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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 19, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MDT

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we are back with our ninth straight hour of post-debate analysis. let's turn to our focus group of undecided voters. who here is still undecided? still? how is that even possible? >> jimmy: we don't know, joe. we might be undecided. on the record, we might not. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> jimmy: i totally agree. to disagree. i go back and forth, right, everybody? we go back and forth. >> how do you all get dressed in the morning? >> jimmy: we don't know. my question fors melania trump. melania, is it really possible for a shampoo to double as a conditioner? to me it doesn't make any sense.
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[ bleep ]. >> jimmy: oh, joe. was he talking to us? i don't know either. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live" after the debate! tonight, gal gadot, debate sensation ken bone in las vegas, jimmy talks to kids, and presidential candidate gary johnson. and now, more than ever, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thank you. very nice. hi, i'mjimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching, thanks for coming. we are beaming to you live from hollywood. earlier tonight, as many of you saw, those of you in our studio audience saw, from the
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the final presidential debate. ever, i think. i don't think there will be will be another one. after tonight hillary clinton and donald trump, think about this, they never have to be in the same room again. it's like the last time we saw mom and dad fight before the divorce. all the major networks scrapped their regularly scheduled program to cover this. "black-i "black-ish" was preempted for a new episode of "orange-ish and white-ish." there was a lot of speculation how the candidates would greet each other, would they shake hands? turned out they did not greet each other. hillary tried to shake donald trump's hand but she couldn't find it. [ laughter ] this debate was more focused on the issues than the others were. they had very strict rules. no cheering, no clapping, no booing, no answering the actual questions asked. [ laughter ] there wasn't as much back and forth, which is hard for donald trump because that's what he like.
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his interruptions, he did manage to keep them short. >> he was for the invasion of iraq -- >> wrong. >> and he has consistently denied what is -- >> wrong. >> -- a very clear fact that -- >> wrong. >> before they had mocked and mimicked him -- >> wrong. >> he had insulted a former miss universe, alicia machado, called her an eating machine -- >> give me a -- your husband disagrees with you. such a nasty trust fund. >> he staed emmys were rigged -- >> should have gotten him. >> jimmy: he even did it to the moderator chris wallace. >> while millions have already voted, election day, november 8th, is just 20 days away. one thing everyone here can agree on, we hope you will go vote. it is one of the honors and obligations of living in this great country -- >> wrong. >> thank you and good luck. >> jimmy: that's a weird
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i was fascinated by watching donald trump. his eyes were mostly closed the whole time. his voice was at like a phone sex whisper. almost seemed like he was doing an impression of alec baldwin doing an impression of him. he said disaster, he said bigley, he said mexico is sending bad hombres. i guess the rosetta stone tapes are payg on the subject of numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, trump said, i didn't even apologize to my wife. which i believe. i do, i believe that. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: 100%. he tried to shake things up before the debate by inviting president obama's half brother malik obama who says he's a trump supporter to the debate.
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were close, he was the best man at his wedding and vice versa, according to the "washington post" malik has somewhere between three and 12 wives. that's one of the things he and donald trump have in common. [ laughter ] polygamy is allowed as part of malik obama's religion. i guess that whole ban on muslims enterin united states thing doesn't apply to donald trump's personal guests for the debate. but he also invited sarah palin who came in fm sarah palin is the hpv of american politics. she lays dormant for quite a while, but then just when you think she's gone. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you have to hand it to trump in a way. he always has the most interesting plus-ones. if i was hillary clinton, i swear, if i was hillary i would have invited billy bush to the debate. i would have had him roll in on
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the last two weeks trump has been saying the election is rigged, the election is rigged. and then, sure enough, look at this. >> every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction he claims, whatever it is, it's rigged against him. >> jimmy: right there. look at that word, circle that. rig! she had it written on the wall! [ laughter ] have fun with that, crazy people on the internet. [ laughter ] [ >> jimmy: i do have to say, at this point if you're still undecided, i say that's it, you're now not allowed to vote. furthermore, i will never go to a restaurant with you. i mean, the options aren't going to change. it's like looking for a hamburger on the menu at taco bell, there's not one on there. maybe the most famous undecided voter is standing by live in las vegas. he is our special correspondent for this debate.
