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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. we begin with breaking news right now at 11. president-elect donald trump and president obama just discuss met and discussed the handoff of the presidency. president obama said it was an an excelllnt and wide ranging meeting. wife getting off the plane this morning. this is a historic meeting of two men that haven't agreed on a lot. and talking about the cabinet when he takes over the presidency. some predicting former new york city mayor rudolf giuliani could be attorney general and newt gingrich could be secretary of state.
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so what is he going to do? elizabeth hur is there, sitting in on this, has the latest for us now. >> good afternoon to you. this meeting in the oval office just wrapped up minutes ago and learned it was supposed to be a ten-minute meeting, but lasted for more than an hour and a half. said it was cordial and covered a wide range f topics. >> left in and salute, welcoming him to washingttn as president-elect. and donald trump meeting with president obamaawanting a good transferal. >> worst president in history.
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legacy, beginning with repeal repealing obamacare and the promise on border security. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> trump will deliver even if it means going around congress. >> he'll -- he can do it by extensive order by reprogramming money within the immigration service. >> trump is also eager to fill that seat on the supreme court, replacing obama's nominee, merrick garland. >> a lot that have to be named. a thousand of those have to get senate confirmation. there's an enormous amount of work to be done. >> as for this big meeting, president obama said the number one priority is making sure that this transition is successful and trump said he's honored and look forward to
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hur, abc news. and this is unprecedented. protests across the nation, including here in colorado, people protesting outside the state capitol last night. this group was small and things remained calm. and the protests, they started last night in new york city. at least 15 people there were arrested? los burning a pi?ata. and one said the donald trump presidency makes her feel suppressed. >> lost sleep. having a president that condone condones racism, fascism and bigotry. and as a woman and as a lat na, i feel very -- latina, i feel
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>> these protests stretched coast to coast from nfl to seattle to washington, d.c. police looking for a man who critically shot and wounded a man at a nub on morrison road. a man walked in saying he was shot. the suspect got away if in a camaro that was scene tez. that was found -- that was seen at the scene. found on arapahoe road. said he was 233years old and a face tattoo. -- 12th and washington. the suspect is described as a hispanic man between 5-7 and 5- 10. if you have any information, call police. get the skis and snowboards
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opening today in colorado. >> talking about loveland, one of the first to open. along with a basin. and abasin opened last month. >> jason gruenauer is live with those waiting to hit the slopes important. >> they had to wait, but wait no longer. people are making the first turns down the morning and started this morning with first chair. this is nate buddy. they came out for they're 21st first chair. and made sure they were the first ones up mountain. we live in colorado. work is secondary. >> opening a basin in october and haven't gotten the snow until mother nature gave them a few days of cold and the snow %
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don't worry,st going to be fine. >> best ahead of us. don't panic. it's going to be great in loveland ski area. >> it's great, especially for this guy. officials say they are hoping for one or two mother nature storms to dump the snow and open up the snow runs and more of this is going to be happening here in colorado. i'm jason gruenauer, denver7. >> reminds me have the sun screen on. >> that's right. no back country skiing. this is the same place, but a different view. look how dry it is under the trees. some runs, stay clear. dry today and clear coskies across the region. we're tracking a weak cold front that will swing through to want and bring our temperatures down, but it's a really dry system coming
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i'll show you that in a few minutes. 65 at city park and 62 in -?boulder and 63 in bep net. conifer, 53 right now and see highs in and around 60s to 70 in denver. warm one and skies overnight tonight, we're going to see clear skies and increasing clouds tomorrow and show you that in just a minute. with the front tomorrow, it is going to approximate be a little bit cooler tomorrow. coming up with that, see what to expect for the weekd. thank you, lisa. one of the teens facing charges in connection to the explosives in castle rock is going to be in court. the teen faces charges of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of a handgun. the other teen in in this case is expected to be in court next week. also dpu in court, this man, moe sesz allen.
