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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 8, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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both hillary clinton and donald trump have cast their ballots. both looking to make history with a win in today's election. >> but if we don't win, i will consider this the single wow, do you need energy for this. >> there is no reason, my friends, why america's best days are not ahead of us if we reach for them together. >> so the big day is finally here. it is now america's turn to decide. millions of people headed to the polls.
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jace let's go kenneth moten in new york. hillary clinton was voting at her local oting place about four hours after she returned home this morning. later tonight, she will be on the the stage behind me, win or lose, with the world watching. hillary clinton's historic vote for herself. the presidential candidate and rm surrounded by cameras and supporters as they cast their ballots. >> it is the most humbling feeling, because i know how much responsibility goes with this. >> reporter: little rest for clinton who touched down around 3:00 a.m. after a whirlwind final day on the trail in several battleground states. >> i will do the best i can if i'm fortunate enough to win. >> reporter: the clinton
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mannequin challenge. the campaign saying don't stand still, vote today. it is expect today standing room only here at the javits center for tonight's election party. they will be watching the results roll in here in manhattan. now to my colleague adrian banker who is foll trump campaign. >> reporter: yes, we are right outside of the trump headquarters. the republican nominee having this big push ahead of the end of this campaign season. he is awaiting the results at the polls after casting his own ballot. the republican nominee dropping his ballot at this elementary school in manhattan joining and across the country who will decide whether mr. trump will be greeted as mr. president.
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entire world, if he sticks to the business, i think maybe he can change the country around hopefully. >> i just don't trust hillary. >> reporter: trump finishing off a long campaign with this late-night rally in grand rapids, michigan where thousands cheered their nominee. >> today is our independence day. >> reporter: and in an early morning interview with fox news, donald trump said he did have some regrets so he is extremely will win big in several key states. his big election night party is tonight at the hilton hotel. we have lots more election coverage coming up. . let's give you a live look outside. looks like the weather should not prevent anyone from going to the polls in our state. >> let's check in with lisa
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first alert election forecast. >> no issues. it is bone-dry across the state. we would love to get a little rain or snow but not today. you will find clear skies today. , beautiful temperatures already starting to climb into the 60s in some spots. we are at 58 degrees way southwesterly wind at about five to 10 miles per hour. just enough of a light southwesterly breeze to boost our temperatures this afternoon well into 60s 58 up along 76. here is a look new the afternoon. we'll be under a mostly sunny sky. we'll hit a high today around 65 degrees in denver. with the time change, we hit that earlier in the day. by 6:00, it is dark and we drop into the 50s. in just a few minutes, we'll take a look at how warm it gets later this week, even warmer than today. details in a few minutes. breaking news now.
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senate in colorado was injured in a crash overnight. he posted on facebook that he suffered several broken ribs. he posted a picture of him being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. his car reportedly rolled several times as he was driving back to colorado from standing rock where the pipeline he says he is okay. ng. the race for the white house should be coming to an end today. by day's end, we should have a new president. here is a look at some of our local voting have cast their ballots. that is abbut 18,000 more than the democrrts. about a third of coloradans are unaffiliated. all this with still about eight hours to go until the polls close in colorado. hillary clinton is off to an early lead. people in dixville notch have spoken. last night at midnight, that tiny new hampshire town finished voting in the election. it is a town of only eight
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gary johnson received one of the votes and the eighth vote was a write-in for mitt romney. the midnight vote is a tradition dating back to 1960 there. just a remind are for voters in colorado. it is too late to mail your ballot at this point but you can still drop it off at the drop-off locations or vote in person at your polling center. the polls again open until 7:00. when you cast your will be deciding on nine measures including raising the tax on tobacco, raising the minimum wage, a single payer health care system and aid in dying. control of colorado's legislature up for grabs. the close senate races could determine whether democrats control the legislature or whether republicans maintain a single seat edge as they do right now in the state senate. right now, republicans currently control the senate. the decembers control the house
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aggressively fighttng in denver to end the gop majority. it is the biggest day of the year for elections gigss and county clerks offices where teams of people will work well into the night tabulating the ballots. >> jason grenieri you're is -- jason gruenauer is in ballots get brought in in the locked ballot boxes. they are sorted, opened, stacked and brought into this room where they feed them into the large printer high pressure like things which scans the ballots and reads them. if there is any issue, there are people would come in. there are elect judges that have to open all of the ballots. if there is any issue, they do
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that go through to make sure everything is on the up and up. so far, here in arapahoe county, they went through 200,000 ballots. 200,000 and they say they have 100,000 of them left to go. but even after they're scalped through here, we don't know the results until later tonight. >> they've been scanned but they haven't been tabulate. we haven't hit the button that says present and show the results. we haven't even the 7:00. >> reporter: with those claims of a quote, unqqote, rigged election, the clerk and record are here wants to make sure that everything is right and your vote is counted.
