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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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it happened late last night on campus. jason gruenauer joins us from du this morning. what have police told you so far. >> not much other than the fact they are looking for two suspects, one who could still be armed. one shot was fired into the ground. this is as bury and york, the intersection on the campus where it happened. crime scene tape was still on the street signs here. there's an apartment complex here on the corner and is where it all happened. that alert went out from du campus safety telling people there was a potential armed robbery going on on or near campus for people to stay inside. an hour later the all clear was given so we have learned that this was an attempted armed robbery and two suspects, black males in dark clothing. dpd is investigate the one shot fire intood the ground.
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far as we know. again, they're looking for the two suspects. as i mentioned, this is just on the edge of the du campus. when we're talking about campus safety i've been digging through the daily crime report here on campus. bicycle thefts and possession of alcohol. this morning for that attempted robbery here on campus, the day before for some gra fee tie at this of a suspect with a violent pass. at last check they have tweeted out there's no current threat to people here on campus but keep your eyes open for the two suspects still on the loose. reporting live here at du this morning, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. a boat in the middle of the road in loveland. the driver lost control of the trailer yesterday. that sent the boat on highway 402. fortunately no one was hurt here but the boat did take out power lines and damage there.
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now. >> no, not so much. probably trying to take it somewhere to store it. we have as you can see a few showers rolling through parts of northern colorrdo overnight. here in denver a little but of rain and the roads are starting to dry out now. you're going to find cloud cover, quite a bit of it. here's a live look there in sterling where the clluds are thick this morning. gradually seeing clearing today. here in denver it's upper 30s to l a cold morn so send the kids with a jacket. i would say pants and long sleeve this afternoon. upper 40s and temperatures will likely be the coolest of the week today with pper 40s to near 60. littleton 60 and aurora 56 and in thornton, a high of 58. you can see we have wintery driving up in the mounts. that's vail pass at i-seven o. you see the snowplows are working to clear snow on the
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part wet. loveland pass also dealing with traction laws. the drive in tounz alameda and broadway drying out nicely. damp areas on and off the highways. you can see on the map, easy driving for us and wet roads to the north. highway 34 outside of loveland is closed down going up to exist estes park. breaking right now, russia's military says a u.s. lead coalition has killed civilians in syria. six civilians were killed and destroyed two houses. there's been no response to this claim from the u.s. no russian or sere yan planes were flying over the area at the time says russia and they announced earlier this week they would temporarily halt air
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humanitarian move. this morning the front lawn of the rocky mountain academy is more crowded. >> teachers who were recently fired plan to protest at the school today. amanda de castillo joins us from evergreen with more. >> reporter: many parents are outraged ssying they're keeping their children from school today following that group firing we were talking about. we're told six faculty members were escort #d off of school sheriff's office yesterday. we know this comes roughly a week after all but one member of the board of directors here resigned from their positions. we don't know if the two personnel changes are actually connected. still working to figure that out for you. we're told the pafrnts are planning on meeting here at 7:30 this morning for a protest of the six positions.
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eighth grade teacher and two deans ask one middle school music teacher. parents in thorn need ton need to be on the look out for a man who exposed himself to one girl and mud lewd comments to another -- -- maid. police want you to watch out for a hefty hiss tannic man with aafour dedoor sedan with some type of wrack on the car. always watch criminals could be following you home. the crooks creep behind people going into a secure parking garage and slip inside behind them and they take bikes and break into cars. >> be conscious of what you're doing and where you're at. if there's a car following closely as you enter your building. >> police say once inside the garage, stop and let the gate close so no one else can get in. nine children are safe this morning in a rescue during
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targeting criminals right here in colorado and wyoming. the fbi says 11 pimps were arrested during local stings last week part of an international effort to rescue underage victims of prostitution. the youngest victim was 14 years old. westminster police are lloking for an armed robber that forced several schools to go on lock out yesterday. the thief robbed the woman at the planet fns on sheridan. police lifteddthe lock out when they couldn't find the suspect. still no decision on whether or not the admitted planned parenthood shooter is fit to stand trial. a judge set another hearing next month. the military is taking the blame for the toxic water problem near colorado springs. peterson air force base says 150,000 gallons of contaminated
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get into the drinking system. albert son stores in the denver area are getting a make -?overand being re-branded as safe way later today. so even though they have a new name and low go they should still sell products you love. aurora is the third largest city in the state but doesn't really haveea downtown. denver seven got a birds eye view of undeveloped land that could one day be aurora. another possible location could be the area east of colfax around the medical campus. the idea is quite young but very realistic, planners say. >> folks are interesting in having places that attract people, jobs and entertainment. >> the city says there's months, maybe years of public input before a plan can truly develop. >> this will make your skin crawl.
