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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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good morning, america. hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead in our new poll. her biggest yet. as donald trump battles back. >> i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> attacks the sexual assault accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> can he turn his campaign around with just 15 days to go? ride-along gone wrong. a citizen invited to join the police on patrol gets caught in a dangerous high-speed chase. [ gunshots ] suspects firing more than a dozen shots at the police cruiser. the civilian in the passenger seat. shattering the windows. injuring the woman as she desperately begs to stop the chase. >> no. no. no. don't follow him.
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daughter goes missing. >> it would take a miracle. but we're holding on to miracles. >> her car found near an abandoned trail. rescue dogs and investigators hunting for clues. epic fail times two. those two crucial kicks in a fierce overtime showdown. no good. the seahawks and cardinals forced into a tie. why some players are saying this was the craziest ending ever. pete carroll's expression says it all. >> sure does. >> what a game overnight. the seahawks and cardinals ending in a 6-6 tie. >> wasn't a great game. you saw the policed field goal. both teams had one right at the end. it ended in the tie. no one scored a touchdown the entire game. >> larry fitzgerald said he's never played in a game like that before. more than 3 1/2 hours, no winner.
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though, timmy, tim tebow, our good friend is here this morning. we begin with the race for the white house. two weeks and a day before the final votes, our new tracking poll shows a 12-point lead for hillary clinton. her biggest yet. donald trump fighting back with a rare sunday rally. abc's tom llamas starts us off for trump tower in manhattan. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. both candidates making their final arguments. hillary clinton trying to take advantage in the polls and break away. donald trump is pushing new limits but still spending so much time defending his character. overnight, donald trump choppering into southwest florida. disputing recent polls that have him down and out. announcing they are backwards. >> i really think those polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we're doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> reporter: but some on trump's team accepting what may be reality.
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the month of september. >> reporter: trump is offering a new plan. unveiling it at gettysburg. >> it's a contract bween donald j. trump and the american voter. >> reporter: but as trump outlined his vision for his first 100 days in office, he couldn't help but settle some scores. the republican nominee threatening the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct with lawsuits. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: hillary clinton seizing on the distractions trump can't seem to shake. >> he can go to gettysburg and say he's going to sue women who have made accusations against him. i'm going to keep talking about what we want to do. >> reporter: and both candidates is still battling each other over stamina. >> you watch her at the end of the debate where she's exhausted. she could hardly make it to her car. >> i have now stood next to donald trump for 4 1/2 hours in three debates. now who says i don't have the
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[ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and "snl" taking on the final debate and trump's stance on the rigged election. >> all of the newscasters are making me look so bad. >> and how are we doing that? >> by taking all of the things i say and all of the things i do, and putting them on tv. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, in the coming days, we're going to hear a lot about two states. florida and north carolina. donald trump knows he needs both of those states for a clear path to victory. well. she will be spending time in both battleground states. >> and so many people in those states already voting. thank you, tom. control of congress at stake in this election. both in gop hands right now. those majorities may be in jeopardy. let's go to jon karl with a closer look. democrats need four seats in the senate to get control. >> that's looking more likely. democratic chances of winning the senate have gone up as
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down. to our partners at 438 look at the odds of a democratic senate takeover are at nearly 70%. we have 11 competitive senate races. in ten of those, republicans are playing defense. we have two seats that are already looking like likely democratic pickups. that's illinois and wisconsin. three others tilt towards republicans, and then we have six seats. those are the ones in yellow on the map that are pure tossups. democrats only need of them to gain control of the senate. skpi and i have to tell you, george, in every one of those us races, republicans have had to come out and speak on behalf of what donald trump has said. >> whether they embrace him or distance themselves from him. in the house, much tougher for democrats. they need 30 seats there to get control. >> even the most optimistic democrats say they're unlikely to get the 30 seats they need to
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top republican operatives feel they'll lose at least a half dozen seats. maybe as many as 15. that would cut the majority in half. that would make it tough for paul ryan to control the house. if things keep going so badly at the top of the ticket, i would not rule out a possibility of a big wave election that takes everybody by surprise. things go bad at the top, they could go very bad for house republicans. >> boy, everything breaks. thank you, jon. we bring in matt dowd. he'll break down our latest abc news poll and down the stretch they come. hillary clinton opening up the lead. enthusiasm is also growing. >> the thing is not the undecided voters. it's the enthusiasm. of supporters. and for six months, donald trump had a gain on that. he had a margin of vir on that, and now hillary clinton has taken a slight lead on enthusiasm in voters. when you are looking at the last
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most. >> is it partly because of donald trump taking the stance about the election being rigged? that doesn't seem to be playing well with voters. >> i think it's a combination of things. i think it's that. it's donald trump's not talking to a broader group of voters. and i think that hillary clinton winning three debates, one after another, helps her supporters get more engaged. >> what is her strategy right now? we talked about this last week, about when you go into a prevent defense, what happens? we talked about that. what should she do? >> she has to be careful not to cross the line from confidence to cockiness. she can't in the end, many times, voters get more enthusiastic if they think you're going to win. if she looks like she has a lead in the polls, which is around 6 or 7, not 12. that helps among her voters to get more enthusiastic. >> what does donald trump have to do to turn things around? >> prayer. i think it's a very difficult prospect. especially after a weekend of
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he needs to be like kramer in "seinfeld" and hope for a festivus miracle. >> this could break into a huge wave for hillary clinton. most times when a candidate has a lead of this size, it tends to close up at the end. >> my expectation is on election day, this will be a five or six-point race. that is solid, but close. but in a polarized environment like this, keep in mind that barack obama won overwhelmingly in 2008, but by seven points. i think it's overseas to the battle against isis. american special forces are helping iraqi troops reclaim the key city of mosul. it is a fierce fight, and abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz is on the ground with the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. there are 30,000 iraqi forces taking part in this attack on mosul, backed up by thousands of americans. the terrorist fighters putting up fierce resistance.
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bomber coming under fire. neutralized by kurdish forces. so far, dozens of towns, hundreds of square miles, liberated from the grip of isis. in an exclusive interview at a base in northern iraq, secretary of defense, ash carter, telling us the battle is going according to plan. >> what's happening is that a cordon is being placed. an ever-tightening noose around mosul. >> reporter: the iraqis may be in the lead, but the americans in close support. for the secretary, it's a dangerous by vital mission. we have to protect ourselves from isil. they intend harm to our country and our people. >> reporter: u.s. troops we spoke with are well aware of the threat and the risks here in iraq. some of them are on their fourth deployment. four, all in iraq. this is the fourth? the fighting is expected to get
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>> we're ready for anything. we're prepared for all contingencies. if what's for sure is it's going to be a tough fight because for isil, this is a very important location. which is exactly why we need to destroy them here. >> reporter: to fully reclaim mosul from isis will probably take months. but to fully stabilize the area, it will take years. robin? >> thank you very much. back here at home, a terrifying ride-along. a woman in the passenger seat of a patrol car when a traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase and a shootout. the suspects escaping. and the whole thing as you can see captured on police dash cam. abc's gio benitez is here. good morning, gio. >> reporter: a desperate manhunt is under way right now. as the shooter is on the loose. as you watch this video, think about it from the perspective of that civilian woman, on a ride-along with cops. she's there to learn more about police work.
