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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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new developments. a search for a missing toddler that was supposed to begin has been put on hold. why investigators say they're not searching or the boy. clinton is pushing forward rallies over the weekend right here in colorado. why he's questioning our state's mail in ballot system. the broncos have redeemed themselves against the chargers. we're going to have highlights plus anpdate on phillips who was knocked to the ground and rushed to the hospital. 13-month-old syllus is feared dead and his body believed to be in a dumpster
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>> we told you that officials plans to search a landfill, but those have been postponed until tomorrow. amanda del castillo has all the details. amanda. >>reporter: just another distriy in the search for the young -- just another delay in the search for the young boy. we talked about the timeline and presumed dead. laramie county sheriff's deputies tells me high winds warnings have prevented them from transported the equipment to the landfill. the man arrested in the case led police on a gooss chase. that's according to captain linda. she says logan lodger led -- when the search at the landfill is underway, authorities will have to comb through 200,000 pounds of garbage. we told you that the boy was reported missing last wednesday. that was
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been seen. so the postponement here at the landfill only delaying the search for young syllus. i'm amanda del castillo, denver seven. >> his mother's boyfriend, 23-year old rogers who amanda mentioned is facing manslaughter and child endangerment charges and he'll appear in front of a judge today. it's not clear what's to come o the court appearance. we'll have a crew in the courtroom. when we learn more, we'll let you know. looking live at mile high chargers, it's october 31st. happy halloween. >> and there's no snow. here anyway. >> it doesn't feel like halloween. >> there hasn't been any snow and no rain. there's been nothing. >> we need some. >> looking at the drought monitors, some areas under a moderate level. more on that coming up this afternoon on to issue when's it
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for trick-or-treating. city park right now, 73. estes park, 57. right now, in aurora and in parker, low 70s. so it's already a warm start to our afternoon. we're going to climb another 2 to 3 degrees by 3:00. by 7:00, 64 degrees which means you don't need a coat if you're out trick-or-treating tonight. really mild and really dry. look at ur highways today. again, well abo we're close to 60 this time of year. not told. our temperatures will drop a bit you guys. here's your first alert we're watching we have a series of weak ones and we'll take a look at -- some threats are circulating around social media targeting douglas county sccools, but in, investigator say those threats are not credible. it's not clear what the threats involve, but yes know the rumors targeted
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extra officers have been deployed in that area as precaution. lanes back open after a crash in tela road and one person rushed to the hoopital. it's not clear what caused that crash. the search is on for a person who opened fire over the weekend killing two people and leaving a third person fighting for their life. this happened on columbine street and 43rd avenue. details surrounding the shooting is unclear. another shooting over the weekend, this one was on boulder on university the parking lot, then led to that shooting. a man was shot in the calve. he was rushed to the hospital. investigators say the student or the man was not a student at cu. two hit-and-runs over the weekend. one turns deadly. police are asking for your help tracking the drivers down. one hit by a white pick up truck yesterday around 2:30. that person did not survive. around the same time, another person was hit by a car.
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that happened on 19th and larimer. police are searching for a white suvv if you know -- a man wanted for murder in -- deputies in utah say the man abducted two people friday night and shot and killed another person. to the race to the white house right now. in a washington news poll shows clinton and trump almost even. clinton you can see has 46% to trump's 45. as election near, the controversy taking center stage. this time it's on clinton and her private e-mail server. >> the justice department has started searching a computer believed to contain the e-mails
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there wereesexting allegations against the aid's husband wiener. sse's calling it suspicious. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such littll information right before an election. >> the fbi says they stumbled on the e-mails weeks ago, but the discovery was revealed on friday. mean tile, trump working the -- meantime, trump working the state of colorado trying to rally over voters. he addressed voting to clinton's e-mail? s this is the biggest scandal since water gate and it's everybody's deepest hope that justice at last can be properly delivered. >> that is trump speak to go a packed crowd in jefferson county on saturday. he's defending the fbi after finding oupt the attorney general disaareed with
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that the attorney general disagreed with the e-mails. >> do you think those ballots are properly counted? >> i know they're all saying of course, everything is so legitimate. perhaps i'm more a skeptical person, okay. >> trump worries the ballots will not be properly counted, but he isn't saying why he thinks this. it's clear he's making his presence known eight days before the election. the clinton campaign coming back to colorado ts for her mom here. she'll be in aurora tomorrow and boulder on wednesday. for more information, visit our free denver seven app. a heads up to voters this morning. there's important deadlines you need to know about and if you haven't gotten your ballot in the mail yet, you can get a new or replacement ballot at a polling station. you need to send your mailing ballot off
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arrives by election day. a little more than 310 -- more than 23,000 unaffiliated voters turned in their ballot.% another win for the broncos. it wasn't pretty. broncos beat the chargers 27-19 at mile high. >> the brown chose got this one without the running game without their defensive coordinator for much the game, but with four sacks and a monster punt and two >> the broncos had a chance to put this away, but the offense couldn't do it. now, without c.j. anderson, be better get their running game up and running. here's what coach team's performance.bout the%- >> your opinion on the red game -- >> it was non existence. we come out and go down the field with a good sharp football team, and then we couldn't get out of our way for the next 3 or 4 series so i'm disappointed and i know we were missing c.j.
