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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. 6:00 a.m., denver7, starting with breaking news. a fire at 13th and umatilla, at near the auraria campus. >> crews are there to put out the hot spots. >> and other ea a man in the hospital right now and the police are sermging for the shooter. >> started at the stone nightclub on morrison. the suspect took off in a 2010 red camaro. >> officers later found that camaro. you see it, but it was abandoned. the suspect is described as
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member. seattle, chicago, atlanta, dallas, a few of the protests happening across the country last night. tens of thousands of people are going to be n the streets. saying donald trump is not their president. >> and protests here in denver as well. trook at the crowd gather at the capitol. theying they do not agree with his platform. >> this showed us how dide this country is and how much hate still exists in our country. >>preparing for a trip to the white house. >> and scheduled a meeting with president obama this morning a couple of hours from now. could be awkward since donald trump was going to rip up obamacare, a quote. police investigating a double shooting on the 16th street mall.
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later, so what that could mean for the ballpark district. a live look at loveland ski area now. going to be open for business today. our jason gruenauer joins us with more details in a few minutes. lest get to lisa hiialgo with the full forecast. any chance of snow, rain, cool cooler weather, anything? >> no on -- just the opposite. 3 a live look from loveland and you're going to find the sunshine for the first run at 9:00. 60s today, cooler than it was yesterday. 67 this afternoon so a good 10- 15 degrees above normal in some neighborhoods. skies will clear off tonight and we are tracking a cold front and could bring some more
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the winds are going to pick up a little bit today. we'll show you what to expect for the temperatures tomorrow and the weekend. and the fire we were talking about. here off of colfax and 25. 13th and umatilla, not going to see any delays, but you'll see it if you pass it. one accident on wadsworth and 92nd. it's a t-bone and -- hit by the white car and they spun out. on the southbound side here on wads and 92nd. take a look at the map. we have a pretty decent map everywhere else, building up in the usual spots. bruise near pittsburgh, officers have been ambushed outside a home and one of them
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showing the s.w.a.t. team outside, look for the suspect in the shooting. we have some information from police. the officers were responding to a domestic situation at a home near canonsburg. they were met with gun fire as soon as they approached. one officer taken away from a chopper and the other by ambulance and we understand that the one taken by ambulance died. because of the search. street mall. shot along 16th - two people waking up in jail connected to the crime. cameras were rolling as -- this is a man and woman, they tried to get away from the crime scene in an rtd bus, police say the call came in around 1:15 in the morning yesterday. this is at 16th and champa.
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hospital. the police have not released the names of the victims or suspects yet. shutting down a homeless sweep on lawrence. the problem they say has come back worsz since march. grocery carts up and down the street and plenty of garbage. denver said that everything needs to be gone by tuesday but the no were else to go. >> don't judge a book by the cover. >> we are people. can't be swept into the sewer. >> the sweeps, say their justified since their a public health risk. water may not be safe in cherry creek schools. contaminated with lead. eric lupher is life with details.
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widespread panic here. this is in creekside in stenl. but an issue for students walking to class today, kringing from bottled water instead of tap. this is the letter sent to parents of students at creek side elementary school. and -- test the water over fall break in all of its schools in response to the flig michigan case. during fall break, they found lead and replaced the faucets and retested and some levels from about nine sinks came back, not just what the district wanted. so they shut the water off and handing out the bottled water to students and staff and until further notice, going to remain
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sent to parents eric lupher, denver7. president obama and donald trump will meet face to face today. >> taking the oath of office in january, but starting today. going to address sefrg things, including obamacare. >> asking congress a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> spent time to campaign for hillary clinton and asking the american people to give trump a chance >> we're not democrats first, we are not republicans first, we're americans first. we're patriots first. we want what's best for this country. >> and we expect to learn more about the transition after today's meeting.