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>> we are live here where the youngest member of the millennial generation is voting today. will the millennial influence show in the numbers. more millennials, latinos and people with college degree are calling our state home. 3 these are all usually democratic leaning groups. a poll shows hillary clinton ahead by three in colorado according to the pugh research center. of eligible voter across he u.s. on par for the first time with baby boomers. we spoke with the first time voter, a 19-year-old who says she has been very involved in the election process and having discussions about the election. >> we are very back and forth
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it's very exciting. i'm excited to cast my ballot. >> the polling place here on campus isn't exclusive to students here. we actually met up with denver county's clerk and recorder earlier this morning. she is making several stops around the county visiting several polling places. i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. check out this map ranking power. new york come in last. that is because there are so many people in new york, the personal vote this is worth the least. 19.7million people live in that state which means about 680,000 people per electoral vote. >> so the personal vote if people in why would i counts the most according to this calculation, just over 560,000 people live there which is about 186,000 people per
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roughly the same personal vote power as four voters in new york. >> i am surprise bid that. really surprised. i didn't know that. -- i am surprised by that. it is kind of shocking actually to think of it that way. >> the average electoral college vote represents 436,000 people. 120million americans are expected to cast their vote by the time the polls close later today. as you know, it takes 270 electoral votes to win it. predictions. the dark blue states voting democrat. you can see colorado, light blue meaning we lean democrat right now but it could still go either way. the dark red states are expected to go republican. and the states in light red lean republican but again still a toss up. the states shaded gray are considered completely up for grabs. we will be keeping clooe track of this map. stay with denver 7 and new outthe
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a boulder woman says this is no excuse for not voting and she did it while she was in labor. they went to drop off their ballots in boulder while she was full on in labor with her first child. so littte bella rose was not due until today but she came early on friday. >> we ran over there and kind of made it just in time because, like shortly after that, i was like okay, it's time. we got to get to the hospital. >> to make the world a better place for her, it is totally worth it. >> their picture has gone viral on social media. chelsea clinton retweeted it saying she was touched to think that this mom stopped to vote for her mom while on the way to the hospital. a heads up to people who are voting today. some people have reported receiving text messages saying they can vote over the phone or by text. that is absolutely not true.
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you could be giving out your personal information without realizing it. president obama has his election day superstitions. he started the day off way game of basketball. >> it has become a traditionnas millions of americans cast their ballots. he has played hoops on election day ever since he first won back in 2008. still ahead, outrage over some videos circulating on social media. a tennessee man caught going on a racist rant after an apparent road rage incident. what he has to say to the driver he >> plus, there will be some new owners of the pulse nightclub
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welcome back to denver 7. a man is facing multiple charges after police say he was caught trying to break no a neighbor's home all while his own home was going up in flames. you can see the pictures happened around 3:30 this morning northwest of greeley. the man reportedly dialed up 911 saying he had been shot. it turned out that was not the case. investigators say he was high on an unknown substance. he was arrested on suspicion of arson and burglary. the douglas county sheriff's office is asking for help finding this woman. dorothy judge has dementia and was not -- was last seen around 10:30 last night near lincoln senior living in parker.