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places to live apparent. denver ranks 10th in the nation for rat population. they decide to come inside and find food they can be very distracting. i've seen holes through dry wall, wood, and they will chew on rubber. >> so this weekend you might want to take a good look at your home and inspect for cracks or holes and fill them up because rats can squeeze through small spaces. >> that's if they're smaller rats. if you're curious, the worst city foo rats was chicago. >> i would have guessed new york city. i see them all the time in the subway. >> maybe the subway system is not part of the city. i don't know. >> the rats are on that. donald trump keeps talking about election fraud even though experts say it's virtually impossible. trump and hillary clinton both invited guests to
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who they picked may have you scratching their head. 5:38. here's your first alert we're in for a cooler day today. upper 40s and you're finding sunshine through midday. that's our futurecast at 5:00 tonight. isolated showers across northern colorado with more light snow. it's been a quiet drive. still drying out on the highways.
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donald trump throwing out claims about fraud and the election. we have a new report this morning the justice department will not be sending out as many trained election observers to the polls this year. lorettlynch released a video this morning explaining this is because of a supreme court op provisions of the voting rights act. they won't have as many eyes watching for voter intimidation or possible problems at the polls. however, loretta lynch said despite all this, they are wok working to eastbound sure every voter can cast a ballot free of discrimination. right now the state department says secretary state john kerry had nothing to do with the shutting down of wikileaks.
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cut off internet access to julian asange who has been staying there avoiding a sex allegation. the state department says it's simply untrue they are hah king e-mails. even though there's no proof anyone is rigging the election in the country some voters believe it's true. >> four out of te believe donald trump could lose because of widespread voter fraud. 73% of republicans say the election could be rigs. 17% of democrats feel that way. eight out of ten voters believe their vote will be counted correctly. the top two candidates debating tonight. they are making statements who they invited as guest. mark cuban is invited by hillary clinton who has been outspoken against trump and
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card who is a form former republican. donald trump invited president obama half brother to -?tonight's debate. he supports trump is very anti clinton saying she made violence in the middle east worst. watch the debate tonight at 7:00 a guy in georgia took pictures of a bus dumping wastes into a storm train. it turned into a hazmat situation. the eps ra is now getting involved. the sewage container was full so he wanted to empty it. >> i don't care who you are -- donald trump or hillary clinton
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down a storm drain. >> that seems simple. the dnc says this was an honest mistake and we apologize for any harm we may have caused. . >> it was actually intended and they did exactly what intended. >> no question there. >> i told my kids this morning they had to take a coat to school. >> did you tell them i made them. >> yes i said aunt lisa says you must wear a jacket. >> they will listen to you, not me. chilly temperatures this morning. temperatures in the upper 30s. tomorrow morning overnight lows close to freezing. winds now at 54615 miles per hour. 42 at city park. 40 in boulder now. foothills. conifer below at 28 degrees. aurora currently at 39. this afternoon we're seeing highs in the upper 50s so today is the coolest day of he week.
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today thinns are cooling down, even a few more degrees with 40s in the mountains and 50s west of the divide. eagle 56 and grand junction 64 so everybody is feeling more like fall today. even near pueblo and lamar where the past couple of days have been hot and dry. in the 66s today and overnight tonight it's getting pretty cold when you look at our lows. winds this morning, especially down south, we have been ni looks like around 25-30 miles per hour wind gusts so still you're finding some breezy conditions today but it's cooler and relative humidity is higher. overnight we picked up showers. light snow continues to fall but by 9:00 skies should clear statewide. in for sunshine through midday today. a few spotty rain aad snow showers popping over the
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evening. again, southern colorado really dry. we'll see clearing skies tonight and tomorrow morning it's leading to a really cold start on thursday. we're expecting overnight lows tonight closeeto freezing, anywhere from 30-35 degrees in and around town. today we're at 58. tomorrow we will see a good 30 degrees warm up. that's a typical day for us to see a 30-degree warm up from morning lows to afternoon highs. we'll see that on beautiful weather, a touch warmer. low to mid 70s friday, saturday, and even through monday we have pretty mild weather and it's gorgeous. this weekend a lot of sunshine. tonight they have a great thing going up at bo tannic gardens. it's the glow at the gardens, hundreds of jack o lanterns lit up. >> bo-tannic okay.