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say hello to ken bone. hello ken, how are you doing [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ken, you've already explained and apologized for what you wrote on redit, i won't make you go through that again. one question, was that how your wife found out you liked to look at naked celebrities online, through that story? >> jimmy, she found out like all great american wives, through the door. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's the old-fashioned way, huh? >> that's right. >> jimmy: so she still gave you permission to go to las vegas, right? correct? >> i'm on the clock, if i'm not with your producers i'm back in the hotel room with her. >> jimmy: with no wi-fi, i hope. ken, where did you watch the debate? you weren't in the debate hall, were you? >> no. i'm tired of that. i'm at the unlv student union at
10:43 pm
>> jimmy: how about that. and what was the mood like in there? how did everybody feel? well, jimmy, it was like watching a football game. we had rabid support others both sides. big hits, big full wimblfumbles >> jimmy: last week you told me you were going to decide who you would support after this debate. have you decided who you will support in this election? >> i think you should probably listen to the internet, i'm not trustworthy. i have not decided. after i have decided i promise i'm not even you, even though i love you. >> jimmy: you're never going to tell anyone, why? >> well, once i tell anyone who i'm voting for i lose my opportunity to just say, get out and vote. i don't care who you vote for, i just want everybody to get to the polls and make their voice heard. if you listen to the fat guy from st. louis, you're not listening to your own heart and conscience. >> jimmy: all right. i have another question for you. i hope you will answer this
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have you washed that sweater yet? >> well, jimmy, i must have because it's shrinking. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: where's the after party, guys? what's going to happen after this? will you go back home or will there be a thing? >> i'm going out to los angeles tomorrow, jimmy. >> jimmy: you are? >> yeah, i'll be at the premiere of "dr. strange" so i can forget about this political mess for a while. >> jimmy: it's like a dream come true. thank you, i think everyone there probably has a ken [ laughter ] >> i know i do, jimmy. >> jimmy: ken in las vegas. hello to my friends, the rebels. [ cheers and applause ] from the new movie "keeping up with the joneses," wonder woman herself gal gadot is here. [ cheers and applause ] as is the libertarian candidate for president, gary johnson. gary wasn't invited to the debate. to get even we didn't invite clinton or trump to be here with
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gary's an interesting guy. he went on a 70-mile bike ride over the weekend. he probably has a better chance of winning the tour de france than he does of winning this election. quick question, how many of you have heard of gary johnson before tonight? [ cheers and applause ] most. seems like most. probably 60% of you are lying. but he doesn't have great awareness. thanks to his appearance tonight, he has moved up a place on the list of north america's magic, dwayne, gary at number 12. so congratulations to him. [ cheers and applause ] donald trump had some interesting disagreements over the course of the last year but none of them to me are more interesting than the disagreement s he has with his running mate. trump refused to say whether or not he would accept the results of the election if he loses. even though right before the
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mike pence, was on cnn saying he absolutely would. and there have been a number of occasions on which trump's positions have butted heads with those of mike pence which is very unusual. typically running mates are in step on everything the candidate says, but nothing donald trump does is typical. and that is why i'm looking forward to this big debate that just was set for saturday night. >> don't miss the first-ever debate between a presidential candidate and his own running mate. saturday night, they go head to head on the big issues. the >> we will absolutely accept the results of the election. >> the whole thing is one big fix. >> russian hacking. >> there's more and more evidence that implicates russia. >> i don't think anybody knows that it was russia that broke into the dnc. >> abortion. >> donald trump and i would never support legislation that punished women. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> syria. >> united states of america should be prepared to use military force to strike
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regime. >> he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. >> experience. >> i served 12 years in the congress. >> i think people are tired of politicians. >> and that notorious video. >> i don't condone what was said and i spoke out against it. >> it's prez versus veep and only one can prevail. don't miss the epic battle. the first presidential versus his own vice presidential debate, saturday night on abncbsnbcspan. >> jimmy: we have to take a break. when we come back we'll find out what a very enfocused focus group of children thought of the debate. coming to you live, stick
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>> jimmy: welcome back. "jimmy kimmel live," live after the debate. gal gadot and gary johnson on the way. first, i am a big believer that chirp are our future. i learned it from a song. when i was a children. the truth is the results of this election are going to affect them more than they affect us. tonight i assembled a group of actual kids, a focus group if you will, to get their thoughts on clinton versus trump. hello, did you enjoy the debate? >> yes. >> jimmy: what did you like best about it? >> i don't really even have anything that was too exciting. >> so you liked the whole thing? >> no. because they argue a lot. >> jimmy: they did argue a lot. what were they arguing about? >> they were arguing about who should be president.
