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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  October 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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that's a safety. crawford standing right in the hole. newby max him miss and another first down in this ball game and it's newby again, this is all on him. newbie inside the the ball came loose. indiana, holy >> referee: the ruling on the field was the runner was down prior to the ball being fumbled. first down nebraska. >> ed: now, listen, if the ball is recovered in the immediate action after the play -- ooh, you know what, he's down. the knee's dowell. >> mike: up think? >> dave: yeah, and i'm not
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>> ed: i mean, it's within literally one frame of our video before this ball comes out. and remember, it was ruled down on the field. so this would volcano to be indisputable. >> mike: that is not indisputable. >> ed: no, it is literally within a half frame one way or the other there that ball came out. i don't think it did and i don't think there is. >> mike: there have been times when we said you couldn't possibly overturn that. >> cole: right there, it's on the ground. again, it's within a half of -- whoo. drk that angle is the closest one that looks like a fumble. from the other side, ifft doesn't look like a fumble.
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is just starting to come loose rights newby's knee is start ing to. >> i think if they called it a fumble on the field, i'm not sure they could overturn it. but because they call candidate it not a fumble, i think stands. >> it was. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field of the runner down prior to the fumble stands as called. nebraska football, first down and ten.
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sr.ervink vskki. that is the right call. they got it wm it was a quarter of a frame when the ball was coming out. >> when you have but this is as close as it gets. and give the officials on the field credit did it. thap goes one way and and nebraska can almost, almost run this out youcht, newby wraps both arms around the ball. >> mike: now, they can wait until after -- they use one of the time-outs here. one of the plays, they have to
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? take on the night shift. introducing the new titan with america's best truck warranty, 5 years, 100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper. ? >> mike: let's take a look at this week's a.p. rankings, and alabama justry minding everyone. not only are they number one. they're number one with a star by the logo as they ran over tennessee, wisconsin, ohio state, huge game tonight. three of the top ten with byes and clemson had to fight, fight, fight to the end to beat nc
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and nebraska and indiana. nebraska clinging to a two-point lead. >> ed: if they win this is a quality win. this is a very good indiana team that's going to go to a bowl game this year. they fought and skramped it. they have plenty of talent. i know a lot of people are wondering how smart nebraska is. they have hung in against a pretty good team. >> mike: they go with the end around to westbrook. indianas had one time-out. one of the plays they have to let the clock run but they will use the 1:35 and we check in with cassidy hubbarth. >> number 1717 virginia tech on upset alert. a one-yard run caps off a 17-yard drive and syracuse is up 31-17 in the fourth. later tonight, a big one in the big ten. number two ohio state in madison takes on number eight wisconsin.
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espn. mike, ed, back to you. >> cassidy, thanks very much. pierson-el had the last carry. tonight on abc, more big ten action. j. k6789 barrett, you can watch on espn. ohio state, the only team in the country ranked in the top five in total offense and total offense drk well, total offense last week for ohio state took a group. indiana played really well, two weeks in a row, against an explosive offense, held them well below their average and you look at drew brown, the kicker. if i'm nebraska, i'm not so sure getting the time off the kloss -- we have already had one blocked field goal today. >> mike: a blocked punt. >> ed: a blocked punt.
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goal. surprised if you don't have a run here. >> mike: and they they will run wild. "nfl insiders" wanted on out of bounds play sbhsm they were within an ench of getting it dpk he goes out of bounds, you save a lot of time and a field goal just puts you up by five. so this is going to be quite a bit of >> ed: the worry about nebraska. you do need to kick it here. overize, you only need three. if i'm mike rye quli, i don't think we have a field goal in the house. and nebraska deciding to ice
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mark clock did stop. 48 seconds. >> ed: and indiana, the last game at home against michigan state. michigan state missed a field goal in the first overtime. then indiana got the ball back and after a couple tries, griffin oakes was able to knock it through for the field goal. >> mike: indiana has not beaten a top ten team in 30 30. >> ed: they have not beaten back-to-back ranked teams which they would doll if they win this since 1945. a lot on the line for kevin wilson and remaining in the top ten for nebraska. >> mike: and remaining perfect. it's been a 14-play drive. that has taken seven and a half minutes. and the field goal is good to make it a five-point game.
