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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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it's 4:30. we begin denver 7:00 with breaking news out of brighton. a stabbing suspect on the run. police are finding a trail of blood to find that victim. a fight broke outtat a trailer park during an early morning party. the suspect stabbed last checked he was in surgery. we don't have details on the suspect and we'll keep you updates as the story develops. so a day after the observation plow sicks you heard were found in a home in castle rock and the neighbors are able to go home. the bomb squad had to detonate this. jason gruenauer is live.
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home in five minutes. >>reporter: they're going to be let back in following an evacuation and finding haze hard us chemical. there's drugs and bags of hazardous material out here. there's a member of the castle rock community to my right keeping an eye on this community. a scary day for residents yesterday. we're going to show you the video from yesterday. it started with two young people, 16 years of age tightened connection with tire slashings in the area and police ended up at the home at the juveniles where they found a box of suspicious chemicals and they found out they were explosive. we were told these weren't bombs and there would have been steps needed to make them bombs but because of their explosive nature, the bomb squad took them
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up. residents who live here weren't allowed to dumb back. they'll be back here at 5:00. we'll dive into the details as this continues to be under investigation. again, they have police here and there's hazmat stuff and the house is taped up as the investigation continues. live this morning in castle rock, jason gruenauer. a family forced out of their home after this fire started before midnight on west basser drive. the couch no one was injured. it was a beautiful evening, great for halloween last night and this morning, we're seeing a few clouds apart eastern colorado. a few light rain and snow shower wess of the divide this morning. so you will see a mix of sun and clouds early on. it's going to be cooler today with a cold front passing through the region. we're going to be 10, 12 degrees cooler.
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around 67 degrees under a mostly sunny skis and things cooler tomorrow. denver at 67. greeley, a high near 70 and fort collins, 66. jason, finally feeling a little more like fall. here's your first alert. it gets cooler tomorrow. details in a few minutes. >> it was nice yesterday. breezy, but a great night of trick-or-treating. i-70, we had a trick on the overnight hours. there was a semi going -- travin far from bennett and strasburg. it caused a fire. the highway was closed one lane. minute ma'am delays, but the highway westbound has reopened. i-70 not too far from colorado boulevard, a couple of extra minutes. not huge delays as
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series of explosions in pakistan. an oil tank ex mroelded while workers were dismantled an -- an old tank exploded while workers were dismantled an owe originals breaking story we're following: one person was killed and seven other workers hurt in this massive pipeline explosion in shelby county, alabama. this is the larst country. it goes from houston% to new york and the explosion occurred at that point in shelby county when a contract crew hit the line with a track hoe ignited gasoline. a two-year old is in serious condition after falling out of a second story window in castle rock. the toddler pushed a screen through and fell through.
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no word if they'll face charges. investigators plan to search a landfill for the little boil you see pictured here. the search was supposed to start yesterday, but high winds -- the man accused of killing the toddler made his first court appearance. logan rogers has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment. rogers told police the boy was high on secoodhand meth smoke. later fell off a counter at a home and hit his head. rogers said the boy died at home the next day, october 21st and he told detectives he wrapped him in a white comforter and put -- and put him in a dumpster. starting today and the next few days, our state is going to see chelsea clinton and mike pence and possibly bernie sanders.
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>>reporter: good morning, it's november 1st. we're exactly one week away from election day. and i'm here in aurora in front the martin luther king library where chelsea clinton is expected here today. doors open at 5:00 and it's back-to-back visits for chelsea. she'll be innboulder tomorrow, and today she's focusing on her mother's vision of an american that's stronger together. hoping share that message vermont senator sanders. he's expected to colorado during his coast to coast campaign swing that begin today. we don't have details on his appearance today yet, but once we do, we'll make that available to you. mike pence is expected in loveland wednesday. the visit comes after trump's busy visit in colorado wwth visits in golden and greeley. it's a home stretch for these campaigns. our state could be crucial in determining who wins this election.