10:53 pm
he's no good at that, but she's no good at this. >> jimmy: do you think that was nice? >> no. >> no, it was pretty annoying. >> jimmy: it was annoying. do you think they were both being rude? >> yes! >> because donald trump was talking over hillary. >> jimmy: when you were in school, are you allowed to talk when other people are talking? >> n-o! >> jimmy: you guys just did all talk at the same time, right? >> right. >> right. >> right. >> jimmy: do you think hillary clinton went to donald trump's wedding? >> no. >> >> nope. >> n-o. >> jimmy: guess what, she did go. >> why? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: because at one time they were friends. >> what? why is that? >> jimmy: i don't know, i don't know what happened. can you believe that? >> i don't get it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what vegetable do the candidates remind you of? >> he reminds me of a carrot. she looks like an onion. >> that's what i said.
10:54 pm
now if you had to eat one of the candidates would you rather eat an onion or carrot? >> a carrot. >> i would rather eat a carrot because onions are spicy alone. >> jimmy: i see. i want to show you photographs. i'd like you to tell me who the people in the photographs are, okay? who is this guy? >> george washington. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's not george washington. do you know? >> nope. >> george clooney? >> jimmy: is this george clooney? no, it's not george clooney. it's not named george. >> it's not named george. >> what does it start with? >> jimmy: "t" as in tip, last letter "k" as in kaine. >> tim canyon? >> jimmy: close, tim kaine, hillary's running mate. he would be vice president if hillary wins. >> he looks like a mushroom. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how about this guy? >> paul something. >> jimmy: paul something?
10:55 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: do you know who he is? >> no. >> he's the -- donald trump and he was going to be the vice president. >> jimmy: right, he is donald trump's running mate. do you like his face? >> well, i think the mike pence is like more friendlier than donald. describing their faces. >> jimmy: yeah, just looking at his face. >> donald trump seems like he's losing his mind every day. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you think you would be a good presi would be a hard job. >> jimmy: what kind of job do you want to have? >> kind like a sort of easy job. >> jimmy: what's an easy job? >> broadway. oh, i love broadway. >> stop interrupting me. well, an easy job would be like -- like putting up flags, i guess. >> jimmy: putting up flags if you're going to be a flag putter-upper? >> yes. >> jimmy: yes, yes.
10:56 pm
man or a woman? >> a woman. >> a woman. >> a woman. >> jimmy: why are women better than men? >> well, i think it's time for a new girl president. >> jimmy: a new girl president? you mean zoe deschanel? >> i think it's time. >> i think it's time for our first girl president. all the other 44, men. >> jimmy: you are going to get a lot of action with that attitude, young man. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: a lot. are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend? >> no! >> don't ask. >> no. n-o. >> jimmy: i think i happened upon something. what do you think, frankie? >> no, he's not at all. i don't even -- i don't even know this guy. >> jimmy: what do you mean, you're sitting next to him. >> i don't know him. >> jimmy: you're holding hands. >> no, we're not. >> no, we're not. >> jimmy: you were. >> no, we weren't. >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure you were holding hands.
10:57 pm
>> in the air like i just don't care. >> jimmy: but you care very much. >> this is just awkward. >> jimmy: yeah, this is awkward. [ laughter ] >> i wish it would stop. >> we're too young to have boyfriends. >> jimmy: i know. you're too young to have boyfriends but quinn is old enough to have a girlfriend. are you thinking about her right now? >> uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: just call him honey. >> no! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we got a little off track. thank you, kids. tonight on our live post-debate show we go right to the top of the libertarian ticket, gary johnson is here. we'll be right back with gal gad gadot, stick around! >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by masterpass. the simple and secure way to pay
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>> jimmy: it's ken bone mania in las vegas. welcome back. we're live on this post-debate extravaganza. with us the former governor of new mexico and current libertarian nominee for president, gary johnson is here.