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using those two time-outs. they've got 45 seconds or a little less of the kickoff return. in the college game, first down it is, the clock stops. incomplete passes, it stops. and lagow was not have any time-outs, they should have time to work with and because of the field goal, they know they need seven. >> mike: offhand, i do not remember why indiana took the earlier time-out. but just skr if they had it in their pocket, they could have stopped with it 1:40 left. plenty of time to go down field and score. >> ed: there was confusion on offenses. they didn't have the right people in. why they called the time-out. those are the ones you think about. there's mark banker, and came with pat reilly.
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state. and coach said, what do you think of lincoln, northbound snb and he said, the program i grew up watching as a kid? and he said, i could consider going from oregon state to nebraska. >> mike: veteran coach who gets a lot of respect in the business. >> ed: and indiana, they have been put back on the field and back on the fieldle and have played really well, especially in the secondary. >> mike: knee so 4 an an connell pleat pass is way better. be careful if, you throw underneath, you have to be careful. that can be 12, 15, 20 seconds which can be death if you're indiana and need a touchdown
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>> mike: richard lagow leads them out. remember on a first down, the clock stops so they are move the chains. you get a break there. lagow rifles this one. too high, almost intercepted. jo with it and the williams couldn't quite come down with the the pick. >> ed: and lagow, a little gimpy on the left leg. jones was wide open. if you take just a little off the ball that is a fist down at about the 40 yard line. the incomplete pass helps to
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>> mike: lagow, guns this one. it's picked! aaron williams! indiana needed a miracle and they didn't get it. >> ed: williams a sophomore from atlanta, georgia. mark banker told us, this is a young man coming into his own. he is slot coverage position. this is just a missed throw by lagow. once again had his man open. westbrook had an inside route. williams playing over the top. they were not going to give up the big throw. happy to give them a 10 or 15 yard throw and lagow just missed it. >> mike: it was a struggle for nebraska but a well earned victory. they go to 6-0.
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as they win it 27-22. huge win for me riley and a heartbreaking loss for kevin wilson. >> ed: terrific win for nebraska down the stretch. they have a couple tough ones, wisconsin and ohio state. but almost every other game is winnable for the >> mike: let's go to jerry punch, doc? >> jerry: coach this is like a hef qulif weight championship fight. punch, counterpunch. what was key for the huskers to hang on? >> i really, really appreciate the resiliency of the team. we're not always pretty although we played a lot of good defense tonight. we kept playing and the indiana team kept playing. it was really hard sbift was nts all good. buff i love our our team plays in the end. >> jerry: coming in 5-0, there
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a shell out on the huskers. what you did learn about your team made? >> i learned our team will fight. i have known that all along. that's what i can trust just about every week out. we have to them them get better and better as a football team. but i know they are working like crazy and they will fight in a game freal hart. >> coach, >> it's great for everybody. it's particularly great for the 2016 team. is a really -- this team's been through a lot. since the end of last season to where they are right now. they have hung together and they have thrown. what it means nor team at this minute, it's very good. >> thanks, coach, go celebrate. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jerry, and thank you coach. even though inn dudsn't pull
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for a long, long time. the final here here in bloomington, nebraska 27, indiana 22. tonight at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football and number two ohio state and and for jerry punch and ed cunningham, this is mike patrick.
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breaking news tonight right now a wildfire is burning near the thomasville in eagle county and the fire is growing fast more than 50 acres and the sheriff's office says evacuations are possible, but have not been order just yet. developing tonight at 5:00, one person is dead after a shooting on east colfax. the shooter is ssill out there tonight and friends and family spent the morning outside of the airway mo the victim's body as taken away, denver 7's amanda del castillo spoke to the victim's grandmother. >> whoever did this, we just want them to come forward and do the right thing. because it's done. >> reporter: sheryley nelson and others identifying victim as 23-year- old quinnasha russell and says her pragranddaughter was loved by many, spoking to the people who spent the morning on eest colfax and verbena street.
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heartbreak when your children and grandchildren leave before you do. >> reporter: police are not releasing any details about suspect and family members telling us that they are worried about retaliation. >> if you go on and do the right thing it, did will just make it better for that person or person. >> reporter: neighbors calling crime in the area common. we took a look at dpd as crime map fining six violent crimes reported in the last month alone and still family members say they never expected this. >> i'm grandma, i'm still here. theee and she is still here. and for those even considering retaliation, nelson saas they need to understand they are still alive and free. >> listen, and pay attention, because the way that you are going, everybody is going either end up in prison, or in a grave. >> reporter: reporting along east colfax amanda dell castillo, denver 7. >> ew details about a man arrested in aurora for sex sault.
