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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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they have six victims before, um, before they get caught. >> for the first time ever, the woman [indiscernible] by a boulder student breaks h silence. >> they recognized her -- hiller was 18-year old and just beginning her freshman year at the colorado of boulevard. everything changed on march 16 when she was sexually assaulted by a student. she was celebrating st. patrick's day and she was drunk and will wes offer today take care of her. >> she was found guilty of
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to 12 years, but wilker was sentenced to probation instead. we'll have an interview at 5:00 . breaking this morning, 8 people dead and several njured after a car bomb went off near a police station in turkey. people can be seen walking in the streets. a mini bus full of explosives went off blowing wi damaging windows. police and civilians were killed and a local government's office says the worker's party or kkk claimed responsibility. this bomb went off hours after turkey authorities arrested pro turkish legislators. it's another beautiful day. great end to the week. yesterday, clear skies, upper 60, same thing today. we're
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63 degrees by noon and close to 70. great way to end the week. overnight lows in the 40s. upper 60s, low 70s covering a good portion of the metro area. montclair, 69. westminster, 68. englewood, a high of 72. it's a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal this afternoon. here's the thing, jason heard me scream, how excited was i this morning? >> winter weather advisory for -- the eastern san juans, we're going to talk about the potential for good snow in the mountains in a few minutes. >> we have cotton wood pass now is closed down at the seasonal closure. we're going to see more seasonal closures as we get more snow. take a look at the drive on -- up to kipling to the west side of town near i-70, but to the south side. road work
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boulevard, but not causing delays. i'm picking up the pieces. dia for a weekend flight is looking nice at the airport. >> thank you, jason. 4:33. denver police are looking for a driver accused of hitting and killing a young denver lawyer. police put out the alert for reyes. police found his truck near the scene of hit-and-run near 13th and broadway. 28-year old pulick was killed, you see here. you for locating reyes. parking police needs your help catching these thieves outside of the pony express firearms on parker road. take a look at that car you see driving through the parking lot. at one point, men get out of the car and walk up to the gun store and what you don't see in the video is them breaking in and taking four guns.
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teenagers connected to an explosion -- one, 16-year old is charged with a hand gun and he's behind bars with a $1 million bond and the other is charged with sexually exploitation of a child and possessing a hand gun. the crime is unclear because they've juveniles, police are not releasing anymore details yet. a colorado cold case murder has been solved. a 15-year old california boy named ck killed 17-year old audrey back in 1977. she was visiting a sister lived in buena vista. she told her sister she was -- ck was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1981. and dna samples taken from his family helped identify him as the killer. students were told to stay home from school thursday after a teen's body was found inside the school. police are investigating that student's death.
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4,000 fort carson soldiers [indiscernible], all of this to ease tensions overseas. this is the largest -- the move is in response to tensions with russia. 4:35. your voiie, your vote this morning. both presidential campaigns and their families and big supporters are chris crossing the country trying to get your vote. clinton's running mate kaine gave his entire speech in spanish. and president obama was the young vote. >> this isn't a vote. this isn't survivor. this isn't the bachelorett. this counts. >> colorado is also getting a lot of attention. today, bill clinton will be town. he has stopped in pueblo, boulder and fort collins. four states could legalize marijuana next week. we heard people moving to colorado to get in on the green rush. a
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coalition for the homeless saying they're seeing more more marijuana use. it's hard to say how many people are here for marijuana or if some would go to other states if it's legal there. >> i guess arizona -- and there's a lot of people out here on the streets that came here for that. >> arizona, california, nevada, vote on legalization measures on tuesday. thank goodness it's friday. need something to do weekend. the coloradd ski and expo starts today. >> eric luber is live inside the expo with us this morning. good morning, eric. >>reporter: good morning to you. you know what, we have snow in the mountain here, so people can get up and ski. of course, a basin is the only resort open, but you can get ready for ski
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big event happening starting at noon today. it will run until 10:00 tonight. thks the big -- this is the big sale area. you're bright up early withhus. >> i'm in shock, but i'm here. >> this is a big room. >> we're in the 21st room. people come bac you can't go wrong. there's so much more going on. there's the family activity and the nfl is sponsoring celebrating the broncos. that's a fun thing going on. we have a high ropes course and we have kids slopes so kids can learn how to sky while here. we have a ton of activities for kids to play and parents can go to the rocky mountain beer garden. so it's
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>> it starts at noon today. here's the details, noon until 10:00 today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 8:00 and sunday 10:00 to 6:00 at the colorado convention center. it's going to get active as we go through the morning. this is where the trampoline guys are going to get up there with their snow boards and do tricks. the ski expo, ski and snow board expo. back to you. you could soon be facing the u.s. forest service is trying -- the forest service says the number of campers have doubled in the past decade. a woman allegedly kidnapped and chained up explaining her ordeal. her story after the break. we''e going to have the story of a man killed --
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to keep our communities safe, termined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney -- tough, smart, and fair.