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in aurora, amanda del astillo, denver 7. a fall politics -- voters in centennial let us know about these envelopes given by their later for yes on amendment seven. it makes it -- this flier is mass produced in a heroin font. >> what bothers me is the irony of a campaign that is about producing grass root change using pretend grass roots tactic it's. >> we have over 250 people who volunteered to do it that day. >> the group raised $50 million with the majority from corporations and businesses like oil and gas companies. the no on 71 group has $18,000. but it got help from the national teacher's union, the $71 group has $18,000. but it got help from the national teacher's union, the public worker's union contributed a half a million through other
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about recreation marijuana in our state. he sent a letter to the state of california calling the negative impacts of weed. no on 64, california's recreation pot measure -- have crime rates gone up since pot beccme legal. in both cases, the da says absolutely not. pro marijuana advocates are questioning his motives. >> during this period of time, our crime rate has and our cops have been more busy on marijuana related crimes that at any time in the history of this city. >> the da is campaign and trying to paint a negative picture of the marijuana laws in colorado that doesn't actually exist. >> since legalization, the letter says crime rates in denver has increased since 44% in every neighborhood. marijuana yard visits are up --
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the train to the plane is in jeopardy this morning. rtd has until saturday to fix its crossing arm issue or risk a shut down by the federal railroad administration. this applies to the a and b lines. rtd has been using around the clock flagers and you can see them there to compensate for the crossing arm problems. >> i'm going to igniteeas they try to [indiscernible]. >> those are the 911 calls in the pulse nightclub shooting. after the break, what the negotiator. plus a day of fun for halloween turning deadly.
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breaking this morning, iraqi mosul. a baby reporter embedded with those troops are tweeting photographs on what's happening from the scene there. iraqi forces are facing some stiff resistance from isis fighters. a general says isis fighter set up a concrete blast wall to block off a key neighborhood and have laid bombs all along the road into the city. in mississippi, two children in and an adult are dead after a driver hit a halloween hayride.
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after the ride was rear ended and the amount of people hurt unclear right now. we're waiting to hear if anyone will be arrested. in oakland, california, firefighters are keeping a close eye on this massive fire. the fire forced more than 100 people to leave their homes, and crews were able to keep the fire from spreading. the damage is estimated at $2 million. the building was under construction at the time, so investigators will analyze construction material to see if that's what sparked the fire. recovering from carbon monoxide poison. fire investigators are looking to see where that leak started. carbon monoxide is deadly and odorless. two people are hurt after officer-involved shooting. police say a brookfield police officer had to be hospitalized after a shooting near the interstate and a second person was shot. it's not clear if
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the suspect, we're told fled the scene in an suv and police are trying to locate that person. it's 4:44. weaver hearing the 911 calls from the terrorist that shot 140 people insield-- inside the pulse nightclub. >> [indiscernible], now it's my turn, okay. >> let's start. my name is andy, w >> my name is islamic soldier, okay. >> mateen repeatedly says he attacked to stop the u.s. air strikes. he was killed in a shootout with orlando police. it's 4:44. let's outside. this nice, quiet morning, the day after halloween. it's early which means a lot of you are probably drinking a lot of
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halloween on a monday. >> do you have -- did you have a lot of kids? >> yeah, it was fun. >> how about you? >> we did. the weather was good. things cooler due to the cold front that rolled through. dry conditions here and we may see rain and snow in the mountains today. we'll see a few showers there. low 40s for the foothills. evergreen, 41. city park right now, 47. and in the mountains, we're close to freezing this morning. it's a little cooler. the cold front, pretty weak one. it's going to bring our temperatures down a bit today. we'll see more 60s than 70s across the plains. and then overnight tonight, again, mid to upper 40s into early wednesday morning. it's one of the coolest days on our 7-day forecast. denver, 67. springs, we're in the 64. fort collins and greeley, mid to upper 60s today. more 50s in the high country verses some of the 60s that we saw yesterday.
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nice couple of days and a dry couple of days. you'll notice on future cast, the rain and snow through the day today is going to be a few showers for the mountains. by the 20 -- about a 20 to 30% chance of picking up rain and snow. denver, a mix of sun and clouds. by 4:30. it's dry across eastern colorado with a few clouds tonight into early tomorrow morning. not a really good shot at getting showers this week. we could get a few our fingers for a little help from mother nature as we get into friday and saturday. look at our temperatures though. tomorrow, one of the cooler days. we'll be at 60 on wednesday. we'll start to see more of a warmup into the weekend. thursday, 68. friday, we're at 70 degrees. and then on saturday, tracking again a weak front that will bring our temperatures down a bit. a chance for a few showers. it's not much though. so the first week of november open owe how
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thanksgiving. we're 23 days away? >> that's the next big one. put away the christmas -- not the christmas lights, but put away the halloween lights. put them up, amy. we have a drivv for the most part. you can see though that -- the ccossing guards are working and you see that guy. the crossing guy right there that's out there monitoring the situation as the a-line rolled through here. as we told you about that, the transit authority is not happy with the way the a-line is going right now. drive. there's an accident on the eastbound side of i-70. minor delays near colorado boulevard. no problems yet. the rest of the ride looks nice, but there's leftover construction on i-25 anden znswer. you can see it on the cdo -- you can see the cdot dash camera. you can exit at yale and get yourself turned around and come back this.