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from a madera, california, police cruiser. it's 4:34 a.m. >> a white mazda. north of howard. >> reporter: the officer has a civilian guest in the car for a ride-along. he's trying to pull over this silver mazda. >> he's not stopping? you're kidding me, right? >> no. >> reporter: within seconds, the officer realizes the mazda's driver is not planning to pull over. sirens on. the officer and that ride-along civilian are in full pursuit. listen as car takes in what's happening. >> he has a gun, no, no, no, no, no. >> shots fired. >> reporter: just look. right after the turn, you can see the gunfire. a dozen shots from the passenger side. >> shots fired! >> you can hear the woman's cries and plea to stop the chase. >> no, no, no. don't follow him. >> reporter: the firefight disabling the police car. it rolls to a stop. >> you okay?
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off abandoning the mazda. the police department posting photos of the aftermath. the patrol car's windows shattered. this is the gun police say was found in the mazda. incredibly, both the officer and civilian surviving. the madera police department, like so many other departments across the country, take civilians out often, as part of the citizens' academy to show people in the community how police work. for at least one woman, that's a lesson that came with too close a call. [ gunshots ] and this morning, we're told the police officers was not injured at all. the young woman suffered minor cuts from the broken glass but is otherwise okay. can you imagine? >> no. and this is why police officers say, there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. you never know what could happen. thank you. >> thank you, gio. now to the devastating crash near palm springs. at least 13 people killed, dozens injured. when a toush bus slammed into a tractor trailer. the ntsb is now investigating. adrienne bankert has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the
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highway. 13 killed. 31 injured when a tour bus smashed into this trailer. doctors working through the night. a number of victims admitted to the icu. >> seems as though most of the victims were unrestrained and therefore, were flown through the air and sustained facial trauma. >> reporter: the tour bus on the way back from a casino. crashing into this big rig at a significant speed just after 5:00 a.m. sunday. the driver of e those killed. the big rig driver shaken and injured. but able to help injured passengers out of the bus. records show the bus tour company with a clean accident report and no history of mechanical problems. the california highway patrol still trying to determine the cause of the accident, but say possible fatigue or a medical emergency could have contributed to the bus driver failing to hit the brakes. >> in almost 35 years, i have never been to a crash where
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and you never get used to this kind of thing. >> reporter: and of the dozens injured, four remain in critical condition here at desert regional medical center, one of three hospitals where patients are being treated. the ntsb and california highway patrol will give us an update on the investigation sometime today. george. >> such a scary crash. thank you. amy is here with today's other top stories. another terrifying encounter for a police officer. >> that's right, george. police are searching for man who shot at they were responding to a reported shooting east of oklahoma city when they say michael vance opened fire and took off then in a stolen vehicle. police later found two of his relatives dead. they say the violence may stem from his recent arrest on assault charges. those two officers thankfully are recovering. also, breaking overnight, a deadly plane crash on the island of malta. witnesses say the plane tipped toward the right before plunging to the ground.
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consumer groups are voicing concern about the proposed merger between at&t and time warner. advocates worry about higher price, fewer choices, and more corporate tracking of a senate hearing is set for december. tom hayden, the '60s anti-war activist and politician, has died. hayden was a member of the famed chicago seven, organizing rallies at the 1968 democratic convention. he served as a california lawmaker and was married to jane fonda for 17 years. tom hayden was 76. finally, it's being called the best worst game in nfl history. the cardinals had the chance to beat the seahawks in overtime last night. but they missed a 24-yard field goal and just a short time later, the seahawks got their chance to win and they missed a 28-yard field goal.
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nobody lost. it was 6-6. the nfl had the best reaction to the game on twitter. look at this. they typed a tirade of letters in disbelief. that's pretty much what they thought about it. and everyone else. fun fact. only three 6-6 ties in nfl history. all of them involving the cardinals. >> all of them? >> all of them. >> not a distinction they care to have. >> the best tweet of the year. are you excited about the world series? >> yes, so excited. >> we knew that cleveland was already in. now chicago on the way to the time in decades. president obama, a fan of their cross town rivals, tweeting, holy cow. this cubs fan, white sox was happy to see wrigley rocking. paula faris is there outside wrigley with the details. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there will not be a tie in the world series. cubs fans are waking up to a reality. it's a good one, albeit very, very unfamiliar. the shock is starting to wear off.
7:17 am
70s to even remember the last time the team made it this far. the chicago cubs flying the "w" this weekend after an historic win. these lovable losers clinching their first national league pennant since 1945. with this epic double play. >> cubs have won the pennant! >> reporter: fans have watched and waited their entire lives. famous fan, dorothy 19 years old when they made it this far. >> we were here to watch them win. it's the most exciting thing ever. >> reporter: it's been even longer since the cubs have won the world series, 1908. back then, baseball was still segregated. women didn't have the right to vote. the modern zipper hadn't been invented. maybe now, what seems like a world away, the cubs can shake off the curses. >> we're just so excited to be part of the team that gives them the opportunity to see a chicago
7:18 am
>> reporter: and this morning, chicago fans remain in a cubby coma. but tomorrow, anxiety sets in when their team takes on the cleveland indians. another team hoping to turn around decades of bad luck. all this hype has ticket sales skyrocketing. tuesday night's tickets are at $3900. the cubs trying to reverse the infamous curse of the billy goat. according to legend, the owner of the billy goat tavern went to the 1945 world series game with his goat. they were both kicked out. you guys, when he was leaving, he said, them cub us, they ain't going to win no more, and they haven't. >> thank you, paula. have a good time. let's go to ginger now with the cold blast in the northeast. the wind conditions. >> the wind came with the cold. this is brooklyn. look who took it. christine brouwer.
7:19 am
she can't get it out of her system. the news. up to nine inches fell in new england. the video from white face, new york. let's get to the select cities brought to you by walgreens. good morning, it's 7:19. right now it's beautiful. we have clears skies and a few high clouds streaming in and it's a beautiful weekend. mid to upper 70s this afternoon. we'll be under a partly cloudy sky tonight.
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60s for the start of that game at 6:30 and dropping into the low 60s by half time. right around du today, a high of 78. coming up, the popular musician and youtube star's desperate search for his 21-year-old daughter. desperate search for his 21-year-old daughter. you know what, don't worry about it. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. tide. number one rated. it's got to be tide ? we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ?
