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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  October 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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night, dozens of families evacuated. two teenagers behind bars. >> liz gelardi is live tonight in the plum creek neighborhood in castle rock. liz, people can't even get into their own homes tonight. >> reporter: we heard those two back-to-back explosions. even though the bomb squad blew up those two devices, there could still be additional explosives and other dangerous chemicals in the home. meaning that those 30 or so homes evacuated, residents will not be returning home tonight. the explosion felt and heard in a castle rock neighborhood. >> that detonation was necessary to protect the public, protect the residents in the area, and to protect the officers on scene. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the flash. police kept everyone back, but behind the house in plum creek villages we saw these containers. >> yeah, it makes me wonder what's going on.
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their arrest last night brought police to the home where one of the teens lived. when officers realized what they were dealing with they told people to evacuate. >> they just said that the danger may be greater than what they thought originally and that it might be wise to leave for a while just to be safe. >> reporter: a neighbor sent me these photos showing the golf course. he told me he saw police digging a hole used to safely blow up the devices. police stopped short of the items found were in the process of being made into an explosive. >> the chemical compounds that were put together were put together in a manner that was calculated to explode had the material been put together properly. i'm not at liberty to go into exactly how it was put together or by what means. >> reporter: and of all nights on halloween when kids should be running around in the neighborhood, instead police
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keep kids away. >> i'm sure it's a big question on everybody's minds. >> reporter: the police chief here in castle rock says he has not seen this level of sophistication before out of a teen. no word on a motive yet. right now the focus is getting back inside that home and continuing the investigation. as for the residents who are displaced tonight there is a temporary shelter set up at the fairgrounds. reporting live in castle rock liz gelardi denver investigators found these two devices on the same day douglas county schools put out an alert about rumors of a threat of a district that insists these two are not related nonetheless. they are increasing patrols at the request of law enforcement. denver's d.a. mitch morrissey making bold statements here in our state sending a letter to the state of california about what he calls the negative impacts of legal weed. only jennifer kovaleski sat down with the d.a.
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the anti-pot campaign asked him to write the letter and to answer two questions. have crime rates gone down since we legalized marijuana, and has it freed up officers to focus on other crimes? in both cases the d.a. says absolutely not. was this a political move? >> a political move? i don't, one i can't run for this office again, and two i have absolutely nothing to do with california. >> reporter: denver district attorney mitch morrissey that the letter sent to no on prop 64, california's recreational pot measure is about facts, not politics. >> what i was trying to do was accurately reflect the facts as we know them since we have legalized commercial marijuana. >> reporter: those answers backed up by statistics are now being used by california to warn voters there about what morrissey calls a negative side
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our crime rate has gone up and our cops have been more busy on marijuana-related crimes than any time in the history of this city. >> reporter: since legalization the letter says crime rates in denver have increased 44% in every single neighborhood. marijuana e.r. visits are up 49%. and the amount of illegal weed seized by dpd is also up. >> it's gone from pounds to tons. are these statistics disturbing? i think that they should >> i don't think that there is any evidence. >> reporter: but pro-marijuana advocates have a different opinion about morrissey's motivation. >> the d.a. is politically campaigning trying to paint a negative cture of the marijuana laws in colorado that doesn't actually exist. >> the activists for this, they get outraged when somebody tries to present the facts. >> reporter: and now california is one of a handful of states voting whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana
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letter as well as where those stats came from on my story on -- on reporting tonight jennifer kovaleski denver7. we are just getting started. hacking the election. how colorado is working with homeland security right now to make sure that it doesn't happen here. the fight to block the dakota access pipeline goes viral. the tricky plan that protesters hatched up on facebook to try to confuse local police. $9 million for plate? why he says it is just his way of giving back. next on denver7. over a week until we know who the next president is going to be? hillary clinton buying up tv ads at the last minute. her first commercial in fact since july and the latest poll shows her lead here is shrinking. today clinton challenged the fbi's new review of e-mails saying that there is no case there. denver based plat river networks managed one of her
