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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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[explosion] >> it had detonated and it wouldn't have taken a lot for that to happen. someone could have died. >> we have new developments in the investigation into explosive devices found in a castle rock home. in a moment, how crews plan to deal wit it's a health hazard. now that campaigns are letting up when it comes to campaigning in colorado, we'll talk about campaign events, that's next. >>reporter: gma set to start their free concert. the 50th anniversary. i have all the details from nashville. but first a manhunt is underway after two iowa police officers are shot and killed. >> let's go to nicole brady on
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details. >>reporter: okay. i'm so sorry about that, guys . we got new information on this attack. this was an ambush attack on the officers. both shot while sitting in their patrol cars. this started when an urban dale officer in des moines was gunned down. officers were assisting with that call when call a couple of blocks away, one of their own, des moines officer had been shot also in his patrol car. he was transported to the hospital and died. police say they have no suspect information to share right now. a des moines police sergeant gave an emotional interview with reporters and when asked if there's a danger to the public, he said yes and they have paired up their officers because they believe other officers may be at-risk right now as well.
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officers killed, but we'll stay on top of this and bring details through the morning. good morning to you and here's your first alert headlines for this wednesday. we'll see the coolest day of the week today. temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than what we felt yesterday, so here's your first alert. you may want to take a jacket or warm sweat shirt as you head out the door. we'll warmup tomorrow and friday as this cold front makes its way through the state. it's bringing scattereddrain and snow showers to the higher elevations, dry across the fall when you head out the door today. 46 right now in city park. 20s and 30s in the mountains. boulder at 46. and taking a look at your high temperatures for today. we're going to be in the low 60s. normally for this time of the year, we should be in the upper 50s, so temperatures closer to where we should be. 61 in littleton and highlands ranch. englewood at 60 degrees. same downtown. i'll show you how much we warmup by the end of the week in a few.
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no chain laws in effect. we have slushy roads and wet roads along i-70 and 280 and the foothills high wall. the snow is falling and highest elevations. take a look at the drive on highway 26th and pecos, nice and wide open. you can see that on the map of the easy driving and had the ramp closed from southbound i-25 to evans. yesterday. 4:43. officers are looking into -- watson crashed yesterday near highway 540 near sky valley dry according to the today's newspaper. >> we take a look at a map. this man went off the side of the highway and rolled. police are looking as to what led up to that crash. today, we could learn if a
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car. the little boy ran in front of the car. the child survived, but did fracture a spine. they say it does not look like the driver was speeding. day one in the search for 13-month-old silas ojeda comes up empty. landfill.l search the investigators say there's a 1% chance ever finding anything, but they're not giving up. a denver police officer in trou money from a crime scene. he was charged yesterday with tampering evidence and theft and misconduct. he was assisting at a crime scene when he allegedly stole $1200 of cash from a suspect's car..3 one of the three evacuees in a fire turns guilty.
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she was camming owe -- camping -- officials say the house is a health hazard. there were chemicals found inside of the home. >> there were different sizes and some in open containers and some closed and some half empty and some full. charges could be filed as early as friday. your voice, your vote. six-days until election and this campaign couldn't be closer. >> clinton is -- clinton is leading by 4 points. an aurora family is asking trump to stop using his mother's name in their campaign speeches. trump used debra as an example
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immigrant in colorado. she and two others died in an accident in 2008 and the man who ran into them were here illegally and had a lengthy arrest history. the family says trump never talked to them and don't want their family -- >> i want to leave it as my mom to remember. i don't want her to be some example of let's kick everybody out. >> in a statement, trump's campaign says he accident to illustrate the need enforce immigration laws and deport criminals. is clinton's e-mail -- willing ton are sending a letter to senators calling for a formal investigation into fbi director comey's actions. the two claim that comey violated the hack act. they alleged that comey
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vote against her. 4:37. less than a week away from election day and campaigns are continuing their push reaching out to colorado voters. the trump camp with two scheduled stops. chelsea clinton wrapping up her 2-day colorado visit. >> amanda del castillo joins us with the details. amanda. >>reporter: good morning, yeah,e showing the presidential race is far from determined, and there's a lot of so again, it's going to be a v chelsea clinton is expected in boulder this afternoon. she was in aurora yesterday, and the trump campaign is expected to make two separate ssops here today. before we get into those events. numbers are showing more than 1 million colorado voters cast their ballot. republicans have shown up in higher numbers duriig our early voting period and democrats are turning up in their ballots in larger numbers.