6:08 am and download the app to get the information on all these changes. the colorado ski industry has a $4.8 billion impact on our xha xhi. >> loveland, one of the areas opened today at 9:00 a.m.. jason gruenauer is live there for us this morning. jason, did you bring your board up? >> i left it at home today, but i hope the rental place is open. hopefully i can be on the seco we have had people camping since yesteeday, a long tradition. on the slope, finishing the last touches, the lights are off, some of the grooming, finishing up the finishing touches. one official from loveland said everything is going according to plan for the 9:00. it may be man made, but who cares? they are opening for the
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colorado ski report, a basin on the 21st. loveland is going to be number two. people have been anxious. because of the lack of snow and precipitation, other resorts are going to push back to next week. winter park wednesday, key stone and breckenridge on friday. loveland say they're happen to be here. people have been waiting out there on the snow. from what we can tell, the conditions look good for the first run. coming up, we're going to be talking to the a loveland ski official here, is opening this late a bad thing? so to where it's not man made snowing, everywhere else in colorado, going to send it back to lisa hidalgo. >> firing up the snow guns at
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?ove his cute little accent. limon, clear skies and beautiful across the mrans. 30s and 40s, lotsover sunshine, going to be in the upper 60s by the time the kids head home with lotsd of sunshine. we have a cold front coming up. we have this dent, don't need an alternate route. wadsworth and 90, no significant delays, can get by it with a lane. 90th is restricted at this point. get around the shopper center to get around this crash. denver7 is following the fallout from election day. find out which state is trying to leave the country.
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. just about quarter past six. it's clear and beautiful. we have skiing coming up. denver police is asking for your help tracking down these two men. when they robbed the key bank on ie life and -- illiff and a 61-year-old aurora man could spend three years behind bars for throwing a rake at a moving car. he was found guilty yesterday. in 2015, he threw a rake threw the windshield and the jeep crashes, the teen inside the
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the retrial of a man accused of kidnapping and rape. spent years in prison, before having the accusation withdrawn after a confession from another man. a $140,000 bmw riddled with bullets. police say this started as some kind of argument and multiple times in the chinatown area. and you can see the bullet holes. how many were in that $140,000 bm wrshgs? the person was taken to the hospital, but with non-lifrng injuries. fallout continues from the presidential election. california is hoping to secede
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similar to the brexit movement. it's been around, but the trump victory would help the campaign they believe. hoping to put california independence on the ballot by 2018. >> promising to ban muslims from entering the country. he may be backing down. the muslim ban plan was removed from the we have not commented on the change. a letter to donald trump to bill bill check. belichick -- >> the distractions on the outside, given the nature of this presidential race. . >> seattle. >> and the players talk to you.
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>> couldn't tell if he didn't want to focus on anything other than new england's next game against seattle and brady, also a trump fan, wife said, just stop talking. >> and it's almost like he was saying sit down. and -- >> i'm going to try that. snow. snow. snow. >> might come. here are headlines. not going to see it today. sunshine and 60s. winds at ten to 20 miles per hour. and a weak cold front tomorrow. it's weak and doesn't have a lot of moisture associated with it. temperatures are going to drop, but not much across the state. tomorrow through lunchtime, clear skies and beautiful blue skies and sunshine. clear tonight and tomorrow with
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cover, could get some fog later on and maybe some light drizzle in spotss 45 in denver right now, winds are southwest at five to ten miles per hour. and again, with that front pushing through, we're going to see winds kicking up a little bit. highs around two at 68 and denver, lots of sunshine. to want, mid to upper 30s in the early morning. really warm weather. this first week and a half in november, putting us at the warmest in november if we continue with this trend. du, 63 and montclaire, same thing and 60s in -- pueblo at 74. going to see some 50s in the mountains west on 70.
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to loveland, should be pleasant for the first runs at 9:00. if we drop and that's what we top out on, that's going to be the coolest we have seen all month. first day we have seen in the 50s. been at the 60s and 70s this month. back to the 60s on saturday and pretty mild. not on this seven-day forecast, thursday and friday, we could be tracking a stronger storm and the potential for a little rain and know. and maybe forgot how it is to drive in the snow? maybe refresh your memory with the drive you crazy podcast on google play and the app store and stitcher. all of that about winter driving. anything you need to know about driving in the winter weather on the drive you crazy podcast. on 25, take a look take a look. we have this t-bone accident.
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pickup truck in the driver's side door. no indication on jewish r injuries, that's one lane there and no need for an alternate route. you can get around going through the shopping center. building up in some of the usual spots, including 76. and i believe it's going go be back in here, rolling up. and back in there. eastbound side of i-70. will the chargers really leave san diego? will voters let that happen? they turned down a stadium on -- move to l. a. if they didn't get a new stadium. nort to move by next season, they need to make a decision by january 15th. trouble in broncos country.