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good morning, it's 7:23. a man in golden is recovering after being stabbed last night. police tells us officers were responding to a domestic violence call. that's when they found a man with a stab wound in his back. you're looking at a map of where this happened. they have not said who stabbed this man. his 5-year old daughter was home at the time of the attack. thankfully she was be hurt. has been postponed for a grand junk man accused of photographing underage nude girls. he's going to undee go a mental evaluation. problem cuteers say he photographed the girls to create con tent for paid subscription websites. it was a gorgeous weekend. let's check with lisa. >> 7:23. here's what we're
7:24 am
-- low 630s at half time. a high of 75 in town. a touch cooler tuesday and wednesday. and we could see a few showers tomorrow. that's our best shht. you look at our 7-day forecast you look at our 7-day forecast , it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network. and i'm jamie foxx for sprint,
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accident on 84th avenue. there were lanes blocked, but look at this. traffic is moving along nicely. we recovered from a 45-minute drive to a 20-minute drive quickly. you can see on the map, it shows a lot of red, but it's not as bad as it indicates here. 270 and i-76 through the construction zone, still busy across downtown and h avenue and the 225 drive, but overall the commute is better than advantage for us. we have an accident at 37th and
7:27 am
the hospital over by fit simons.
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this right here, this is chicago cub blue. this is what we're all about. i'm glad they won last night to i could be here this evening. >> he might have skipped it. it was a big honor for bill murray. the mark twain award for american humor. he was honored by so many, martin. there he is right there. jimmy kimmel with kind of a weird wig. but, boy, did bill murray deserve that. >> the nation's top prize for a comedian. donald trump battling back after a new poll shows hillary clinton with a 12-point lead. the republican kptd saying he thinks recent polls are inaccurate. he's pushing back against the
7:31 am
one week after millions, remember tt record heat? remember that? a thing of the past. ginger will have much more coming up. sflmplgt amy, your favorite show is back. sflit was my favorite show. i don't know if it is after last night. no spoilers at this point. but "the walk dead" left us with a stunning cliff hanger last season. fans have been waiting months and months to see who got killed off. we saw a lot of people getting killed. the answer is getting reaction like in this morning. >> oh! >> did the show go too far? we're going have more on that. at buoyant an drew came in at one of the most gruesome scenes and was like, why are you watches this? it's not usually this bad. it's bad. >> you have to win her back. >> and for you to say that, because you like that type of >> it was too gruesome even for this girl.
7:32 am
youtube star's daughter. the piano guy asking for help and prayers. his daughter went missing a week ago. >> reporter: robin, good morning. it's been more than a week now since annie schmidt left her car here and ventured out into the hiking trails. this morning, the search called off after no sign of her. after days of drones searching from above, below, and rescuer rappelling deep into ra convenience, law enforcement calling off the search for 21-year-old annie schmidt. >> any inch of the trail she could have gone off. >> reporter: she took off on an intry kate maze of trails. >> if she got injured and is by water source, she could still be alive.
7:33 am
member of the popular youtube band the piano guys. asking his millions of facebook followers for any information or to pray for his daughter. sflit would take a miracle. but, we -- we're holding on the miracles. >> reporter: schmidt, an avid high herb was preparing for a hiking trip with her mother, recently buying a new tent and backpack. schmidt's roommate says she left her gear at home. her car discovered near the trail head days later. her phone inside. >> we think she got out of her car and was going to go for a short hike. >> reporter: schmidt's last tweet, this landscape, writing fill your life with good vibes. her loved ones refusing to give up. >> we feel like she's in god's hands. we trust that he'll guide us to find her. >> reporter: investigators say there's no evidence of foul play. but, as of now, search and rescue crews will not be coming back out here until they can get
7:34 am
robin? jt all right, phillip, thank you. >> a sad one. we move to the nfl under fire this morning for how it's handling domestic abuse allegations against josh brown, the giants kicker. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. sidelining josh brown with pay has done little to silence fans. one prominent voice wondering where was the team's compassion for the victim. this building against the nfl. >> that's another black eye in a smack in the face throughout this whole national football league. >> reporter: the league taking heat for suspending giants kicker josh brown for just one game in 2015 after being arrested in a domestic violence incident involving his then wife, molly. the nfl says at the time of his suspension, it didn't know the severity of brown's alleged actions, sidelining him thursday
7:35 am
investigation into him after a newly released and troubling 165-page police report detail allegations of abuse. includinged a megss from brown himself. the league says following brown's arrest, police repe repeatedly denied the questireq for more investigation. >> he didn't indicate that he works for the nfl. we had no idea who this yokel is. >> reporter: commissioner rer investigation. >> what we want to do is get the facts. when we get the facts, we're going aggressively pursue that and we'll apply our poll spip. >> reporter: some saying the league doesn't take domestic violence seriously enough. former giant saying i respect so many people in the organization. but what are you waiting for? #cut him. and annie apple.
7:36 am
this article, express bing outrage after these comments from john mara. >> he's admitted to us that he's abused his wife in the past. i think what's a little unclear is the extent of that. >> reporter: a domestic violence survivor herself calling his comments insensitive, dismissive, and callous. how are you is a so-called champ of of des ix violence. apple saying yes, this son's checks. but wrong is wrong. >> ashould be talking about xs and os. instead, they were talking about domestic violence and the failure of the nfl to enforce its own policy. >> reporter: that giants player, eli apple, saying of his mom's comments, she has a voice, she's going to use it. i love her for that. brown's ex-wife, molly, asking
7:37 am
continue to heel. >> i can imagine it was traumatic. coming up on the big board. donald trump threatening to sue those accusing him of sexual mission conduct. would his case hold up in court? and why is wonder woman under fire? wonder woman? i was in shock when my dentist was explaining to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! ended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion. my mouth feels really fresh and clean and i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel.
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got here barely a second to spare. welcome back. time for our big board. our team of life. dan abrams is here at the table. we'll start with you buzz a lot of people are taublging about donald trump and the fact of hat he said on the stump about the women who have accused him and what he would do. this is what he said. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued
7:40 am
adult film actress, jessica drake, accuses him. his words and his actions are a huge testament to his character. she had really strong words. if he decides to take this to court, what are his chances? >> i don't think there's a chance he'll take to it court. >> you don't think so? no, he's threatened over the years to take various people to court over thing that they've said. in almost every case, moved forward. why wouldn't he do it in case like this? well, first of all jourks the taps. the access hollywood tapes. the howard stern taps. outtakes from the apprentice would then become subpoenaed. >> he's a witness or the if attackers. the accusers. >> it's much more likely that they'll sue him. >> for defamation? >> yeah, yeah. he's calling them liars. we have seen that happen in the
7:41 am
is it possible he sues one or two of them? it's possible. there's no way i think he'll end up suing all these accusers. >> he's saying he'll sue after the election. >> i'm going to wait. why? i guess i'm too busy right now. i'm too busy right now, but if i become president, i'm not going to be too busy? going through a lawsuit is very time-consuming. you have to sit through depositions. and hours and hours he's talking about suing, you know, ten, 11, 12 people. he's going to go through these depositions while he's the president of the united states. or maybe he's going to say, i'm dpoimg the lose, therefore i'll have time. i don't foe what he's saying. i think it's beyond a long shot that donald trump will be suing any of these women. >> thank you, dan. definitive right there. we bhoouf on the new details on the massive cyber attack that
7:42 am
jacked everyday items in your home. >> something we have seen over time. let me back into this and explain. you know when your local radio station has a contest and all of the incoming calls make it impossible to get through. that's basically what happened friday. it's a distributed denial of service attack. we have seen these for years. what was different, instead of using virus-infected computers, attackers used an army of our own home devices that are connected to the internet. your dvr, set-top box, security camera. any one of the average 13 web-connected devices each u.s. home now has. and, what's interesting, they targeted a switchboard of the internet. a company called dyne.