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she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. overnight, a new york police sergeant was stabbed and another officer punched in the face while trying to break up a fight. the officer who was stabbed in the arm was still able to hold onto the suspect accused of stabbing him and get that person in custody. more arrests from this large fight could be coming. we don't know
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both officers are in stable condition at area hospitals. in south carolina a woman missing for 2 months is found alived. she was chained like a dog inside of a metal container. >> the officer was -- the victim, 30-year old brown says she was kept in a 30-foot long shipping container, no light and no windows and no airflow >> she was obviously locked up 70 days. >> kayla's boy who was reportedly missing at the same time hasn't been found. and she says -- two wisconsin for a wrong-way driver survives a crash after killing four other people. the state trooper was
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the -- the driver collide head on with two other vehicles. four people in two separate cars were pronounced dead and they believe alcohol contributed to this crash which is under investigation. 4:33. in south carolina, testimony wrapped up against the case good slager. the north charles tons officer is accused of killing -- it shows slager firing scott was running away. scott's family took the stand, including his son, his finance' and the -- >> from the beginning, the scott family humbled ourselves and we ask that justice do their job. and from this point, we're going to sit back and pray that justice will do their job. and at the end hopefully we'll get justice. and that's all we have to say as the scott family.
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life in prison. okay. >> breathe. >> dramatic video out of oklahoma as on ofser save -- an officer saves a woman's life. the woman was starting a heart attack. he started cpr keeping her alive until paramedics arrive. she's in the hospital recovering. we story we brought earlier this week. a cat was -- a vet says he's well behaved so these folks are looking for a good home for this cat. 30 people signed up to adopt the cat. officials are going to choose the best home for this semi-famous feline. >> he's like what's going on.
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things -- hh has a tenancy to climb things. >> right. it's dry. you can see the showers moving in from the storm that we were tracking and talking about yesterday. it's going to bring decent snow to the southwest. in denver, we're under a clear sky this morning. the only winter weather advisory we're dealing with now down through the eastern san juans, south western colorado durango is snow. temperatures this morning remaiy mild. we're at 43 in city park. 32 right now in evergreen. and you're going to find we drop just a few more degrees in spots, but close to freezing, so a chilly start eggs specially through -- especially in the foothills. it will be a couple of degrees
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we're watching for an increase in cloud cover out across the plains with this next system. and i'll show you when we get a chance for showers coming up. denver today, near 70s. same thing in fort collins. pueblo today at 70. for the mountains. right in and around town, a little warmer. close to du, we're at 71. highlands ranch and littleton today, 72. and in westminster, a high of 68. and remember, mid upper 50s, that's our typical normal h tomorrow, it's going to get a level cooler. we'll see more cloud cover on saturday. you'll find mid 60s and a chance for a light shower saturday. most of our rain and snow s going to northbound the mountains and across south western colorado. sunday, we're under a partly cloudy sky. mid upper 60s and% into the first of next week, it's going tooget a touch cooler. we'll see potentially another light shower by mid week, but otherwise, mild. mid to upper 50s, jason, by
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an eye on cooler breezy weatherr but at least this 7-day looks like it should be. >> more snow in the high country means -- we still have independence pass open which is good news, but once we get good snow, that will probably close for the season as well. i-25 up to the north looks nice. maybe 10 minutes into downtown denver here from before 84th avenue. take a look at the map. a lot of green forever us including getting on highway 36. it's a lovely night after the wind. c-470, tte drive to 6th avenue is wide open. >> thanks, jason. 4:47. frequent flyers, what do you think about this. there's a new survey that names denver's airport one of the 8th worst in the country. that's right. the points guy at a popular travel site compared the 30th busiest airports. they compared flight delays and security wait times and dia had the longest wait times in the