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mexican police officer on the up from similar charges in mexico. investigators say he sexually assaultedly awoman and that is when they caught him. >> to politics and bold move from donald trump ahead of wednesday's final presidential a new batch of e-mails from as wickee leaks from the clinton campaign is released and mary bruce reports from washington. ?[ music ]? >> reporter: with the third and final debate just around trump has a new recommendation for hillary clinton and a bold accusation. >> we should take a drug test, because i don't know what is going on with her. >> trump is also launch nug attacks against the media, at rallies in maine and new hampshire today the republican nominee blaming the press after more women came forward % accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> no witnesses, no nothing. all big lies. >> you know what?
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this as new accusers come forward, one of them a former contestant on trump's tv show " the apprentice." trump's campaign issued a statement with from a manf and berry says he is shocked and bewildered adding ever since she was on the apprentice never things to say trump. >> tim kaine showed trump no >> when he says no this is 3 just locker room talk and this is just what men do -- hold on a sec, what you saw was the real donald trump. >> reporter: a newly released batch of wickee leaks e-mails supposedly from the hacked account of clinton campaign chairman john peddesta highlights concerns over bill clinton's sexual misconduct allegations. the clinton team has not confirmed the authenticity of
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is the work of russia to help trump, marry brew, abc news washington. meanwhile the candidates are pushing hard for your vote on tuesday trump is come back to colorado springs and grand junction just one day after ballots are sent out. first trump, jr. is campaigning for his dad at centennial gun club on monday and bernie sanders will campaign and also rallyiig supporters of amendment 69 pushing for colorado care. a medicare for all systems. >> hours ago an emergency order officially went no effect, all samsung galaxy note 7s have been banned from every u.s. flight. it all go backs to the recalled phones calling replacements exploding and catching fire. the faa is now threatening to confiscate any phones that they3 find and keep you from boarding and you could be criminally prosecuted and face a fine of nearly $180,000. >> this ?s a small price to pay for
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>> overnight southwest joined delta and three other ajor airlines in placing fireproof bags on its flights. bags like this one designed to contain an explosion caused by a burning phone. we're less than a month away from start of ski season, can you believe it? if you have these boots you need to replace them. they are being recalled because they can switch from ski to walk mode without warning. the carbon models are also under recall because the boot shell can crack. it there today and hard to believe we're not far off from ski. >> we had record-breaking heat and today we passed our record- high of 83 degrees by hitting 84 and look at the snow at loveland ski area, they have a couple more weeks and plan to open in october, but here at denver 7, looking from the rooftop out towards mountain it's gorgeous, partly cloudy skies and very warm. we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s here throughout front
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beautiful there as working capital 49 degrees sour overnight low and mostly clear and cool, and throughout the front rangequial have the temperatures in the upper 40s with a few high clouds passing through. some big changes on the way on the seven-day forecast and i'll let you know if it affects rest of your weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then, thanks staccy. >> new at 5:00 you have probably been there a dog in your neighborhood went to stop bark, driving you crazy. well, now adams county is working to make it easier for neighbors to prove the dog next door denver 7 record eric lupher is looking into a new insurance. >> reporter: we know all dogs bark, but the yappers, the ones we're talking about. the ones that keep you up at night. now adams county is saying you can use your own cell phone to record those yapping dogs, and turn them in. man's best friend can be annoying sometimes. even to the point when animal control is called in. >> if the dog next door might be barking for 15, 20 minutes, but when an animal management
5:28 pm
>> reporter: adam adams county spokesperson -?says that is where the power technology comes in, and the power of that trusty videocamera, the county wants to put it in writing that you can use the video as evidence. >> if it's time stamped which our phones do automatically it can be used as one piece of evidence for us to decide whether or not there is a code enforcement issue? >> reporter: dogs are going bark no mattee what. this woman understands the idea of hard eviddnce, but she is still not a huge fan of the video idea. of somebody snooping and it's bad enough that you can go out anyplace and more than likely you are on a camera somewhere. >> reporter: adams county doesn't want anyone trespassing of you course. >> if you are on your property and you shoot video over your fence, you are not reaking any lawns you are helping us develop a case. >> reporter: piece of video? >> i could get any dog in adams county to barkkif i walked up with my cell phone
