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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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he got into a twitter war. >> the final debate full of fireworks. >> viewers didn't hold back on social media either. what's some voters thought about the final face off. here locally could every vote from this upcoming election be challenged? according to candidates yes because of possible accusations of fraud. i'm jason gruenauer and i'll explain. good morning, thanks for joining us at 4:30. i'm mitch jelniker. >> and i'm dayle cedars. first let's go to nicole with international news.
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typhoon in the philippines. some are used to these regular storms this is the worst they have seen. two kills were construction workers buried in a landslide. a third suffered aeart attack and two others drowned. nearly 100,000 villagers were evacuated from high risk communities so that prevented a larger death toll. let's go to li the forecast. this morning it's cold. still talking freeze warnings and watches covering eastern colorado. this morning temperatures are bottoming out close to freezing. right now we're blow it in boulder at 30. city park 36. evergreen and conifer, low to mid 20s this morning. a mild afternoon though. we have a lot of sunshine involved today with highs in the low to mid 60s.
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clear skies tonight and tomorrow morning, not quite as cold. denver today low mid 60s. highlands ranch 63 and here's your first alert, mid to upper 50s in the foothills. coming up, we're going to take a look at how warm it is on friday i had to bbeak out the vest this morning. it was chilly. here on arapahoe road, they had lanes blocked on the northbound side where you're dry but also doing paving because when they get the bridge girder set tonight and this weekend, this is going to be the new southbound lanes and then they'll rebuild. a lot of green out there. you can see the drive to dia also a good one. thank you, jason. it's 4:32. two people in the hospital that happened near federal and west
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the drivers may have been drunk or high. multiple cars rolled during the crash. we do not know the status of the victims now. denver police need your help this morning. take a look at this sketch. police need to find this guy that attacked a woman twice near havana street. she was able to escape both times. this greeley man is accused of a disturbing crime. he beat his girlfriend pregnant with dumbbells on sunday. they say he kicked the woman until she passed out. she was seven months pregnant at the time. the victim told police he beat her with two ten pound bum bells after she managed to call 911. a babysitter arrested for murder threw the infant he was watching after the baby crawled to the playstation console and
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suspicion of attempted murder back in july. the baby will likely never see, hear or have purposeful movement. a colorado springs high school student is facing charges for bringing a gun to school. this happened at mitchell high school earlier this week. the gun was discovered in the student's backpack but there was no credible threat. six employees including teachers in every green are fired and more are threatening to walk academy in evergreen. this is the march of solidarity for the teacher who is were -?wrongly fired. some have been part of this school for a decade have never seen school finances and morale this bad. they claim it's because of lack of leadership by the school's director. this man is facing a judge today a former gate agent with american airlines.
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$100,000 worth of jewelry from a passenger on a flight from aspen to denver. your vote, your voice this morning. hillary clinton and donald trump faced off last night. sparks were flying right from the beginning. >> but the biggest question is were their words enough to change voters minds? >> a cnn poll says that clinton won the debate. magazine gi rue will yo washington d.c. with the highlights. in yet another debate, a basic foundation of democracy steals the show. >> do you make the same commitment that you will absolutely accept the result of the election? >> i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> let me respond to that. that's horrifying.
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did start things off by talking about pollies like immigration. >> we have bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> he started his campaign call calling immigrants drug dealers. >> he would rather have a puppet as president in the united states. >> you're the puppet. >> and not letting him off the hook for his controversial statements regarding women. and self-worth and i don't think there's a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like. >> nobody has more respect for women than i do, nobody. >> reporter: trump then accused clinton of criminal acts. >> it's bad experience because what you have done has turned out badly. >> reporter: clinton fires back with her own line on
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situation room monitoring the raid that brought osama bin la den to justice he was on the celebrity apprentice. >> it was the last chance to confront clinton as the latest poll shows clinton pulling away with the lead. they can't vote just yet but these high schoolers have definite opinions on the election. students watched the part of their government class. their teacher asked them to watch it with an open mind. >> it's difficult to watch two adults argue like children on testify but after seeing all this it makes me -- i don't either of them really so neither of them appeal to me. >> all informal twitter poll of the class show trump was winning the debate before it began and clinton winning afterwards. donald trump not the only
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the election system. a man running for congress in colorado is questioning the system as well. >> he's calling for every ballot to be checked. why the skepticism? ? >>reporter: good morning, it all stems from an undercover video that was recently surfaced that shows members of the national democratic party talking about voter fraud and that prompted a local republican congressmen to re republican party of the state of colorado should be prepared to challenge county clerks of every single vote that was cast in this upcoming election. basically, saying the vm -- not necessarily the people at the election sites -- but the system itself could be to blame for allowing fraud to take place. he's running in the 7th
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the outcome of the election, he said it depends on the circumstances. he also added this has nothing to do with donald trump and his claims. he as a local congressional candidate wants to be prepared and put the word out that the challenge could come depending on the outcome of the election and "circumstances". hear more coming coming up on 5:00. the proamendment 69 is making waves. this was censored on facebook yesterday. it was censored as well. each of them were wearing visible prosthetic rare ends. it's a metaphor for big insurance leaving you
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for universal healthcare. a man in his 70s pistol whipped during a robbery. the suspect's violence didn't end there. what they did next after the break. in a story of hope, an undate on twin boys who went through a historic surgery to separate them. first your first alert we have a nice afternoon in store. a lot of sunshine and high in s in the low montclair 60 and congress park
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dramatic video of a four alarm building fire burning in san francisco's castro district. one firefighter hurt and taken to the hospital. apparently nonlife threatening the fire broke out in this two sttry house there. it started out as a one alarm and quickly escalated. no word yet on what caused this. in california an officer is killed responding to a domestic disturbance call. >> officerer jack hopkins was 30 years old. this is the now the fourth california law enforcement killed in the line of duty.