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we got to improve. hopefflly a key to realed -- marshal will be back this week -- hopefully marshal will be back. people are concerned about defensive coordinator phillips because of this hit. he's expected to be back today which is amazing after yesterday's he was knocked down a charger's gordon. it looked like wade hit his head. players kneeled as doctors attended to him. he was taken to the a lot of concerns especially after gary kubiak collapsed and taken to the hospital a few weeks ago. it's halloween, so if you see a grown man cruising around in a turtle costume, you may not have thought anything about it, but it's to promote a safe halloween. >> jason gruenauer explains the turtle. >>reporter: yes, the turtle. in a couple of hours, these neighborhood streets are going
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kids cruising around door to door trick-or-treating. to send that message of being safe and aware, home to drivers, lakewood police put on life size, adult size costumes themselves. this is a lakewood police officer dressed as raphael from the teenage mutan turtles. he's reminding drivers to give kids a flash light and cross at corners and stay in groups and for drivers, be aware. >> where they're crossing tonight, it probably won't be a crosswalk, and we really see some of the fear -- the fear is in the neighborhood where there aren't crosswalks and kids are going to run back and forth to houses with their porch lights on getting candy. >> so, i had to get into the
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halloween and ron burgundy and raphael crossed the street today. lakewood police say this is being proactive instead of reactive trying to avoid a tragedy instead of having to respond to one this halloween, so for myself and everybody here at denver even, stay classy and you stay safe, denver. reporting live in lakewood, i'm jason gruenauer, denver seven. >> the beard is loose. that's jason gruenauer. >> he's wonderful. the nationwide manhunt comes to an end. killed by police. we have details. a new video surfacing this morning. a man walks into a new orleans airport and starts attacking tsa agents with a machete. we have the video next.
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this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress
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for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. breaking overnight. a nationwide man hunt come to an end after police shot and killed this man in oklahoma. michael vance has been on the run since last sunday. that's when he shot two police officers, killed his aunt and uncle and stole a car from a couple. police received tips that vance was seen on an oklahoma high headed east. that trail turned cold. that's until a farmer found the makeshift camp on his property and he spotted a person matching the description of vance. place caught up with vance, but he took off.
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it's called the strongest earthquake to hit italy since 1980. an earthquake of 6.6 rocked the area. so far no reports of any fatalities. the area has experienced earth quakes in the past week which has left those homeless. the deadly quake left 300 people dead in august. new video surfacing today at 11:00 about the moments of a walks up to a tsa check point and wields a machete and he pulls a can of wasp spray from a bag and sprays the travelers and he starts chasing tsa agents through the metal detectors. they say he suffered from a mental illness.