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turtleneck and khaki pants. if you see her, call police. called a road rage racist after he was seen on camera attacking a black man with racial slurs. man has been identified as neal thompson. he is seen cursing there at the drive and now outrage as the video is being passed around on social media. >> i already told you what a [bleep] is. it is people would can't ke >> the man being yelled at said it all started when he turned on his blinker to change lanes but thompson sped up to try to stop him from changing lanes. when the two pulled over into the same parking lot, police say that is when thompson started his rant. the city of orlando has northed a deal to bite pulse nightclub for $2.25 million. the city will turn it into a permanent memorial for the 49 people killed on june 12th by a man claiming allegiance to
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signed the sales contract. orlando city council must still sign off on the deal and will consider it next week. as you know, it is election day and as many of us are working, thousands of people across the country got a paid holiday. general motors is one of the companies that gave employees the day off to vote. other companies include ford motor company, square and digital media company thrill list. there is no federal law requiring worker to get vary. >> certainly, the weather here in colorado not preventing people from getting to the polls. >> on these days, those in tv work double time. we do the opposite. here is your cheat sheet on this tuesday. we are still well below normal when it comes to precipitation. in fact, since september 1st, we are at just over one inch. normal value this time would be just over 2 inches. we'll stay dry statewide and that is in the only this week,
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as well. beautiful look if loveland set to open up on thursday. they've been working hard to get at least one run looking good for you on thursday. you will fine on for you thank you cast clear skies. this from 11:00 through the early evening. -- on futurecast, clear skies. overnight tonight cheer through early tomorrow into midday. it will be a dry one as well on wednesday. even warmer tomorrow. there is a big ridge of high pressure camped out across region so it is promoting some sinking, warming air and that will keep our skies nice and clear. look at our temperatures today. denver with a high of 66. we'll stay a good 10 degrees above normal today. by 7:00, clear skies and overnight lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. littleton will hit 66.
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foothills this afternoon. statewide, 50s and 60s, primarily upper 50s as you get up into the central mountains with blue skies. we are watching for some freeze watches and warnings popping up down across southeastern colorado tonight into early tomorrow morning including areas just south of the springs pueblo and also lamar. we were walking out the door this morning to overnight lows in the 30s. same thing tomorrow and through the so you do need layers. i would get the kids ready way sweatshirt and light jacket tomorrow morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine and a early warm-up. 72 for a high on wednesday, well above normal. mid- to upper 60s through the coming weekend. track august weak system potentially early next week but that is it. you guys again, it is a weak one. no snow on this seven-day forecast for denver which puts us yet again another week
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date which is november 21st. >> it will all come at once now. thank you. our election coverage continues after a quick break. joining us live in the studio, we'll be talk you go all thing voter fraud to how you can track your ballot. >> plus, denver 7 investigates a series of e maims that worried a lot of local election
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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this is it. the busy day for election officials making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. >> so we have colorado secretary of state wayne williams joining us now. we focus on today. all year round, don't you? >> you know, our clerks and my staff and the secretary of state's office have been working through outthe year to prepare for this day and to prepare for this election season. they say the season because wave already had as of this morning, 2.2 million coloradans have turned in their ballot. when i dropped off my ballot, i was very aware there was probably a camera on me.
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safeguards to prevent fraud. >> all the 4/7 drop boxes are monitored with video surveillance. when people pick up the people from different parties so you can be assured that your balance loss is secure and being counted appropriately. >> this is a way to check that. you can just put your name, birth date, your zip code in and i found mine says right here your county accepted your ballot what if it is rejected. what if there was a problem. >> if it shows up as rejected, you have until eight days after the election. i know this happens. my daughter got one of those from me when i was the clerk in el paso county. she carefully put every letter in her signature when she got her driver's license and then it was a scrawl as a college student. so there is a chance to make it good.
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make it good as well. >> you mentioned so many people. we think about half of the registered voters have already cast an early ballot. there will be some lines today still. any tips on how to avoid the busiest places? >> 2.2 million of the 3.2 million have already voted so we're more than 2/3 at this stage. if you vote between 5:00 and 7:00 on the way home, this will be a line. some of the coti time is. fastest way is to grab that mail ballot that you were send senttand fill that out and drop it off. that will be a faster process than going through the line process. but you still have the option. if by the way your ballot is showing as not being received on go vote you can go and vote in person. if you put in the mail yesterday, you should probably do that today. >> while that is a great resource, that web site, the
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not necessarily tied to the internet so therefore should be -- we shouldn't have hackers. >> it is absolutely not tied to the internet. that is against the law and regulation. they are kept -- the voting tabulation system is kept in a secured room under video surveillance under lock and key with tamper evident seals. >> there you go. wayne williams. thank you. we appreciate it. we have much more to come here in our next half hour on denver coverage on this presidential election and we are tracking wait times across the metro for you. >> people in several several other states will be voting on whether or not to legalize
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we have an update. the woman we told but at the top of the newscast has been found safe. dorothy judge has dethen men that she was found and has been reunited with her family. -- dorothy judge has dementia. the nominees showing no signs of slowing down. campaigning into the night. clinton rallied with bruce springsteen and president obama in pennsylvania. then it was to a midnight party with lady gaga and jon bon jovi in north carolina.