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for a swiks conviction. this is a conviction for a crime he said he didn't commit. warnings at cherry creek schools after lead found. this happened at creekside ellmentary school. eric lupher has the latest for us now. >> normal operations for creekside elementary school. students, class faculty, going to be until further notice. this is why. over fall break, they decided to test the water in all their schools in response to the flint, michigan water crisis. they did it as a precaution and see what they would find and found higher than acceptable levels of lead here and replaced the faucets and more tests to make sure they got
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nine still with higher than acceptable levels of lead and then students and staff are getting the botd ld water. parents will get a timeline of what happened and where to go moving forward. denver police are looking into a fight with what led to on detained the possible suspects after trying to get awra on the rtd bus. catching two robbers. take a look. two men rushing into a key bank, demanding money, wearing pink beloveds. this was on colorado avenue, got away in interest that gold dodge intrepid. camps are back and the city plans to clear them out again.
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on the shelters on lawrence street. the city cleared out the camps in the last few months and regrown in the last eight months. an issue to have the personal belongings out by the 18th. they say they don't have anywhere else to go. >> when it's not warm, you go to the one place you go. >> the sweeps in march created a lot of pending lawsuit. we have a warning for more 2,000 veterans in our state. your personal information may 3 have been compromised. e-mailing the information to his personal e-mail account, including in the documents, names, last four digits of the social security numbers and medical diagnosis. denver is called the drunkest city in colorado.
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financial news website, 24/7 business. one in four report binge drinking in the last month. the most uniqqe way to analyze the election. >> how one man is using cracker barrel and whole foods to look at the election results. trying to stuff a huge box under his shirt, that's not going to work. you can help police find im. and developments from
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. to a story we have been following all morning. a manhunt in pennsylvania after one police officer shot and another killed. this is in canonsburg near purg. officers called to -- nur pittsburgh. -- woken up by police this morning. >> i heard something about my partner is down, shot, something along those lines and i knew something serious was going on. >> again, police officers are still looking for the shooter with and have not said what may have caused the shooting. seattle looking at what led
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happened near a 7-11. one started to walk away and turned and started shooting at people. two in critical condition and three others have non-life- threatening injuries. concerns of colorado's marijuana industry now that trump is going to be president. said he's for medical marijuana, but not recreational. >> watching very closely to s what mr. trump does in the coming days, weeks and months, this issue is bigger than a single election and bigger than a single state or single experience. >> not everyone is learning, now that more states have a legalized recreational marijuana at the election on tuesday. how it panned out, a political analyst, the whole
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donald trump won 67% of counties with a cracker barrel and 22% with whole foods. a news alert out of boulder county, officials are urging everyone to get a flu shot. they say three people, older than 75 have been hospitalized wiih a flu. takes two weeks to develop immunity after you get vaccinated. we have a list of places you can take a look at this. police are asking your help not clear when this was taken, but he was trying to get this box under his jacket. not sure how he was going to do that. but he got away with serl high profile item. if you recognize that guy, know what he did with it, call poliie.
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special homecoming in fort carson, 1400soldiers are back from afghanistan. . >> such a great sight to see there. the troops were deployed to afghanistan in february and we want to thank all of those members serving, including those still serving. probably not a clie drooi eye in the place when the guys a girls got ome. >> with the smoke machine, i think it's lady gaga. . it's warm. 60s and 70s since october. above normal. tracking a weak cold front, going to cool down and the temperatures above normal. precipitation, below normal since the beginning of the year. now three inches below where we're typically at this time of
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the cold front rolling through tonight, being cooler. 65 in denver and winds shifting a little bit coming through at five to ten miles per hour. and tomorrow we are going to see some cooler air, starts by the low 50s and overnight tonight, upper 30s friday morning. friday is actually going to be the coolest on the seven-day forecast, today, 60s close to 70. brighton, 67, congress park, 67 and highlands ranch, 68. typically 50s this time of year. still see some 50s this teem of day. the low to mid 60s this le in %- afternoon. today, very clear in the future cast. nothing to show you throughout the afternoon around 3:00. tonight, clear and early tomorrow morning, we are looking at a little bit of
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cover in the morning and some drizzle possibly with the cloud cover. not going to stick around for long and skies will clear and tomorrow afternoon, looking at a llt of sunshine with a high of 58 degrees. overnight lows will be close to freezing early saturday morning and we are seeing more 30s in the mornings. chilly tomorrow and friday, cool and saturday and sunday, going to be in the low to mid 60s. warming back up for the we sunshine on sunnay, 67 and another 70 there on the board on tuesday. wednesday and thursday, that's when we're tracking what could be a peter cottontailly stronger storm and knock on wood, would love to see some rain and snow with this storm on thursday. >> would be great. >> getting close to the latest first snow, november 21st. >> inching up on ttat quickly.