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park remains closed and there's no decision when the park will reopen. 200 employees did return to work today to help maintain the park. two men and two women died when their raft overturned. two kids were on the raft, but they were able to escape. jury selection begins for the trial of this police officers accused of murdering an unarmed man. killing walter scott. a this was april of last year. pulled scott over for a broken taillight. this shows slager firing eight times as scott ran away with his back towards the officer. he was indicted for murder. the other video shows a struggle -- massive arrest in north dakota. 140 people were arrested for criminal protesting
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talked about in the past. police are task with housing those people. the jail holds 45 people. police say the temporary housing units had been inspected and approved for the north dakota department of corrections. a huge development -- century links is buying lev three corporations. the deal is worth $34 billion. this merger means both companies will expand a global presence and the fiber company will not be based inthe broomfield but we'll told it will have a presence in our state. take a look at this. mysterious sea creature swimming. it's seee slithering through the river. it looks like it's covered with ice on its back. if you look closer, you may notice a head underneath the surface. now the video is
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some things it's a comp of weeds and others are convinced it's alive. we can't figure this out. maybe it's photo shop. it is halloween, so who knows. >> i like the recording sign on this with the button and the battery is almost dead on that camera, by the way. >> that means its got to be true. >> i want to know what this thing is though? >> someone having fun on halloween. >> with a remote control. it's nice outside, already in the 70s. after this it's the 4th warmest october on record. we've been watching that number. >> a nice fall. >> it's nice, but too dry. we need moisture. it's another dry week from today through the coming weekend. a slim chance of getting rain or snow. snow in the mountains right now
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look at our wind gust at 15 to 25 miles-per-hour. it has been windier north of colorado in through wyoming. we've been seeing there near laramie on this map, gust at 40 to 50 miles-per-hour. you're going to find winds picking up a touch today, this with a weak cold front with a north southerly wind. temperatures in the mid 70s. mid to upper 70s, yet another warm one. we're around 60 degrees we'll be near 60 but not until 9:00 tonight. mild this evening. and early tomorrow right around congress park today, 76. we have aurora today at 76. littleton, 78. and high lands ranch at nearly 80 degrees this afternoon. ww're in the 80s, well into the 80s. lamar near -- 50s and 60s for the central mountains. so state wide it's really mild and you're going to find mostly clear skies
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door. it's dry around denver tonight. by 5:00, we're at 70. by 7:00 we'll drop into the 60s and then mid 50s by 9:00. ggeat trick-or-treating. if you're in the northern mountains and closer to steamboat or craig, you're going to find scattered showers, so it's one of the few spots we're going to see any rain or snow here in the next couple of days. right up through parts of western larimer county, we could get showers and and by tomorrow morning, we're under a mix of sun and clouds. very slim chance again of seeing showers. if we get anything tomorrow, pretty spotty up and through the northern and central mountain. so dry again, but a little cooler tomorrow. we'll be under a mix of sun and clouds. 67 degrees on tuesday. wednesday, so far, the coolest day on our 7-day forecast with low 60s. we're going to gradually get warmer heading into the weekend, friday and saturday. back to near 70 degrees. so this is the
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don't forget on sunday, we fall back. so set those -- >> oh. >> i forget until that morning. i'll remind you all week long. >> please do that. it's called a $42 million selfie. a new york woman all by smiles after a slot machine said she won big, but her joy was short lived when she went to collect her winnings the next day. they say she didn't -- the her lawyer says she should win the maximum amount which is $6500. >> what aae bummer. -- what a bummer >> how do you know it's a malfunction. it can say that every time you win a jackpot. >> no wonder she got a lawyer. the cubs hang on against the indians. what the key to winning was in a make or break game.
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driving von miller's truck. he's auctioning off this week. you have to pay the right price. find out where the money is
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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jose fernandez had cocaine in his sister. investigators say fernandez was drinking at the time of the crash. he was -- officials are trying to figure out who was steering the vessel before the crash. the cubs are alive.
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it was a make or break night to keep the cub's championships alive. jon lester seem to carry the burden of 108 years of hope on his shoulders in the first 6th innings and the cubs are behind. game 6 back in cleveland tomorrow night and it starts 6:00 our time. those in chicago says -- bars in chicago says business has been great. some are charging cover fees. the ones >> what? >> that doesn't include a place to sit. >> that's crazy. >> wow. in for a treat and you may bebe able to drive his truck or own it. the linebacker is selling his truck to raise money for charity. here's the page on e-bay and the truck goes live tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. starting bid, $50,000. von's custom truck was featured on "the lifting life." the money raised will go to
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we're tracking developments this morning in the search for the body of a ttddler whose body may be a landfill. scary moment for passengers on a spirit airline. they were evacuated because of a bomb threat, and why a -- clinton tried tt push passed
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denver 7 learning details of the death of a 13-month-old toddler, silas ojeda body hasn't been found. we found out that the suspect logan rogers told police that the 13-month-old fell off the counter hitting his head and died. the documents say he wrapped up the little boy -- the boy had bruises, a split lip and at least one time being with roger and a friend as they smoked meth. in court this afternoon, so stay with denver 7 and our denver -- and our denver seven app. amanda del castillo has more on why the search is on hold until tomorrow. >>reporter: yet another delay in the search for the young wyoming boy. we told you that he was reported missing last wednesday, ?haa was already several days after he was last seen.
