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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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niiholls lewis. they are both charged as adults and their each looking at 40 years of prison if convicted. a warning as election day draws near. it possible al qaeda terror attack on the day before election day. >> new york, texas, and virginia are thought to be targeted but the specific cities are named. authorities are assessing the credibility of >> denver7's russell haythorn is here with details. >> reporter: the alert says polling places maybe a target for the attack. you can see many polling places in colorado are already open like this one in central denver where you can drop off your ballot. the report says polling places might be a spot for a new tack
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or like san bernardino at the end of last year. those specific threats are not against colorado fully. experts say don't be afraid to go about your daily routine this weekend on monday or even on election day. >> the worst thing would do would be to allow an external actor like isis to shape how americans normally vote. we should not allow a cataclysmic event to get people to veer away from how they normally would vote. >> voter suppression in any form is always going to happen. and people are going to try to keep people from staying away from polls. who knows about the as coming from a credible source. it seems more of a way to get people to not vote. >> any polling locations will
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vigilant and aware. experts say if you see anything out of the ordinary, report it to local law enforcement right away. russell haythorn, denver7. four days until election day and the campaigns are pouring out all they have left to win,. bill clinton is campaigning in denver in fort collins. denver7's lance hernandez covered this. lance? >> reporter: bill clinton said if you have to with a certain level of experience to know exactly what would make america great means. yes everyone today personal responsibility for how this election turns out. >> everyone knows that colorado of all places should support hillary for president because you were the state of the future and another the attacks of her, that america is going downhill and we have a great future and everything is bad is wrong. [ applause ]
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democrats want this election that led to vote they will win. a heckler yelled out and he said. >> i understand your anger the answers are more important than anger. >> reporter: he exhorted the crowd to knock on doors to ake sure every supporter casts a ballot. he give them advice on what to tell opponents. >> you are wrong when you say we will be better off divided and that economics is about subtraction. >> reporter: these their kids to the rally. >> this is my daughter. i wanted her here to see bill clinton. it is a moment in history. >> the power and strength that the two should of them have together. >> a lot of people are angry that the way is to move forward with solutions and not tear everybody down. >> reporter: he poked fun at a tv ad that said hillary clinton has been many things for 30 years and he said that was news
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>> thank you, lance. donald trump be in denver tomorrow number days before the election at the national western complex at 9:30 p.m. hoping to win over last-minute voters. investigators are looking into who vandalized donald trump -?'s office in denver. volunteers found spray paint on the windows and the side of the building. three windows have the letter l painted on them and the side of the letterhead trump's main painted with the word pervert and the. -- thief. >> two special forces soldiers the defense department said andrew buyers and 34-year-old frank lawyer of pennsylvania for with afghan forcesswhen they came under fire.
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of the bronze star and purple heart. two men have pleaded guilty to arson for starting the cold springs fire this summer. they were accused of failing to put out a campfire which started the fire. it destroyed eight homes and burned 500 acres. the search is over for a man accused of a hit and run. 27-year-old norlan estrada- reyes turn himself in last night. he was on struck 28-year-old karina hewitt crossing the street. it is a sexual assault case that made national headlines and now the victim is breaking silence. she is a survivor and wants to tell her story to help others. she was a freshman 18 years old when this happened after a st. patrick's day party in 2014. austin wilkerson took her home and assaulted her. was found guilty and a judge
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in this innerview she explains why she is coming forward now. >> my sister is a freshman in college this year. i don't want her any other person to go through this. if i can at least do something. >> as for his sentence, she wanted wilkerson to go to prison. there is a teacher under arrest accused of hitting one of his 42-year-old dylan hollingsworth faces assault charges for an incident at my what high school last week. -- niwot high school next week . new developments tonight with the case moving forward against a man accused of driving under the influence of marijuana. 20-year-old kyle is accused of
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her bike in a crosswalk. she was returning from a celebration with her fellow second graders. a $2000 reward is a part grabs. police say the suspect in this surveillance picture is one of three men wanted for aggravated robbery near third and santa fe. the thieves stole the dispensary robbing it of marijuana and ca this season the 25th annual expo is underway. a three day event that looks deep discounts n gear and interactive activities for the kids. admission is $15. it building on wheels this weekend. crews are preparing to move the vance kirkland arts studio eight blocks frrm 13th at pearl