7:43 am
netflix, spot,ify are internet connected toasters could take down large parts of the west. >> who could possibly be behind this something like this? how do we protect ourselves? >> who is a tricky question. so wikileaks tweeted, we asked supporters to stop taking down the u.s. internet. you proved your point. the point, apparently, a protest over julia internet access. view va varifying those involved, difficult. these are appliance-like devices in our homes. many of which were not built to be secure citizens of the internet. manufacturers need to take care of this. >> people were going say, oh, i'll change my pass word. not what we're talking about.
7:44 am
wonder woman's greatest battle yet. the comic book character facing backlash from women around the world after being appointed the u.n.'s honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women. all right, sunny hostin. something you'll probably talk about on "the view" as well. you used to look at wonder woman as a positive influence. a positive role model. what's going on? what's behind this? >> people are upset because she's a comic book character who this is spoesed to be a u.n. campaign for gender equality. promoting gender equality and empowerment of women and young girl. the petition says, having strong living and breathing female role models is a critical aspect of empowerment of women and girls. many are saying, why not malala? there are plenty of live and
7:45 am
who would become the face of this empowerment. why won't e woman? >> they just had an election for u.n. secretary general. did not choose a woman despite several candidates being put up. is there recourse? >> close to 250 people have signed this. and so i suspect that nothing is going to change, but i don't think they'll do it again. >> i think you're right. >> thank you, all. thank you to sunny, beck the walking dead premier, amy thinks the show went too
7:46 am
i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed ? ? i'm not hiding.
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7:48 am
you've been warned. >> this is it. >> reporter: it's back. after a gut-wrenching cliff hanger that left us wondering who faced their death. >> you are -- it. >> reporter: finally. an answer. >> i'm man of my word. >> reporter: with not one. >> oh! >> reporter: but two casualties from rick's gang. fans devastated. >> oh, my god! >> i can see this is hard on you guys. >> reporter: #the walking dead baseball bat emoji topping the twitter trends overnight. acting dead is not as lucrative as you might think. many of the show's actors making up to $400,000 less than actors in other episodes. >> the constant threat of death or anigh likes probably has to
7:49 am
negotiations. it has to keep the actors on edge. >> that is a no-no. >> reporter: watch out. the show's executive producer warning. >> anyone that you may love top show in a split second, could be gone. >> reporter: everyone is fair game this season. >> until then, ta-ta. >> reporter: i have to tell you. did you see my face. i was physically ill after watching the show. i had to fast-fward some parts. this is i love horror movies. there is something about watching zom beast getting obliterate that is fine. >> i couldn't watch it before 37. >> you don't want to watch last night. this is the seventh season. last week, the show was renewed for an eighth season. there's plenty to come. i hope they dial it back just a little. just a smidge. just my two septembers. sfw we'll talk about it more in the last hour. the actress who plays mishon.
7:50 am
plus, timmy. tim tebow is here. i love calling him timmy. he's all telling about a new book he has. we have great opportunities from indiana. we'll have them questions, too. there's timny. >> timmy. when i was a little kid, i made a deal with myself that i would never grow up. we met when we were very young... i was 17, he was 18. we made the movie the book of life. we started doing animation. with the surface book, you can actually draw on the screen. so crisp. i love it. rful computer and a tablet had the perfect baby. (laughing) it's a typewriter for writing scripts... it's a sketchbook for sketches...'s a canvas for painting...
7:51 am
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7:54 am
a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government.
7:55 am
7:56 am
ood morning, a man accused of shooting two teenagers killing one will be in court today. keith hammock will appear in front of a judge for murder and attempted murder. he shot two teens he caught in his backyard earlier this month. he was growing marijuana and the teens may have been after it. he apparently shot a 17-year old back in 2015 during similar circumstances. to aurora now where a underway in the morris heights neighborhood. a man was shot and killed and his name hasn't been released. aurora police satisfies there's no suspect at large, but they have not said if they made arrest. we'll update you as we learn more. we'll check with lisa. >> we're in the 40s and 50s in some neighborhoods. some high clouds have streamed over the plains. look at our highs today.
7:57 am
englewood, 77. highlands ranch, close to 80. it's going to be a warm and dry day. we're watching the showers that will stream in and our mountains will pick up a rain-snow mix tonight. here across the plains, a chance for a few showers on tuessay. beautiful though tonight for the broncos game. 68 for the start of it. we'll be in the low 70s tuesday and wednesday. pretty warm though. end of the week, upper 70s thursday and friday. it's a very mild 7-day. >> obviously with the broncos game later on today, we're going downtown, i-25. be prepared for the traffic. even if you're not going to the highway, you're going to see a lot of traffic around downtown at 4:00. you can see traffic on 36 trying to get to boulder. not too bad, but you're going to find the sluggish conditions. look at the north side of drive, heavy including the north side. somebody reporting a big object on the northbound side of i-25 before i-70.
7:58 am
the rest of the ride around town looks standard including down on c-470, pretty busy and some of that sunshine around santa fe trying to get across highlands ranch.
7:59 am
donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, ry rape, would not be consired rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 a.m. the race for the white house. hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead as donald trump tries to battle back. just 15 days before the final vote is counted. stunning health battle. the u.s. soccer star who just gave birth to a baby daughter. now having a brain removed. her nba husband stepping off the court the take care of mother and baby. no namaste. the shocking letter gone viral, criticizing women wearing yoga pants. so many heading into the streets to protest. as the man behind it claims it was all a joke. ? the story of my life ? and tim tebow. he's shaken and sharing. what he's learned from his highs and lows. answering you questions right here.
