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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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we continue to stay on top of that breaking news out of castle rock. 30 minutes ago, families were home after two explosive devices were found nearby. >> the bomb squad had to detonate the devices. jason gruenauer joins us with more from the plum creek neighborhood. >>reporter: we haven't seen those residents evacuated come back to their homes. as of 5:00 a.m. the 30 or so homes are allowed back in. this is where the chemical and devices were found.
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the castle rock police department is monitoring the scene. what was found yesterday, according to police, we're talking about explosive chemical and devices here in side this home. accorddng to police, it was not a bomb, but it could have become one. that was detonated at a nearby plum creek golf course. no one was hurt 2, 16-year olds were there were bomb making terms. castle rock police are going to reach out to the residents who were evacuated once they get back into their homes to let them know what happened and what's going on west preswick way in castle rock. authorities believes there's no threat to public safety. live in castle rock, i'm jason gruenauer with denver seven. just into the first alert desk. a new abc poll out this
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clinton by one point. strong enthusiasm for clinton has gone down in this poll ever since the fbi launch aid new invtigation into her e-mails. this is the first time since may that trump has led clinton in this poll. 46% of likely voters support trump in these latest results and 45% for clinton. october as we know has been one of the warmest on record here in denver. far, arapahoe basin is the only ski resort to have open. according to the denver post, wolf creek ski area isn't going to open this friday. >> the ski resort -- hoping to open friday says it's going to decide within a next day or two when they will open. no word yet on the opening date from loveland sky area. lisa, you've got -- any sign of snow in that 7-day? >> the mountains are going to pick up a little.
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see today is a light-rain snow mix. we need a good snow storm to roll through the mountains. not only have we not had help from mother nature, but it has been warm, thank you tough to make snow. it needs to be cold overnight. teens, 20s to get good snow making one. here in denver, it's about ten degrees cooler. low 60s at noon. mid to upper 60s by 3:00 . under a mostly sunny sky. really a pleasant day today. great start to november. bu to get a little rain, a little snow. around du today, 70. broomfield, 66. in highlands ranch, a high of 71. jason, it gets cooler tomorrow. we're going to talk about that in a few minutes and a look at the week. what is the mess behind you? >> i know it's a bad way to start the tuesday morning drive. we've had overnight construction. you can see the cones set upright here, this is the southbound side of i-25.
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like this from this point all the way down to 84th avenue. even from 120th to 84th. they had to squeeze down to one lane. they had two lanes opened, but with everyone squeezing -- it starts at 136th avenue to 128th and it starts to break free after that point all the way down into downtown denver. the last of the traffic jam is unwind. take a look at t and look at the red from 136th avenue to 120th. it's getting better south of there as the lanes have opened, but everything else around townn3 looks great. one accident cleaned up. parker aad chambers north of arapahoe. 5:34. to the race for the white house. the presidential race is far from determined. >> our state could be a deciding factor. amanda del castillo is in aurora previewing all the
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amanda. >>reporter: good morning, the wg up as you can tell. it's november for us. we're a week away from election day. this morning, we're in front of the martin luther king jr. library in aurora where chelsea clinton is expected to visit. doors open at 5:00. it's a back-to-back two-day vise for chelsea clinton. she'll be in boulder tomorrow evening. she's focusing on her mother's vision of an america now helping share that message is sanders. he's expected to visit colorado during his campaign swing. details on his visit hadn't been released. we'll have that. mike pence is expected in love land. this comes after trump's busy weekend in golden and greeley. the abc poll shows trump ahead. i checked a real clear politics
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one. that's 45 to 44. we should know that every poll comes with a certain margin of error. it shows that margin of error is three meaning the candidates could be tied. trump could be ahead or clinton could be up by four. we'll have -- we'll look deeper into that next. live in aurora, i'm amanda del castillo. denver seven. denver da's mitch is making bold statements about he september a letter on the -- he sent a letter on the negative impact of weed. he addressed two concerns, the legalization of marijuana on crime rates -- those advocate was questioning his motives. >> the da is trying to paint a negative picture of the ?arijuana laws in colorado. that doesn't actually exist. >> since marijuana legalization,
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denver increased 44% in every neighborhood and the amount of illegal weed seized by police is up. it's 5:37. your mailbox or your front pour of is flooded with the political flyers. voters were reaching out to us in denver seven. residents say the envelopes appear to be handwriting. it's pro -- relooked into this flier is mass produced in a hand written font. >> what bothers me is the irony of a campaign that is about preventing grass roots change using pretend grass roots tactic. >> this is a grass roots efforts. we have over 250 people that volunteered to do it that way. >> yes on 71 group raised several million dollars with the majority from corporations and businesses like oil and gas companies. the no on 71 group
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the national teacher's union, public worker's union contributing money through other committees. new this morning, a florence man is suing the police chief and sergeant for access force. he filed the lawsuit on friday in connection with a traffic stop last year. he admitted -- he claims the sergeant escalated the situation by calling a dozen officers with backup along with a he's asking an apology and -- he a couple is accused of abusing their seven-year old daughter. prosecutors claims that doug and leah dire didn't properly care for their daughter who was diagnosed with a seizure. she's in foster care. she was found weighing under 37 pounds and unable to speak, closing arguments are set to start next week.