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way back to your tv screens.
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. denver7 is getting a look at one of the hottest shows on tv. speechless, a comedy, family of five and centers around jj, with cerebral palsy. we caught up to him off. >> you come in and you get to know us and we l are just like everyone, everybody else. >> the cast said they have two priorities, one, to make people laugh and to show that we're more alike than different. former drvsher denver
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a sports tutor for the son of jay, one episode and no word on when it airs, but you can camp it here on denver7. a brush with death will certainly change your perspective on life. on this 7everyday hero, another shot of life. . >> would you like coffee or lemonade? at denver health. >> greeting patients with free coffee and lemonade, help an activity that make people feel relaxed. >> the people that come to the hospital, they're not feeling themselves, not relaxed many jiesh bill would know. he was a patient. >> i had a stroke, not able to speak, but i know they had me
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minute. that impressed me. >> bill knew he had to give back and has done so every week for more than five years. >> just like someone you want to see as you're coming into the hospital. >> with the beverages, probably the most popular guy here. >> well, either with our without. >> his sense of humor make him popular. . >> with our without. >> and said volunteering is a great way to stay involve went ahead the community and have a little fun. >> hi, amy. >> hi. how was -- >> it was good. i'll come over and visit with you. >> see? i'm losing my touch. i should be able to flirt and do this cart at the same time. >> bill, we have a surprise here for you. check this out.
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have that from denver7. thank you for your time here. >> thank you, sir. . >> very good. >> so learn more about the story and volunteering at denver health, you can do so at and click on community. in the metro area, may not feel like it, but ski season in the mountains. loveland is opening for the day. president-elect donald trump met with president obama at the white house.
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. it is 11:30 and we are staying on top of breaking news. for the first time, president obama met with president-elect donald trump in the oval office. >> a the two met for more than an hour and they let the cameras in and talked about their meeting. >> we are now going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including council. he's explained several of the difficulties, some of the high flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved.
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short as ten minutes and could have gone longer. >> the election causing protests, shock turns to anger. reid binion has more on these protests. >> donald trump has got to go. >> protesting into the night wednesday after the election victory that shocked the world. protests taking place across the nation from philadelphia to oregono some setting fire to a donald trump effigy, others blocking the ohioo and new york, thousands gathered outside trump tower and in washington, d.c., anti- trump sentiment echoing throughout the streets. similar in chicago. >> not my president, not today. >> some calling on clinton to
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>> chicago needs you, i need you, this country needs you. >> conceding. >> donald trump is going to be the president. we owe him a chance to lead. >> the conciliatory tone set by president obama after the victory. >> now all rooting for success in uniting and leading the country. >> i'm reid binion reporting. some one in montbello are worried about a trump presidency, 60% latino. fearing they will send some of their family members out of the country. >> we have friends and family and family members that are undocumented. we are worried about about them because they're a part of us. a meeting to listen to
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auditorium. several people from our state have their resumes under review. >> i think when those decisions are made, colorado certainly will be considered like every other individual and every other state, but we want the best candidates with the best abilities. >> and trump is going to fill the superior court vacancy. supporters of the so-called cal-exit -- named off the brexit vote. it's been a thing, but the trump victory will help their california independence on the ballot by 2019. the get out your skis and boards, loveland is open.