8:01 am
for him to say -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. happy monday. great to have lara here. jesse palmer. got a race of quarterbacks this morning. >> yeah, gator quarterbacks. >> we're going to talk to tim tebow. he's here with a brnand-new boo. it's called "shaken." very inspirational. talking about the highs and lows. what it's like to be a professional athlete. never loses his faith through it all. he shares so much in this book. some of the young people will ask questions as well. >> absolutely. can't wait for that. switching gears. we have a health alert about screening your kids for hip problems. as you probably know, i recently had surgery on mine. we'll tell you how doctors are treating kids very early to prevent problems like i had later in life. >> even that early. really? >> what i had was congenital. you can discover that as a newborn and fix it. >> amazing. >> that's coming up. let's get the morning rundown from amy. the big story this morning, donald trump facing an uphill
8:02 am
election day. trump is dismissing clinton's double-digit lead. as they both step up cam pang in the battleground states. tom llamas has the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning. donald trump is in florida today. it is a critical state for his campaign. overnight he choppered into the southwest part of the state and told supporters there, not to believe the polls. while he's introducing new plans and new spending a lot of time on the trail defending his character. he told people in gettysburg he'll sue the people making accusations. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: hillary clinton is showing confidence in downballot races trying to help other democrats possibly take advantage of the house and senate.
8:03 am
she'll be out campaigning later this week with one of her biggest and strongest surrogates, michelle obama, the first lady. both hillary clinton and mrs. obama will appear together in north carolina. amy? >> all right, tom llamas, thank you. overseas, thousands of americans are bracing for more intense fighting. as they assist iraqi forces in the war against isis. troopsre now within five miles of the isis strong hold of mosul. new video shows iraqi forces keeping up the pressure on isis in other parts of the country. launching air strikes near city of tikrit. and today, the national transportation safety board is joining the investigation into the horrific bus crash in southern california. 13 team died when that bus returning from a casino plowed 15 feet into the back of a tractor trailer. the bus driver was among those killed. investigators are trying to determine why the bus was going so much faster than the truck. in rhode island, backlash growing after a man wrote to a local newspaper complaining that women over 20 should never wear yoga pants in public.
8:04 am
comments of allen sorrentino took part in a yoga pants parade, marching right by his house. in his letter, he called yoga pants disturbing. he said women should wear slacks or jeans instead. he now claims that letter was just a joke. protesters call it misogyny. and they're making sure that he knows how they feel. and finally, bill murray accepted the mark twain award for american humor last it's the nation's top prize for comedy. he apparently couldn't help himself stealing the show from his seat in the balcony at the kenzie center. >> this is happening right now in washington, d.c. [ cheers and applause ] the 51st state in the union. >> murray there joining the protest for statehood in washington. he said he's happy his cubs won the other night, otherwise, he
8:05 am
murray was roasted by a slew of celebrities including jimmy kimmel. he said, bill murray could shove you over the side of the hoover dam and you would still be like, hey, bill murray. >> all right, thank you so much there, amy. news that goes "pop," lara? we begin with the great white way. welcoming its newest jersey boy to the spotlight. mr. mark ballas. the "dancing with the stars" pro and former champ swapping the mirrorball trophies for a microphone for the frankie valli blockbuster. ballas giving his fans a front-row seat. take a look. ? sherry sherry baby ? ? sherry sherry baby ? sherry baby ? ? sherry baby ? >> go, mark ballas. the guy can play guitar. he can sing. we know he can dance. you want to see all of that in action? check out the broadway show
8:06 am
outstanding 11-year run. >> yeah. >> it's a great one. if you haven't seen it, check it out. he's part of our family. congratulations. >> he's multitalented. i didn't know he could do all that stuff. also in "pop news" canadians are known for great manners. being incredibly polite. exhibit "a." there he is. jesse. palmer. >> where's my camera? welcome to tv. >> i got confused. i'm going to be polite and quiet. >> if that is is not proof enough, we have more. our neighbors to the north have noticed how tense things are in the u.s. these days. they're using the hash tag, hey, tell america it's great. take a look. >> all your diversity. and all your openness. >> the fact that you're such a giving nation. over $250 billion a year is donated to charities.
8:07 am
>> when things are tough, you fight to make them better. >> this was put together by a group in toronto who said, sometimes you have to pick your friends up when they're down. one twitter user said, america, you gave the world cherry coke, the internet, and the golden girls. don't let anyone tell you you're not great. >> love me some golden girls. >> absolutely. that movement started by the garden collective age is s-- agency. we do need to lift each other up. thank you. >> i think they interviewed every canadian in the world. we love our neighbors. nice they did that. finally, the entire dallas cowboys football team went out to dinner this week. at a very nice steak house. it's the annual rookie dinner. all 60 players gather for food, drink, they leave the bill to the rookies to take care of traditionally. this year, a lot of the players chipped in. the older players. the rookies didn't have to cover the full cost. they're lucky. take a look at this receipt. >> oh, yeah.
8:08 am
>> just a few bucks shy of $55,000. those boys are hungry. it comes out to a cool $916 per meal. you can't put a price on bonding with your teammates. >> did you have to do that? >> i did not. you don't want to take the linemen out. that's what racks up that kind of bill. they have expensive tastes in wine, forget about it. >> do most teams do that? >> absolutely. >> it's a nice bonding experience. i think we should do something like tha >> our rookies. >> and i'm gone. >> come back, jesse. >> mama's hungry. that's "pop news." and coming up here, the former soccer star who just gave birth. lau lauren holiday. battling a brain tumor. just had it removed. and i'll go one on one with tim tebow. he's here live. sharing what it takes to stay strong through life's ups and downs. come on back. ng through life's
8:09 am
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8:12 am
campbell's one dish recipes. one pan, less than 30 minutes. because if they aren't going to eat it, at least you didn't spend too much time making it. campbell's one dish recipes. made for real, real life. about a year ago, 30 ethiopians were killed by isis. reporter: mass execution of ethiopian christians... mike coffman was the only one that reached out to our community. he went to every ethiopian church. he was there, and he was sharing the sadness that we were actually experiencing at the time. he says what he means, and he does what he says. that means a lot to us and to me. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message.
8:13 am
that's lauren holiday and her nba husband, jrue. the former u.s. soccer player recovering from surmry after facing a benign brain tumor while pregnant. jesse has the latest on how she's doing. >> lauren gave birth to her daughter last month. through it all, her husband jrue has been standing by her, putting his nba career on hold. >> holiday, goal! >> reporter: this morning, lauren holiday is recovering after successfully having a university hospital. the procedure just one month after the 28-year-old gave birth to baby girl with her husband, nba player jrue holiday. jrue's agent saying in september, lauren holiday gaift birth to jrue tyler holiday. she's 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and home with her family.
8:14 am
the outer layer of lauren's brain. detected during her pregnancy after she experienced terrible headaches. >> meningiomas are the most common benign brain tumors in humans. just because they're benign doesn't mean that they don't cause trouble. they can be harmful if they get too big. >> reporter: reports saying doctors induced her early so she could undergo surgery. friends and fans wishing her a speedy recovery. this picture of lauren's initials and number. writing, i love you, chen. another player saying, sending all our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. lauren and jrue met in college and married in 2013. the new orleans pelicans player taking an indefinite leave from the team. to take care of his family. >> we're always in his corner. he knows if he needs anything he can always call any of us. >> reporter: last week, jrue posting this picture to instagram. with the caption, missing the squad.