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me hide wind warnings prevented them from transporting necessary equipment to the landfill. they hope to get everything in place some time tomorrow beginning the search tomorrow. rogers, the man arrested in the case led -- he led investigators to albany county where he said he buried the boy and cadaver dog were used but turned up nothing. when the search is underway at this landfill, authorities say they're going through roughly 200,000 pounds of garbage. this postponement delaying the search for young silas. reporting, i'm amanda del castillo. denver 7. lisa has good news. -?>> am i going to need a jacket and is it going to be snow. many years as a kid, it has been snowing on halloween.
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a live look in sterling. it's at 75 in bennett. 74 in parker and 74 in boulder. you've got more mid and upper 50s and 60 right now in evergreen. so a warm start to our day. and it's going to get warmer in the next couple of hours. look at lamar, 82 degrees and on the western slope, mid to upper 60s. pretty please apt for a good portion of our state. this afternoon, we're going to see some toastier conditions, upper 70s by 3:00. and then so by 6:00 this evening, we're at 68 degrees. we'll see a few clouds this evening into tomorrow morning. but it is a really dry 7-day forecast. coming up, we have a closer look at what to expect for the first week of november. denver police are investigating several suspicious deaths. first, firefighters pulled a body from the cherry creek trail near spear and bannock. the bike path needed to be shut down for most of the
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another death investigation. this one where a body was found yesterday morning they're the sheridan on court place near the civic center park. police aren't releasing many details. as we learn more, we'll let you know. a suspect broke through the school's glass doors, damaging windows and a vending machine, and then the suspect broke into three cars in the parking lot. police are person. an 83-year old woman is recovering after getting run over -- the victim judith was walking find the car when it rolled over her. the driver may not have put the car in park. it happened last night. no worr on warren's condition. several assault weapons are in the hands of criminals this morning. police are trying to find the person who broke into a
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broke in and and they reached -?through the metal bars and ste two ak47 and a rifle. gun store owners are paying attention. he upgraded security after a burglar made away with three -- >> we make it difficult to steal guns from here. >> there are no federal regulations when it comes to gunshot security. the atf says nationally, stolen from gun dealers last year. that's up 7% from the year before. fire crews are getting handle on the junkins fire. it's 85% con tape, but it escorts 18,000 acres. we know what sparked that chat ridge fire that caused hundreds to leave their home in highlands ranch. an equipment malfunction on an electrical pole, that sparked that fire.
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an american airlines flight had to make -- the flight heading from los angeles was supposed to land in toronto, but had to land in town because tte airline said there was an odor onboard. investigators trying to figure out what the odor is. passengers said you could see smoke around the emergency exits and all 150 people onboard are okay. a scare on spirit airlines. the flight heaaing from florida to dallas, the flight was delayed for hours after a bomb scare this morning. two seet text messages that read quote, your bomb was in place. one woman says the man sitting next to her glanced over, saw the text and alerted the flight crew. the plane was searched and given the all clear. passengers were able to reboard the plane and it was allowed to take off. a week and one day to go -- both candidates have their work ?ut out for them. >> the clinton campaign is trying to move passed the e-mail controversy and trump isn't letting up on the attack.
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>>reporter: that political bomb shell has turned both campaigns upside down as trump pouncing on the news. >> this is the biggest political scandal since water great. >> there's a lot of noise and destruction, but it comes down to what future we want snpz the destruction came late friday when fbi director comey september a letter to lawwakers in congress saying that newly flge clinton's laptop -- federal agents found the e-mails weeks ago, but didn't inform comey until thursday. team clinton is calling it unfair treatment questioning comey's motivation for making it public. >> short on fax. >> there's hypothetical flies all over the place. >> trump using the nuchlly reignited investigation as ammunition as he moves his
11:37 am
newly ignited investigation as ammunition as he moves his campaign. >> polls shows clinton with a 68 lead. trump is making a final week push to flip this state from blue to red. >> the latest abc news national tracking pom has the candidates neck and neck. clinton with a one point lead over trump. >> at this point last week, clinton was up by double digits and the gap was narrowing over the week, but after friday's announcement, it abc ews, washington. >> feeling that supreme court vacancy is on hold -- they suggestion that 89% of likely voters consider this election of important to their choice for president. 68% thinks they should make the -- it is halloween and police around the metro area are urging you to be extra careful when driving around town tonight.