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chance. jason gruenauer is live at loveland ski area. . >>reporter: officially open at loveland. making their first turns down the mountain. some came out to camp out since yesterday to sit in the first chair since 3:30 yesterday. excitement here. and this guy, subpoena happy. one run is open, 18 layers of base there, a few days of the snow canons to go. >> there is life after summer. a lot of people like myself live for winter. i haven't missed an opening day
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>>reporter: and because they had to move the opening back a little bit, it's not going to affect it too much. the best months are still ahead. and winter park sst to open on wednesday. keystone and breckenridgg on friday, rooting for everyone to get the skiers up here on the hill. i'm jason gruenauer, denver7. a live look at denver, nice and quite. look at the gras. grass. notice it's starting to dry out. checking in with lisa hidalgo. cooler and dry. >> and breezy. gusts to ten to 25 miles per hour. winds will shift in the next 12 to 24 hours as we see a weak cold front move there. temperatures are going to top out in the low to mid 60s.
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of an increase of clouds tonight and tomorr. and then we're going to be ten degrees cooler tomorrow. greeley and ft. collins, warming up. 60s there and in denvee. in the first alert, this is a weak front and by the end of the seven-day forecast, we could be talking about snow. we'll talk about it. some denver film makers are back in defer for their screen -- back in denver for their screening. one of them was a former photographer here, talking with jayson luber. going around the country and world, festival to festival, hawaii is next. >> it's been fun checking out the different cultures and the communities of independent film and denver, especially. they're very supportive of independent film.
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of the film. realize the power we wield. some of the greatest composers of the 20th century couldn't have necessarily scored a film. >> following some of hollywood's most famous composers. looking at the hard work that goes in behind the scoring of a film. that's at 7:15 at the denver a special day for 34 families. 47 children have the adoptions finalized. national adoption day. the lindsey flaniga courthouse. it's a big event. some that several have been planning for. >> we are now one year later, two kids. we just started thinking we
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have two. >> honoring the adoptive families and the hundred thousand children still in foster care nationwide. lowbally, there are 39 kids waiting for adoptive families. you can learn more about denver adoption by calling denver human services. colorado is now the sixxh state in the country allowing terminally ill patients to end one is an advocacy, he is fighting for his life, but if the cancer returns, wants a choice. >> i have been coing everything to not have to confront. if i am, iidon't know if i want to. just having the option. >> this does not go into effect until january.
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schools after above level amounts of lead are being found. tests at creekside elementary school in centennial. eric lupher has more. >> the cherry crrek school district has been straightforward about this, sending out letters to parents of students here. the timeline, starting on fall break when they decided to test the water supply in all schools they found the higher than acceptable levels of lead in the faucets. 3 they replaced the faucets d still got higher than acceptable levels of lead. and now they are off and handing out bottles of water to students and faculty and that will happen until they get the problem fixed and figure out what the source was. i'm eric lupher. denver7.
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a bomb at a nederland shopper center is pleading not guilty. in court and facing charges of using a weapon of mass destruction. he could have been attempting to avenge the 1971 death of a man. justified in the use of deadly force. investigators still don't know wh day. a local world war ii veteran is sharing his story on3 the documentary of soldiers. 92 years old. after the attack on pearl harbor, 120,000 americans of japanese ancestry was put in internment camps. >> i was scared.
11:40 am
had any ties to japan or the japanese empire. >> along with 35,000 other japanese ameeicans enlisted in the u.s. army to show their patriotism despite the prejudice they faced. he got to see the documentary for the first time at his denver nursing home yesterday. you can be a local hero and help feed children in need. one in four colorado kids are hungry. you can donate $7 for a food bag at whole foods or security service federal or online at a four-year-old boy with a heart problem has just been drafted by a college baseball team. >> already has three heart surgeries, suffering from coogestive heart failure. drafted to the assumption
11:41 am
development to understand how fragile life can be, even if you don't know what tomorrow may be. >> already on a list for a heart transplant. look at him. >> all of us are rooting for him. parent haves the talk when the kids are acting up. and one school
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. .