11:03 pm
president named gary? i don't know. tomorrow night benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, music from flapper zombies. monday night the president of the united states, barack obama, will be here live. [ cheers and applause ] we're not screwing around him. do you have a question for the president? anything you would like to ask him? >> guillermo: yes. >> jimmy: what? >> guillermo: can he stay four more years? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, i see. he's really wor ry about that wall, okay? all right. after getting stuck in the middle of a fight between superman and batman we figured our first guest could handle the aftermath of tonight's debate. she plays a friendly neighborhood spy in the new comedy "keeping up with the joneses." >> hello, karen. >> what a surprise! huh. you've got no clothes, you're on the phone, i'm going to go.
11:04 pm
i was just leaving a voice mail. he likes to hear from me when i'm trying on lingerie. it's one of our things. keeps the spark alive. do you and jeff have a thing? >> yes, jeff and i have a thing. we do it really fast in case the kids come running into our room. >> hm. >> jimmy: oh, it's over? oh. "keeping up with the jo opens friday. please welcome gal gadot! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> so exciting. >> jimmy: we can keep running that clip over and over again till "nightline" comes on. >> sure.
11:05 pm
a different and more exciting scene later on with you and isla fisher. >> that's why i signed the movie to begin with. >> jimmy: is it really? >> yeah. they said, there's a kiss scene, and i was like, oh. then they say, with island fisher. and i was like, oh! i'm in! >> jimmy: were you me excited about a kissing scene with a woman than a male costar? >> you sound like my husband right now. [ laughter ] let's just say it was -- i felt very comfortab w >> jimmy: i see. >> we got really close. >> jimmy: was your husband as or more excited as you were? >> he was happy. this is as close, the closest as he's going to get with a redhead. and a jewish girl. it was proper. >> jimmy: congratulations. i'd have loved to watch him at the screening when that happened. what is it like? did you watch the debate in the first place? >> of course i have. >> jimmy: you did. what did you think of it?
11:06 pm
very interesting. fascinating. no, it is. i never watch it, and i -- this is the first time i've started to watch these debates. and it was interesting. >> jimmy: is it similar to how it goes in israel? >> not at all. >> jimmy: it's not? >> no, not -- no. >> jimmy: how is it different? >> in israel you don't vote tort person, you vote for the party. there's not only two parties, there's over ten, i think. party wins they choose the leader amongst themselves? >> yeah. the head of the party's the one. >> jimmy: who you know going in who the leader is going to be? >> yes. >> jimmy: in a way -- >> then he needs to figure out a coalition, it's really hard to build a coalition when you have so many parties, and it's a thing. >> jimmy: do they have debates? >> in israel the one who's being chose can say -- like can get elected for how many times it is.
11:07 pm
>> which is interesting. >> jimmy: sure, yeah, right. we have two terms. >> exactly. >> jimmy: it's eight years, a long time. not too many people last that honk in the first place. >> yes. >> jimmy: as wonder woman, have you considered running for prime minister of israel as wonder woman? [ laughter ] >> actually, no. i haven't. >> jimmy: you are appearing at the united nations. when is it? >> isn't this crazy? it's wonderful. i'm going to get to meet lynda carter finally. >> jimmy: you never met her? >> no. >> jimmy: wow, shelf the >> i know. >> jimmy: you've not met her. >> no. this year is wonder woman's 75th anniversary. and she is named as an ambassador to the u.n. >> jimmy: i see. >> and on friday we're going to go to the u.n. and there's going to be a huge -- >> jimmy: do people at the u.n. know wonder woman is not a real character, like this is a made-up -- [ laughter ] >> don't tell them, don't tell them. >> jimmy: they're not looking to you for help, are they? >> no, no, they think it's a
11:08 pm
woman movies in which you've been wonder woman. >> i'm so excited. >>. >> jimmy: are you? >> i feel like i was spitted out of a tornado. it's been a hell of a year. i'm happy and grateful for this year we'ved a. we shot right after "keeping up with the joneses," we shot the "wonder woman" movie which is going to be out in june. and right when i finished that one, i started to shoot "justice league" with everyone. >> jimmy: right back in the costume. >> right back in the costume. and i wrapped two weeks ago. >> jimmy: how old is your daughter? >> 5. >> jimmy: does she know mommy is wonder woman? >> she does. >> jimmy: is she sufficiently impressed by that? >> she's very proud. i don't think she understands the concept of everything. >> jimmy: well, who would really. [ laughter ] >> it's true, i don't either. >> jimmy: she's not the one making out with isla fisher. [ cheers and applause ]
11:09 pm
strange moment. >> but basically, alma is very -- my daughter is very proud. we go to the park and then she goes to, you know, kids try to make friends on so they go to the parents -- she goes. "my mom is wonder woman." the parents look at me strangely, not recognizing me. and i would go, you know, every mother is a wonder woman. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: my mother was more like the joker. [ laughter ] >> she did a good job, she did a good job. >> jimmy: the jury's still out on that. will your daughter dress as wonder woman for halloween? >> no, she is going to be a unicorn. >> jimmy: you dress as wonder woman for halloween. >> no, i had enough. >> jimmy: enough wonder woman? >> costume. i'm going to try something else. >> jimmy: do you have something in mind now? >> yes, but i'm not going to say because i want to do the trick or treat. it's the first time we're in the u.s.