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control wheels. it happens on sunday. growing up with disabilities have enough challenges. missing out on things your friends are doing should never be one of them. tonight a gem in the special needs world with truth 5280. >> reeorter: this could be a boy scout meeting at any trip in colorado. but these are not your typical scout. they are part of troop 5280 a trip for scouts wi needs. >> we just take what they help and we don't treat them any differently. we work with them. we don't talk about our below them. we talk to them at a level they can understand. >> reporter: kathy has been a scoutmaster. >> we take what they know and -?we asked to show us what they can do. if they struggle on a merit badge, we help them and
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they can do it. >> or swimming or camping or cooking. >> reporter: the goal is to help scouts like alan achieve their goals. >> i will get first-class and then eagle. >> it could take them into longer or shorter. >> reporter: this is the assistant scoutmaster and has autism. >> manual is it says give back to the community. so i didn't. i came over here. >> reporter: julian said the experience is as important for him as the scouts he is working with. >> what they teach me helped me. >> i am very proud of them. >> reporter: his mom says troop
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scouts. >> it shows that they are part of something special. they can accomplish many things. >> keep up the good work. to pull scouts have until they are 18 years old to achieve the rank of eagle scout. scouts with developmental disabilities have until the age of 20. >> very nice. good stuff. make america kind again. and mother is takingt herself to change the tone of this election. >> how she is trying to spread her message. cdot is trying launching everyone to come up with ways to keep our roads safe and how you can earn cash by thinking outside the box. 10 months ago disaster struck. >> one minute you are talking to your daughter and the next evening we get a call from the chaplain.
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happened. >> i call it miraculous. she has been touched by whatever you want to call it.
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"what's your position on equal pay for women?" "it's too early in the morning to ask that question." "you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her wherever." "i think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing." "i don't wanna sound too much like a chauvinist
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"so you treat women with respect?" - "uh, i can't say that either." - "alright." priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. even more horrifying details out of south carolina. a body was found on the same property where a woman was just found alive chained inside a storage container.
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ground -- brown chained up like a dog. todd kohlhepp has been arrested. he is a registered sex offender with a previous charge against him. the prosecutor said more chargers are coming. >> almost a year after the paris attacks sting announced he will perform at the reopening of the concert hall. 2015 as you recall pre-islamic state milita assault weapons opened fire killing 89 people so the concert hall reopens next sunday and proceeds will be donated to organizations at provide support for the victims . a california mother came up with an idea she hopes will change the tone of the election. her uniquely designed signs and what a positive message. the campaign to make america kind again is starting to gain
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may be coming to an end and send a strong message. make america kind again. >> it has just been so much turmoil leaned back and forth. this is nice because it can be supported by everybody. >> reporter: she designed the signs and hopes to change the tone of the political conversation. >> you have so many people voting for so-and-so because it is the lesser of two evils. >> reporter: it may be a play on words on the infamous slogan that -- >> it is for everybody. i just want to represent current miss. i don't care about the politicians. >> reporter: orders poured in from all over the country. >> washington, oregon, nevada, florida. >> reporter: she is also sold out.
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juggles onllne school has had a welcome boost to the family income. >> it is nice to help a little bit. >> reporter: she hopes to help people remember this ahead of next tuesday. >> it is about coming together and believing in something. if you have to believe in kindness over politics then so be it. >> reporter: who are you voting for? >> i cannot say that. people have asked me before. [ bell on wall street ] all right. the 9th street down day for the s&p and is the longest streak in 30 years. investors seem to have some election day jitters. our partners want to get you helped from getting the jitters as well. spread out your money, they say. >> it is always a great idea to
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>> john mccoy recommends putting a percentage of your money to federally insured certificates of deposit. with the insurance cds you don't risk losing your investments and you will still get a standing benefit. if you have any ideas how colorado can keep its bicycles and roads safe you can get some money. cdot is engaging coloradans in curbing the amount of deadly crashes. to develop solutions to protect bicyclists and pedestrians in our state. the team that supports the best technology will receive $150,000 to continue the program. this is a victory parade 108 years over to with fans swarming chicago. fans young and old everywhere and in between hit the streets to mark the historic season.