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continues. running mate pence is expected at the fairgrounds for a 5:30 campaign event and green bridge is hosting a noon roundtable at denver's independent institute. there's more campaigns through the week. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. a million colorado voters have turned in their ballots. that's a third of registered voters. here's the pro you -- the nuuber of registered voters jumped to 300,000. errcoins us live from nashville. good morning, eric. >>reporter: good morning to you. it's beautiful here in nashville. they're dealing with record heat like we have been
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this is the big gma stage ahead of their free concert. bentley is going to perform here. we're going to have that live. that's coming up in a little bit. we're outside of the bridge stone arena and this is where the cma awards will take place tonight. the 50s anniversary and the red carpet is happening across the street. we have video from yesterday as crews were setting up that red carpet inside the music civic center. this is different from last because we were in a tent. there were issues. it was very, very hot. all the stars and a few had to walk out early because it was too hot inseedide that sent. those are a look at the preps ahead of the big red carpet event. as we come back here live, music started picking up here.
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bently and there's a dab for you. it's filling up. i'll see you in a few minutes. >> he's got a snap shirt on, he's ready. >> he has the tough job. >> not bad duty. details on the pipeline explosion. why it could mean trouble for other states. caused the school panic. why it caused school officials to call police. it's leaving thousands speechless. a child is riding a toy c what happens next. >>reporter: heading to school today, you want to bundle up. mid 40s and clearing skies and
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if you're just joining us, we're following a breaking situation in iowa. a manhunt underway for whoever shot and ambush style. both officers were gunned down while sitting in their patrol cars. one is a des moines officer and another is an officer from the urban dale police officer in that area. two different locations and the ssspect is still out there right now. we'll have a lot more coming up at 5:00. two toddlers killed in a house fire in arkansas and police are looking for a third child sadly to be inside the house.
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to be treated and nine people were in the house when the fire broke out. no word what caused it. 5:44. in alabama we're keeping an eye on the deadly pipeline explosion. officials declaring a state of emergency because of this. there's concerns about a gas shortage. >> the rupture happened monday after a track hose struck the gas line. most of the line is shut off which could be a problem for seral states that it provides gas to. crews says it could take to reopen. >> [explosion] >> you just heard the moments, police in southern california shot and killed a driver after she rammed her car into several police cruisers. officers in torrance were trying to stop the woman from driving recklessly. she was going the wrong way. the woman turned their car toward them so they opened fire. a close call in china when a
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surveillance video shows the child pushing his car into the middle of the road. several cars ride around him before an officer comes to his rescue. the officer found the child's mom and returned him home unharmed. >> lucky for that boy. down to louisiana where a teacher is left in shock when a student brings a note to school saying her mom is held hostage and needs help. >> a middle school student took the note to school. officers sent to theestudent's home and arrested a m the closet. donald guy knows the child's mom, but we don't know how. when searchers saw the note -- >> there's a chill when you understand a child was going through very environment and the mother may be captive and it may be worse than what we found. >> the suspect has been dodging deputies for quite some time. he's facing domestic violence charges, but police say he can
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your arrest anymore. >> this country loving christian grandmother says deputies tried to make her a felon. >> it was easier to stuff me and cuff me. >> accused, chargessof stealing her own truck. now, scarred. >> it still bothers me, you know know. >> i'm denver 7 investigator ryan luber, the agency faces false arrest. she said you're the last person in the whole wordy would think calling me to bail them out the -- you're the last person in the whole world to bail them out of jail. yesterday was nice. >> the question everyone wants to know, when are we going to get rain? >> i know. >> we need it here in the metro. the mountain are picking up a
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we aren't expecting rain here until saturday. >> it's coming. >> at least it's on the 7-day. >> there's 50s on the 7-day forecast. as of right now, it's a cooler day. let's look at your cheat sheet. partly cloudy skies this afternoon, and we'll start the day cloudy, gradually clearing and lows in the low 60s, even upper 50s across the front range in some spots and thursday and friday, we'll warm back up to the upper 60s, lower 70s. let's look at our region radar and satellite. we showers and a cold front is making its way across the state from west to east. that's going to drop our temperatures through the day today. so when you're heading out the door this wind chill making it feel likew. 34 with winds from the west, northwest at 10 miles-per-hour. looking at what we can expect through the afternoon, as you can see, skies gradually clear to partly cloudy. highs only in the low 60s this afternoon. so you're going to want a jacket, a warm sweat shirt and it's going