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hunters found human bones and clothes right near saw mill mesa over the weekend. now, investigators are trying to determine the -- identify the remains plus how that person died. new information on a double shooting in denver over the weekend. our partners at the denver post report that two men shot and killed have been identified now. they're 27-year old orlando jackson and 34-year old terrence ashley. police arr looking for person who shot them. this happened on columbine and 43rd avenue. condition. and details surrender rounding the shooting is unclear. one person was killed, four others hurt. this was duringg3 the crash yesterday yesterday afternoon. police say a ford mustang collided with a chevy tahoe and the driver of the mustang diee on scene and three others have critical injuries. a look at the junkin's fire burning in custer county. these pictures were tweeted out yesterday.
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the fire has burned more than 18,000 acres. however, it is now 85% contained. it's about 5:40. a runner from boulder has decided to have his leg amputated. we told you about dave mecky last year. >> his leg was crushed by a boulder. he spoke to us after the accident. >> i couldn't see my leg, but i knew there was something wrong with it because was incredibly high. >> he has decided to amputate his leg from the knee down. he says the advancements in prosthetics makes this the right decision. coming up, doctors scrambled after eight kids are rushed to the hospital, some suffering sudden paralysis. what officials have to say. we're hearing from passengers on the spirit airline flight grounded about the bomb square. what they're revealing. you may want aajacket at the
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mostly sunny skies and winds at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour and a high in and around denver in the mid to upper 60s. coming up, we'll have your first alert look at the forecast. there's a traffic jam to the north side of town. the southbound side of i-25, it's heavy stop and go traffic. you can see i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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we're tracking breaking news in baltimore this morning, getting our first live look at the scene of a fatal bus crash involving a school bus and a maryland transit bus. there's a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene and we can take this video full for you right now. at this point, three people have been confirmed dead. but we don't know which vehicle they were on. if it was the school bus or the transit bus. from close up pictures on the s see the transit bus was more seriously damaged. more heavily damaged. the school bus looks like ii hit on the front side and then tore through the side of that transit bus. a reporter from an nbc affiliate up in a chopper earlier said they did not see any children at this point. the crash happened at about 6:30 a.m. baltimore time. that was an hour ago. so it's possible this bus was heading to pick up kids for school. again, no children seen so far, but we
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confirmed dead. it's 5:44. new information on a bomb square on a spirit airlines plane. the flight was headed from fort lauderdale to -?dallas. authorities revealing the tip came from a passenger who says he saw another person texting about a bomb. those two men were taken off the plane. >> [indiscernible] three hours. the suspect actually got off the plane and [indiscernible]. people threat threattned to get out the emergency exit. anxiety was at a high. >> lots of anxiety, she says. everyone else reboarded another flight, crews scoured the area, but nothing found. police revealing the 911 calls from when the police negotiator spoke with the gunman of the pulse nightclub shooting. >> hello there, it is orlando police, who am i speaking with, please?
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person who pledged the an allegiance to this islamic -- >> can you tell me where you are so we can get you help? >> no, because you have to tell america to stop bombing syria in iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people. do you hear what i'm saying? >> i get what you're saying. >> now, at the time, police say the officer was trying to keep omar mateen from the bathroom where he had taken hostages. that negotiator spoke with mateen three different times. mateen was killed in that shoo 49 other people died. this morning, oak land, california firefighters are checking for hot spots from this massive apartment fire. more than 150 people were evacuated and the whole apartment complex was gutted. >> we thought the whole block was going to go. >> crews were able to keep the fire from spreading from nearby buildings. damage estimated at $2 million. the building was under construction at the time. investigators are searching for a cause. federal and state health
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a mystery illness sent eight kid to the hospital in washington state. in some of the cases, the kids are suffering paralysis. what's making the case stranger, the kids are from four different counties and none have met each other. daniel is one of those sick kids and he has been in the hospital for the past two weeks and his family is heart broken. >> he had a fever, didn't want to eat, stomach, just treat him like a >> when weegot to hospital from basically within a couple of hours, he was basically paralyzed. >> doctors in washington state are working with the cdc to figure out what's going on. five of the eight kids hospitalized have been released. 5:47. lisa has our forecast. i didn't get as many trick or treaters as i thought i