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nearly impossible to erase thethousands of e-mails that are a part of this investigation. >> reporter: those 30,000 e- mails reportedly deleted by hillary clinton. >> it's no longer a matter of clicking on a container or particular file, but it's now bits and pieces of e-mails or individual e--ails that are scattered throughout potentially hundreds of systems. >> reporter: computer security experts say that it is unlikely it is even possible. >> they're going to be in various different places. only place that you'll them is when you stumble upon them and you weren't expecting to find them. >> reporter: imagine this server like a social media post. the minute you hit post on facebook it goes to all of your friends and then they share it with all of theirs, seemingly no end in sight for how far that information can travel. >> so getting that post back after that is kind of similar to this e-mail. once it goes out you never know where it's going to end up. >> reporter: while the company may have deleted the folder for the e-mails, deleted all the individual files is nearly
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water if you break the glass you'll get water everywhere. >> reporter: we tried to ask flat river network's ceo ourselves, but wasn't home. the company's spokesperson says since company leaders pleaded the fifth in front of congress last year the company still has no comment. reporting many denver mark boyle denver7. >> hillary clinton's team is coming to colorado. her daughter chelsea will meet with aurora and boulder over the next couple of days. tomorrow bernie sanders kicks off and colorado is on that list. just in donald trump's running mate mike pence is coming back to colorado. are you feeling popular? well he'll campaign wednesday evening in loveland. that event starts at 5:30 at ranch. tomorrow is the deadline to mail in your ballot. after that you'll need to drop it off or vote in person. new tonight colorado is one of 46 states working with the department of homeland security to protect against election hacking. and the secretary of state's office tells us that they are
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months. and in a mountain of fliers and mailers campaigns have to be creative to get your attention. well some of you contacted us about handwritten letters showing up at your door. denver7 political reporter marshall zelinger went to check behind amendment 71. he money %- the ballot issue to make it harder for future ballot issues. >> so i just opened the door in the morning and it fell. >> reporter: not every campaign flier ends up in your mail. this one that looks like a handwritten note showed up hundreds of voters doors. >> it looked like it was an envelope from a neighbor. >> i don't know joey k. no. but it makes me feel like i should know joey k. >> reporter: that's what bothered some voters in centennial. this mass produced flier encouraging a yes vote on 71 is printed in a handwritten font. >> what bothers me is the irony of a campaign that is about preventing grass roots change using pretend grass roots
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we had over 250 people that volunteered to do it that day. >> reporter: david thompson went door to door dropping some of these off in support of the amendment to make it harder to amend. >> i did about 200 and i delivered them. if they weren't there i actually wrote notes on them. >> reporter: who is behind amendment 71? how much is grass roots? we followed the money, raised the bar, with $5.1 million in contributions, but only $160,000 people from you and me and the other $5 million arecorporations including more than $3 million from oil and gas. the official no on 71 group only has $18,000, but the other committees also oppose 71. unions like the national education association and public service workers have contributed more than half a million from washington, d.c. marshall zelinger denver7. new tonight we're hearing 911 calls from the terrorist who shot and killed 49 people inside the pulse nightclub in
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>> my home boy, this is his thing, okay. so now it's my turn, okay? >> okay. let's start. my name is andy, what's yours? >> my name is islamic soldier, okay? >> reporter: omar mateen repeatedly said he attacked to stop the u.s. air strikes in iraq and syria. he was later killed in a shootout with orlando police. this woman from denver is behind bars in north dakota accused of shooting at police. moving pipeline protesters on thursday. new tonight your friends are definitely not at standing rock, so why in the world are they checking in oo facebook? people against the pipeline in north dakota think that will confuse law enforcement. protesters claim that the sheriff's office there is using check-ins to catch the demonstrators they are camping out. the sheriff's office says that is absolutely false. if you're a bronco fan then you know the name brandon marshall.
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personal path to getting here hasn't always been easy. i sat down to talk to the woman who brandon calls his
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barbara always had her boys busy in sports, soccer, and baseball. marcus found football first when brandon was too young to play. >> all i know is that he wanted to play football too. so when marcus got his equipment he brought it home and brandon took it immediately from him, put on the helmet and the shoulder pads give it back. he ended up just sleeping in it. >> reporter: barbara and he boys called themselves the three muskateers even though dad was around in the early years. >> dad had substance abuse issues. you know it was just getting to be tougher and tougher and it wasn't that it was always physical, you know, sometimes it was verbal. >> reporter: so barbara and the boys left. brandon was 10, marcus 12.