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dog barks, and he is looking vicious. >> reporter: in adams county, eric lupher denver 7. >> adams county is following suit with other cities and counties across the state. you still have a chance it weigh-in othis and the county allows public comment next month before the ordinance is up for a vote. denver is getting another breakfast favorite spot back tomorrow morning. five months afterra fire did major damage, rosenburg's bagels in the five points district is the fire started in an apartment above the restaurant. most of the damage was to the kitchen, but you can now get bagels starting at 6:00 a.m. >> a major traffic alert for ?ou tonight, starting monday u.s. 34 is shutting down in big thompson danyon until may, cdot is trying to rebuild the highway after the to 13 floods. cdot says if you are going to estes park the detail only adds about aminutes to the drive. people who live in the canyon will be able to drive through
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need to watch out for, the rock'n'roll half-marathon is tomorrow, shutting down roads in downtown denver. take a look at closures. race starts and ends in civic center park and wines through lodo and city park. next, true or false? we're fact checking the candidates' statements from the second presidential debate. how thii colorado man rig his donald trump yard sign to make sure no one touches it. also a are vacuuming your car, leading to an explosion at this car-
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. . new tonight check out this guy walking on a slack line. 500' off the ground. is this at el dorado canyon and made the 600' walk to help raise to big trail states park and it's in honor of ivy
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same walk across el dorado canyon several times, but hef, but i did it without a harness. today $,000 was raise. we're fact chaic checking the president companies after the second presidential debate and hillary clinton claims the u.s. is finally energy independenttand donald trump implying that the obamas are behind in of the most vicious attack ads against clinton he has ever seen. two claims denver 7 are putting through this truth owe meter. >> ever energy independent. >> hillary clinton's claim. >> thank you was for the first time energy independent may have been lost on viewers on what was known as the ken bone question. going to the energy experts to get to the bottom of it who said? >> wrong, it's the first time ever, wrong that we're energy independent, but we're on the right track. >> fine hmadinejad is close enough to energy independence,
5:34 pm
politicalo fact rating hillary clinton's claim as false. >> i have gotten to see the commercialf commercials that they did on you. and i have gotten to see some of the most vicious commercials i have ever seen of michelle obama talking about you, hillary. >> that donald trump claim during the second presidential debate caught fact checkers off-guard since michelle obama has stumped for hillary clinton. a deeper dig found perhaps this new ad trump was referring to. house, you certainly can't run tte white house. >> president obama said that comment by the first lady during his presidential run was not a swipe at the clintons. it's now resurfacing in this ad from a pro-trump super-pac. >> he is talking about a vicious attack ad it's actually republicans using michelle obama's word inferring about hillary clinton and using them against hillary clinton in this campaign. >> reporter: with the ad not coming from the
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implied and the first lady's commentssopen to interpretation, political fact rates trump's claim as false. % one more debate this wednesday 3 before election day in las vegas. i'm marshall zelic, and this week we're talking to both democratic senator bennett and darryl glen about some of the big issues this election. >> get your popcorn ready. >> talk about an avid donald trump supporter, a man in colorado springs is taking extreme measures to make sure people stop messing wi trump sign in his yard. chuck corey says this is the fifth sign he has put up because rest have been run over, so he built this, a spike- strip made of a board and some nail bucs that is not all. he has tape, glue, a dog leash, cable, fence posts and even skunk spray on the sign making again. >> i'm a stubborn old bugger
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okay. i'm good at playing games. >> apparently, corey says he invests about $60 and six man hours, but it's paid off and this sign has already been up a week. if you needed us to give you a warning not do this, if there is gasoline in your car, don't use a vacuum to get it out here is why, this woman in florida starts to vacuum her trunk and boom, a giant fireball and can you see the woman is startled, but she just stands there walking the vacuum go up in flames right now north carolina is still working to recover after hurricane matthew hit last weekend. 26 people have died. some of the towns are still state's governor says they are starting to see recovery. last night there were no water rescues for the first time since the state was hit. water is also starting to recede from some of the swollen
5:37 pm
pacific northwest, tornadoes touching down last night a former typhoon slammed into the coast. more storms are heading that way and just incredible video there. >> it really is and we started with the first set of storms coming in yesterday. and now the energy from a former typhoon having held together across the pacific unnow reports of 50-100 miles per hour winds and extreme rainfall and this is tonight. but here in colorado nice and dry across the state as high pressure remains in control. and beautiful weather out there. perfect for a weekend, lots of sunshine at loveland pass and also at rocky mountain national park and a little light snow leftover plast storm and looks like we have chances for snow back forecast in the coming sevenda-day. we have nice clear skkes overhead in denver and it will be nice tonight. 80s showing back up tomorrow. today we actually broke a record.