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treaters. jason gruenauer joins us in lakewood with more on this safety campaign. >>reporter: a fully grown man dressed like a ninja turtle. do i have your attention. lakewood police hopes so. that's why they put on -- a police officer dressed as raphael from the teenage mutan ninja turtles. he's easy to spot, but later on when these neighborhood streets are full of easy. they want drivers to slowdown and keep their heads on -- no crosswalks, they're trying to avoid tragedy, so trick or treat tips for parents, send your kids with something reflective and a flash light for drivers out there. obviously never drink and drive and be aware. >> i like -- they don't generally pay attention to well to traffic, so we have to pay a little extra attention tonight.
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get home safe. >> that turtle was stopped a few times by parents asking what was going on. that's when the officer inside that suit passed on those trick or treat safety tips. have a happy and safe halloween. in lakewood, i'm jason gruenauer. a church under fire for a racle cure. an abc investigation is showing -- an amazon couple slapping a lawsuit on amazon. wh fire that destroyed their home. if you plan on putting on that face paint, some toksologist are sending a warning to parents this morning. it's 11:39. as you head out the door, he's what we're expecting on halloween night. 5:00, we're at 70 degrees. mid 60s at 7:00. mild by 9:00. mid 50s. it does get cooler this
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an investigation, a church under fire for its so-called miracle cure treating autism and cancer. the church is praying on the desperate. calling the treatment poison. he claims what in his bottle would cure prostate cancer and autism. abc news found out there's nothing miraculous about it. it's a chlorine like solution used as an industrial bleach. >> you're doing it at the
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children. how can you not call this evil. >> million have been shifted. the fda received reports of vomiting and diarrhea caused by drinking it and the ex bishop denied wrong doing. amazon slapped with a lawsuit after a family says a hover boefb destroyed their million dollar home. they're blaming amazon saying they should -- they claim the danger of that product. another injure rules against johnson and johnson over talk based baby poweder and whether it causes cancer. a california woman has been awarded more than $70 million. she claims her ovarian cancer was caused of years using baby powder. johnson and johnson -- research
11:44 am
ready to put their kid's halloween paint on. heavy metals including lead are in those products. doctors say it's not safe. cosmetics are regulated and not -- >> we shouldn't expose them to toxins large -- largely because their brains are not done. if we can avoid them we should using face paint this halloween, the trick is to put it before you head out the door to go trick-or-treating and wash it off right away. and they say a short period of time should be okay for most kids. if you don't want to leave the house tonight, but want to go trick-or-treating, don't worry. there's an app. it's called med verse. you can trick or treat in an augments reality on your phone from the comfort of your couch. you can follow the clues and find hidden money.
11:45 am
neat. you can win up to $1,000. >> as if we don't have enough people doing pokemon go. >> running into things. >> i think you do this from home. >> you literately sit down with your feet propped up. >> i don't have to leave? >> no. >> maybe i misunderstood. >> we're digging deeper. >> i have too many things going on. i'm not downloading that thing. it's beautiful outside. take a look. here's your sheet on this monday. it's a warm one. highs in the 70s. we're seeing winds pick up between 10 to 25 miles-per-hour. so it's a little breezy, but not wind that's annoying. if you look up by loveland ski cam area you can see these shadows -- clearly i have too much going on. the shadows shaking around a bit. there's snow up there. >> there's something. >> a lot t is making up in loveland. wind speeds have been at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour up
11:46 am
it's gusty over those higher mountains passes and this all due to the cold front that's moving into north western colorado. i'll show you that in a minute. look at our highs, down across the plains and around den, mid to upper 70s from 1:00 to 3:00. it's warm. by 5:00, we'll start to see the numbers drop. but even by 7:00, 64 and 53 at 11:00. all kids should be asleep by that time. tomorrow morning, low it's pleasant this evening. centennial, a high of 75. du, 78. lone tree, 75. in westminster, 76 degrees. acs southern colorado, pueblo and lamar, closer to 90 degrees. it's really warm and dry. i'm surprised we're not seeing more flag warnings. fire danger is going to be high this next week because of how dry it is. again, this is the edge of that cold front. thht's where our rain and snow is going to be,
11:47 am
