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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  October 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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newsroom. aurora police are tackling this problem a social media? >>reporter: 11,000 -- 1136 vehicles stolen this year so far in aurora. the police department has a special twitter account so they can post information like this 2016 silver honda accord with california plates. the goal to use the eyes and ears of the public so they can more quickly locate stolen vehicles. >> hashtags >>reporter: aurora police have seen a 15% increase in motor vehicle theft this year of. >> thieves find a fault or easy way to break him. sometimes the windows are loose and they can crack them. >>reporter: the same thing in other cities large and small. are cameras rolling us auto theft task force arrested a suspect at this gas station on sixth avenue. >> the only thing we ask them to do is do that simple task.
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stolen last december. the thieves apparently rifled through his bowling back and stole his keys. >> i walked into the parking lot pushing the button and they found that which vehicle it was . >>reporter: family members posted pictures on facebook and found the car at this kmart. they called thorton police. officers tried to catch the thief but he sped off and got away. the car finally recovered three months later, total. aurora police help their new twitter account will lead to quicker recoveries. >> it sends a message to the thieves that not only the police department is watching watching you. >>reporter: each tweet says if seen do not approach, call 911. aurora police have found dangerous things and dangerous people in stolen vehicles. again, call 911. see the most on cars? last year the rocky mountain insurance association says
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1000. honda civics, honda accords and jeep cherokee is the most stolen cars in 2015. we have the full list of the top cities in colorado and top ten stolen models on denver police investigating a shooting at a liquor store and east 20th street near washington. police a man was shot and taken to the hospital. no word on how serious his injuries are. information on a suspect or anyone in custody. aurora police need your help finding this man. 45 -year-old sean alexander. a father, lasting on the 19th after dropping his kids off at school. police say he suffers from depression, and not takinn his medication. he could be in a great 2010 ford fx 4 colorado place q h x 252. if you have any information call police.
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destroyed nine homes. firefighters making progress thanks to an increase in crews and equipment. nearly 18,000 acres have burned. 39% contained. started when strong winds down paralyzed. fire danger hire in the area. west metro fire crews able to get a handle on this grass fire betweee i-70 and the alameda exit. the fire burned only about a half-acre and did not threaten any building. in longmont hato deal with the grass fire on ninth avenue near airport road. crews found the telephone poll on fire. it burned about 2 acres, at last check, 90% contained. the warm dry and windy weather not helping firefighters out there? >> not at all. the good news winds have died down now that the sun has gone down, hoping to keep a lid on those winds into the next 24
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normally we should be 62. well above where it should be this time of year. still pretty mild out there tonight. 50s and 60s throughout the metro region. for the lows tonight early tomorrow morning, temperatures mostly in the 40s. cooler toward platteville, greeley, temperatures upper 30s. we will talk more about whether we have rain in the forecast. i will tell you exactly when it will show up coming up. the street. today national drug take back day. in denver, about 1400 pounds of prescription drugs collected. this is one of seven locations around denver where drugs could police department around the country participated, teamingg up with the da. this is a reminder to watch out for bears as they are getting ready to hibernate and may be hungry. a man forced to fight off a
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after it attacked him and park county. it happened near redhill. the man was looking for somewhere to hunt when he came across a bear which charged and >> when a black bear attacks it is intent on killing it is imperative you fight back. this guy did thh right thing. he got back and was very lucky his injuries were minor. >> the man suffered some lacerations and cuts but nothing too major. officials still looking for the bear procedure to euthanize bears if it attacks a person. two elderly residents lucky to be alive after escaping a house fire on cypress drive and thorton. the fire started in the front of the house and spread to the attic. the cause still under investigation. donald trump vowing to sue every woman who has accused him of sexual assault, after another accuser came forward today. trump called the 11 women liars and says democrats are behind us.
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pennsylvania, laying out his first 100 days in office restrictions on domestic energy production. halloween decorations catching the eyes of people and security near colorado springs. they are dummies of hillary clinton and donald trump hanging from a tree. both have bloodied clothes, but trump is in a sombrero and mexican blanket. the homeownee says this is not just hurt anyone's feelings al the fbi investigating a massive cyber attack after hundred of your favor -- favorite websites went off- line. a started yesterday with twitter, spotify, netflix, amazon and ebay. the fbi looking into whether wi- fi connected devices like dvrs am a surveillance cameras, even thermostats could have been used to launch the attack. did you know larimer county
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today disaster relief organizations came together to prepare for the next disaster before it hits. residents in fort collins got a fiisthand look at what the aftermath of a disaster would look like. they role-played as a volunteer, elected official or victim to learn what to do if another major disaster hit. today the boys in blue taking on a different role for a good cause. officers all across colorado serving meals at red robin rest money for the special olympics. >> i can tell you it is definitely outside a lot of our comfort zone especially a guy like mayyi have never worked food service. seeing what these guys are able to do here, watching the excellent service they provide is spectacular. is trying to keep up. >> the guys finish serving about two hours ago. since 2005, the partnership is raised more than $41 million for special olympics. this is not good news for
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across the country because of a shortage in mexico. number has seen the impact beyond the grocery store. look at the sign in centennial. it says you can't get guacamole because of the shortage but they don't expect it to last too long. a zombie take over today in downtown denver. of course we just saw clam. the annual zombie bar crawl including a 16th street mall where all kinds of different zombies came today. we heard there were donald trump and hillary clinton zombies. zombie bar crawl has been happening for the last 11 years. pictures on twitter too. hibernation season right around the corner for bears across colorado and the united states. where this big fellow was caught on camera getting in one last back scratch.
