order against him. th this one is in hot water this month. she is accused of stealing $8000 from cu -- csu early childhood center. the replacement is the one who notified csu after discovering she was not properly willing herself. her attorney said it was a bookkeeping mistake. a nightclub is forced to
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that the owners close up shop after it has been called a nuisance. >> reporter: the notice on the door says it all. this is the corner of larimer and 27 . it has been declared a public nuisance and its liquor license has been suspended. monday there was a deadly shooting outside the club. a local was nn another person was injured in the shooting. no arrests have been made in that case yet. police have been called out to cold crush a number of times in the last year and nine times justin the start of this month. the owner says he will fight the public nuisance order but for now the club is closed. a plane was forced to % return to dia after a bird
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to portland oregon. >> we are looking for the nature of what we might have struck. >> all 185 people on board were okay and were put on another plane to continue to portland. bird strikes are not unusual out at dia. there was another one inmate. now for the race to the white house. the drum family is retractions -- the donald trump family is calling for retractions. >> i never knew it would be this vile or this bad, that it would be this vicious. >> the new york times refused another calllfor retraction has had tte slightest effect of
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actions haven't already created for himself. this issnot something we can sweep under the rug as juut another disturbing footnote in a sad election season. this was not just a lewd conversation or locker room banter. this was a powerful individual, speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behaviir. >> the numbers of trump have a lot of lawmakers trying to cover their losses. melania trump once a retraction. the article says that milani and the reportee ran into each other outside of trump tower and she wants that part
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conversation. one representative tweeted about paul ryan today that if he is for base not for >> reporter: than they are not for him tooay. paul ryan has not withdrawn his endorsement of trump but said earlier this week that he would not came -- campaign for him or defend him. new this morning, information that russia might be behind that massive e- russia using wikileaks to make the emails public. russia is dismissing the accusations. the obama administration has eliminated the $100 value of cuban rum and cigars that americans can bring back from the statee based to the states
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to rally at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. apparently more and more baby boomers are thinking marijuana should be legal. 60% of adult agree with legalization. the biggest boomers, 56% of them now compared to 17 present back in 90. record sales for recreational pot. hundred and $63 million. and now we see pot infused menus. there are a few private diners
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flavors of marijuana to see how they might there with various 3 foods that these businesses face challenges. some changes coming to brighton boulevard. the city of denver is working to redevelop the area. mayor michael hancock was at the groundbreaking yesterday. the city wants to add more parking. >> whether you are walking or biking, we want to create a more friendly environment going up and down right in boulevard. >> this is the first phase of the project. most of the improvements should be done by 2018. this weekend, rosenberg's bagels will reopen. there was a fire in an apartment above the restaurant that damaged the building back in may. we went to check it out
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kitchen was damaged. the owner says the spring to back to when he opened it for the very first time. >> it is just like the drive that any entrepreneur needs to open a nee business. thattis the bush i had to reopen again. >> he will reopen this sunday from 6:00 .m.-3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. imagine calling 911 and being hung up on. that is what happened now the dispatcher is facing 3 charges. more on that coming up after the break. there is a new warning out this morning for anyone traveling to miami. >> it is now 11:40. temperatures in the low-mid-80s today with mostly sunny skies. the clouds are shifting farther
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before donald trump, there was mike coffman. rump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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?3 a 911 officer is facing charges this morning after hanging up on callers who need it emerggncy help. the woman confessed to doing itt because "she did not want to talk to anyone." officials say they tracked down thousands of calls to a single dispatcher. one color was reporting an
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ended up dying. she also hung up dying on an -- on another woman who had a blood clot. here is a road rage brawl in las vegas. a tire iron is pulled out to smash the windshield. this started after a man honked at this woman and started making racial slurs. this is been released 1 million times on facebook police are now in has five new cases of zika have been confirmed. the cdc is advising pregnant women not to travel to the neighborhood that is about one square mile in size. they also say pregnann women and their partners may not want to go to any miami-dade county for now. they say they need federal funding to fight zika. president obama
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a simulator. the president was touring the university of pittsburgh as part of the white house frontier congress. andy also check out the spacex dragon space craft. two little boys joined at the head may now be able to live separate lives. they were separated by doctors this morning in the bronx. the 13-month-old twins were separated after 17 hours of surgery.. this is only the 59th brain separation surgery in the world since 1952. a heads up to anyone who drives a honda civic. the company says a software glitch may stop the electronic parking brake from engaging in some cases. that may cause the car to roll away and lead to potential injuries.