showers. by 3:00 this afternoon, parts of larimer and western boulder county could get a little rain, a little snow. we're going to stay dry here -?acrrss the plains. clear skies tomorrow morning. just a little mix of sun and clouds on tuesday. to quiet weather. warm weather for the next few days. you're going to find tomorrow, we do cool down about 5 degrees with this passing cold front. 67 on tuesday. then some low 60s on wednesday things start to warm back up. by thursday, friday, closer to 70 degrees. and we've got tto more bright spots to end the week, friday and saturday, around 70 degrees. warm, dry, still no snow as we look into the first week of november. i have a question? >> yeah >> what time should trick-or-treaaing end? it's a debate at our house? >> i would say a little after 8:00 >> i was going to say 9 :00 >> i was going to say 9:00. >> don't go to dayle's
11:48 am
it's a school night for most kids. as a parent you want to get your kids to bed. >> you're thinking too hard about it. they want candy. >> all right. yes , it is halloween, and we aal love to see how peoe choose to carve their pumpkins, but some scuba divers in north carolina, they took carving to a different level. they did it at the bottom of a shark tank. video. plus we're going to introddce you to the 7th everyday hero. he's volunteering and helping staff after a denver medical enter. >> how are you? >> you guys really tricked me? >> denver 7 has been surprising volunteers for 18 years. hi. >> oh, my god. oh . >> you know what's happening huh? who is the 7 everyday hero in your life. nominatehem at the, look
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i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. 7everyday heeo. >> congratulations! nice work. [applause] welcome back. brush with death withhchange your perspective. >> a 7everyday hero turned a
11:52 am
>> would you like lemonade or coffee >>reporter: at denver health medical center, the volunteers are the first line of help. >> i visit three floors in this pavilion. >> bill greets patients and staff with free coffee and lemonade. it's a volunteer duty he says helps everyone feel more relaxed. >> because the number of people that come to the hospital, they're not feeling well. they're not themselves. >> bill would know.% his first visit here was as a patient. wasn't able to speak, but i was able to know they had me on the crash cart within one minute. that impressed me. >> bill had to give back and has done so for five years. >> he's someone you want to see as you come into the hospital. >> with all these beverages, you're the most popular guy. >> with or without. >> bill sense of humor and compassion for others makes his ideal for this job.
11:53 am
>> good, how are you? >> you flirt with the girls, i see? >> quite well. >> he loves giving back and says volunteering is a great way to stay involved with your community and have a little fun. >> hi, amy. >> hi. >> it was good. i'll come over and visit with you. see, i'm losing my touch. i should be able to flirt and do this cart at the same time. >> we have a surprise for you here. >> thank you. >> denver seven and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all the time you give here. >> thank you, sir. [applluse] >> very good. >> we had fun meeting bill the other day. to learn more about volunteering just like ill at denver health, go to and click on community and you'll see 7everyday hero. let's see what's coming up
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at 4:00. now looks at the timing and whether the fbi -- plus lots of candy coming in your home thanks to halloween. for today, the types of candy you should never feed your pet. it's halloween, so i'm sure many have carved those pumpkins at your doorstep. but scuba divers created their masterpiece. they carved pumpkins at the bottom of a shark tank. the fish is like i want a bite. out heir designs, but we know they're brave souls at the bottom. >> we wouldn't call them good carver, but they're brave. >> that looks like a skull, cross bones. >> i guess my question is why, just to say they could. >> they can do that. >> it's -- tomorrow morning at the bus stop, it's going to be cooler as the kids are hopped up on goof balls and haven't slept. it's a cooler start.
11:55 am
tomorrow, cooler. >> don't ring thh door bell after 9:00 or guess or 8:00. after 9:00 or guess or 8:00. >> 9:00 donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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? >> announcer: today, it's the scariest hour of television you've ever seen. it's "the chew's" ultimate spooktacular. clinton's baking up something terrifyingly delicious with the fabulous kellie pickler. carla's got a devilish dessert. and "the chew" crefi reveals their halloween costumes in style. look alive, because the party starts right now on "the chew." [ evil laugh ] ? >> well, it's halloween again, folks. my least favorite day of the year. full of annoying kids, silly costumes and rotting pumpkins. whatever happened to the good old fashioned peace and quiet?


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