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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  November 6, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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then right around 70 by the end of the week. shorts weather in november. >> it is looking good. >> all right, coming up, the broncos had a tough time tonight in the black hole. lionel, woody, and troy are here to discuss what fell
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>> welcome to xfinity sports extra. the word and color of the night is black. as in black hole and bud black. the broncos came out of the black hole with a loss. the rockies come out of the search for a new manager with bud black. so let's get to it. as always, woody page is here. and denver 7 broncos insider troy rank is live in oakland. we are starting with troy since he is out there. he had to watch this thing fi the broncos are in third place tonight in the afc west. >> reporter: well, the problem, lionel, is they got pushed around both sides of the line of the scrimmage. their defensive line could not stop the run. i talked to derek wolf. he said he has a hairline fracture. he will miss time, so the defense that is already struggling in early first drives and against the run loses the key opponent.
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would you say this week?? they could not establish anything. they became one dimensional. they were in the game briefly. but their inability to come up with a big stop haunts them. so yes, they are in third place now. they have soul searching to do. the leaders on the team are going to preach to these guys saying no one has won a title yet. it is still early. but they have real work to do now. both learning to run again and stoping the run. >> you're right. look, we the three of us all week. keys to the game. they had to reestablish the run. they ran 12 times for 33 yards. they had to stop the run. the raiders ran 218 yards on this team. is it time to push a panic button? we are in the second half o the season. >> first thing i saw, if we were looking at key to the game, the keys are under the sofa somewhere. we cannot find them. because, they were keys to like a 51 plymouth. there was no running game.
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game for most of the game. and certainny, they have struggled all year to stop the run. one of the top defenses if not the premier defense in the league against the pass. but, when you continue to have injuries like you are having and you turn over the football, this is goal to be the result against a very good football team. and the raiders are where the people of denver won't accept it. >> let's listen to the broncos and what they said after the game tonight. >> you know, for across the board, we lost the field position. that special teams. offensively, get off to a horrible start. for three and outs. then we make big plays. we play early in the the game. 220 plus yard rushing. that is a team not playing good enough to win. that is just what i told the players. so, we have to improve. get back to work. >> get back in the lab like we always do. i love all of these guys. i won with them.
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i will lose with them too. i love these guys. this is what i have to offer. love and hard work. >> our biggest thing is just staying on the field. and, when you go three and out, really doesn't matter what they are doing to you. so, they are going to give us different looks. each team is different. how they play. how you are playing that week. so, um, i think the biggest thing is just staying on the field converting the third down early. >> yeah, their were awful converting third it was 13-0 raiders. so much for the fast start as we take a look at some of the big plays. finally, trevor hit jordan norwood 13-7. they had 218 yards on the ground. 33 for the broncos. murray had three touchdowns. didn't help when derek wolf had to leave. hairline fracture. pass interference killed him.
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rushing touchdown. 30-13. broncos made it a little closer when they hit capri bibs. the final was 30-20. broncos beaten in every way. they lost the turnover battle as well. 2-0. so they are now 6-3. and the raiders go to 7-2. so, troy, as we sit here and watch this game, and, we talk about the running game, and, they didn't try to establish it early on. they came out. and they were throwing the they didn't establish anything until they were behind again. >> yeah, that's according to the script. they see sufficient during the week that makes them think starting by passing is the solution. the problem is it is not working. and even when they pass successfully, they have trouble getting back to the run. so, somehow, they have got to find more of a balance. because at this point, they are just so one dimensional. the time they put out the good passing yards, those are empty stats. a lot of the numbers were put
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the broncos were out gained 146 yards to 9. they had four con sec consecutive three and outs. you have to stay ton the field. this was a system wild failure. not just on one thing. but they had to play offensivell to give the defense a break. just to give them some traction, theyyare back on the field again. and that's a problem this year. because, they are not getting those pick sixes and the scoop and cores every weekk which frankly, were an >> yeah. woody said that early on. it is not going to be the same. the exact same defense they were last year. >> sure. and troy mentioned the script. that script is the worst one i have seen since ishtar back in the 80s . i think the problem that we used to see mike shanahan and gary kubiak. they would come and score maybe twice. but, we are not continuing to
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that looks like it wants to play a football game. and, gary kubiak is supposed to be a great motivator. i tell you what. they look like a team that was disinterested until halftime almost. >> well, let's listen in more to the locker room as the broncos lose to the raider ins oakland. >> it is tough. it is tough. they had a good o line. sometimes the guys will get out and not shedding blocks quick enough or aggressive enough. we have to get back to the drawing board. >> mistakes were made. penalty. that is not stopping third down on big plays. or, we are not being con sis ten on offense. it is an all around game. and it takes a team to win a gamee >> you make a big play. you come back. and get a penalty. we have them stop.