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shelter for 26 days because he was looking for us. it was just too much and i didn't want them around it. he never laid a hand on my boys or anything, but i never wanted them in that environment at all. it was something that i definitely needed to do and i just never looked back. >> reporter: family, faith, and sports. that's what got them through. >> i worked in the school system. so they went to school with me. and so they knew that, you know, i was right there in the office so they couldn't find us. >> barbara marshall is closer than ever to her son. she has gone to super bowls with him. >> brandon decided he wanted to buy me a house and he asked me where i wanted o live. i got excited and i said, you know, i think i'll move to denver. >> reporter: he also bought her a car on mother's day. she still has been watching brandon in schools when he's not playing football he's using his foundation to meet and inspire kids to stay in school. having an impact here in denver
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marshall for his successful career, community involvement, and his initiative to empower the youth in our community. >> reporter: barbara is at every home game cheering. and still gets choked up thinking about her son running out onto the field. she was at mile high september 8 when he took a knee during the national anthem. >> did he tell you, did he discuss that with you? >> no, he didn't say anything. i was surprised and know, i was just, i'm proud of him. you know, i'm proud of him for being a man standing up and deciding to do, to use his platform, you know, for good. >> reporter: and yes she's heard and read the mean and racist comments aimed at her son. but her family also knows firsthand the hurt of being judged based on skin color. >> we've all experienced that being followed around in the store, you know because what
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anything in here. >> reporter: but yet just like brandon, barbara is principled. so the next time you see barbara marshall in the stands with that big smile on her face, you know she is one proud mom. >> it's the best feeling ever to know that he is in a good place with a good team and a good city. and he's happy and just living his dream. >> you protected your son all those years and now he's protecting you. >> yes. that's true. i appreciate that. i don't take it for granted. >> you can read more of my conversation with barbara marshall on our website she talks about brandon's favorite home cooked meal. did you knoo tv sports casting may be in his future? we're working on making that happen right here on denver7. >> thank you for that. what a wonderful story tonight. listen up there's a possibility that we could lose their train to the plane. rtd has until this saturday to fix those crossing arm issues or risk a shut down.
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and b lines. rtd has been using around-the- clock flaggers to compensate for those crossing arm problems. the next president of the united states automatically gets 11 million twitter followers. once president obama's term is over all tweets on the handle will be wiped clean, but the followers will remain. obama's tweets wiil be digitally archived and transferred. and you know everything is more expensive in dubai, right? but even this is out of control. a property developer spent $9 million for a license plate. >> in dubai single license plates are a big deal, so the government auctions them off. well the development got the number five. he describes himself as a simple man, yeah. dubai has no income tax so this is his way of giving back. all right. well let me show you what we had today on halloween, unbelievably warm temperatures. records at pueblo and colorado springs, we tied the record here in the denver area.
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look back at the month of october. coming in now is the second warmest on record with the average temperature of almost 58 degrees. that's the high and the low. tied with 1934 and 1963. but still two degrees shy of the warmest ever and that was in 1950 which ended up the winter of '50, '51 was quite snowy. we'll see what happens. this was the lasttevening of october. a very pretty scene as the kids were heading out to trick or treat with some beautiful colors in the comfortable evening to be out. but here is a look back at the highs today statewide. and they were something else. even in the mountains the 60s and the 70s. the cooler spot is 54 degrees at leadville. hot spot almost 90 at lamar. high temperature then in denver was 79. 20 above the normal. the low temperature this morning was 52. the normal low is at 31. right now it's a mild evening 56 downtown. 51 at the airport. winds from the southeast at 11.