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suggests the zika virus affects fertility in males. the mice exposed to the virus had a tougher time i am pregnanted female mice. people are facing long wait times for their iphone 7s, but there's leaks about what the iphone eight may have. compelling -- his ex-wife and the mother of the child he's accused of intentionally killing is coming to his defense. >> [indiscernible]. >> yes, he did. very much. >> taylor was brought to tears remembering the moment she learned her son cooper died after he was left in this hot suv outside her husband's
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little boy. >> they're divorcing, but she says harris was a good dad. >> the only thing that went through my mind is i see a remote possiblere-- possibility -- wells fargo agreeing to of $50 million. they're accused of overcharging for appraisals. the fees was listed as other charge and this news comes two months after another major scandal at wells fargo where employees opened up -- bill cosby and his lawyers will be in front of a judge. they're going to ask criminal
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cosby faces indecent assault charges stemming back from 20004 involving an employee in pennsylvania. cosby's lawyer says he's legally blind and they claim that preventing cosby for seeing his accusers. halloween is over, but nassau celebrated with an out of brought to you by edward jones. g up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ? eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so.
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you're doing it!
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hi, we're live in brighton right now on a crime scene stabbing investigation with brighton police. we just learned the last few minutes that the victim is decease and family members are at university hospital this morning. this took place in the east village mobile home park in brighton. suspect information is - have nothing on that right now. neither do police. police are trying to get further information on who did this and what a description this person may have. we're going to get you more further details as the morning continues. live in brighton, daryl lloyd, denver 7. we have temperatures that are going to be in the mid to upper 40s this morning. it's a touch cooler this morning and this afternoon.
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a mostll sunny skies. wind speeds up to 10, 15 miles-an-hour. around du, we're close to 70. thornton, 69. in aurora, a high of $67. jason, it get cooler tomorrow. details coming up at 5:00. >> i saw guys picking up the last the cones on the southbound side of i-25. they're picking up the cones right now, so this traffic jam as we saw all the southbound folk were will be going like poof in a minute. we have lanes restricted as you look at the map at the exit ramp from southbound i-25 to evans and a minor accident near colorado boulevard. no delays there. you know, pumpkin carving isn't rocket science, but it looks like nobody bothered to tell nassau that. >> look at what nassau cooked up as they heard carving competitions and their entries are out of this world.
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[indiscernible] on star wars and pac man themes and a presidential pumpkin going on. >> they're pretty good. >> they're talented. halloween was a thrilling night for the president and the first lady. they celebrated with a flash mob dance to michael jackson's "thrillers." visitors got to walk-through a -- >> it was inspired by peter pan and wizard of oz and president obama had fun his giving halloween advice. >> on this day, you don't have to pay attenti to michelle and -- >> candy for everybody. >> the more candy, the later you eat the candy, the better. [laughter] >> because i think that you being up all night with a sugar rush is exactly what your parent was looking for. >> oh, yeah they are. more than 4,000 people visited the white house for halloween. >> mom and dad are going,
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back here at home, "the force awakens" for those patients at rocky mountain hospital. >> they brought their star wars in the -- the event included hands on activities for the kid and they had giveaways and visits from local costume fan groups. >> i have this feeling inside my heart >> employee's at children's hospital got into the halloween spirit. yesterdaa the employees costumes and they performed a flash mob for the patient. after that, it was more dancing and the event putting a smile on those faces who needed it the most. at 5:00 a.m. we're going to tell you how colorado and dozens of other states are protecting against election hacking. is there sometng about your looks that will keep a lift or uber driver from keeping you up. we have a study coming up.
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saving an elderly woman from a burning car. we have those stories and much more coming up
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like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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>> [explosion] >> denver seven begin was breaking news. the douglas county bomb squad detonated two explosive devices found inside of a castle rock home and families are still waiting to return home. teenagers behind bars due to that. of that. jason gruenauer joins us from plum creek neighborhood at where this happens. families should be let in any moment right now. >>reporter: we haven't seen any families coming home, but as of right now, 5:00 a.m., they're allowed back in because according to authorities here in castle rock, they don't believe there's significant threat to public safety at this point after a scary incident yesterday involving the explosive chemicals. as of right now,


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