8:15 am
that the basketball star is welcome back whenever he's ready. >> when the time is right, jrue will come back to the team. we'll welcome him in open arms. >> reporter: for now, lauren is recovering in north carolina. with her husband, and new baby girl by her side. doctors expect her to make a fuel recovery. as for jrue, he'll remain on the sidelines for as long as he needs to be. with lauren and their daughter together. >> glad they're doing okay. >> we wish her a speedy recovery. coming up here, tim tebow is here live. opening up about faith, family, going from the football field to the baseball diamond.
8:16 am
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it's the only way to know for sure. ? who's the genius who puts a girl in heels on a subway grate? miss monroe, eat a snickers. why? you get a little cranky when you're hungry. better? much better. this scene will never make the cut. this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress
8:19 am
for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. back here on "gma," a chilly morning. here in times square. this is harper, by the way. she's from oklahoma. you have your sm didn't you? i came up to her, she wasn't going to smile. now look. she turned on. speaking of turning on, we wish we could turn on the rain. look at this in alabama. you hear about the drought in california all the time. that's alabama. it used to be a two to three-acre pond on a farm. and obviously, dried up. there's a big issue in the south as well. wanted to show that off. also say a very good morning to these folks in times square. good morning, everybody.
8:20 am
whoa, my face. very close. hello. let you know, guess who is coming up? tim tebow. good morning, it's now 8:20 on this monday. beautiful. a nice fall. you're going to find mid to upper 70s between 2:00 and 4:00 with cloud cover, a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. partly cloudy, but mild tonight for the broncos game. tomorrow, we could see a few showers, we need it. so hopefully we'll get something. most is i look how warm i am here with one of the biggest names and certainly one of the most inspiring people in sports in the world, really. tim tebow. >> you're too kind. you're too kind. >> i speak the truth. i speak the truth. if nothing, i speak the truth. the former heisman trophy winner. baseball player. he has a new book, "shaken" where he opens up about getting through life's ups and downs.
8:21 am
>> you're the best. >> welcome home. >> thank you. appreciate it. love being back. >> we watch you from afar. now we're watching you playing baseball. you have game tonight. you're having fun. >> yes, i do. i'm having so much fun. it's amazing when you do something for the love of it. i'm so passionate about the game and pursuing it. it's so much fun. >> i gotta tell you, i got so much out of reading your book. especially how you began the book. wrote here that's on the jacket. your circumstances do not define you. your identity does. and many thought football defined you. that was your identity. but it's -- it has not been. how did you prevent that from happening? >> i think it's understanding what matters. what's important in your life. having something bigger than just what you do. when you have an identity that is bigger than what you do, even when that fails, that crumbles,
8:22 am
your life is bigger than that. this book is written for so many people that have to go through ups and downs, whether it's your boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you. you don't get that job. you're not good enough. i've been told by a lot of different teams that i'm not good enough. how do you handle that? how do you bounce back? and for me, it's to be able to have a foundation of something bigger than yourself. understand what god says about you. you're important. you have a life of significance and you have a life of meaning. when you understand your purpose, it will your identity. >> it's so apparent throughout the book. your circle of trust. your beautiful family. i love how you speak about them. you tell the story about going to the philippines. something happened there. that you came back saying, i'm going to be the best quarterback ever. it had nothing to do with sports when you were there. tell us about it. >> no, i got to meet a boy with his feet on backwards. his name is sherwin. in a remote jungle. that entire village looked at him like he was cursed because he was born with his feet on backwards.
8:23 am
fighting for. supposed to be loving and encouraging. leaving that village, i left with tears in my eyes because i wanted to fight for people like that. i knew i wanted to be the best athlete that i could be. what i wanted to do with my life? i wanted to fight for people like sherwin. now that's why we have a hospital in the philippines. we take care of 2,000 orphans. the first kid we brought into the hospital was a little girl who had to crawl for food every day because she was born with her feet on backwards. and people you're cursed. now we get to carry those people into the hospital and they walk out with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. we want to fight for people that can't fight for themselves. >> you were born in the philippines. that's a special place for you. i love the story of sherwin. that his friends -- you're the big star in town, his friends stayed with him. they knew that he couldn't walk to see you. >> imagine a village that has never had visitors in the history of the village. ever. the biggest thing to ever happen.
8:24 am
speak but, for them to walk away and stay with their friend, because their principal didn't want to have the crippled boy discouraging the americans. so they leave, their friends stay with them. that encouraged me. can you imagine in middle school to have a friend that sick and stay with him over the biggest thing that's ever happened? that encouraged me to want to be that type of friend. but to be able to make that type of impact on someone's life. >> you've made a big impact. especially on young people's lives. a group from indiana. we have time for one question. who is going to be the one? >> i can do it. so you're one of the biggest names in sports right now. how do you stay so humble? >> um -- that's a good question. thank you. i think humility is something that is very hard. i think humility comes, not
8:25 am
but thinking of yourself less. meaning try to look for the people around you and what they need and how you can help them and how you can make an impact in their life. because, i think the greatest form of love is choosing the best interest of another person and acting on their behalf. you see friends and the people around you in your class, they need help. be the person to go out of your way to help them, love them, care about them. you never know the impact you'll make. >> because he is my right hand, i will not be shaken. "shaken" is the name of the book. you're all getting it. everybody in our audience outside and around is going to get the book. it's not cin tomorrow. you have to hit the road. you have a game tonight. >> yes, i do. >> thank you for making the time for us. our love you to and your family. this "walking dead" thing is back. >> a few people have talked about it. >> there she is. the time has finally come, this is by far the most important vote you have ever cast. >> are you ready to go the polls? i want to be a leader who brings
8:26 am
great again. >> who will be your next president? >> we're going to win back the white house. >> we will win this election. >> election night, this is where america turns for answers. a powerhouse team of abc news. abc, election night, live. ws.
8:27 am
this morning, arapahoe county will open 11 polling centers will be open. you can do an electronic -- they'll be those to help you register to vote or you can request a replacement ballot. leaders will vote on whether residents use electr v the denver post says you can drive on streets where the speed limit is 25 miles-per-hour or slower. if a proved, superior will follow in the states of neighboring towns like erie and lions. let's check with lisa with your monday forecast. >> mid to upper 40s right now. we're going to see a lot of sunshine and clouds rrlling through. city park at 45. and we're just above freezing in the mountains. you're going to find this afternoon, a nice warmup from 40s this morning to back in
8:28 am
denver, a high of 75 which means tonight for the broncos game, we'll be under a partly cloudy sky. by 6:30, kkckoff, 68 degrees and then right around 58 by the fourth quarter. mild temperatures tonight, beautiful game day forecast. 70s by today. tomorrow, we could see a few showers and the mountains will likely see most of the rain and snow, but a few showers po when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life.
