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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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live look at chappaqua, new york. that is about 40 miles north of new york city. hillary clinton expected to vote any minute now. polls in colorado open up in about 90 minutes or so. nationwide, more than 100 million ballots will be counted into the 530 electoral college votes. the nation will be anxiously awaiting to see would gets the magic number of 270. just in, we have some early voting results from north carolina. a big battlegrou they are showing that democrats have cast a 1.3 million ballots. that is more than the republican -- registered republicans there, 989,000. and independents, 809,000. those are the early voting totals right now. the second ski resort opens up in colorado. talking about loveland ski
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pushed back several topping dates. keystone would like to be open by this friday. not completely unusual. it is only november but we love skiing so we're anxious. >> we need more from mother nature. they've been working hard up there. i've been watching from the loveland camera. they've been working hard with the snow guns on that one run. right now, you can see from satellite and radar it is again clear. we aren't going to get any help from mother will be -- it will be dry across the main and in the mountains. by 3:00, mid- to upper 60s. we are yet again about 7 to 10 degrees above normal. by 6:00 tonight, it is dark. we'll be at 54. it will get chillier tonight with more 30s by tomorrow morning. right around congress park, we're at 65 today. aurora, you are looking at a
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low to mid mid-60s in the foothills. >> independence pass is still open outside of aspen. it usual hi closed down about the 7th or so of every november. it will stay open. one of the latest times was the 9th of november. it could stay open until thanksgiving they are saying. until they get some good snow up there. they'll keep it open. increase is traffic into downtown. highlands ranch. the south and northbound side of quebec are affected by a bad accident right here by the post office at lincoln university. this was taken just before the rescue crews got there. they are nowwblocking up much of the north and southbound lanes. you can see the significant damage there way vehicle over here, here, here and this pickup truck was facing the wrong direction. can you get through the walgreen's shopping center if you need to get around it or
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you will have the delays for a while longer as they are tending to the injured people down that way. turning to the race for the white house. early numbers in boulder county show registered democrats areout numbering republicans and independents. >> more than 129,000 people have already voted in boulder county. >> reporter: god morning. boulder county election officials tell me they are preparing to work until tomorrow morning. back in 2014, they were in the office still counting ballots past 5:45 wednesday morning. a very long process ahead of us for voters and election officials. it is uncheer if we are
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times today. we'll have an opportunity to ask that question later this morning. now, the city of boulder has been a destination for both campaigns in the last few months recently eeing al gore, bernie sanders, chelsea clinton and donald trump, jr. we are expecting to speak with boulder county's clerk and recorder in the next half hour. i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> can you not mail your anymore. you have to physically drop it off or vote in person. >> you may have to prepare for some long lines at some of the polling centers or not. jason gruenauer joins us with tips. >> reporter: the answer is take advantage of the technology that is there. in arapahoe county, they will be posting the polling place wait times on their web site. it is despite crashing two years ago
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officials say they are ready. they have prepared for today. the number one option, the more popular option is to drop off ballot mailed to you, fill it out in one of the ballottboxes. we've already seen people coming here and dropping off the ballots. if you want to vote in person, the in-person voting locations open up at 7:00 a.m. at that point, can you weigh your options online before choosing where you want to come >> if somebody is in a hurry out, they can look at the wait times for the vote centers around them and make the decision where to go based on shortest wait time. >> reporter: election officials here are opening up more in- person polling locations here on election day than is required by state law because of large turnout that they expect. still, about a third of registered voters here in arapahoe county still expected to come out here and vote
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record-setting turnout. we are keeping an eye on that all morning long coming up at 6:00. former vice president al gore spoke to a crowd of clinton supporters in boulder reminding them about the importance of voting. >> so the election is going to be decided by the turnout tomorrow, by the margin here in boulder, by the number of you who agree to go ou convince others to go to the polls. >> gore stumped for clinton at two different events. he also talked about the threat posed by climate change. >> reporter: governor hicken looper speaking out on the election an said donald trump isn't fit for the white house. >> he says one thing one moment and one thing another. it is always rigged against him. he praises people who agree with him. that is no way to be president.