5:38 pm
was the previous record, but we do have rain and snow as a chance into next week and our temperatures will drop back down where they should be this type of year, which is around 65 degrees and not 82 degrees. our humidity level at 12% and winds at about 8 miles per hour. so satellite-radar picture is very quiet here across the state. and the temperatures are mostly in the 70s and 80s if ou are aaurora 81 degrees, 78 for lakewood and 1 thanks to high pressure that will stick around. once this weakens and moves out the way next week it allows for a very powerful cold front to come across the state. if you are running half- marathon, 55 degrees, warming up by 10:00 a.m., 67. and sunny and warm for noontime at 78 degrees. but we also have high fire
5:39 pm
tomorrow from fort collins along the foothills to colorado springs and throughout southeastern colorado. a closer look shows off to the west of denver and towards fort collins into castle rock and northeastern part of the state ?s under a watch as we get closer to monday. this is for monday where we have high fire danger for all of eastern colorado. keep that in minds wind from sunday night into monday thanks to that approaching storm system, but above timberline, 85 miles per hour gusts are expected stretching west from fort collins towards trinidad. our temperrtures throughout tonight will be in the 40s and 50s and tomorrow back up in the 80s once again. five-day forecast cast we really don't see moisture entering the state until monday morning and afternoon. still dry here in denver though. 49 degrees tonight, mostly clear and cool.
5:40 pm
eastern plains. 83 tomorrowwfor us, sunny skies on the way and 80s from greeley and fort collins into parker and elizabeth tomorrow afternoon. 70s for the western slope and 90s here still around la junta and lamar. here we change it up, temperatures droppiig into the 50s on wednesday and thursday. and those overnight lows will be right around freezing, cold some snowfall, but during the day it looks like we'll have scattered showers chances and those ooernight hours it play mix we little bit of snow and we'll keep a close eye op that coming our direction. >> those are my days off and i already cleaned my house on the last cold days, so i don't know what i'm going do with myself. [ laughter ]. >> well, next ton denver 7 at 5:00 a step further than just an education.
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. welcome back. back in may the state legislature approve the inclusive higher education bill, proceeding money to colleges and universities to create programs for students with developmental disabilities. denver 7 reporter russell hay thorn shows us how this first semester shaping up. >> going back to the 14th century or ill. >> reporter: when you sit on this professor's geographh 100 class
5:44 pm
at this level. 65 students, mostly freshmen, learning about world history. 3 >> we'll talk more about this idea of national identity as related to religion. >> reporter: for student nick, until recently college classes like this were only a dream. >> i believe our program is a cutting-edge. >> reporter: nick is one of four students in u nc's program go on and learn and getting students with developmental disabilities into the classroom to study the things that they want. for nick, it's geography. >> like you went to europe two years ago and austria, germany and italy. those four countries. >> reporter: the keynote studies are taking her in a different direction. >> i'm studying early childhood development. and i'm also studying poetry right now. >> reporter: 47 tates have inclusive programs before lawmakers
5:45 pm
colorado and it's something that associate professor brewer has been working on at unc and her program takes inclusivity a step further. >> they live in he residence halls with their pines have at any time roommate. >> reporter: and that means helping students learn to be independent. >> taking a student to the grocery store, or to target, and they want it to buy something and they ask us for permission to buy it. and it's like, you don't have to ask us, if that is something that you want and you have the money for it, can you buy that. the program is designed to help students develop in three areas: residence life like laundry, dining and dealing with roommates, campus life, things like clubs and recreation, and of course, academics. >> they have really adapted incredibly well to the change, and the instructors have as well. >> reporter: stephany is goal's academic cordobaor. >> the point so for our students to be able to gain the skills to work in a field that
5:46 pm
that they have strengths in. ?[ music ]? . >> reporter: for student briana means taking a singing course. a step toward what she hopes is say career in public speaking, but it's going to take some adjustment. >> i miss being home. >> reporter: you do? >> yes. i really miss my parents allot. >> reporter: and dedication. >> she doesn't like homework as much, but she that it's part of college, and it's what, you know, why she is here, really. >> he is there all the time and puts a lot of effort into it, i can tell. >> reporter: back in the geography class, professor says it's ultimate nick's desire to learn that is he most impressed with. >> if i had oh, 65 students who were as willing to ask questions as hill, it would be golden, you know? >> reporter: russell hey thorn denver 7. >> very cool and the goal
5:47 pm
sure that the students are involved in campus activities and next week, we'll show you a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers.