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questioning trevor siemian. and now going to the sanths. >> vegas saying the broncos are undergoings. >> if you're not winning, people ain't happy. with the loss last week, we want to get on our high horse again and back to winning. working to get back there. again it's in new orleans. the broncos have played the saints ten times. winning eight of them. tickets going on sale in two weeks. the first two events in ufc history, but not hosted a fight since 2012. veterans day is tomorrow. a warning for thousands of veterans nationwide.
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opening up today. not all of the #089 plus runs will be open. you can go skiing today. the lift at 9:00 a.m.
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. denver7 irst alert weather. >> good thursday morning. and two-week is from thanksgiving, loveland is opening, the second resort. 70, dry conditions. temperatures in the mountains are going to be in the 50s. in morning, 60s this afternoon. cooler tomorrow. jason, we're going to talk about the sun tomorrow. >> that sun is a factor. seeing the slowing here in brighton boulevard near the coliseum. this is going to slow us down even more. no sunshine, just congestion, four lanes down to two. these folks are not wanting to wait in the long line.
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until the last moment and get in and then add to that delay. we have a warning to the nation's veteran on the eve of veterans day. information compromised not only in colorado, but also kansas. information includes names, medical diagnosis and partial social security numbers. police in ft. collins are asking for your help to catch th >> it's not clear when this was taken, but but he got away with huge items. trying to stuff a box under his shirt. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. students and others are panicked over the results of the election.
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a developing story in castle rock today. one of the teens accused of building explosive devices will face a judge today. >> this happened last month. the teens have not been identified. they're juveniles. but the judge said thais sophisticated devices. and also charged with sexual exploitation of a child and a possession of a weapon. and the other said he's not of mass destruction. another said he's a threat to the public and should not be let out of prison. accused of planting a bomb at a shopping center in nederland. . this was the scene in boulder as some students protested the results of the presidential election, saying donald trump doesn't represent
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>> a scene in los angeles, some protestors shut down a busy highway, chanting things like not my president. and other places, setting a pinata on fire. president obama has not spoke out about this. he is going to meet with donald trump and the transition of power, more on that coming up. >> i'm loveland ski area. it is opening day, the day that many skiers and snowboarders have been waiting for. they turned the snow machine off, you can see the mountains. jason, thank you for joining us this morning. where are we at this morning? >> just a couple of hours away from the first chair of the 2016-17 season. we have are grooming and putting the finishing touches
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rider. >> how have things been going? >> things have been going slow with the warm weather. the conditions are great. got a great snow back. people are going to enjoy their first turns of the season. >> and pushing, back, a lot later than usual. others later than this. is that going to mess with things overall? >> it's been tough. earlier is always better for us. opening as quickly as we can. but this late shouldn't impact it a lot. it's colorado, the rocky mountains, should be okay. snow should be on its way soon. >> first chair is at nine and we have people waiting since yesterday at 3:30.
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the mountain opening up just hour from now. mitch, gay dayle, lisa, back to you. . >> on the -- >> is this just the longest week in the world? beat down. emotional and lots of stress. 60s at 7:00 and at 11, near 60 and then by 3:00, near 70. decent day. congress park, 67. and englewood, 66. and a cold front tonight and bringing down the temperatures down about ten
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in the roadways, a few problems like on the north side of town, some congestion in the pockets and waves. 20 minutes on this drive overall to count. the one accident we have on the southbound side on wadsworth. no alterna needed. you can still get around it. some con je suis bruxelles on and that will continue as they continue the rebuild of the interchange. and all of that down to the south, the traffic tracker is down there. northbound, southbound, colorado boulevard, all in pretty good shape as we zoom into the bridge. this is painful and it will be for a long time. but i want you to remember this: our sxan was never about one person or even one election.
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>> hillary clinton's concession speech finally came yesterray morning , about 9:30 our time. said she was disappointed that she wasn't able to shatter the glass ceiling but wants girls to believe that they can achieve anything. some latinos are worried about it. % fearing deportation. >> some saying they want to be more involved prose. >> kids saying, i'm going to be active and participate. >> we have friends and family and family members that are close to us that are undocumented and we're worried about them because they're part of. >> a meeting in the auditorium to listen to issues and concerns.