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tested in this election. but my faith in our future has never been stronger. >> trump going without the celebrity appearances. he spent his last hours campaigning in the battleground state of michigan, new hampshire, north carolina and he was in florida. >> real change also means restoring honesty to our government so the first thing we should do, let's get rid of hillary. >> with the campaigns coming to vote ares. >> so both presidential nominees cast their ballot. on the right, that is hillary clinton. on the left, that is donald trump. he made his vote count in new york city. both of the running mates, mike pence and tim kaine also voted early this morning. millions of votes have already been cast in colorado. we talked to the sixty of state. more than two million votes and the team are working hard to
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in. >> that's right. jason gruenauer live in arapahoe county. >> reporter: this is behind the scenes. we have a small army before 50 people that are working here in arapahoe county. they go to bring in the kal lots, open them, stack them, scan them, verify the signatures an they have to count them. ?hat is what they are doing eventually in here. the ballots going through those printer-like things. they tabulate them but the result won't be known polls close tonight at 7:00. election workers here have already gone through about 200,000 individual ballots. they are expecting another 1000000 possibly record setting turnout here for this election here in arapahoe county. it is not a short process. take a listen. >> once tte ballot hits our warehouse where we ave it into tabulation within an hour. it goes through signature verification, ballot opening. we have it through the entire process within about two hours.
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working to actually open up each individual ballot. that is why there are two people each way different colored land qurd at each table to make sure everything is on the up and up. of this bipartisan teams to verify signatures heee as well. again, possible record-setting turnout here upwards of 315,000 ballots when all of this is said and done. it will be a long night here for these people but so far, they are happy. they have the smiles on their faces. should be a fun election day. early are this more than, there was a problem at a polling center in boulder. the computers apparently went down. a spokesperson from the county clerk's fice says it may have been because of last-minute demand or ballots. the ballots are printed as needed when voter show up to the booth. the system is back up and running. a few weeks from now, this will all be ancient history and maybe we'll have snow in
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what was that statistic. they polled people and 5% said they wouldn't vote if it were raining. 5% said no, not going out in in it. >> no excuse here. >> here within the next 30 minutes or so, we'll be in the low 60s. sunny and warm by 3:00. 65 today. and as polls close tonight at 7:00 here in town, we'll be in the low 50s. clear skies, sunshine. from sterling loveland and up along i-7 0rbgs we -- i-70, we have a beautiful blue sky. tomorrow, we'll tack on another five to seven degrees on top of this. very warm for the middle of the week. i'll show you when we could see a minor system roll through in a few minutes. >> maybe. denver's clerk and recorder is visiting several polling places throughout the county today. one stop took her to the
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voting for the first time. >> that is where we have amanda del castillo for you this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we caught up with a lot of first time voters. many of them beginning the process by registering today to vote because that is allowed here in colorado. but will the millennial influence show in the numbers. many say more millennials people with college degrees are calling colorado home. these are usually democratic leaning voters. hillary clinton is ahead by three in our state. millennials make up nearly 31% of eligible voters across the u.s. apar for the first time with baby boomers. we spoke with a first time voter, a 19-year-old who says she has been very involved in the election process. >> a bunch of my friend, we
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dad and mom and i would discuss concepts and top ins an try to involve mow further to get more knowledge to have a knowledge behind who i'm voting for and why and what i'm interested in in a candidate and what i'm looking for in a president. >> reporter: now, the polling place here on the du campus isn't exclusive to students. can you come down here and vote if you would like. polls close at 7:00 tonight. reporting live at du, amanda del castillo. there have been a series f edmonton maims discovered that caused a lot of worry for election ooficials. they called the fbi and homeland security. we have learned it was just an academic research project. clerks in 25 counties in colorado as a resulted receiving these e-mails and they read things like hi, my name is karim. i would ask about the voting process. what do i need to bring to vote. i want to vote for president but did i not register way political party.