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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. new video. this bear definitely ready for hibernation but just needed one more back scratch. the washington department of fish and wildlife posted this video to its facebook page. a surveillance camera caught the bear in washington state's cascade mountain range.
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forecast. >> always in a place you can't quite reach. you have to do what you have to do. outside, absolutely gorgeous. if you have been out the last couple hours we had afternoon highs in the 80s today so still it will be cool tonight temperatures upper 30s, low 40s but still warm the next few days. monday night football, forecast looks a okay. outside now 65 humidity winds out of the south 5 miles an hour. winds breezy especially in areas where we had fires burning. by tomorrow morning, as you are headed out early, temperatures in the 40s around the metro, 30s for winter park, estes park and northeastern colorado around sterling, fort morgan, platteville anddreally. satellite and radar clear as a bell.
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chance for rain on the seven day forecast. that will round out the weekend nicely with beautiful weather. tonight, temperatures in the 40s, tomorrow 70s, not quite as warm as today. 82 this afternoon, 84 is the record. normally we should be in the low 60s this time of year but a little warmer. soak it in. 71 degrees lunchtime tomorrow, maybe get the grill going for the afternoon. perfect tail 70s. mostly clear by 6:30:60 degrees and a mild night with temperatures in the 60s as well. cashing in on beautiful, warm weather sticking around for a couple more days. as we get into monday we will start to see moisture come from the west, that is when things becomm more unstable although we will hang out to the warm for the beginning of the week. 46 tonight, mostly clear,
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higher elevations from eagle to aspen. 40s for the western slope and 40s in southeastern colorado and of course for the metro, tomorrow morning also 40s from dia to bennett to parker a 45 and 47 for evergreen. tomorrow we topped out at 75, sunny skies and 75 downtown, 73 bennett, 75 dia and 69 for bailey. montclair 76, lakewood 73, for the westeen slope temperatures in the 70s. 50s around leadville, 60s for aspen and gunnison. on the seven day forecast, 70s for quite a bit of time all the way to the beginning of the week. a chance for showers tuesday and as we get to the end of the week a slight cool down friday. temperatures in the upper 60s but 70s again with partly cloudy skies. just talking earlier today about
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remember these temperatures. we will have to remember that once again is cold. >> i love this time of fall. the trees, leaves blowing uppthe trees, looks like it is raining beautiful golden leaves. our time is running out. >> tech talk. >> spx starts right now . i would run through a wall or the guy. put me in coach. outstanding, coach mcintyre. welcome to xfinity sports extra. we begin with those rejuvenated colorado buffaloes. 10- 5 win wasn't a masterpiece, wasn't even color by numbers what it was the sixth victory of the season
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2007. christian mccaffrey play wasn't effective. 92 yards, 21 carries. defense of the getting giving up only 131 yards in the first 30 minutes. 3-0 cardinals in the second when they were trying philip lindsay. a quick cut gets the second level 18-yard game to the red zone two plays later, the patience of a statue, sweet made it 7- 3. out with interception. looks like jerry rice and in the locker room 7- 3. buffs got into the red zone three times in the first three quarters but field kicking absolutely atrocious. risk graham news two and the punter alex kenney, coach mcintyre like what is going on here. he missed also. please do something.
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they make the recovery and the cardinal drive and another reception by thompson and 4th down conversion, chris graham finally made a 22 yarder that made it 10- 3 colorado. over 2 minutes to go trend the defense with their third interception isaiah oliver in colorado are both eligible first time since 2007 they get the sixth win. a nailbiter 10- 5. another giant step forward in the football program. >> everything. to go from 1-something to 6- 2 means everything. to play wwth these guys, no one left. no one quit on each other. we all stayed here. it's a great accomplishment. we are trying to go further than here. >> our kids had been through so much that they just believe.