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decision on clinton's e-mails saying the agency in his mind did the best it could and it was not rigged. denver 7 spoke with experts here in colorado about marijuana industry. real estate section parties say if the green could our housing market. >> there is a sense and a feel that marijuana has had a very positive effect on the housing market in colorado if you are a seller, i should say. >> when people start going there instead of colorado, i am afraid it will have a huge impact on you are tourism and money that comes in here. >> five states are voting on legalizing recreational marijuana use today. make sure to stay with denver 7 all did i as americans cast their votes. can you fine the breaking
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the free denver 7 app. this teenagers now facing jail final for killing his brother. jalek taylor pleaded guilty for the deadly shooting in june in you're ore a he is now 18 and will be sentenced next month. police need help finding a man they say set a teenager on fire. here is a closer look at the suspect. police say after getting into a fight with the teen, he set her car on friend inside. they both survived. the family of a native american woman arrested during the dakota puyallup line protests is demanding her immediate release from jail. red fawn fallis is charged with attempted murder. her father says if you read the arrest affidavit, it is clear she was targeted by police. >> at that same time that she was arrested, she was helping people who had been -- had
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them clean the pep are spray out of their eyes. -- the pepper spray out of their eyes. >> the arrest was the largest mass arrest in about 14 years. almost all of them say their applications for public defenses have been rejected. a marijuana grow facility in boulder will have to pay more than $14,000 in fines. that is because the city's enforcement the marijuana regulations say dandelion is violating odor regulations. latest incident is the second time in a month. colorado doctors are at the forefront in the battle against a rare polio-like illness that is causing concern nationwide. it is called acute flaccid myelitis. 3-year-old kiko is being treated for afm at colorado children's hospital. his mother told us he started
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then within days, he couldn't walk. they brought him from his home in new mexico to colorado. children's hospital in aurora saw 14 cases of afm in 2014 and has been tracking those patients ever since. >> the cdc came to children's hospital colorado an helped us investigate the epidemiology of these cases. and subsequently, we've continued to follow our patients and do research in this area to try to better understand what afm is, how can can we prevent it. >> kiko has started to regain some movement as most patients with this do and he is continuing to make progress. can you see his full story on the denver the gunman who opened fire at the airport terminal learns his fate. it seems like he wasn't too fazed by his punishment. >> you won't believe what he said about why he went on the
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dressing. >> the woman says she was attacked by a bottle of salad dressing. how that happened and what the company is saying about this. >> a colorado girl making history. she is cover girl's newest ambassador. meet the beauty blogger who is breaking barriers. >> here is your first alert. it will be a pretty nice day. it is cold this morning in the upper 30s. tonight and tomorrow, we have a freeze watch for parts of southern colorado. we'll talk more about it coming up. >> we have both side of quebec now for the nasty accident. can you see the significant damage to that vehicle there. the douglas county fire and south metro fire, douglas county sheriffs are all there
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we are 800,000... we are 800,000... we're 800,000 coloradans. many of us went to college long ago. but we're still carrying $21 billion in student debt. i'm michael bennet, and i'm fighting for a law that would allow people to refinance their student loans, just like you can a car loan or a home loan. a chance to go to college. and every graduate should have more to look forward to than a lifetime of debt.
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just about a quarter till six now. new chilling dettils about the
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the horrific kidnapping and murder spree we've been watching in south carolina. police rereeling todd kohlhepp made throw requests. give his mom a picture, talk with her and tran officer money to a girl he is helping raise. investigators are also reviewing disturbing amazon reviews possibly linked to him. in one, there was a note about a padlock. the reviewer said, quote, have five on a shipping container. won't stop them but sure will slow em kohlhepp is representing himself right now. life in prison plus 60 years. that is the sentence for this man who opened fire at a terminal at los angeles international airport three years agoment a tsa officer was killed and three others were hurt. prosecutors say the 26-year-old showed no remorse in court and that he even smiled at his victims. >> he was looking right at me way death stare. i felt sorry for him that he
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>> when this happens, you are not the same. you don't feel the same way out in the world that you used to. >> he says he committed at tax because the tsa was the most hated federal agency and he wanted to make a statement. a jury awards three million dollars to the university of virginia dean who sued rolling stone over their rape story. nicole eramo won her defamation case against the magazine. >> a jury found rolling stone liable over an article claiming a at uva. eramo sued claiming that article portrayed her as being indifferent and callous to the fake victim. rolling stone late are restricted the story and apologized. police in aspen are vehicling this racist and expensive graffiti left on a playground. can you see some swastikas, and the number 666. a woman reported the frist to police so sunday when they it can her 7-year-old out there to
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been cleaned up. that is in aspen. starting out a little chilly. >> we are in the mid- to upper 30s right now so it will be chilly but warm again this afternoon. here is your cheat sheet on this tuesday. on this election day, since september 1st, we've seep just ovee 1/2 inch of -- seen just over one 1/2 inch of precipitation. we are well below normalle we'll stay dry statewide live look in sterling. you almost feel guilty because you know we need a little bit of moisture but it has been so nice. beautiful this morning. another bright sunrise at 6:37 this morningment we'll be under a clear sky will you the day. -- another bright sunrise at 6:37 this morning. temperatures well above normal by about 3:00.