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it is frustrating, man. when you have to go against two teams. >> you them he is talking about the officials there. anyway, let's see what the chiefs did today. don't look back. they are right in the rear-view mirror against the jags. nick fole started with smith. perfect throw to wilson. wilson. from cast away. 7-0 chiefs. -?fourth quarter, chris ivory went in for the score. no, actually, it was a turnover. the chiefs had it. fumblein they got it back. and in chiefs territory. the fourth down, bortels. no, nothing there. kansas city got the win. right now, the chiefs are 6-2. so, woody, this thing is going to come down to the wire it looks like in the afc west as we talked about earlier. >> we have a situation where i think the broncos now are the fourth best team in the conference. you are talking about the patriots and the two teams in their own division ahead of
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broncos were in third place and maybe if they had not beaten san diego last week would be in last place. we are talking super bowl champions. injuries are mounting. the problems are not running the football, continuing to haunt them. and you saw today, a great offensive line. on the other side of the ball. >> yeah. in the black and silver. all right, when we come back, we will talk more football. go back out to troy in oakland and talk baseball. rockies have a new manager. bud black is coming the bullpen right. the bullpen right. plus, the when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes
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sports extra. the rockys will introduce bud black. bud spent 15 year ins the majors as a pitcher. ended up with a winning record. manager of the padres. national league manager of the year in 2010 when they won 90 games but never made the post season. bud knows pitching. bud knows coors field coming here a lot. we will see if he knows how to manage the rockies and the bullpen. we welcome back troy and woody. troy, you confirm this you talked to some player to night about bud. >> reporter: yeah, i talked briefly with nolan arenado and carlos gonzalez. they like the hire. nothing against walt weiss. but they are ready to win now. they see themselves as a playoff contender. the players i spoke to, the veterans, wanted a manager with experience. and yes, bud black has not been to the playoffs. he has maged some good teams.
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times in the nl voting. this is the first time they have hired a manager who was a former pitching coach. can that produce result ins i'm curious. i like this hire. they needed somebody with experience. >> as soon as walt weiss and the rockies parted ways, you said they should hire a manager with pitching experience. the first words out of your mouth were bud black. so you nailed this one from day one. >> i appreciated it. not because he was kind to the understood the issues at altitude. and pitching here in denver. so, it is not something like a brad mills that people talked about who has not managed on a major league level. who really has not spent time in colorado except when he was a minor league manager in training camp. so i think they have made a great hire here. he never had a team with san diego until they brought in all the guys last year that they paid a lot of money for. and that wasn't a good mix. he is a veteran guy who will
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many times. he is a good hire. >> he has fire in him too. we will switch to soccer. did you watch today's rapids game? >> yeah, i watched it from beginning to end. i was excited to find the avalanche will be advancing to the next round. the conference finals. after having last their opener the playoffs. coming back the way they did on the road. i think it is a great accomplishment and we may have another championship team. >> let's take a look. it was great dick's sporting goods park. facing the la galaxy. the rapids down 1-0 until this. the 36th minute. gasie. i think they call this a galozo. or a wonder goal from the swiss international. you have to see that beauty in slow motion. it was 1-0. that is the way it ended. they went to a shoot-out.
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saved the shot from ashley cole. rapid withs the upper hand, upper foot of marco papa. they needed another stop. and howard got the stuff on jeff. and tim was the man of the match and the rapids are onto the next one. they won this serres. advance to the western conference finals. meaning they could bring the championship back to denver. time for a break. when we come back, we will check the avalanche and
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>> let's check the avalanche in saint louis today. the club coming off a win over the wild yesterday. a different story today. saint louis against the blues. blues scored early. often, repeatedly on varley. this was embarrassing. 5-1 final. avalanche have been outscored nuggets in boston. emanuel mudiay had a day. two assists, best day as a nugget. joseph nuric had the run. harris had 12, and galo. danilo gallinari is my favorite now. jam of the day. nuggets won.
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final thought here. broncos are 2-3 in the last five games. as i asked you before, is it time to push the panic button? coming up in new orleans, em %- because, the saints, one thing they can do, is score a lot of points. and when you have a decimated defense with the denver broncos, that will be a troublesome game for them. a lot of them have written it as a victory. >> next week in new orleans. we will see what happen against the saints. and they have the bye week. all right, that's it for the television portion of xfinity sports extra. but stay with us. log onto the facebook page. you have a lot more to say. >> you're not finished yet. >> oh no, we will be here all night. >> the xfinity x1 sports extra extra show on facebook live. tune in to the denver 7 facebook page. we are going to sit here and talk to you.
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thoughts. ask us about movies, musicals, bud black. whatever you want to talk about. we will be here. switch to the denver 7 facebook page now. but let's get a final thought here from the two favorite people in the studio. >> getting wild over there. [ laughter ] >> hey stacey. >> well, the weather looks fantastic. we will stay in the 60s to start the week. 70s on wednesday. a great looking weekend coming a great looking weekend coming up as to keep our communities safe, ke jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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