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sit -- or sedan you are asked to take it to the dealership immediately. united airlines had a problem with its weight supporting system last night. they say it is now fixed and they are working to get passengers to their destinations . the company says they do not have any information on how the delays happen. samsung is suffering a huge production of its gallery -- announced this week that it is ending all production and sales of the note 7. the problems began last month after people reported the phones bursting into flames. that prompted a 2.5 million recall of those phones. comedian chris rock has reportedly signed a make a deal
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million, just for two specials. that is more than a list comedians, jerry seinfeld had ever been paid. the for sure -- first show will be in 2017. >> i need his agent. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: it is beautiful outside. this weekend will be unreal. it is more summerlike. weekend. a mix of sun and clouds right now. temperatures cool down to the first of next week tuesday- wednesday. until then, we will be looking at really nice weather. you can see these clouds filtering in from the west from the storm that is sitting the pacific northwest. we have had reports of tornadoes up to the northwest.
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you can see these clouds along i-25. they will shift further east shortly. here is a live look from lyman. there is a lost nest at the lyman camera and this guy has been tooling around all afternoon. a great shot. temperatures are right now in the 70s. we will be well into the 80s this afternoon. tonight. by 9:00 we will be at 66 which is the normal high for the day and we will see that after sunset. tomorrow mid to upper 50s early in the morning with plenty of sunshine on saturday. highlands ranch at 85. in parker it is 83. record high
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to that this afternoon. closer to 90 near pueblo. if you're heading to the mountains you will find a mix of fun and clouds. this is what it looks like on the future cast. a few clouds will filter through skies overnight tonight and you will get a mix of sunning clouds. otherwise thrrughout the day on saturday today 83, saturday 79, sunday around 82. we could put the bright spot on ann of these days. on monday, we are still close to 80 and we will see a few showers later and then temperatures will drop by tuesday to 62 degrees. by
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still looks pretty dry through next thursday. upper 60s and low 70s through the end of next week. track it is shocking we are talking about 80s in october. ?> reporter: it happens. let's enjoy it because it doesn't stay this way. >> i agree. thanks, lisa. amazon is hiring workers at its center in aurora christmas season. the job could lead to a full- time job possibly. lass year 14,000 of their seasonal workers endee up getting full-time jobs. target is looking for 70,000 people nationwide..jcpenney is looking for 4000 people and calls is looking for 69,000 people. upses looking for 90,000 people. could corner future
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fermented corn has been used for flight from seattle to dc. the new up -- fuel has just been approved in march. it is being called the largest alligator ever caught ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. service. it started with my dad. he fought in world war two, was wounded in korea. he's the reason i joined at 17, fought in two iraq wars, and still serve today. the va scandal is an outrage, failing to care for our wounded warriors. that's why i took on the va: to get our veterans the care and respect they deserve. because i understand the sacrifices they made, and i'll never stop fighting for those who fought for us. for me, it's personal. for those who fought for us. at village inn, the brightest ideas are always the best.
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come in and enjoy a free slice of classic fruit or featured pie. and sweetin' up wednesday. ? come take a look at this video of this alligator. it weighs 900 pounds up on a boat ramp and was caught on wednesday. the capture may have saved the animal. extracted you see the had on that thing? >> here is the storm that is hitting the pacific northwest. we will see some cloud cover from this and then the clouds will shift further east today. more sunshine this afternoon.
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upper 70s-low 80s through monday. back in the 60s by tuesday.
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