5:48 pm
coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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. if you are making plans to go out tonight, make sure they don't include a trip to cold crush, theerinonightclub has been forced police called it a public us inuance suspended its liquor license following the shooting of a rapper. a head's up for drivers honda is recalling 350,000 civics because their parkion brakes may not work correctly and the company says a cost ware glitch may prevent the brakes from working. the problem affects some of the 2016 civic coups and said
5:50 pm
no accidents or injuries have been reported. if you are a biker who takes the express lanes you can save a little cash. statisticking today if you are ride a motorcycle you no longer have to pay the toll to use those lanes. now just make sure you still have an express lane account to avoid all charges. that is good news. >> are a biker? >> i am. >> really? >> harley-davidson. >> i never knew that about you. >> i'll take you for a ride, molly. >> i would love it -- maybe. >> busy night for you. time of year. we have college football galore coming up and previewing the buffs and rams getting ready to tee it up under the lights and
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they are going tee it up in is a minutes at folsom field. the defensive game plan for colorado will be focus on one sun devil, the explosive touchdown the former falcon high schooler who run for a record tieing eight touchdowns last month against texas tech and head coach mcintire with a simple mmssage. >> tackle no. 7, you know, they get him in situations where he just runs
5:54 pm
and one spots and that people aren't tackling him well. you have to tackle him well and that is easier said than done sometimes. >> rams are also under the lights for an 8:00 kickoff on the blue turf in boise. nick stevens will get the start at quarterback as freshman colin hill, he is on the bench and blew out his knee in last week's win over utah state. stevens was beat out by hill in camp, but head coach likes >> he went back to work on some things we wanted to improve on and i believe he has gotten better in the last four weeks, last month, and i said after the game, it's one thing to say things and it's one thing to live it. he has been living the right way, in terms of his approach to being a member of this football team, and getting
5:55 pm
bowl in dallas. 53 yards, 21-17 new mexico with that point. now this is what is known as blown coverage. jackson finds wired than wide open player, had a yards, 35-24 falcons get close, but new mexico would prevail. 45-40. hock f long months and it's finally hereby, the nhl is back in colorado. the azopen tonight against the dallas stars. it's been a long off-season because the avs doesn't make the playoffs in 2015-16 and didn't help losing 10 of their first 14 games. so there been absolutely essential for the boys to play well. right from the opening face- off. >> for us the main focus is to focus on the process and things
5:56 pm
successful and new system obviously coming into the season. throughout the preseason it felt really good and guys responded really well. >> it's important to have a good start. whether we win or louise, i just want to have a gooo game and i, and the team, i want us to play well and dot right things and the process will take care of itself as we go along. >> last night at magnus arena you the du pioneers upset second-ranked basis point the lead in the 2nd period and the pioneers hang on to get the duke. same two teams tonight, second game of the series. >> how about bump, set and spike in fort collins? the rams are no problem with the aztecs, clean sweep, 3-0 and colorado state is pretty in pink and now 7-0 point in west. >> top 25 college football aad
5:57 pm
state with a chance to win it in regulation, 3-yards wide right. dabo swinney is rejoicing. place kicking 50/50 in college these days you. they went to overtime and after the tigers scoree k-ryan finley is picked off in the end zone. game over, 3rd-ranked clemson, that is clemson with a p as the locals say escape 24-17. third largest city in south carolina on game day. >> we have a very impootant question for you. >> >> what is "getting the duke?? getting the duke, in boxing when the referee raises the hand. >> oh, getting the duke -- put up your dukes. >> dropping some knowledge on you ladys. >> it's hard to imagine i
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. ? ? this will be a mad house on wisconsin's camp randall stadium in full big game mode as the ohio state buckeyes collide with the wisconsin badgers. two of the four top ten teams in the big ten. a warm but moist night as we say hello on abc and this presentation of the big ten on abc.


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