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going to be the next chairman of a senate committee. japan prime minister will meet with donald trump next week in new york, according to a japanese official that the two talked on the phone about the importance of continuing japan-u.s. alliance. couldn't not talk about the trans pacific partnership, and talking about killing the tpp. cu and denver police officers were justified in shooting the man that stormed the campus with a machete. the man was identified as a 28- year-old brandon evans. a student accused of breaking into a dorm and sexual
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the crime. he could spend more than a decade behind bars if convicted. it's still not clear if the marijuana public consumption act passed. -- offering medical marijuana and leading to bad things in the state. one representative from the marijuana industry said she expected a conversation wi the new administration >> watching closely to see what mr. trump does in the coming days, weeks and months, and this is a big issue, bigger than a single state and experience. >> mash advocates are quick to point out, since more legalized marijuana, it would be hard for the federal government to go backwards. worry about the flu in the community. why health officials are sounding the alarm.
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the metro area. we'll have more on the developments from this morning.
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. denver7, first alert weather. >> the thursday, the cheat sheet on thursday. 50s and 60s later today. winds will pick up. that's the biggest thing you'll notice. ten to 20 miles per hour. that's the biggest thing because of the cold front we're tracking. warming up tomorrow. 45 right now, bright for the morning drive. make sure you've got the sunglasses. 60s and near 70 this afternoon. denver, 67. jason, tomorrow, it gets cooler.
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70, passing the coliseum to stapleton and dia. heavy on 70, 270 and 76, the south side still for now is quiet. to 20 minutes before 7:00 now. the owners of a building will start the reconstruction of this project today. this building here. been collapsed yesterday on 13st getting the flu shot before the season. several hospitalized already. you can find a list of where you can get the vaccination vaccinations. in the morning blitz, what you can xp expect in the transition of power before inauguration.
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see the homecoming and where
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six. starting with the membership meeting, president obama and president-elect donald trump are expected to meet in the ovl office a little more than an hour from now. talking about the transition. president obama said we're all on the same team now and we need to support the next president. >> love trumps hate. love trumps hate. love trumps hate. >> state capitol, protesting the next president, also in boulder and colorado springs. >> going to fight for their beliefs, no matter who is in the white house. 5,000 in times scare, about the election outcome. >> and the protest stretched from coast to coast. to the west in oakland, two- dozen people there were arrested.
6:44 am
streets as you can see. three police officers injured during the oakland protest. markets have been up and down since the election results were announced. here's where they stand. the dow ended yesterday up. and in premarket, futures up 106 points as well. japan's nike index is up 6%. and this just in, presidents, president obama and president-elect rump, vice president joe biden will be meeting with vladimir putin elect mike pence. a peacc rally at the state capitol. going to reach out to people who felt targeted by donald trump's campaign rhetoric. that's this morn at 11. the election coverage continues at the free denver 7 app.
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>> it's 6:45 and your first alert headlines. it's dry. don't have to tell you many that. since the beginning of the year, three inches below average. 60s and 70s and 80s every day for the last three to four- week. tomorrow, dropping to the 50s due to a weak cold front. that's going to be one of the #k508est since october 12th. warm and dry and obviously a lot of sunshine. from the camera in sterling, it take it up to loveland with the first run of the season at 9:00 this season. they have been working hard with the snow gunshot to get them up -- now guns to get them fill up. we'll be there. clear skies tonight and tomorrow morning, we will be tracking -- he cloud cover,
6:46 am
66 in congress park. centennial, aurora, topping out at 65 and lakewood, 68 degrees. 50s in the mountains and 70s across southeastern colorado. future cast is won't dry today. sunshine at lunch and two clock, hitting the -- 2:00, hitting the high. and tomorrow, once this front pushes through, a little bit of an increase of cloud cover and fog and could lead to a little bit of drizzle and will clear skies in the afternoon. tomorrow, 85 and still above normal. low to mid 60s saturday and sunday. with what we are tracking is potentially the chance for a little rain and snow by the end of next week.