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from downtown. that didn't help denver's ranking. >> getting to denver airport from city center alley takes a long time whether you're taking your car or public transit. >> he can say that again. airport officials say they disagree with the survey's method saying this year they were given the sky track's award for best regional airport in north america. if you're frustrated your internet service, you're not alone. they have so many complaints -- the retail broad band service will require infrastructure improvements and need voter's improvement, but those we talk to -- >> it doesn't seem like comcast or xfinity is making prices better. adding another player
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november 14th to discuss the idea with residents and the city will call 15,000 households ask allow them to listen in and answer questions like a live radio program. a warning this orning about a scam that could have you buying gift cards when you don't need to. we have the details in today's tech bytes. >>reporter::a consumer alert. >> this involves gift cards that most of us use to redeem online. scammers call on the phone claiming they're from government agency like the fbi or iris. >> the scam targets the elderly. >> high tech items you may see hit the item. >> a cookie oven. the smart cookie oven is designed to bake% enough cookies for one and it has wifi capabilities so you can
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cookies. and there's transportation. >> it can hold 250 pounds top speed at 11 miles-an-hour, and it can travel some 14 miles on one charge >> have a good day. students got a less not on child trafficking. seniors at resurrection high school christian learned 200,000 students are exploited in the sex trafficking industry in this country. the students know they >> we need to help kids be the eyes and ears in the home of their schools in the way adults can never be because as much as they're the most trafficking -- >> they're offering up classes on the dangers of sex trafficking across northern colorado. if you thought cubs fans were done celebrating the big win, you were wrong.
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has planned for today. how a high tenning device is helping this 12 year old -- how this high tech device is helping this 12 year old and others see again. >> it was terrible. you're talking to your daughter one morning -- >> doctors gave molly a 1% chance to live. >> we were prepared to lose molly. >> then the impossible happened. whatever you want >> molly's to you
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this next story giving hope to those having trouble with sight. a young boy in alaska who is nearly blind now getting a chance to see clearly again. >> 12 year old brinck was developed with an undeveloped optic nerve. new technology is helping him see more. it's called e-side. the glasses have a camera and t and you can use them to remote them to focus and zoom in on things. allowing him to see from anywhere in the room, but most importantly it allows him to see his loved one. >> he zooms in on my face and says dad i can see you clearly. we didn't buy it right then. we
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around. >> brinck's dad says it's really expensive. it cost $15,000, but they're trying to figure out a way to get the money. >> they got it. good to hear. >> i'm amazed about what's going to happen in 10 to 12 years and it will probably cost 100 bucks. mid 40s to school. cool, clear, and more sunshine this afternoon. most neighborhoods will be 68 to 72 later on today. it is a really beautiful end to the week. of 70. thornton, 69. in aurora today, a high of 69 degrees. tomorrow, it's a little cooler. we'll see a few more clouds. that's cominn from the south as apart of that storm we were tracking yesterday and we'll continue to track today. we could get a shower from it on saturday. sunday, we're at 68. and it's quite a bit cooler jason, next week. low 60s monday through thursday. still problem free. santa
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here. you can see on the map, a lot of green including getting out to the airport. 4:55. let the officials celebrations begin. the cub's world series parade begins 9:00 our time. cubs merchandise, it's flying off the shelves since that epic world series win. fans have been lining up everyday to buy more gear. have you claim them, they have waited 108 years for this moment. president obama giving a celebrate tori phone call to -- the deputy chief staff in the background, she roots for the national league. she got to listen in on the call as president chatted up a phone call. new video from the decotea pipeline. activist are shut by
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the day, we'll explain. a squirrel goes on a rampage inside of a senior home. it
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it's 5:00 a.m. and there's purple on our map. that means a winter weather advisory. we're talking snow in the mountain. more details coming um new for the irst time, a student raped is speaking out. >> she breaks people's magazine for a feature called "25 women changing the world." >> jason gruenauer joins us live from the campus with her message two years later. jason. >>reporter: she told the magazie , i'm a survivvr and hopes now coming forward will help other people with her story. now, kendra was a freshman in 2014 when it happened after an st. patrick's day party.


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