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three men hid in a diner overnight and pistol whipped a 74-year old employee. the robbery only lasted a feww minutes. the victim says he's happy to be alive after this. . >> thank god i'm still here. >> the men got away and caused a seven car pile up in the process. the roer new video this morning of a braisen theft out of oklahoma. two thieves drove a vehicle into the store and stole the atm. they don't believe this is the first time the suspects have mitt committed a crime similar to this soofrjts a three year old boy in texas has a new hero. take a look at this dash cam
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the officer started cpr. the boy is much better. -?they got a little thank you f saving the boy. the mom and dad tried to help him but couldn't seem to revive him. >> glad the officer was there. sweet faces captured heart all around the globe. con joined twins underwent surgery. now we have promising news on their recovery. today the two boys are back in the operating ro dressing changes. one is still having problems after a 27-hour but his brother is making big strides. >> jay den, i think he just smiled at me. under all that tape and he's looking at me right in the eye and follows you. it's awesome and he's trying to pull his tubes out. >> they are taking the recovery
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there's something new and good to focus on. beautiful and here's your cheat sheet. we are almost to the weekend. >> yea. >> we have a pretty weekend and beautiful weather on the way. lots of sun across the state. 60s today and 70s tomorrow. it's beautiful this weekend. . coming up, i'll show it to you. denver right now above freezing at city park. in the 20s, mid to upper 20s in the foothills and mountains. cold start to our thursday and a warm up pretty rapidly by 10:00 we're at 45 and back in the 60s this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. we had a few clouds develop yesterday afternoon. today quite a bit of sunshine statewide. congress park at 62. highlands ranch high of 63. westminster hitting 61 this
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statewide warmer, mountains back in the mid 40s today and southern colorado still cool which is great for fire danger. still lower with low to mid 60s near pueblo and lamar. looking at satellite and radar, things clear this morning. lots of sunshine for the morning drive. clear skies through the day with temperatures tomorrow climbing another ten degrees so from 62 today to 73, lo friday and again plenty of sunshine. for the weekend, saturday and sunday mid 70s both days. we haven't changed. that next week early in the week, a broncos game that night, beautiful weather. 70 degrees for a high. i'll show you what that means for the broncos game. next chance for showers likely not until the middle of next week. so if we have 70s here in
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more 80s across southern colorado. fire danger could go back up by early next week. monday night will be a mad house at mile high so be prepared for that. think about that if you have plans to go to the game. plan on extra traffic. i-225 looking nice. north and southbound side. in aurora you see that on the map as well. easy driving on the side streets. i was checking out chambers and sable and the drive on mississippi looks nice. the west side of from morrison road or kipling out here to the west side, it's all wide open now. 4:48. the final presidential debate dominated the chatter on social media. >> some of the top moments being talked about in today's tech bytes. the top debate moments filling the social media feeds. >> the moment that received the most tweets was trump discussing his treatment of
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most searched question, "what is roe vs. wade". tesla says they will be outfitted with technology to make them driverless. >> the technology will not be operational till much more testing is done. >> the sleek rose gold private plane is available for this year's knee man marcus catalog. tech support for bargain price 1 $1 million. think they accept lay away. have a great day. in michigan researchers have recovered the complete ice age skeleton on earth since the 1940s. university of michigan says this fossil is 70% in tact.
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11,000 years ago. here's a question for you, what's your favorite candy? reeces reese's peanut buttee cup is the it candy for halloween. the other top runners are kit kat and butter fingers. when it comes to candy made for topped most states. >> sour patches are much better. >> i like sour patch kids. >> that's good stuff. a blind elementary student struggling to learn because she doesn't have the right books to work with so she's fighting to change that. how one local man became our seven every day hero one our seven every day hero one photo at a i have asthma... of many pieces in my life.
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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one girl wants what students take for granted -- school books. >> braille is necessary for me to learn at school this year. this year blue valley decided
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books and materials like tte past four years. >> for students that want an education we should go the extra mile. >> the agreement with school officials fell through after four years but the school district did not say why. this week's seven every day hero has turned his hop by into something that saves lives -- -- >> reporter: getting just the right photo can mean a dog or cat can leave the animal shelter that much faster. >> i know from experience if i can get the right picture i have a much better chance of them finding a perfect home. >> reporter: he volunteered to take professional photos at weld county humane society every week for even years. >> i don't know what we would
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the animals are adopted faster. he admits he couldn't do it without his fellow volunteer, carol cap lain. . some animals would rather play but they capture the animal's personality and share the photos on the website. >> it's fabulous. he knows how to set the camera up. >> reporter: have you been tempted to take one cats home? >> one adochted me seven years ago. >> reporter: they take in around 4300 animals a year. surprise, denver seven trusted choice and independent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all your hard work. >> thanks so much. students in denver got a
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dance. -? 0 that's right, von miller surprised the students at an assembly. green valley high beccme one of 279 pubbic schools in the nation to be named a national blue ribbon school. >speaking of broncos, beautiful weather today we start off cold. wear a jacket, this morning in the mid to upper 30s between 8:00 and 9:00. mild this afternoon, 63 in denver under a sunny sky. warmer today. a lot warmer tomorrow. in the low 70s on friday and 70s through the first oo next week. that's good. presidential candidates tell the truth. we're putting statements to the test at 5:00 a.m..
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deadly officer shooting in ohio. t mobile could use some money. why they are being forced to
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. we have some bad hombres here and we're getting them out. >> that is one sound byte people are latching on to. we have the recap. why complaints about potential voter fraud and election rigging isn't just for donald trump anymore. why one local politician is having to say. we're tracking this typhoon. also new developments for the battle in iraq. . this is snow. lisa, it's chilly here


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