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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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. denver 7 news starts right now. it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. . the 2016 presidential campaign was a historic race. full of tense moments all the wa hours. with cases of late counts and close calls, donald trump emerging victorious. >> before we get to that, let's talk to lisa hidalgo with the forecast. we are here in east wash park and want to see sai thank you to our viewers by raking leaves.
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sleeping are going to wake up to a nice surprise. davis restoration, so nice of them to come out and help us with that to get this done. it is chilly and you can see royal crest, if you're out thew the milk man, you know you're up early. the 24-hour planner, going to be in the 30s to start and midday, around luh, see some 60s. cool early on and highs near 70 degrees and it is a warm one and it is the warmest day on the seven-day forecast. things will stay mild through the next couple of days. a big ridge of high pressure, parked out, camped out over colorado. so not very fall-like. and eric, you sweating yet, miefrnd? mifrnd?
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>> just fine. >> i'm going to pull out a chair and watch. i have been watching you -?guys and he's eric a-sitting most of the time. we have a power outage restored in gold. that is good news news. 800 affected earlier and now ten affected. in the west side, tenth and knox, rollover crash out there, but everything else is standard, quiet and starting to see everything build up. the white house saying president obama has officially congratulated donald trump on his win and invited donald trump to meet at the white house tomorrow. the president plans to make a statement from the white house sometime today.
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responses, francois holland, from france, saying it opens a period of uncertainty but france and u.s. will remain allies. and rush president, vladimir putin, congratulations to trump, hoping to lift u.s. and russia out of the you aren't crisis. and from the israel prime minister, and british prime minister, as well. and congratulations to trump on social media this morning. . pretty cool. it's 5:33 now. to the u.s. senate race now. incumbent michael bennet, holing off darryl glen. he was first elected in 2010. surrounded by his family gave an acceptance speech overnight. >> thank you, colorado. thank you. you live in the most dynamic and beautiful state in the
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>> well, a four term incumbent, hold lg on to beat challenger morgan caroll. he said it was one of theemost contentious races, parker, centennial, lone tree and highlandd ranch. republicans with a one seat advantage in the u.s. senate, 18 to 17. and there was one. senate district 19, the -- look at the bottom there. the libertarian kant. the libertarian played spoiler. could have swayed it one way or another. in senate district 26, the -- keeps that democrat seat as the
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the democrats. and another district, was democrat, but going back to republican, priola taking that seat. a & a split legislature is probably in the best interest of the governor. >> so when you have the balance, the right and left peels out and as governor, you see what you can pass. >> i checked the math. two of three voters in colorado cast ballots. looking at some of the other measures, voters passing amendment 71, proposing the amount to the institution to be signed off by voters in each of the 25th district. that 157-32. and aaother -- tripling the
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that is 54 no to 46%. 5:35 and this morning, we're already seeing the impact of the financial markets around the world. the stocks are going to take a beating when the bell rings this morning. >> something else that happened on election ight. leelzing marijuana in other states. jason gruenauer has more on that. jason? ? >>reporter: yes, good morning to you. three other states officially approved the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. massachusetts, california and nevada. colorado was one of the first, benefiting from the green tourism, so now does that mean that this money could be spread out just a little bit thinner and what impacts could that have at home? talking about tourism dollars and the housing market.
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one pot shop, sayi they were worried, simply put, they can get something else. don't have to travel to the mountains of colorado to do so and now three more added to the list that already includes us. will it have an effect? as far as the housing market, it's too early to tell. one expert said it's tough to tell, especially the day after, if people are to buy elsewhere or spreading the money thinner is going to impact either way, good or bad. so the way a trump presidency could have an impact in the housing market in a negative way. i'll have more on that at 6:00. 5:37 now. police investigating a deadly shooting, one dead and another
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that was on clayton and vasquez. no details on what sparked the descriptionshooting. officer responded to a call about a deadly shooting that ended the life of a man on delmar circle sxch & investigators say the individual involved in found somewhere in montbello. the suspect died. denver7 spoke to a woman who witnessed the whole thing. >> i didn't duck. i got under my car to see what that boy was doing. i'm trying to tell the man, stop. >> one school nearby was briefly put on lockdown. right now, a $10,000 reward is being offered for any
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an arrest of people that broke into a gun store in critical condition. it happened on october 23rd. rd. rifles, handguns and shotguns were stolen. a man facing prison for shooting his girlfriend in the face. shot her last year at her home. she was found covered in blood in the couple's back yard. she survived and he could face 80 years in prison after going to court in january. search and rescue crews found him alive yesterday after he had been missing for three days. and saying the 63-year-old was confused and drat ed dehydrated. the coverage of election 2016 is going to continue.
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aid in dying measure. five states have measures for revaegsal marijuana -- recreational marijuana. president donald trump and vice president mike pence, the security detail happening outside pence's mansion. >> catching up with steve house and what he had to say about the election and what his plans are next. . >> we have taken weather on the road this morning. here's what we are expecting this afternoon. afternoon, 65. i'm not going to lie. we have been outsi, cool this morning, 30s this morning, 70s this afternoon and warm through the weekend. details on your seven-day planner coming up. will we see another accident on 70?