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side of town. it's drying out city wide and you see around town as you look at the drive on i-70 at brighton looking nice for us east and westbound by the coliseum. take a look at the overall drive. still easy and green for the most part. starting to see congestion and usual spots. traffic lights reportedly not working along centraa park south of i-70. just in, we are tracking a school bus crash in charlotte, north caroli. pictures from the scene. six people have been sent to the hospital. we're getting conflicting information about how many students were on board at the time. five ssudents and a driver sent to the hospital and no reasons out yet for what may have caused this crash or what led up to it. we'll continue to bring you any new information. pop star adam le convene
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hoax -- -- levine. >> in this morning g mmsa's first look police in los angeles says an anonymous caller phoned in claiming adam levine was abusing his wife and four week old daughter. >> any time an allegation is made where a child is being abused, in particular a very young child, they're going to immediately want to jump on it. >> abc news learning the lapd's the complaint and found no evidence of abuse and closed the case. but this morning while police say no charges have been filed, some experts say the grammy winner himself was victimized. it's res ne sent of swatting making a prank call to trigger swat teams. .
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turning 90. >> yeah, he's releasing a new album. . >> ? [ music ] ? ? 0. >> that's one of his older hits. he finished his new album called "chuck". you can get it next year. that will be fun. $10,000 is hidden around denver designed to look like pennies. this is terrifying.
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged,
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coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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we told you yesterday about lucky pennies. here's a lue, there's a na breath. >> i know where it is. show. the wells fargo ceo is stepping down from boards of target and chevron. this comes a week after he stepped down. the company admitted fired 5800 workers for creating fake accounts. some become the bank's ceo in 2007.
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association is apologizing for mistreatment of minorities. tarrance cunngham leads the international association of chiefs of police. past laws required officers to perform tasks they really didn't want to like insuring legalized discrimination which leads to distrust in communities that officers might not understand. leaders have to figure out the best way to move forward. the first step in this process is for the law enforcement profession and the aicp to acknowledge and apologize for the actions in the past and the role our profession has played in the historical mistreatment of communities of color. >> the legal defense fund says the apology is a good first step. a good reminder to always % watch your kids. never know what may be happening near you. this video was taken in a store in texas. a mom was shopping and for a
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daughter out of the cart. the mom saw what was going on and she stopped this. police are now looking for the man. this is what it looks like after an oxygen tank explodes in a car. it happened to an officer in new york state responding to a call about a hurt deer when she noticed smoke coming from the trunk. he popped the lid and that's when the trunk exploded. he only has a few cuts on his face and ringing ears from the blast. investigators do not suspect foul play that's crazy. a teenager in virginia is having the best year ever. >> she got the title of homecoming queen after scoring votes from her classmates. >> they got ready to announce her name. she stood there with her hands together like she was praying for her name to be announced -?and it was.
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>> she had nothing to worry about. she won the crown on her head and sash over her shoulders and made it official. >> it's a really big thing for me. a am truly honored to be a homecoming queen. i'm turning 18 which is a big year for me.. >> 18 is a big year. she's active at school and manages the cheer team at football teams and joins the squad during basketball season so she stays busy good great to see. >>. here's your first alert. it's cool this afternoon. a few clouds and be in the upper 40s. mid to upper 50s across the plains. tonight cold, overnight lows near freezing so colder tomorrow morning. that's leading us to a freeze watch down across parts of southern colorado. more on this. cold tomorrow morning but a
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details coming up at 6:00. is this the beginning of trend? what's happening for renters in denver. driverless cars could come to a town near you sooner than yyu think.
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an attempted armed robbery on the du campus, two men still on the run. a live look outside. the sunrise is still a bit aways away. >> snow falling in some places though, lisa has the forecast. > and radar and here in town, denver and nortt of fort collins, clearing up now and sunshine here with the sunrise with a few lingering showers to the northeast making a slushy drive in the higher mountain passes. temperatures today, the coolest day of the week. you're stepping out to upper 30s and low 40s this morning.


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