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their support. >> would you do this? a pair of cubs fans did trust falls on the statute in chicago today. you can see two people falling into the cheering crowd with their backs turned while other fans cost them. i kiss you cannot blame them for being excited since the cubs haven't won since 1908. it is a blue sky today and we some high thin clouds from a beautiful new high-definition camera. it is in the time lapse and move look through it later on. let me show you what those clouds are connected to with some rain showers right now as part of a storm system that will move across the state over the next 24hours. a winter weather advisory in effect for elevations above
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of snow. 69 degrees downtown ann at the airport. this group also seen some of those clouds with 20% humidity. we have no snow so far this season. on this day 70 years ago the all-time record wizard for the month of november with 30 inches of snow in -- blizzard for e 30 inches of snow and it was a single heaviest snowfall. you can take any other month and we have never had as much from that storm. 71 was the high today and 44 the low temperature. it is just a little upper air disturbance spinning its way closer to colorado. the main rain and snow will stay over the state but we might see a lot of it moved its way
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and -- tomorrow night. 36 at winter park and low to mid 40s across the front range. statewide low temperatures drop into the 40s and it is a little but colder toward limon angrily -- in greeley. tomorrow the precipitation continues over central colorado. there might be a sprinkle of rain but i think it would just be high clouds coming in. 65 is the in leadville. mostly mid-60s at lower elevations in a few 70s to the northeast with 50s expected in the mountains. 60s under a partly cloudy sky with post-clouds. it is cool and dry with 42. tomorrow is mostly cloudy with sunshine filtering through. 65 and looking ahead.
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bright spot someday? because he got to turn the clock back and sleep in an extra hour. partly cloudy for the high temperature 68. a lot of 60s coming up next week which is not the 70s and 80s we have been having. i am tripping over the shoes of anne . occupational hazard here. >> this is why i have my crutches over here. >> we kind of moved in here.
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scott tipton -- ou or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible
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today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the most trusted man in america. walter cronkite was born november 4, 1916 and he passed away in 2009. the legendary broadcast journalist reported and comforted our nation during some of the most trying times covering world war ii watergate, the vietnam war, and the assassination of president kennedy. the walter cronkite school of journalism took a trip to the museum in washington dc. >> can you imagine losing $3 billion in stock? that is what happened to mark it is on the largest losses ever for an individual investor. the social networking chairs --3 shares plunged after the chief
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expect revenue growth to come down. the news really isn't all that bad for mark zuckerberg still be fit or just man in the world worth more than $50 billion. >> so they will still have christmas this year. donald trump's journey is getting the superhero treatment. is getting his own superhero status. the artist they they hope ump comic con will provoke literrcy and knowledge of the political process. a pennsylvania driver saves the day for one girl who needed for spears lifted. -- her spirits lifted. her cupcake tray accidentally got knocked on the floor of her school bus and the bus driver rushed home and baked a fresh batch delivered just in time for the party.
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these are for you. i sent my bus driver actually made me cupcakes? >> and the class was so touched the road a thank you card addressed to the bus driver who saved the day. a final look at the weather. >> it looks pretty good for the weekend with a little bit of snow above 11,000 feet
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has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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tonight, breaking news. the new abc news tracking poll. just as we come on the air tonight. the shift in the race in just one week. the new numbers for clinton and trump. breaking news tonight in new york city. two police officers shot. one dead, images coming in from the en horrific discovery. first, the woman kidnapped, chained in a storage shed. tonight, what authorities have now found. the explosive new video. an african-american man, and the takedown, the police k9. authorities now say they had the wrong man. and the abc news investigation. the home appliances. some exploding, blowing apart.


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