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clear. here are your high temperatures across the front range and the metro area. 60 in congress park and thornton. lakewood, du and littleton, highlands ranch and lone tree expecting a hhgh near 61 degrees. across the state today, we'll see 50s and 60s for the mountains, slightly cooler in leadville at 70. low 60s across the plains and warm down in lamar and pueblo relatively speaking around 68 degrees. through the morning, we'll see showers in the mount off. by 10:00, we're under a mostly cloudy sky. dry across the state. this afternoon, we have a slight chance for picking up a few more scattered rain-snow showers and higher elevations above timberline. wednesday into thursday, we clear back out and seeing sunny skies across the state for thursday. here's our 7-day forecast. bright spots being thursday and friday as of right now. high 60s for our daytime temperatures. by saturday though, maybe a shower is
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moisture we could get. 65 is our expected high. showers expected on monday. we have 50s back in the 7-day. tuesday looking at 55 degrees, and overnight lows still cool in the upper 30s. >> wet weather in the mountains. i'll show you that in a little bit. it's snowy that way. here in town, there's a nasty accident where 1 person was transported to the hospital. this is 13th and one lane is able to go through. no alternate needed as traffic s so light you can get through there without delays. take a look at the drive we have going on across colorado and hamden. wide open to the south side of town. a lot of green out there including getting out to dia. 4:49. staples plans to help their employees pay for college. they plan to give extra $100 each month to the employees to
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student loans. >> each person could get $3600 over a course of 3 years. it's for top employees. so the holiday season is upon us whether you're ready for it or not and retails are hiring 74,000 seasonal workers are expected to be hired nationwide. >> who is hiring the most, here's the top fire. macy's taken the number one spot. then gap and kohe's. >> temporary conditions became permanent after the holidays and they expect that to increase. harry potter fans, we have a treat for you if you own an android phone. goggle is adding magic to the device. you can cast wizarding spells. the kids
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you say okay goggle and say -- that will turn the phone's flash light on and off. you can turn off your ringer and notifications by saying salincio. >> i'm not going to do that. >> can i do that. it's cool. the denver film festival off today. we're going to tell you what stars are going to hit the red carpet. to you by quicken loans. 3, 2, 1
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to keep our communities safe, like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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welcome back to denver 7. it's 4:43. the butter ball is taking an approach to help you with the turkey dilemma. >> here are today's tech bytes. >> a new way to shop thanks to instagram. >> when you tab a tag you buy the item online. ios users can see the text. >> the popular butter ball turkey help line is change with the times in you can request your last minute cooking tips by text. >> butter ball experts have -- they'll be available on social media. a preview of new emoji's from apple. among them, the face palm. as if so say oh no.
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fingers crossed. >> and maybe that will make you drool for food items and there's an shrug if you don't -- >> i like the face palm. that's a good one. we're going to see showers across the mountains and they'll dissipate. jason has chain laws. it's dry across the metro and plains. here's our hourly planner. you want a jacket. 56 by mid-day and mostly sunny so clearing skies and highs in the low 60s. today, one of the coolest days of the week. thursday and friday, warmer. because the snow is falling heavily right now, the chain law is in effect for truckers on the eastbound side of i-70 and east vail and the traction law for all people driving regular vehicles, you need snow tires and mud tires and if you don't
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sock or cables for yoor tires and that's on both sides of i-70 denver get ready for a star studded day. the 39th annual denver festival kicks off today. >> we have big names coming to today. anna stone will walk the red carpet before receiving excellent acting award. >> you do not have to be a film snob to appreciate the we have comedies, and we have documentaries and drama and all sorts of films. >> two of the films screenings are getting oscar buzz. jackie starring natalie port man and -- >> the festival last through the 13th. we have information on violence in the classroom in colorado springs. we have
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classmate. the school updating us. the violent manhunt i oklahoma -- why did a school bus in baltimore slam head on into a commuter bus. investigators are hearing from the driver of the
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it is 5:00 a.m. colorado taking center stage for another day in the white house. the nominees running their campaign to our state hoping voters hit the stage and cast their vote. amanda del castillo breaks down the campaign leaders saying they have had the busiest months. jason gruenauer will join us with details. breaking news out the iowa. a manhunt underway after two officers were gunned down in their car. they were sitting in their cars when it happened in two separate locations. police got a call that shots were fired in the city of urban dale near des moines and found an officer from urban dale dead. a few


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