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roughly the same question each time but with different names. >> i think it is irresponsible in this climate and this close to an election to send out what is essentially spam to all of our county clerks to try to conduct a lab experiment for academia. >> investigators traced the e- mails back to yale university where it turns out a law professor has been doing a independent study on voter accees. most would agree this election year has been stressful. maybe today is the day to a deep breath and reflect. last night in this boulder medication class, students focused on kindness. the teacher encouraging everyone to unplug for a moment and recenter. >> support each other in maintaining some sanity and wisdom in the midst of all the ups and downs. even astronauts in space are taking time to cast their
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kimbrough filed his ballot for the presidential election aboard the international space station. how does an astronaut vote if they know they will be orbiting the earth on election day. bay year before launch, astronauts select which elections they want to participate in. six months later, they get an absentee ballot application. governor hickenlooper is speaking out says another. he praises people who agree with him. that is no way to be president. >> he also discussed the fbi's decision on the clintons e- mails sayyng the agency did the best it could on the investigation into that and it was not rigged. five states are voting on legalizing recreational marijuann. if voters in the states pass the measures, what will that mean for us here in colorado. we asked experts about it. they said this could legitimize the industry which would wipe
11:39 am
bolster legal sales here in colorado and elsewhere. second, real estate experts say, if the green rush slows, so could the housing market. >> certainly a sense and a feel that marijuana has had a very positive effect on the housing market in colorado if you are a seller i should say swrovment when people start going there instead of colorado, i am afraid it will have a huge impact on our tourism. >> the states with measures on the ballot are california, nevada, arizona, massachusetts and maine. make sure to stay with denver 7 all day long. can you find breaking results on the air, online and on our free denver 7 app. a man is under arrest for allegedly assaulting a deputy in larimer county. authorities were called to check on the welfare of tyler simmons after he reportedly threatened to harm himself. police say he began kicking the window in the back of the cruiser. they say he kicked a deputy in
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for the broncos fan that they say was taking pictures up a woman's skirt during the chargers game a week ago. the man does have a prosthetic leg which police may make it easier for you tt help identify him. if you recognize him, you are ask to call police. an investigation under way after this racist and offensivee graffiti was found on a playground. can you see some swastikas there and the 666 a woman reported it to police sunday. no word if it has been cleaned up. this teenager is facing jail time for killing his brother. jalek taylor pleaded guilty yesterday to the june shooting in you're ore a taylor shot his 10-year-old brother. jalek who is now 18 will be sentenced next movement. police need help finding this man. he is wanted in a disturbing crime setting a car on fire with people inside. police say after getting into a fight teway enager, he set her
11:41 am
friend inside of t they both survived. if you see him, call police. trying to figure out how a former flash player died. we got a look at the autopsy report. the coroner's office says it is considering the possible that he may have suffered from head trauma. yesterday, there was a european hockey web site reporting that svatos died of a possible medicine overdose. the 34-year-old died over the weekend in lone he leaves behind a wife and two children. you know, you deserve a special treaa or two if you cast your ballot in this election. details on the deals businesses are offering today coming up. >> plus a denver woman behind bars for protesting the dakota access pipeline. why hhr family says she should noo be in jail. >> it is now 11:41. we have a height wind of about five to 10 miles per hour coming in out of southwest. that will push our temperatures up not only today but even more
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the family of a denver woman arrested during a protest at the dakota pipeline construction site is depappedding she be released from jail. red fawn fallis is charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting several time at police officers. her father says if you read the arrest affidavit, ittis clear she was targeted by police.