11:10 pm
>> yes. >> jimmy: oh my god, they better have paramedics standing by. >> i'm not going to say what i'm going to wear. >> jimmy: if you came to my house i'd give you my tv. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. the movie is very funny, "keeping up with the joneses." it opens in theaters friday. gal gadot, everybody.
11:11 pm
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i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie l fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence.
11:16 pm
i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> jimmy: hi, there, we're back. our next guest is running for president of the united states. don't tell him it's not going to he's the libertarian party nominee for the most powerful job in the world. please welcome governor gary johnson! [ cheers and applause ] ? ? >> jimmy: you don't look like you're running for president. you look like i've made an insurance claim and you're
11:17 pm
>> jimmy: i'll leave that to you. how are you doing? thanks for coming. >> thank you for the invite. of course i got excluded from the presidential debates. >> jimmy: how did that happen? how did ross perot get in the debate? >> ross perot was polling less than i am right now. initially he was polling really high. he dropped out, all that stuff that happened that i can't begin to explain. but then he was polling lower than i am right now, and clinton and bush wanted him in the debate. so he was in the >> they body thought it would benefit them. then after that, presidential debate commission, republicans and democrats, come up with 15%. it's chicken and egg, you can't get to 15% if 60% of america doesn't know o you are. that probably gets remedied tonight. >> jimmy: i'm surprised with the cable networks that somebody hasn't said, we'll have another debate with you and jill stein and maybe another candidate and
11:18 pm
and that doesn't go anywhere. >> jimmy: maybe you do it with your shirt off. [ laughter ] >> maybe. it would be a good idea. >> jimmy: if you on the off chance you do not win the presidency -- >> off chance. >> jimmy: will you accept the results? [ cheers and applause ] will you accept the results? >> we will. >> jimmy: that's very big of you. who did you think did better tonight in the debate of the two candidates? >> you know, i do have issues with body of them. both of them. libertarians, fiscally conservative, socially inclusive, really skeptical about the wars, military intervention, regime change, and free market, believing that will lead to more u.s. jobs. so really issues with both, with both candidates trump, starting with immigration. i got to tell you, it's just crazy the notion of deporting 11 million undocumented workers in
11:19 pm
work where half the population is hispanic? the biggest who hah was hillary, the biggest whopper of the evening, hillary said, i'm not going to add a penny to the deficit. come on. >> jimmy: maybe she meant that literally. she's not going to add a penny. to the deficit. raf [ laughter ] >> that's true. $30 trillion but not a penny. >> jimmy: you're popular with young people largely because you supported legalization of marijuana very early on. like before everybody well, by the way, i think california's going to vote to legalize it in november. i think that's really going to be the tipping point. >> jimmy: if we remember to vote. [ laughter ] >> do you know that in the last year, the number one category of arrest in this entire country was marijuana? >> jimmy: is that true? >> yes. number one category of arrest in the last one year. last year. this is 2016. and we all think that somehow,
11:20 pm
getting arrested, when in fact, number one category of arrest. >> jimmy: wow. >> i think it's flabbergasting. >> jimmy: including all marijuana-related offenses? >> yeah. get pulled over, hey, you got pot? we're going to cite you for possession. whether that's misdemeanor or felony. marijuana, number one category. >> jimmy: that would save a lot of money if that wasn't happening? >> when i was governor, half of law enforcement, half the courts, half the prisons, the money that we spend in each one of those areas is drug related. what are we the highest incarceration rate of any country in the world. we got 2.3 million people behind bars. and i refuse to believe we're any less law-abiding than any other country. so the main category of prisoner in federal prison today is the person who sold small amounts of drugs on numerous occasions and been caught. so mandato sentencing, three strikes you're out, not giving judges discretion -- it's the drug war that is leading in this incarceration. >> jimmy: what about other drugs that aren't marijuana?