8:29 am
like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. forten area. 120th closed between a little east of colorado boulevardd that's where a nasty accident in there, so they're going to have it closed down for a while. it happened 15 minutes ago so they're trying to help out those in the accident. they're asking you to avoid the area. the rest of he ride to the south side remains to improve whether it's 270, i-76, i-70, an accident at 29th and central park. also one near
8:30 am
off i-25. i-25, 225, not as bad as you might imagine. ? [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. what a great audience we have here. this morning. thank you very much. and we have a very special guest since you're such wonderful people. are you ready to meet one of the he's written aew book. we'll talk to him about that and more. please welcome will forte. >> hi, will. >> still working the beard. how are you? >> good how are you. >> good luck with the seat. >> it's a roller. >> we'll get to roller derby later. >> first, jesse, you're bringing something to the table. >> whim in, will.
8:31 am
>> let me ask you a question. >> what is the question? >> did you used to do anything mischievous as a child? family in florida found out what their 6-year-old boy, dylan, does. that's cody. he's the father. dill season the 6-year-old. look at this video they found of dylan at 2:00 in the morning. and they have this big rule in their house. you're not the brand-new couch. and of course; that's what dylan did. the amazing part to me is that dylan has night vision, because he's not cart wheeling and running into walls or anything else. and then later on, watch this. it's incredible. he's doing his best batman impersonation. turning the lights on. he made a critical error, at the end of the video. he knew there was a camera in the corner of the room. he walked over to try to turn
8:32 am
got dylan. >> hey, i didn't do it. >> it was not me. >> dylan doesn't yet understand that if you unplug the camera it doesn't erase the video. do your kids, have you caught them doing anything funny like that? >> we see the aftermath in the morning. >> yeah. >> were you a prankster like that, will? >> i have gone through prankster phases. a lot of prank calling. >> i loved a good pra when i was little. the your refrigerator running ma'am? you better catch it. sorry. >> he seems like he's well on his way to sur passing any hi jinx that i did. >> did you play pranks on your parents? n't i did the worst prank to my mom. i shouldn't say it. i apologize. she was getting home, i was
8:33 am
ketchup on the ground, in that one moment, i was like, this is a joke. this is a joke. god this is not early morning stuff. >> ten years of therapy, he's fine. >> it all worked out. >> these were the moments that -- >> this is how you grow. this is how i grew and said, never pretend that you -- w not like a yard sale of a flea market. rachel dratch said you collect portraits of some port? >> i used to collect portraits of random people. >> you can find some real hum dingers out there. >> i have found weird pictures. you can see the eyes following you very haunted looking pictures. >> i wept through that phase a
8:34 am
bad yard sale. but a lot of times, the science will indicate. estate sale. this couple really wept for it. they used celebrity-inspired flyers to get people to come to their yard sale. for example, this one says, hello, is it deals you're looking for? ? sit deals you're looking for ? >> this one, ryan gosling analysis their neighborhood. hey, girl, i'm headed to this yard sale. let's go b this couple crushes it. >> one more, one more, one more. >> the dos equis guy. i don't always go to yard sales. but when i do, i turn here. this couple did great. they made $500. had the most popular yard sale. >> that's awesome. >> got rid of some stuff. reinvent, rescue, recycle. and they win our "gma" contest for creativity this morning. >> we have to work out a "gma"
8:35 am
you really want to be a singer. >> i find my window. everyone is clapping or laughing. you can't really hear me. that's the key. drown me out. will, let's talk about the book. $ 101 things to definitely not do if you want to get a chick. >> you don't want to take advice from this book. it's a dumb cartoon book. i was 24 years old. before i had gotten into comedy at all. and, just started doodling. and, the -- it's just tissue it -- if anybody takes a -- >> not do. >> is that you drawing that? ment i drew all those things. that's why it took 22 years to get them published.
8:36 am
you walk the fine line between creepy and funny. >> do you agree? >> after seeing this -- yes. you do a good job with that. >> no, i mean it -- >> i'm still single. >> share, guys. >> do not take that advice. it was the first couple of -- it was my first couple of jobs at generalmy mccarthy's sketch show and "letterman" up the street. the book always meant a lot to me. it was a snapshot of the kind of things i was thinking about when i was 24. >> never hitchhike from her living room to her kitchen. good advice. >> that's like in the middle of the book. you have to ease in. >> the beard is back. does that mean last man on earth is back? >> yeah. we're about a third of the way through, half the way through
8:37 am
so -- uh -- >> are you loving it? jt i do. it's an incredible amount of work. here wo more work than i ever knew. i act on it and i write with the writers and edit with the edi edito editors. every ounce of time is spent doing that. it's great to be out and with people. >> great episode with the karaoke and jason. >> congrats on nebraska. i >> thank you. >> you said this is a lot of hard work. sit as hard as your time on "snl." those are labor intensive days. >> i thought there would never be a job as hard as "snl." but this is more work than that. ? mcgruber ? >> we'll leave the singing to
8:38 am
>> author, you cannot look at that and say author. if you read that book, you'll not come out of that and go, he's an author now. >> everyone is going home with a copy of women's book. >> that's not the say i don't love the book. >> never plaster her wall with pictures of cheese graters. it seems like good advice. >> it's solid advice thank you for coming. >> thank you very much.
8:39 am
8:41 am
monday doesn't feel like a monday when you have great folks. you guys were here this weekend. >> yep. >> chilly. it was definitely cool. but even cooler by the midweek. look what happened in new england. they are skiing in parts of new england. that's stowe, vermont. i whoo! nobody else is excited about the snow? more to come later this week. we're also going to have a
8:42 am
>> that's my favorite thing. i come over and everyone goes, whoa, i don't know if i want to be on tv. all that weather brought to you by carrier. lara, let's go in to you. >> ginger, thank you very much. all right, now, to new medical advances in an area i have personal experiences with. after seeing my story on "gma," one of our viewers reached out and told us how her child was screened for hip problems at birth. here's a closer look at how doctors are trying to stop the problem early. as an active woman in my 40s, i was shocked when my doctors told me last summer i needed an entire hip replacement. it was so upsetting. i was like, what? diagnosed with a condition called hip dysplasia, also known as ddh, which led to painful arthritis. my doctor said i probably had it since birth. about 10% of all hip replacements are due to this problem. but advancements in medicine
8:43 am
today, every baby is tested for ddh. early intervention makes it less likely for surgery later in life. >> hip dysplasia is one of the more common things babies are born with. it's an important part of the newborn exam. there's awareness and discussion on it. it's treatable. >> reporter: some newborns are at a higher risk. like those with a history of ddh or babies born breech, or with dislocated or loose hip. and a simple ultrasound can reveal the problem. 1-year-old emily was born breech and diagnosed with ddh at birth. >> the doctors were checking her legs. just routine screening and felt like one of the legs -- he was able to pop it out of the socket. they described it as a shallow hip socket. >> reporter: she was given a pavlic harness at two days old and wore it 24 hours a day for two months to reposition the hips correctly. now doctors say, she's on track.