11:45 am
people who had been -- had pepper spray if their face, taking them back and helping them clean the pepper spray out of their eyes. >> fallis' family says her arrest along with 142 others is the largest mass arrest in 14 years and almost all of them say their applications for public defenses have been rejected. meantime, the protests are in north dakota are overswimming the court system. % protesters are being assisted by out of state attorneys. more than 50 of arraigned yesterday. they are facing trespassing and riot charges. this man, rocky allen, will spend 6 1/2 years in a federal prison. he is the surgical tech who got caught stealing drugs here locally that may have exposed hundreds of coloradoians to hepatitis. we tried to speak with him as he walked out of the courtroom but he had nothing to sivment. a main grow fa tilt in boulder has to pay more than $14,000 in fieps. that because the city's
11:46 am
regulations says the dandelion grow is violating odor regulations. -- in fines. colorado doctors are at the forefront in a battle against a rare pole wroa-hike illness that caused sudden paralysis in children. >> it is called acute flaccid myelitis. the advertise east attacks cells in the spine. >> he wasn't walking the way he used to. i had to really support him and then he couldn't -- he in his neck and he couldn't really turn. >> kiko is being treated for afm at colorado's children's hospital. like most patient with this, he has started to regain some movement but he will have a long road ahead. children's hospital saw 14 canadians of afm back in 2014. pack then, the hospital launched a studdie to track the patient in hopes of learning more about the mysterious disease. it is election day, of
11:47 am
cast your ballot. krispy kreme issgiving you a free doughnut of our choice. firehouse subs will give you a free drink. you just have to show your i voted sticker. there are many more deals. we have a full list of more debbie's deals on our web site, the colorado d transportation has announced aspen's independence pass will remain open this weekend despite plan to close the gate for the winter season. according to the as been times, the department had planned to close it yesterday but with the warmer temperatures, they decided to keep the pass open until at least next week. >> often times about this time of euro, -- of year, it is already closed. >> back in 1946, you know how much snow we saw in november? 42.5inches. that maybe this look really good. very dry and no storms right now on our seven-day forecast.
11:48 am
our time change on sunday a sunset this afternoon of 4:48. we are starting off each day with 30 but we'll see 60s hate are this afternoon and it is even warm are tomorrow. so your first alert headlines, very similar to what we've seen this past couple of weeks. very try, very warm. live look now in telluride. you can so the light snow from the weekend but a lot of it melting across the southwestern corner of colorado. pretty c just a for you high cloud moving in from the north right now. satellite and radar is going to stay quiet to the next couple of days. not much to show you but a few clouds on futurecast. mid-60s in denver by 1:00. and we'll be at about 7:00 by the time that polls close tonight under a clear sky, driveway conditions and temperatures in the low 50s. you want to keep a sweatshirt or jacket handy in the car. it is definitely chilly each morning. we'll see some mid- to upper
11:49 am
warmer tomorrow. today, right around du, we'll be at 66. lope tree, same thingment and in montclair, that neighborhood -- lone tree, same thing. upper 50s for the mountains. steamboat this afternoon at 59 degrees. freeze warnings now going into effect tonight and early tomorrow morningment we will likely see some overnight lows down across southeastern colorado in the upper 20s so we could see some freezing of some of the crops and for some of the farmers out east, that will be an issue tomorrow morning. tomorrow in denver, a high of 72 degrees. it is sunny, warm. that is where our bright spot is. we'll see upper 60s again thursday. we'll stay in the mid to upper 60s again with for major change. mid- to upper 30s so it is
11:50 am
well above normal. a colorado woman is at first person to become a cover girl wearing a hijab. hear her message.
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we're taking a live look at city park. gorgeous day outside. on this election day, the polls open in colorado until 7:00 p.m. remember to stay with denver 7 throughout the day for updates. we'll have a newscast at 4:00 p.m. and then abc will take over some election coverage right after that. >> an historic election. this denver woman making some history. she is the next cover girl and she is just 24 years old. she sought cover girl's attention apparently through her youtube chan gigli want the same thing as everybody else. i want to be respected and respect you. -- through her youtube channel.
11:54 am
else. this 94-year-old earl scott jumped out of a plane yesterday. he knew planes during world war ii and he never had to use his parachute back then. he told his friend he was curious about sky diving and thought he would give it a try. >> he flew p-51 mustangs. he never had to jump out of one. he thought i guess i better add that to my list at 94. >> loo look. >> he is in great shape. more power to you. >> we have a nice start. if you are heading out, you still haven't voted, don't worry, weather is great. 53 around 7:00 when the polls chose. tomorrow, here is your bus stop planner. we'll be near 40 by 8:00. it will be a chilly morningment a sweatshirt, a height jacket,
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in the afternoon, even warmmr, 72 only afternoon. and almost the middle of
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