11:21 pm
those? >> i don't. i advocated legalizing marijuana only. but i think the country is going to come to a quantum leap of understanding when it comes to drugs and it's going to start with understanding the drug problem first as a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue. and i think that's going to happen rapid-fire here. >> jimmy: is that at odds with your position as a libertarian? wouldn't a very strict libertarian be for drugs of all kind they want to do? >> i am the libertarian nominee for president. i don't think we're going to legalize heroin in my lifetime. but can we adopt strategies that will reduce death, disease, crime, and corruption? the things we really care about? yes, we can. we have the most effective policies in the world to kill heroin addicts. we could have policies that would keep hair addicts alive. for the most part, after about 12 years, people quit using heroin.
11:22 pm
because of hiv, hepatitis "c," because of the violence and crime involved with having to procure the heroin in the first place, dying of overdose, quality, quantity unknown, people don't live 12 years doing heroin in this country. >> jimmy: other countries are doing a better job with their heroin addicts? >> when you look at zurich, switzerland, having adopted harm reduction strategy there, chief of police, they came out with a program, free heroin. the chief of police from zurich, in -- >> jimmy: is that on their website? [ laughter ] that's a hell of a -- wow. >> chief of police comes to albuquerque, he says, when they came out with this program in zurich, when they came out with this proposal, i could not have been more opposed. death, disease, crime, corruption was going to skyrocket, all my friends in law enforcement, we thought the same thing. he said, i'm here to tell you that it has been fabulously successful. >> jimmy: wow. >> that death, disease, crime,
11:23 pm
all the things they said would be worse are much better. and the citizens of zurich re-upped on the program. another example is vancouver. again, if you're going to reduce death, look, you're going to issue clean needles. you're going to issue a dose of heroin that's not going to kill somebody, not knowing what it is or what the quality, quantity of it is. >> jimmy: right, right. so -- well, you were ceo of a true? you still are involved with them? >> well, actually, one of the -- i'm not involved with them anymore. >> jimmy: what happened? >> well, just that i resigned to do this. >> jimmy: you'll go back to the potheads later, right? [ laughter ] >> it's an exciting industry. right now one of the drawbacks to the industry is everything that is sold in any state where it's legal has to be grown, processed, packaged,
11:24 pm
>> jimmy: that's no good? >> it's not a good consumer model. >> jimmy: it would be great if that applied to food, wouldn't it? produce, et cetera, like that? >> well, food, yes. well, everything else. everything else is done in that model. you know what's not known here in california is that technically everything is illegal in california right now. >> jimmy: what do you mean everything? >> everything that's done marijuana-wise. >> jimmy: i thought you meant "everything." oh, boy, we're in trouble, i'm doing a lot of things! [ laughter ] >> everything in the marijuana paradigm. >> jimmy: speaking of things that are illegal, i think we could double your poll numbers tonight. i mean, i really -- i know what to do. if you can, now, this is not marijuana. it's just regular tobacco. but if we got video of you rolling a joint. [ laughter ] you know, we'll take a break and we'll see if gary can do it when we come back. [ cheers and applause ]
11:25 pm
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president gary johnson. we have a question from an undecided voter or one who's pretending to be undecided, ken bone, who is in las vegas. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, governor johnson, it's great to talk to you. i'm wondering, if you shore up your foreign policy chops are you willing to make another run in 2020? >> jimmy: oh, i see. i know what he's referring to, yes. will you run in 2020? >> no. this is it for me, ken. >> jimmy: what if you you won't run again? >> maybe, maybe. i'm leading among active military personnel. among active military personnel, i'm the overwhelming choice to be the next president. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: to what do you attribute that? >> what i'm saying regarding our military, that our military should be used judiciously. that if attacked, we're going to attack back. but let's stop involving ourselves as world policemen.