6:47 am
can't see mast tuesday. the great thing about this, it's going to feel so short for winter. only two months long. 120th and 25, open from this point down to 104 to the parkway. bunching up around 84th, 58th, better than average. on the map up there, 76 to 270, better. 90th avenue, no alternate needs there and you can still get around it in one lane. on the west side of town, the side streets, 6th avenue and 285, c-470, look bet. and take a look at c-470, the radio towers, all of the traffic affected by the sun
6:48 am
a person shot outside the stone nightclub. the names have not been released at this point. and the police are not saying much about what led to the shooting. the officers found his getaway car in arapahoe county. the suspect has not been found. the search continues. a picture of a officer shot in the face in an investigation. >> this is a little bit graphic. you can hit him in the cheek. 6:48 now. a warning of parents at one cherry creek school. eric lupher is live with what this means for students. >> higher levels of lead inside creekside elementary school. no widespread panic from students or faculty or the district, but they definitely are taking this seriously.
6:49 am
crisis, they said they're going to test the water over fall break at the schools. that's when they discovered the higher than acceptable levels of lead in the schools. replacing the faucets and tested again just to make sure and nine came back with higher than acceptable levels. so they said, shut off the water and get bottled water to the students and staff. to the parents of the students there. we will continue to provide you more on the investigation and what the cause is and the solution is implements to ensure the safety and security of the students and have & staff. until further notice, the water will be off at creekside elementary school. take a look at this. a hero's welcome at fort carson.
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they have been diploid since june. welcome home. just ii time for veterans day. welcome home. a lot of celebrations. >> 2200 veterans living in the u.s. right ho now, including 79 vietnam veterans. many offering discounts, olive garden and buffalo wild wings. check out the list on our app that means holiday season is around the corner. cracking down on drinking and driving, find out how many on halloween weekend. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream.
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. welcome back to denver7. 6:52. boy, that sun glare is going to
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to work and school. dpd saying dui was up over halloween. up 21 percent. another one over thanksgiving weekend. >> it is now 6:53. a look at the stories we are following. one of the teens tied to the explosives bust inside the castle rock home. possession of a hg. and now working to learn how those charges are connected to the explosives. who will be leading our state. today is the day, a second ski resort opening, loveland at #. first alert. a manhunt is under way in western pennsylvania near pittsburgh after two police
6:54 am
this is the scene to the hospital where other officers have been gathering to pay respect to the one that died. they were responding to a domestic issue at a home and they were fired on as they approached. the second officer who was shot is at the hospital. no word on their condition. another medical video. take a look. the mannequin challenge. weaving in and out -- take a look. the paper strung in there. and there's emmanuel senders in -- sanders in the laundry basket. they have a big game this sunday in new orleans against the saints. >> impressive. >> it is. >> is that your mannequin. >> we couldn't do it.
6:55 am
beautiful morning out there this morning. clear skies from the cam in limon. dry conditions, sunny, 37 in boulder and 34 in estes park. just above freezing in the mountains in most cases and we have got a lot of nice temperatures. sweatshirt this morning, but get away with a t-shirt this afternoon. over the next couple of days, we're going to be tracking a weak system, a weak cold front that rolls through tonight. it's a dry system, but likely bring with it an a few clouds to eastern colorado tomorrow and it will get a bit cooler tomorrow. % going to be about ten degrees to where we arr tot todd. a little more fall like and below normal -- above normal. and what's off the seven-day forecast? the possibility ar chance of snow. >> so you're telling me there's a chance. >> i am.
6:56 am
not it. they are not there yet. let me show you. suppose today be a semi and a car. 88th and bellby road. be prepared for -- wellby road. and you can get that on our app or on the good morning america news breaks. a typical drive for us, heavy in some of the usual and 225. a few minutes away from good morning america. looking at the trump administration, who will be working for him, one colorado woman could be considered. president obama will meet with president-elect trump.
6:57 am
it could get a little bit awkward. where you can find the great deals and steal, that's next here on denver7 on good morning. should remind you that one in encounter colorado children are hungry. you can be a hero and help feed the children. >> ways you can help. $7, buy a food bag at whole federal. and you can also donate from your phones, don't have to get off the coach. peyton manning, making a special appearance on tv. the former denver broncos going to be on modern family for -- you can watch modern family here on denver7. a sports tutor?
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>> having fun. that's what he's dog.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. anti-trump protestst erupt coast to coast. peaceful ones turning violent. police fightinback with tear gas. >> tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets. marching on trump towers in new yo a donald trump heads to washington, vowing to bring the country together after a bitter election. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> he'll meet president obama in the oval office this morning. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> as the first lady hosts melania trump. now all eyes turn to who president trump will pick for his white house and cabinet.


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