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. it's 5:43. boulder passed the sugar tax. 4,000 vote margin. the passage of 2h means a two
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beverages for two grams of added sugar. the second in country to put such a tax on those drinks, joining berkeley california. and marijuana being more accepted across the country. careful and nain and nevada recognizing it. and ardz saying no. could be holding out with the legalization with juan point we'll see ow that shakes out. from the chairman of the democrat party in colorado. steve house said it's time to move forward, those who did not back the g.o.p. last night. >> amanda is live from 18th and clarkson. she has more. amanda? . >>reporter: chair man house said after last night, the focus is now shifting to winning the governor's race in 2018. he says the g.o.p.
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not the big ones. though trump walked away with a victory last night. and the democrats gained a large majority of the house. chairman said he doesn't think the legislature will change much. but there's a way to reach the unaffiliated voters. >> going back to the drawing board. what is it? messaging, investment in the communities? i think >> besides reaching the unaffiliated voters, house said that the state gop also needs to reach out to the various big industries here in colorado. we'll have more from chairman house in the next half hour. reporting live from 18th and clarkson. looking at some more ballot issues now. how about 106? this is the one that allows
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prescription drug. 65% in favor of this. our state is now the fifth in the country with such a law. presidentiaa primaries are returning to colorado and unaffiliated would be allowed to participate. this is proposition 107. overwhelming. >big news for unaffiliated sororities. the 1 million unaffiliated voterses no longer to have register -- voters no longer have to register with a party to participate in a primary. and this one, the cultural and arts institutions with a tenth of a percent sales tax, set to expire june 2018 and this one also overwhelmingly passed.
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good morning on this wednesday after the lks. election. i think the last -- after the election. i think the last thing anyone wants to do is raking the leaves. this is in east wash park, paul davis restoration, great crew, we have rakes on the street, and people saying, you can come rake my leaves. why not. >> there. grab that. i'm just too tired. i've been working hard. and i needed a break. >> these guys are doing all the hard work. temperatures in the 30s, your first alert headline, showing what's going to be a beautiful day, sunshine and highs around 70 degrees in and around town. we have got clear skies. as you look at the satellite and radar, in the region, it is
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a lot of sunshine, ridge of high pressure, as you're walking out the door to 30s, it is dry and chilly conditions and a bright sun rise around 6:35 or so this morning. 60s to from denver to montclaire. and going to be warm, 70 at du. temperatures in the 50s and 60s under the blue skies. things cool off a bit thursday and friday. still talking 60s and even close to 70 heading into the first of next week. and we are tracking a storm that might mean, might mean snow next week. i'm going to hand you the microphone. >> going to be doing some work.
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she has just been -- that's already a pile. you're just piling up the pile. >> that is good upper body work. >> it is. thank you for doing that sort % of thing. 6th and sheridan, looking good and power just about restored in gollen at a power outage affected nearly 800. but there is a problem at 10th and knox, there. and southbound i-25, congested. 152020 minutes to ddwntown. now that he's the vice president-elect, mike pence needs some security. >> eric cox has the details. >> good morning. we're standing outside of governor mike pence's mansion, and you can see the process beginning of secret service and
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beefing up the security detail. and no doubt that we are waking up to a different america, no matter which way you look at it. and mike pence will be the next vice president, a breath away from being the leader of the free world. must be protected. >> documents are classified, the serious discussions have already begun about closing down the streets around the mansion here. it's unclear if those would be permanently blocked off or simply when mike pence is in town. drones and helicopters and planes are going to be restricted. he'll hold the vice president -- governor until january 20th when he's sworn in as president of the united states. this is always a fun thing
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look at the front pages of all the papers. here is this morning's denver post. it's trump. that's the headlines from denver post. and santa maria times, he's hired. and orange county, take a look at that one and amarillo low globe, and pueblo chieftan, saying is this america's new reality? and the new york times we t press before it was called. hanged on tally. a lot of the east coast papers went. before being called, crews starting to prepare for the inauguration. you can see that there in the white house and washington, d.c. that's set for friday, january 20th.
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selfies at this intersection. it was president street and clinton street. thieves target voters on election day, how they were using the for the purpose to rip off people that cast their
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. people trying to avoid the long election day lines. all they need was a cell phone
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know, you cannot vote with a text. >> hit the code, text by phone, so hey're taking a call, texting by phone, what's happening is a phishing scam for the most part and getting the information to a scammer. >> that text was not the only tool for scammers. and an excuse to call you and trick you into giving valuable information. i'll have more on the with lisa, helping raking leaves in a neighborhood. . >>reporter: we're raking leaves. going to bet, yard covers in leaves and then uncovered, that's what we're doing. last time, free coffee, and this time, raking leaves. we have paul davis restoration and eric lupher helping me.
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degrees. it stays mild through the weekend. >> we have some building traffic here on the southbound side of 25 and one rollover crash at 10th and knox court. a couple of things going viral. take a look at that. that is donald trump's victory cake, aafull sized bust of him, escorted by secret sefs. exploded on social media, saying it doesn't look anything like him. >> and barron trump, rolling his ing his eyes at his father. >> you'll beeso proud. it's my honor.
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really bored, this was 3:00 a.m.. he's only so years old. did the obama girls look a little board and scolded? >> got to be exhausted. and the 2017 coverage, continuing at 6:00 a.m.. we have more reaction and looking ahead at what's next. also on snow watch, we are anxiously waiting for ski season to begin. we'll have
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. it's been what they call a historic event. but to be truly historic, you have to do a great job. i promise i will not let you down. i'll do a great job. >> that was president-elect donald trump, calling for unity. >> and this was a scene of hillary clinton victory party and she never took the stage. john podesta spoke, telling people to go ohm and she already called to concede. >> things are over, not as


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