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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  October 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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have been killed incllding children in the northwest part of syria when raids his schools there. we have video there. the raids were carried out by syrian or russian aircraft. strikes hit three residential buildings, a stadium and government building. . we have an update on the breaking news from yesterday. four people killed in a water ride in an amusement australia. the park closed indefinitely. meanwhile in tampa, busch gardens has closed their same ride, the one people were riding in australia. back to autotrail ya, here's what witnesses say happened. one raft had just emptied but stuck on the conveyer belt. the approaching rash were crrshed into it.
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>> obviously the kids on board screaming while their mom was trapped under. >> police say it's a miracle that the two children survived the accident. investigators looking at water levels on this ride. an update on the midair scare we told you about on tuesday. a british air ways plane forced to land after crew members got sick. the reason why they fell ill still a mystery. initial reports point to toxic fumes in the cabin. an emergency declared hours after the take off to san francisco. >> the woman in the seat next to us was crying and some people started to not feel well. >> once the plane did make it to it to the ground, only the crew was taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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investigate the tour bus crash. we're hearing from the driver of the big rig the bus crashed into. >> the impact hit me from behind and i just blacked out. when i gained conscious, i undid my seat belt and looked around. i got in my tru >> he goes on to say he's praying for the families of those that did not make. the ntsb revealing the bus did have safety issues including improper trade on the tires. watch as the coast guard crew peeforms an airline rescue. this is a man stuck on a sailboat off the coast of charleston, south carolina. this was on monday. no word yet on how he is doing or how long he was stranded at
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a rental nightmare. a denver couple put their home on air bnb only to have it crashed. you see damage to the sink and blinds in the bathroom. that's in addition to pizza boxes and even a pipe to smoke pot left outside. >> i was really disappointed that people would treat our house with this much disrespect. >> so after filing a claim and also e-mails from air bnb decided to reimburse the homeowners. good. it's talk about the weather. >> the seven-day forecast still mild. the coolest day is next tuesday. 70s and 60s until then. we are now tied as the fifth warmest october here in denver. more 70s and 80s for now. tomorrow will be the warmest
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does it stay nice for halloween? yes, it does. i'll show you coming up. in the mid to upper 40s this morning. city park at 47. allenes park at 45 and just above freezing in evergreen. cooler there and very mild though, warm again this afternoon with evergreen at 68. denver hitting 75 and likely near parker and aurora will be around 71 to 72. most mountain towns through the today and montrose at 70. durango a high of 68. warm and clear staid wide. yesterday had quite a few showers in the mountains but the wave of wet weather moving east so by 1:00 it's sunny and dry and winds will be coming out of the southwest at 5-10 miles per hour. calm conditions and a perfect afternoon. the problem again just how dry it is. red flag warning wise, fire
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windy but we wiil likely see winds pick up as we head into the weekend so we could see fire danger increase. 75 today and 80 on thursday. on friday tracking a weak cold front set to move across the northeastern corner of the state. cooler saturday and sunddy. still aaove normal though with the cold front, a good 7-10 degrees above normal. you're finding sunday is beautiful, high of 73 and on a mix of sun and clouds. likelyytemperatures by 4:00 in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. 62 by 7:00 and thhn upper 50s by 9:00. still mild on monday but the next storm set to hit on tuesday so timing wise just missed it which is good. cooler on tuesday with a high of 60. we have a good drive around town. starting with the drive across downtown at i-25 and spear
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big doings on spear today. take a look at the map. i-25 and i-70 looks great but the northbound side we're concerned with. northbound spear right here at stout, the road that takes you under the convention center, two lanes closed for the next week. they're doing utility work and blocking one lane of stout so that will be reduced. 'l place for a week and that will cause significant delays in the morning and especially on the evening commute. be aware of that. again, road work starting today. good news it's warm and bad news, the construction season continues. >> yes. game one of the world series on the books. the cleveland indians take home the wins but cubs fans may have luck on their side.
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flying nonstop from denver to dubai could be a reality in the next four years. the mayor re-tweeted a post about the hopes of a nonstop flight by the year to 20. 2020. they will meet soon. >> that would be exciting. >> how long is that flight going to take?
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>> maybe only 12 in one flight? >> i don't know. clouds yesterday. are we looking for the same today? >> no, clear skies. beautiful now. winds out of the south at 5-15 miles per hour. relative humidity at 60%. a sunny start this afternoon, 75 for a high. so for the kids heading home, it will be a warm one again today. keep the winter coat in the closet. don't need it yet. 74 and in aurora today a high of 71. seeing more traffic here and there at i-70 and tower road. the camera is bouncing arrund, the winds are catching at the right angle. right now looking at an easy drive here and out to dia but highway 36, wide open conditions into boulder now. 5:24. the cleveland indians win game
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defeating the cubs 6-0. eight strike outs during the first three innings. >> last night we stopped by the wymans number five. it was packed. >> that was the place to be. i missed it. i was sleeping. few would have dared to predict the start of the season which teams were facing off in michael lee. >> in his yearbook photo back in 1993 you can see it reads "chicago cubs 2016 world champions, you heard it here first." that's his quote. one of his class matts said he never forgot that. >> it came to me, i'm puttinn this. it came from when i was a kid. i had a dream about it.
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first game 5:06. >> i allot of people will be asking him for his predictions. the latest on the mom who recorded hitting her son on camera. a major colorado freeway shut down for hours as cattle ran in every direction. hear from the drivers who turned into cattle wranglers. also, it's a mess literally in parts of the evergreen forest coming together to clean it all up. how serious they are about it coming up after the break. we just got ord the next major battle against isis could
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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mike coffman, endorsed by the denver post. he's "a consistent warrior" who "took action against his party's presidential nominee," donald trump, and has "urged republicans to stop stalling on immigration reform." mike coffman. "reliable." a "leader." unlike morgan carroll,
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"if we're ever to see gridlock reduced in congress, we need more representatives like coffman." mike coffman. endorsed by the denver post for congress. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. people in evergreen are
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0 live in evergreen with a look at the clean up effort. >> reporter: we are now four hours away from this big operation to clean up the mess along squall pass road. behind the camera just up the road is where we're going up the pass with tow trucks and trailers, all value tiers trying to clean up that trash. ta a if you haven't seen this, it's horrible. people are pulling off and dumping this stuff. there's tvs and couches and all sorts of debris. old shutters. we talked with tim who stumbled upon the trash with his wife and he said he's found several illegal dumping sites he thinks are coming from construction sites. >> ttey charge the customer x amount of dollars to say it's


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