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. a disturbing new study released by the american cancer society say the number of women dying of cancer worldwide is doubling over the next 14 years. the study found five and a half million women may die from cancer by 2030. the increase would likely come from low and middle income countries where health care is limited. a way to help out kids acting out in school. instead of detention, going to meditate. the mindful room. they come back more ready to
11:45 am
themselveses and the emotions and healthier physically, emotionally and i think it makes the climate of the school better for academics. >> pretty cool. look at that. >> expanding the meditation room. >> my girls do. mindfulness in school. going to canada now that donald trump is president? some are not joking. there's a billboard. moving to canada? we can sell your home. got 380 calls. that was just overnight from interested residents. >> what they're wanting to do is in case the real estate market were to crash, how much could they try to sell their house for all of a sudden. there's a lot of people that are wanting us to help with the immigration papers, we don't do
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>> scheduling appointments even after the billboards have been taken down. veterans day is tomorrow. and to show appreciation for the brave men and women, events around the area. 22 million veterans, including 7 million vietnam vets. several restaurants offering free and discounted meals. olive garden and buffalo wild wings. and more other than restaurants. >> speaking of free, we have the first alert freebie next week. yesterday, raking leaves and the week before, giving out free coffee and next week, free mcdonald's at one of the local metro rea mcdonald's. >> bring some back? we want breakfast. >> for the viewers. >> it's going to be great. stay tuned for details on that.
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>> my foot? what? what's on my face? here's your cheat sheet on this thursday. 60s and sunshine again. 3 60s and 70s and 0s every day here in november and for most of october, in fact, the last time we had temperatures below 60 was in the second week of october. winds today at ten to 20 miles per hour. we have a light breeze. a few gusts, traumaticing a weak cold front, -- track a weak cold front. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. still above normal. 65 right now in denver, winds coming in at five to 15 miles per hour. and as we track this weak cold front pushing through, going to notice the shift in direction. city park, 66. that's where you're at right now. estes park, 62 and low 60s in aurora and parker. going to warm a few ddgrees in
11:48 am
60s between now and 2:00 and start to gradually see those numbers drop. statewide, pueblo, 72 and ft. collins, 72 and 50s and 60s for the mountains. no mother nature-made snow. not track anything. clear skies across the region. and overnight tonight, a little increase of the cloud cover, northeastern corner of our state into tomorrow. that's 6:30 tomorrow. could see -- skies clear and beautiful sunshine with highs in the 50s so it is a bit cooler. 60s on the weekend, another 70 on that seven-day forecast. tuesday and even wednesday, tracking some pretty warm
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little push of warm wlr before the storm on -- warm weather before the storm on thursday. >> the fact that you're hinting -- >> not great news. 3 >> something to talk about. this woman is proving you're never too old to do what you want do do. to do -- what you want to do. went zip lining at the mall of america. wish we could hear it. she's hilarious. hoot and hollering. >> so beautiful. >> cute woman. >> looks great for that age too. the broncos, not looking as good. third place in the division and
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they underdogs, danger of fall lg to last place. players see it as crunch time. >> it happens. if we ain't winning, people ain't happy. we want to get back on the high horse and start winning scombliefrngs kickoff is 11 on sunday. the broncos and saints have ay have won eight of those. believe it or not, the hol
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. us and the latest sign of that is starbucks, unskral veiling the -- unveiling the holiday cups. you get a choice. people submitted their ideas and 1200 came in. the company settled on a dozen. focusing on traditional holiday
11:54 am
>> -- he christmas tree at rockefeller tree. 50,000 lights will be switched >> awesome to see. >> yeah. it's getting close. you have probably seen videos of the mannequin challenge, taking over social media. >> the denver broncos said they were going to participate. you can see the camera moving around. this is need. at the sanders, stuffed inside a laundry basket. i don't know why. going to play the saints on sunday, so no mannequining around. it's great. not even blinking. best one. >> and they are normally jazzed up. out of the norm. >> beautiful day, highs today
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denver, 67, ft. collins, 72. at the bus stop tomorrow, chilly and going to be a cooler afternoon, upper 50s tomorrow.
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? >> announcer: today, gather 'round, because we're having a fabulous friendsgiving. clinton's in the kitchen with country music superstar, trisha michael and mario are making a duo of mind-blowing side dishes. and carla's helping two super fans who need a little thanksgiving help. the party starts right now on the "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, there you are. good afternoon. welcome to "the chew." you know, what's more entertaining than a thanksgiving


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