8:44 am
it's not expected she'll have any hindrances in life. which is really a great outcome. >> and dr. jen ashton is joining us now. so rkts, what symptoms should parents be looking for? >> as we saw in the piece. parents should be clear on this. this is part of norm routine newborn screening. just because a woman has a baby in the breech position automatically mean their babies have this. it's just more common. we normally pick it up at birth. i spoke to a patient who had this. had both hips replaced. she remembers being in kindergarten and not being able to put her knees down when sitting cross-legged. so if, as a parent, you notice any of those things, just talk to your pediatrician. >> yep, yep. i understand all too well. i will say during recovery, i have found there are days, less and less thankfully, the exercise sometimes felt like it
8:45 am
actually making me go in reverse. >> and i know. you've done so well. it's a testament to the fact that joint replacement surgery is better than ever. joints don't last forever. it's important to follow the recommendations the physical therapists and surgeons give you as much as possible. when you talk about exercise, it's not just after surgery or post-op. it's as you said, before. think of it encompassing the four basic aspects. you want to hid the because that's important head to toe. you want to do build strength around the hip joint. >> it's all about the core. >> the posterior chain. people have difficulty moving side to side. >> there are telltale signs. and i had those signs. i just didn't know what to look for. i just didn't know. this is something that was congenital. there my whole life. and there is a chance that it will be happening with my other hip just because it is what it
8:46 am
how do we help folks not -- be as shocked as i was. i terally, i went through shock symptoms. when i found out. i was like, oh, muscle pull. >> how to navigate those waters. number one, find a good orthopedic surgeon. what does good mean? someone who does a lot of this. who specializes in the hip joint. just because you're an orthopedic surgeon doesn't mean you specialize in all joints. you really want to follow his or her recommendations preop and post op as closely as possible. you want to minimize the wear it has a shelf life. it's not going to last forever. that doesn't mean be inactive. it just means be careful. >> this is not an old person's problem. this is an active person's problem. we all have joints. and they don't last forever. please take care of them. trust me. dr. jen, thank you so much. >> you're doing so well. we'll talk with you later in the week. coming up, we're going to get into "the walking dead." amy's very excited.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back now with the premier that has everyone talking. "the walking dead." fans like me are -- i mean, i'm not kidding. we're still recovering from last night's bombshells. >> we're really excited, we have danai gurira, who plays michonne on the series. she's joining us now live from los angeles. good morning, danai. go we were left with this huge cliffhanger at the end of last season. now we know who got killed off. i don't want this to be a spoiler alert. for you, personally, how hard was to it keep all of that a secret? >> oh, yeah. it was a lot. it was a pretty long time that we had to hold that in. and you know, there were folks that were kind of playing inspector gadget with us. so your in atlanta. not -- when you're in new york or l.a., so you're in new york right -- are you shooting?
8:50 am
you're trying to dodge it all the time. i will say there was actually something that was happening with it where i was like contributing a teeny tiny bit to our democracy with this cliffhanger. i was helping get out the vote with the hillary clinton campaign. i was at southern florida university. folks wanted to talk to me. i said, have you registered to vote? >> they didn't want to talk about the election. they wanted to talk about "walking dead." i want to talk about last nigh how they died. and let's not even talk about what almost happened to poor carl. what did you think? i felt sick to my stomach watching it. i want your thoughts. >> i thought it was very, very powerful. to lose characters that we love that dearly who are such astounding characters. so many ways, the heart and soul
8:51 am
to lose them, i thought it was very important for us to see and to feel that loss. because that loss transforms everybody. it's devastating. we wanted -- i thought it was beautiful that we walked through it together. though it's the most horrible thing to walk through. as an audience, you walked through it with us. and i mean, everyone's response is utterly valid. it was horrifying to sit through that experience. >> i had to fast forward. through parts of it. i'll be honest. i had to fast-forward. >> but the transformation it causes us as a group, it couldn unless you walked through it with us. >> last season, your character, michonne gets together with rick. rick's the leader of the group. now all of a sudden, you have this new villain you're trying to fight against. there's all this going on. you ever had time for romance between the two of you? >> i will say, i will say violence is not a new thing to this show. the show is basically in a war zone. not new. but no, i mean, yeah. they're a couple you'll have to see what the aftermath will be
8:52 am
they're in a committed, love-filled relationship. they fell in love as best friends. they're in a moment of complete and utter transpor formation. what will happen, nothing is the same. this man has changed everything. he's walked in their lives. everything they knew and thought they knew is just completely transformed. how they'll recover, we'll see. >> he's so evil. he lucille. we have questions from viewers. sheena wants to know how the past episode affects your character, michonne? >> we'll see it moving forward very clearly. the loss upon loss. and then what almost happens to carl. to me, i mean, to her, it was the most devastating thing. she's doing the math as she's siting there. she cannot help in any actual way. she tries.
8:53 am
she talks to negan and tries to talk him down. she's the only one that tries that. that's how desperate she gets. this is a woman who debts up and gets it done. >> she's fan favorite. i love you on the show. i love talking to you this morning. i almost called you michonne. danai. thank you so much. can't wait to watch. >> thank you. >> and you can see the new season of "the walking dead"
8:54 am
it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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ginger just warned us. it will be really cold wednesday. before we go, download the abc news app. get live-stream, breaking news reports from the campaign trail, election night. everything you need to know. have a great monday, everyone. this morning, a 66-year old man is thankful to be alive. cliff while hacking at castle
8:57 am
weekend. john arsenole's family was taking a picture. he gemmed down a 3-foot ledge and he landed with his legs crossed and fell. >> when i saw my dad on the ground, i was, like, oh, crap. i'm not going to be able to say i'm sorry or i love you. >> this video is cell phone video of the paramedics pulling stretcher. he broke several bones. his family set up a go fund me page. we put a link on our free denver 7 app. lisa, it was gorgeous, is the weather going to continue? >> this morning, it's gorgeous. we're getting into the 50s and 60s. right around 78. thornton, 75. aurora this afternoon, a high of 77.
8:58 am
with 80s across parts of southhrn colorado. and mainly 60s in the mountains. we will see a chance for a few showers tomorrow. it's going to be really mild for tonight's broncos game with an increase in clouds. low 70s tuesday and wednesday. jason, more 70s, upper 70s by the end of the week. >> the last highway crash is clean up is on the westbound side at church ranch. you can see the left lane is blocked to the express lane and the right lanes are ope so you can get by it, but traffic is backed up to on the map all the way up there. from federal and sheridan to the crash, it's going to take you a couple of extra minutes around 120th and colorado after an armor
9:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ? [ wild cheers ] >> now, here's [ cheers ] ? ? >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ]


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