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>> a look at them coach. the rams las vegas taking on the rebels today. csu's open a dry beautiful. nick stevens underneath for 8- yard score finished off a 12 play 75-yard drying. they score on the seconn possession s well. matthews with the shorty, 76 yard drive. colorado state 14-0. 35-0 at the break. rams shut not to orry stephenson, back shoulder, gallop not denied. 42-17 rams win big 42-23. in the springs air force falcons taking on hawaii. tim mcvey falcons offense early on. picks up 19 yards on the % student body right and set up his own touch him. takes it from 7 yards out. 7-0 lead. double overtime to decide this
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they had the falcons their third straight loss. top 25 today number six texas a&m and top ranked alabama tuscaloosa us busy, running back this kickoff. famous southern football coach once told me football is a collision sport. ballroom dancing contacts for. title led by six points. keith ford jonathan allen scoop to the. allen wins the big, tall man's race to the end zone. alabama pulls away to win 33- 14. this is the catch of the day made by a defensive player. northwestern's kkle cairo reaches up, sneers the pigskin like peter parker. the spidey sense to grab like that. well done. now to the broncos, found a today demarcus ware has been
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against the texans and should be ready to go next week. russell and cody latimer need to pass final testing concussion protocol. right now questionable. here is troy renck with this week's wrap up. trevor siemian drew criticism for the first time as a starter during that lost to the charges. 50 attempts only 230 yards. could not make the end zone on the final past. gary kubiak has seen a much healthier siemiaan this week. >> much better. obviously last week he was still sore. to me, watching him turn a few balls loose he didn't rotate the way he normally does but he has had some good time on his hands all week since the game. you can see a difference but we knew it would take time for him to get back to himself. >> i feel good. i feel like i madeestrides the last couple days. good to get time off too. getting better every day.
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his press conference this week said was hunting for a victory. he went with the press, wasn't particularly in a good mood about talking zone defense as suggested by john gruden. >> first of all well we were playing zone on quite a few of those place. we want to be better. >>reporter: for the broncos to get back on a roll it starts with the ranked 11th the rush defense. last two they were a top-five team against ground attacks. the challenge real this week against houston. >> a great renovator watch film on him he is elusive, great finish, finishes runs, physical, a really good, complete back. >>reporter: fans going to the game remember to stick around at halftime. ring of fame inductions. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much.
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avalanche close out there road trip in the sunshine state. we will take you to the cool sheet of ice in sunny south sheet of ice in sunny south florida and the cubs i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network. and i'm jamie foxx for sprint, with no wins in reliability in any state. you need to stop your shenanigans. x. i'm close enough, just like sprint. no! look at my map. take it in. oh! yeah, there you go. eh? yeah. oh. (sighs) don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get twenty gigs and four lines for only 160, with no surprise overages.
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. the avalanche finished up
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the panthers. avs off to a nice start first- period on the power play. comes out to tyson barrie and the sweet snapshot from the point. a lot of torque on that stick. he beats him over the waffle but all downhill from there. 2- 1 panthers in the third when 40 broke it. toner by the avs, he can skate really fast, just 51 seconds later avalanche give it away. odd man rush harper scores his second goal of the night. avs finish the road trip 2- 2 full to the panthers 5- 2. du going for the sleep of michigan state. a back end and forehand and a mighty wrister. piles get the sweet of the spartans number six pain his. they win 3- 1. chicago cubs have been horrible for a long time. have a won world series since
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fall classes since 1945 and they blame their ineptitude on a goat. a guy name steve martin. but this season they seem to be the lovable losers one win away from the world series. wrigley field like a midwest mardi gras tonight. heads didn't waste any time. reaches out, drops one to right field,,former rocky scores easily make it 1-0 northside is. 330 in the fourth, blasted one is this really going to happen? let's go to the ninth and find out. 6-4- 3 double play. cubs win 5-0 in that unmentionable place. cubs back in the world series. they play the indians in the world series. game one tuesday night in the heart of rock 'n roll. don't you dare think about going to bed yet or doing another shot of fireball without me.
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. the talladega superspeedway to might have to -- the side of ttmorrow's sprint cup race. denver's furniture row team continues. martin truex wins his fourth poll of the season. >> de start the race. the key is trying to stay there as long as you can. we will see hat happens. obviously a big race, a lot of the -- a lot on the line. looking forward to it. so proud of the guys, everybody back in denver, guys on the racetrack. is all about the team, all about the guy building these engines. hats off to all of them. lucky to be sitting there holding the wheel. hopefully a good one again
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row guys tomorrow at talladega. also, denver man's soccer team 30 third straight win today. >> they re on fire. >> you imagine having a college named after you is not crazy. >> nice ring to it. >> great college to go to. >> i prefer rhonda burgundy. >> we have sunny skies tomorrow. beautiful highs around 75 degrees ann staying in the
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and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown.
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r president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veran who believes in an open and transparent government.
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hello, my darlings! how is everyone today? hi. in good voice, i trust. thank you. bella, darling, you know what i think we should do? i think we should simplify it. let the hosts come in, introduce me, we'll pitch the charity a little bit, broadway hearts for hearts, and, um... man: and remember -- when she gets to the first "the things we do for love," stand by for snow drop. shall we? [ "the things we do for love" plays ] een one of my favorites -- a classic love song from back in the day. stand by for cue. communication is the problem to the answer. you've got his number, and your hand is on the phone. the weather's turned, and all the lines are down. the things we do for love. ? the things we do for love ? cue snow. cue snow.


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