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few clouds developing. mid-60s for highs today. so right around 2:00, we'll be a couple of degree warmer than where we were yesterday. when the polls close tonight at 7:00 being we'll be about 53 degrees. littleton at 66 and in 63 degrees. it is 50s and 60s statewide. tomorrow, about five to even seven degrees warmer. this ridge of high pressure anchored in over the region really strong tomorrow. we'll see sunny, warm, dry conditions. 72 on wednesday. through the end of week, it is mid- to upper 60s. pretty pleasant again on saturday. we are working on yet again another week with no snow on our seven-day forecast.
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november 5th. so we are past that date. >> we have the one bad accident down in highlands ranch. ittwill be on the north an southbound side of quebec, right here on the north side of lincoln university. the post office is right here. this is where the accident is. let me show you when the accident first happened, we had this vehicle here. some people that were trapped. this one over here. this one on the side in the grass. we had this pickup truck that was facing the wrong direction. then the fire department got there, south metro fire, douglas county. they helped the people trapped in the wreckage bu down the north and southbound lanes here. back there at timberline and to get around it, most people are using lincoln avenue over tt yosemite. thank you timberline, pinebrook, laredo can get you around it as well. it will be a delay for a little while longer. the rest of the ride around town looks nice. one maynor accident over near 40th and airport. # 25 getting busier down if yosemite. watching the folks doing the
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don't want to wait in that line of traffic. here is a look the what is coming up on good morning america. >> in this morning's gma first look, they're the candidates' seek wet rep ons. >> he will make fantastic president. >> she is strong enough to be president. >> the potential first families pounding the campaign pavement for that presidential win. >> we get a sense of who they are through their children, through their spouse. we want to get a human families give us that connection. >> she is the best darn change maker i ever met in my entire life. >> still hugely popular in democratic circles, president bill clinton has tried to capitalize on that love but any rare move for political spouses, melania trump has been mostly absent from the trail. >> it is hard to say whether she has been a positive or negative factor. she has been a neutral factor. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., we
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america votes with -- as america votes. >> happy election day. several companies are celebrating. coming up, debbie's deals. >> and pop, pop, pop. i looked up and it was possessed. it was going crazy. it was shooting up in the air >> an explosion under investigation. it happened in a woman's
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german authorities have arrested five men this morning -?for allegedly helping isis recruit. officials say the suspects were recruiting from a muslim community and providing financial and logistical help to plan attacks. information from a jihaddist who spent time with isis in syria helped lead to these arrests. at excused will be brought before a judge later today. here a story you don't hear every day. when her food fought back. the woman says her salad dressing, bottle of it, exploded. >> it sounded like a firecracker going off. in the house. >> how loud was this? >> real loud. it is hard to explain i wa attacked by a bottle of salad
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the company says there is a bacteria in the product that shouldn't have been. that caused the bottles to pop. -- it turned out the dressing had been recalled. >> it is gorgeous outside. we have clear skies stepping out the door on this eye legislation day. it is chilly. we are in the mid- to upper 30s. at the bus top chilly. 40degrees between 8:00 and 9:00. another nice one today. evergrown a high of 60. castle rock at 62. a lot of debris still to be chesapeake bayed up from this accident. look at the extensive damage. this is right on quebec right at lincoln avenue. the post office is over there.
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remains chose down for now. lincoln avenue, university, colorado can get you around it. yosemite can also help you get around it. we'll take a look at the rest of the usual drive. she is the next cover girl. she wears a hijab and she is from denver j she is the first american make-up ambassador. she caught cover girl's attention through her youtube channel. >> at the end of the day, i feel like i want as everybody else. i wanted to be respected. i ant to respect you. >> her next goal to be the first woman wearing a hijab on a major company. krispy kreme giving you a free doughnut of your choice. firehouse subs will give you a free drink. seven eleven is giving a free
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download the seven eleven mobile app. we have a full lives our debbie's deals. head over it our web site, election coverage continues at 6:00 a.m.:00 -- at 6:00 a.m. >> this is in chappaqua, new york where hillary clinton is expected to vote. we already saw where tim kaine voted this morning. >> we are talking abou state ballot measures if you are still undecided. are still undecided. we have it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president.
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it is 6:00 a.m. last call for candidates. hillary clinton, donald trump are both waking up in new york where they will spend election day. both of them were at rallies after midnight. clinton spent time in north carolina, also pennsylvania where she got an assist froo the president. >> are you fired up? >> there is no reason, my friends, why america's best days are not ahead of us if we reach for them together. >> trump's final rally was in grand rapids, michigan. more than 1 how people showed up to cheer on the republican nominee who promised change while attacking clinton.


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