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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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who led mission on a chase first. >> starting with a shooting at a nightclub on kentucky and morrison. darryl is live at arapahoe and glencoe. >> that shooting this morning outside of the stone nightclub at kentucky and morrison. and police sent information to the police agos to be on the look hout red camaro. an about 3:30 this morning, police were able to locate this vehicle on i-25. got a high speed chase, in substantial, in arapahoe county. they found the vehicle and a pinging system, an anti-theft device that led police to this vehicle. in 30 minutes, they searched the vehicle and no one in there.
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on arapahoe and glencoe. we'll have nor on that from stenl, darryl orr. following breaking news tonight. coast to coast, people taking to the streets over the presidential election. >> donald trump, anything he said, anything he has said always comes back to hatred. >> as a woman and a la tina, i feel very very upset. a live look from boulder high school yesterday. >> at least a hundred students participated in this protest. one held a sign saying, boulder high school unifies against hate.
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president-elect donald trump will send some family members out of the country. >> we have friends and family and family members that are undocumented. we are worried about them. they are part of us. >> some students so -- listening to concerns. some students from martin luther king high school marched out to gather. no reports of injuries. that hurt five people does not appear to be related to anti- trump rallies in the city. two with life-threatening injuries. now the search is on for that shooter. the denver fire department, tweeting about a house ffre on 13th and umatilla, shoult of auraria. and a -- this happened during a
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pittsburgh. one officer was taken away in a medical chopper and one by ambulance. the police are looking for that suspect, an active search underway. >> the first alert weather center. >> no shock. same way it's been all week. a touch cooler than it was yesterday. highs in the upper 60s this afternoon. the first alert that we are track ago weak cold front that is going to roll through northern colorado tonight and bringing down the temperatures tonight. mid to upper 60s between 11 and 1:00, with plenty of sunshine and clear skies tonight and could get a little bit of cloud cover building out across the eastern plains and patchy fog. 70 in ft. collins, 71. jason, it's cool, but not cold.
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the hov lanes from 75 to go on to the hov lanes into downtown, still closed, the gates are down, doing some kind of maintenance right now, that's what they tell me and no estimate of when it's going to reopen. don't need the lanes right now because it's clear. and rest of town is looking good, including getting out to dia. in creekside elementary school in centennial are go dog be handed bottled water today. >> higher than acceptable levels of lead this morning. eric lupher is live with what parents need to know this morning. >>. >>reporter: what it is is they're not going turn on the water here.
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of the water in the school district in response to the flint, michigan issue. and higher than acceptable levels came back. the school district replaced all of the faucets, went back to retest just to make sure and nine sinks still tested higher than acceptable. and and the letter sent to parntds of students at the school. the cause of the problem, once it is determines and the solution that is implemented to ensure the safety of our students and staff. that's from the school district where i am live outside this morning. they are making sure everyone is safe.
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wouldn't have found it. i'm eric lupher. second appearance after an explosion in a nederland shopping center. could have been to avenge a 1971 killing. police officers justified to shoot a man armed with a machete. that's the ruling from the boulder da. the man was from thornton. investigators don't know what brought him to campus that morning. an officer shot in the line of duty. we want to warn you, some people may find this disturbing. he was shot in the check and believe it or not, he's fine. . right now, police are asking for your help finding this man, trying to kidnap a 14-
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yesterday. we have a sketch. a student arrested for sexual assaulting a woman in the derme recently. we just got this photograph. he confessed and apologized to his victim the next day. colorado is the sixth state in the nation to approve a right to die measure. we spoke to the face of the campaign in colorado. he cancer. said it's not a partisan issue, but about life. he said he wants a choice. >> doing everything i cannot to be confronted with that decision. everything. and if i am, i still don't know if i would take it or not. just having the option. >> theelaw would be for colorado residents and does not go into effect until january. the future of the marijuana
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is the president-elect. he said he's all for medical marijuana, but leading -- leetding to bad things in the state, he said. one representative said she expects to have a new conversation with the new administration. >> looking forward to the conversations in the next days, ?eek, months, this is bigger than a single experience. recreational marijuana on tuesday. we know where you live and how you vote, but so is how you eat eat and shop. the cracker barrel-whole foods theory. donald trump won 76% of the counties with the cracker barrel and 20% of whole foods areas.
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whole foods in more affluent cities. the highs and lows of the colorado political cycle. the next discussion at the denver post auditorium look for it in the spotlight section on a news electricity this morning about samsung phones. >> not talking about the recalled galaxy note seven. >> the 7everyday hero, introducing you to this outstanding volunteer. bill cudmor. and i'm jason gruenauer in love land. they're ready.
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. from the first alert desk. international news. an explosion at a building in turkey. it happened at a building in southern turkey near the border with syria. curdish rebels a-- kurdish rebels attacked it. and renewed violence in that
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militants. a samsung phone almost burned down a woman's house. it is not the galaxy seven. it was the four. that's what left. exploded when her children were there. >> sounded like a bomb went off. smells awful. a toxic smell. >> comment until they examine the device. getting flu shots. people older than 75 already been hospitalized with the flu. takes two weeks to develop the immunity after getting vaccinated. we have a list of places to get them on to make it easier for you.
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skiers and snowboarders, rejoice. rejoice. >> loveland is opening. jason gruenauer is there. >> snow is blowing on me. my first snow of the year. these guns are going full blast, the chairs are ready and other guys that have been ready. nate dogg and tom. when did you get here? >> we got here about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. >> and you have been just waiting you have to start it somewhere. >> how long have you been doing it? >> 21 years right here at loveland ski area. >> what makes you want to keep coming back? >> it's the first season. i wasn't read at a basin , but i'm ready now. >> and -- working out for you.