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have to eat. >> i have so much i'm bringing in tomorrow. >> on top of all the stuff your kids brought home. a cold front has moved through. it's going to be a dry start to november. happy november. november 1st, we still haven't seen any now here in denver. november 21st, that's the latest for snow ever on record here in town. getting closer to that date. right now, the showers that we're seeing are west of the divide. we'll pick up a light rain snow mix in the mountains. not storm there. we're not going to see it this week. pretty dry. scattered showers, mainly rain n around 2:00, to% 2:30 and we're under a mostly sunny sky. fort collins, overnight tonight, the potential for a light shower or two, so we might get a little sprinkle out across the plains overnight tonight into early wednesday morning. and the mountain will pick up a few more showers again
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aspen at 6:00 on wednesday. our temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. by 1:00, we're at 65. by about 3:00, we'll hit highs near 70 today. and then overnight, some mid 50s by 9:00 this evening. broomfield, you have a high of 66. montclair, that neighborhood at 68. and in highlands ranch, a little warmer, closer to 70 this afternoon. in the springs, we're at 64. cooler state wide. this cold front bringing our temperatures down about 10 to 15 degrees. spots like pueblo and lamar feeling the effects of it there. winds won't be as gusty today. spee at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour. tomorrow, a little cooler. closer to 60 under a partly cloudy sky and a chance for a sprinkle or two tonight into tomorrow morning. the weekend, we're warming up. by friday, closer to 70. then a cool down saturday, but when you look at the first week of november, jason, there's only
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where we're at normal. once again, warmer than where we're at. >> they're late. they're 20 minutes late here on the% southbound side of i-25. you can see the cones that are still set up here on the southbound side from just after the bridge here at 128th avenue to 120th. they stop closer to 120th and they have been sitting for the last 20 minutes. it's slow traffic is movinn better than it has been. southbound i-25 is closer than normal get from 120th and after that, it improves into downtown denver. just plan on a couple of extra minutes on the southbound trip for right now. hopefully they'll be able to get out of there within the next ten minutes before the heart of the rush hour starts after 6:00. 270 getting busier, and earlier problems cleared off. i-70 looking good to the west.
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show at a wedding. if you look closer, he's the flower grandpa. yes, no flower girl, but flower grandpa. the bride jennifer asked her 85-year old grandfather as a joke, but it stuck. she says she wanted him to be apart of her special day. so she decided flower grand a was the way to go. >> i think it's a new trend. >> that's cute. >> that's awesome. >> he had fun with it. there's new research to show how long you wait for a pickup could depend on what you look like. the full study coming up. new concerns about the zika
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six minutes before 6:00. a study show suggesting that the zika virus effects fertility in men. it was found in mice. the mice -- they had a hard time people having a difficult time waking up because it was gorgeous night. >> when did you turn the lights out? >> 8:30. are you proud of me. i told everyone i said no trick-or-treating after 8:00, so about 8:00, it was our last trick or treater so by then -- i had to throw the kids in the shower because they had colored hair - >> this is a long explanatiin
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mid to upper 60s. fort collins, 66 this afternoon. it is going to be a warm one. tomorrow, a little cooler. partly cloudy, closer to 60 on wednesday. here's your first alert. we warm back up for the weekend. friday, 70. a warm end to the week. jason. we have the cones getting picked up on i-25. the last is going up right now at 128th avenue. the traffic jam is starting to get better on the southbound side. take a look at the overall map. you can see the red up here for the last constr everything else around town is green as we build up here this morning. there's a new study that shows your uber and lift driver may discriminate against you. the university of washington shows uber drivers in austin was likely to cancel rides to people with african american sounding names verses white sounding names. people are facing long wait times for their iphone 7s, but
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we have details in today's tech bytes. >>reporter: in today's tech bytes, time to start talking about the iphone eight >> the iphone eight could be charged wirelessly and may have an improved curved screen and the iphone 8 won't be out for another year. there's a -- laptops a a lack of sleep. possibly due to the blue light black friday is weeks away. the retailer will rollout its first black friday deals tonight. >> amazon says they'll be tons ever sells in its shop which stays open through december 22nd. getting an early start. >> are we talking christmas? >> apparently. halloween is over. >> have a great day.
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path to becoming a broncos. denver 7 talks with his inspiration, his mom, barbara, that's coming up at 6:00 a.m. plus a news alert for xfinity customers and why your monthly bill will go up. a deadly bus crash in -- 3 people are dead involving a school bus and transit bus. 3:00 people are dead involving a school bus and transit bus.
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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we start with breaking news out of baltimore, maryland. three people are dead involving a transit bus and school bus. baltimore police confirmed three people are dead. at this point we don't know which bus they were on. from the video it looks like the cit was just scraped all along the side and sufferee damage. this happened 6:30 baltimore time. it's possible the bus was to or from a school. there's a high school two blocks away from the scene of this crash. again, three people dead. we haven't seen any kids in the video so far. we'll continue to follow this story. let's turn to breaking news at home. denver 7 on the


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