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through, which is just pushing through the metro area as we speak. so winds are going to shift, become northerly later on tonight. but notice there's almost no moisture with this front. a few showers over the northwestern corner of the state. that's it. lows tonight 42 in denver. 37 lineman. 40s at fort colins and greeley. fronrange numbers in the mid- 30s to the mid-40s for the mountains. 36 at winter park, 34 at grand lake, 37 at estes park. 47 degrees at broomfield and highlands ranch. tomorrow starts off with a clouds around. they don't have enough moisture with it. at the most a couple sprinkles of rain and a few flurries over the highest peaks, but not as warm. the high temperatures will be in the 60s across northeast colorado and the 70s across the southeast and some 50s are scattered in the mountains, which is still above normal for the early part of november. but cooler certainly than today. metro area mostly sunny sky looking at upper 60s to the
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park. it'll turn a bit cooler, mostly clear with the winds becoming northeast with a low of 42. tomorrow the high at 67 degrees. mostly sunny. we'll say not as warm, but that is still above the normal high around 60. and for wednesday, a little cooler still, partly cloudy and 60. thursday mostly sunny 68. bright spot on friday with a nice day mostly sunny and 40 and then a 70 after. and a couple of weak storm systems may impact the state on saturday and again on monday and this is not the change that will eventually bring us the wintery weather, but they will make things feel a little bit more like the middle of autumn rather than late summer. >> right. >> we're getting there, we're getting there, thank you, mike. you know, you might want to avoid i-70 the next few days. they'll hold traffic in both directions through clear creek county from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. that's tomorrow through thursday and crews need to do work to prevent their rock slides. and you could get stuck in those two-hour delays.
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broncos are 6-2. defense as good as ever, offense ranked 28th in passing yards.
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welcome to 7sports xtra and welcome to the black hole where every day is halloween. and the broncos are headed to the nasty nook next sunday night. the broncos and the raiders have the first place at stakes. it'll get crazy in the stands and on the field. troy renck with the latest and the greatest from dove valley today. >> reporter: expectations frame a perspective as the broncos sit at 6-2 at the halfway point. you think gravity was pulling the sky towards the earth here at dove valley. why? the offense remains
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broncos ranked 23rd in yards per carry on the ground. gary kubiak says that's just not good enough. >> obviously we're not even close to what we need to be, you know, weeknow that. we didn't play well yesterday, but the team still found a way to win. that's a good sign for the football team. we just need to improve. where we are very critical of our performance. it comes with the standard that we hold. sometimes you have really good success and other times not so good. so consistency is the goal. >> reporter: the nfl is better when the raiders are contenders, a rivalry is reborn. broncos, raiders, tom jackson yelling at john madden. the cornerback derek carr's aerial attack this sunday against the no fly zone. yes it's a big game. >> this is a big game for us, we're already hyped up for this game. it's a championship game. you can't win the super bowl west. that's the first step and we know what to expect. great receivers next week.
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trade deadline 2:00 p.m. tuesday. a lot of talk if thbroncos can get an offensive lineman. it's more realistic they get a d lineman to help stoppthe run. back to you. >> all right, troy thanks. troy's got a great story on about wade phillips out there who was back at dove valley after the scary moment yesterday. also you can read woody paige's latest comments. check it out right now on on your mobile device. let's check the nuggets right now. here we go. raptors are up two quarter but not after wilson chandler dropped a third rock on him. jameer nelson with a big three. nuggets on an 8-0 run, 94-90, but it wouldn't last. tied at 101. kyle lowry was a big shot scoring 29. last seconds nuggets down by 3, mudiay for the die. oh, but not tonight raptors win. nuggets are now 1-2. monday night football
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to do. run the football. jordan howard busted it wide open with 26 carries, 153 yards, 49 yards receiving. that's what we need booker. jake cutler is back with the play fake to jeffery. the run sets up the pass. hey cutler was dressed as a real quarterback for halloween tonight. bears win it 20-10 the final. >> pretty crazy there at soldier field tonight. >> yes. >> yeah, it's going to be even mike coffman, endorsed by the denver post. he's "a consistent warrior" who "took action against his party's presidential nominee," donald trump, and has "urged republicans to stop stalling on immigration reform." mike coffman. "reliable." a "leader." unlike morgan carroll, who the post calls "disingenuous" and "partisan." "if we're ever to see gridlock reduced in congress, we need more representatives like coffman." mike coffman. endorsed by the denver post
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, and i approve this message. when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government.
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scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands
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r the content of this advertising. a thief who just needed a break. so this guy sees that there is a kit kat candy bar in the car. he didn't take anything else,
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>> he left a nice note. >> yes, it was nice. >> i guess. but still robbed that candy bar. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> but it is just a kit kat. donald trump and congressman coffman would nish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kathy griffin. jacob tremblay. our 11th annual half and half halloween pageant. and music from alice cooper. and now, welcome to his nightmare -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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