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counting down to 9:00 a.m.. >> so excited, pumped up, being on the chair once more with nate dogg, nothing like it. >> and the resorts and things are going to be opening next friday. don't have to wait at loveland. one lift, p one run open, 18 inches of base. they're open. reporting live in loveland, i'm jason gruenauer, back to you in the institute owe where it >> it's dog or dawg? >> got to be a w in thhre. >> dawg. i need snow. put me in e holiday spirit. >> it's hard to do that. >> it's like california or nevada. 60s late ir. winds will pick up a bit today.
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shake, ten to 20 miles per hour as we're tracking a with weak cold front, it's going to roll through the state tonight and tomorrow morning, feeling the effects of it. from the viero camera, this is the shot from limon. going to be a beautiful morning. those going to loveland,,not going to have any trouble on the roads, dry conditions, sunshine across the state. and we're going to see a bit of a change tonight. with the front rolling through, could get some clouds in the morning. it's not going to last. some clouds and patchy fog and clearing out with sunshine tomorrow afternoon. conifer, 44, pretty mild. city park, 39. we're going to see highs in the mid to upper 60s under, again, plenty of sunshine. clear tonight and cloud cover by early tomorrow morning.
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eng lwood, 67 and aurora at 65 this afternoon with some in your mid toupper 60s. tomorrow with dropping ten degrees with the cold front. one of the coolest we with have seen in weeks. first time we have seen in the 60s. have had 60s and 70s all month. anything with that. >> i knew that was coming. >> i think dog's middle name is diggity. so into downtown, feel free to
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still a quiet start. a local world war ii veteran sharing his story right now, for a documentary. >> after the attack on pearl harbor, one of several transported to an internment camp. he was one of them. >> it was traumatic. i don't know about traumatic. i was scared. because the fbi. they were -- toward japan or the japanese empire. . >> along with 35,000 other japanese americans enlisted in the u.s. army. saw the documentary for if first time at his nursing home. speechless is breaking some
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trying to bring so humor to a seeiouu situation. peyton manning making his way to tv. we'll hear about his character. feeding children in need. one in four children is hungry. donating at whole foods or and on i'm mitch from denver7. >> yyu have surprised me. >> we have been surprising volunteers for 18 years. >> my god. >> how are you? >> my god. >> you know what's happening? >> who is the 7everyday hero in
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. welcome back. one of the hottest new shows on abc, speechl it's a family of five. >> with jj, cerebral palsy. we caught up with him. . >> come and get to know us. we are just like anybody else. >> the cast says they have two priorities. one is to make people laugh,
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that we are all more alike than different. for more or on the story, go to a brush with death can change your perspective on life. >> the 7everyday hero turned his into an opportunity. >> coffee or lemonade? >> at denver health center, volunteers are often the first line of support. >> i'm here in this pavilion >> he greets people with coffee and lemonade. something to help people feel more relaxed. >> the people are not feeling well, they're not themselves. >> bill would know, his first visit here was as a patient. >> i suffered a stroke. i was not able to speak, but i was able to know that they had me on the crash cart within one minute. that impressed me.
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back and has done so every week for more than five years. >> someone you want to see coming into the hospital. >> popular guy with the beverages. >> well, with or without. >> makes him popular. >> good morning. >> i flirt with the girls too. >> quite well, thank you. back to the community and have a little fun. >> hi, amy. . >> hello. how was -- >> it was good. i'll come over and visit with you. see? i'm losing my touch. i should be able to flirt and do this cart at the same time. >> we have a surprise for you. we would like to honor you as the 7everyday hero for all the
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>> thank you, sir. >> there's my new pal. you can learn more about volunteering and more about bill by going to and click on community, you'll see 7everyday heroes. peyton manning is going to be on an upcoming modern family episode. a sports tutor. only going to be in one episode. no word on when that's going to but remember, you can watch that right here on denver7. >> a lot of free time. >> reminds me a little bit of phil dunphy too. it's going to be bright at the bus stop. 30s to the 40s. wear a sweatshirt or jacket this morning. chill will.
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of ch 67 at the kids are heading home. tomorrow, veterans day, watching the temperatures drop with the cold front moving throogh, ten degrees cooler. we'll show you when the showers are going to come through. we have a building fire there on the southwest side of downtown denver. 13th and ummatilla, you can see the denver fire department heree looks like an abandoned building, doesn't look too serious. this is the area. off colfax and 25. right about here. 13th is close, might be an inconvenience. but the drive is open for this point. in downtown, a little bit of traffic coming in from that north side. >> thank you, jafb. it is 6:56.
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6:00 a.m., including the search for a shoplifter. >> we have more of the suspect caught on camera. we'll show you more at 6:00 a.m. ie. the transition to the donald trump administration is already under way. the president-elect is meeting meeting with president obama today as tens of thousands of protestors take the streets. update from the ambush in
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. 6:00 a.m., denver7, starting with breaking news. a fire at 13th and umatilla, at near the auraria campus. >> crews are there to put out the hot spots. >> and other ea a man in the hospital right now and the police are sermging for the shooter. >> started at the stone nightclub on morrison. the suspect took off in a 2010 red camaro. >> officers later found that camaro. you see it, but it was abandoned. the suspect is described as


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