11:31 pm
>> as regime change that puts us in a situation where it's no-win. no defined goals for the military. >> jimmy: i feel like your message would resonate a lot more if you were rolling a joint while you said these things. [ laughter ] so do you know how to do this? >> i haven't rolled a joint probably in 25 years. >> jimmy: oh. it's like riding a bike. you just rode 70 miles. >> 90, actually. >> jimmy: 90, oh my god. >> any-way. i thought when i was running for pr that everybody that smoked marijuana, 100 million americans plus would give me a dollar. and it didn't work out at all. so i got to tell you, this is a dead end right here. >> jimmy: oh it is. >> this is just a dead end. >> jimmy: because they were too lazy to send you money. >> that or they're not political, they don't get out and vote. >> jimmy: do people bring you weed at your events? >> they do. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they do? >> they do, yes. i've been on the chair lift in taos, skiing is my passion, i've
11:32 pm
looks over, man, you look like gary johnson. i said, oh, i get that all the time. and he goes, oh, so you're not. oh, well. he goes, yeah, gary's a lot bigger than you are. the next thing, you are gary johnson, i'd be so honored if you'd smoke some reefer with me. i said, look, man, i'm working really hard to allow you to do that but i'll pass. i get that offer all the time. >> jimmy: he can see how hard you're working, you're on a ski lift. >> that's right, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think what ken was referring to is we had a lot of fun with the aleppo thing. i would imagine it wasn't as much fun for you. >> well, you know, you make mistakes. and no excuse whatsoever. 90% of america doesn't or didn't know what aleppo was, but 90% of america is not running for president of the united states. so -- >> jimmy: true. >> no excuse, but that is a pivot to what we're doing policy-wise. and you know what, we're finding ourselves in a civil war over
11:33 pm
supporting the free syrian army. the conjecture was when we did that, when wermed them, that those arms were going to end up in the hands of the islamists, that they were going to end up in the hands of isis, and that's what's happened. then we support the kurds against isis. >> jimmy: you've been studying, i see. you know what's going on. >> well, i knew this ahead of time, but no excu. >> jimmy: i know, you shouldn't make an excuse. i mean, just say, listen, i smoked a ton of pot. [ laughter ] would you smoke if you were elected president? >> no, i've made the pledge i would not do that. i've not had a drink in 30 years. i have indulged in marijuana. i think marijuana is a lot safer than alcohol. >> jimmy: sex? >> sex? >> jimmy: you're still into that? >> yes. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a wonderful relationship. wonderful relationship. i'm in love, jimmy, i'm in love.
11:34 pm
>> i am. >> jimmy: that's sweet. >> on that 90-mile bike ride. >> jimmy: was she on the bike ride with you. >> yes, she was. >> jimmy: was she on the handlebars? >> no. i was trying to keep up with her the whole time. >> jimmy: you, were i see what's going on. we're going to take a break. gary johnson is here, we'll be right back!
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from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us
11:36 pm
i approve this message. >> jimmy: we're back with gary johnson, a minute left. what did they miss tonight, trump and hillary miss tonight? >> there was only a couple of minutes spent on entitlements. and right now i'm leading among young people, millennials. and i'd like to think it's because of what i'm saying regarding millennials and that is they're getting screwed. i'm going to get my you as a young person, you're going to have to pay for that, but you know what, you probably won't get it. then president obama's affordable care act. that's dependant on young, healthy people paying for older, unhealthy people. oh by the way, we want you to go to war, we're going to put your lives on the line. >> jimmy: you're saying, kill the old people. [ laughter ] >> balance. a balanced budget. spending. >> jimmy: thanks to gary
11:37 pm
damon. "nightline" is live from las vegas next. here's byron pitts! thank you, jimmy. the presidential debate was the hottest show in las vegas tonight. we'll take you behind the scenes. this is a special edition of "nightline." inside the final 30. trump ace october bombshell. refusing to say he would accept the election results. >> i will tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> well, to that because that's horrifying. >> we're right there in las vegas from the spin room breaking down the night. >> this here tonight is the biggest show in town. >> trump and clinton trading policy punches on gun control, immigration, and abortion rights. >> i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> we have come too far to have that turned back now. >> the backing of vladimir putin. >> he'd rather have a puppet as president --


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