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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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not my >> not my president. >> breaking news, protestors around the country. hundreds of people showing their disapproval from president elect donald trump. >> we're digging -- >> eric luber downtown with what protestor had to say. >>reporter: quiet outside the capital and a different story last night. this was a peaceful protest that went around the downtown area, even spreading onto the highway. take a look at the field and take a listen as well. >> not my president. >> not my president. >> we stand together.
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november. >> the peaceful crowd gathered at the steps at the state capitol and marched through 15th street mall. they chanted anti-slogan trump chants as they moved. traffic in the area was affected for a brief period of time. around 7:40, pot testers reached the state capitol and the larm -- the protestors reached the state capitol and seen stretching to the capital building. they closed 6th avenue. southbound i-25 at 23rd. it was closed for 40 minutes. we're waiting to see if there were arrests, were people detained overnight. denver police will give us those exact numbers. for now, if you're heading to work this morning, it's a normal morning off lincoln as the protest clears out.
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denver seven. >> trump blames professionals calling it unfair. nicole joining -- >> trump just tweeted, again, just now he says, love the fact that small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. he said small groups. some of these groups not so small. i'm not sure he really knows going on here or he's not indicating it. portland police are call going rioting. take look what's happening there. >> yeah, just out right vandalism. in many cases, 4,000 people surged into the done town area, some of them smashing things, lighting, trees and dumpsters on fire. police used rubber bullets, pepper spray and
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and they did arrest 26 people. other protest happening across the country this morning as well. downtown la still a few dozen protestors out there this morning and police taking some people into custody. it's 4:33. there's protest online against trump. 2 million people signed a asked to vote for clinton on december 19th when they gathered. 26 states -- likelyhood of this changing is slim. this hadn't been a a weak cold front passing through the state that's going to bring our temperatures down a bit today. you'll notice this morning, a little cloud cover across the plains and then sunshine. plenty of it this afternoon. low 30s in evergreen. we're below freezing there.
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, and we're going to be about five degrees cooler this morning. even low 30s in and around town. nice warmup though. by 2:00 to 3:00, upper 50s, close to 60. here's your first alert that this is the coolest day on our forecast -- this week's forecast and yet we're above normal. denver, highs in the upper 50s. jason, coming up a look at your weekend, more sunshine and 60s, but there's a s of our 7-day forecast. >> it's an easy start. you see the flashing lights, that's not because somebody was pulled up. they're picking up the cones on the southbound side of i-25 from ridge gate where they're putting up the bridge support. they'll hold that light rail extension to lone gate to ridge tree. we had overnight work at arapahoe
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this morning, more questions than answers after a pedestrian is hit and kill north dakota aurora. this happened near i-225 and 6th avenue. police haven't released details of the status of the driver or what led up to that drive. your neighborhood may be on the list of most places targeted by burglars. >> jason gruenauer is in green valley ranch. >>reporter: good morning to you. burglarized neighborhood in all of denver over the last five years according to an investigation by denver seven investigates. we found that at or around 100 burglaries per year happen in this neighborhood of green valley. the other neighborhoods who made it, montebello, east colfax and five points among others. according to law enforcement, in many cases, it is people simile
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or back doors unlocked making it easier for crooks to get inside. we're going to pass along tip and tricks and how you can avoid becoming a victim of these burglars without moving out of these neighborhoods. we're see you at 5:00. jason gruenauer. a high school student -- >> tony edwards who leaves defb lynn -- he was arrested this week for domestic violence. he's now on school. a 20-year old man is behind bars in a double shooting near the 16th street mall. this happened in broad daylight. 30-year old simpson from wheat ridge dried and -- a wheat ridge man died. a girl weighed 37 pounds and
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the husband of a fellow state trooper is suing the state driver that killed him and -- he's serving eight years in year for killing the trooper. this was last december. her husband is suing for pain and suffering and emotional distress and the fincial loss of losing his wife and mother of his daughter. take a look at this veteran's parade in aurora. these elementary school honored veterans and leading the parade is darnell. she's 102 and she wore her world war ii uniform. isn't that awesome. 102. >> good for her. polls released. it gives us an idea what officers were walking into for the pulse nightclub.
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we have breaking news out of grand junction. a suspect is dead after a shooting involving grand junction police. tweeting from the grand junction police department, this picture from the scene. the department says there was officer-involved
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after midnight near the intersection of pitkon and 9th street. the suspect ii dead. a grand junction officer sustaid minor injuries from being dragged and pinned by the suspect's vehicles. the officer's -- 4:41. right now, more racist message was popping up in high schools around the country and the late out of illinois. someone wrote "whites only" in a bath room stall. those show it prompted concerns about student safety but an investigation by police. investigators don't note who is responsible for the message. >> it's the fact we're with a black president for eight years and now this guy gets in office and kids feel that it's okay. >> the school community says that they're disappointed in this. they say it's a good
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inclusion and not tolerating hate. white power. >> that video led to three students being suspended. they were seen carrying a sign with trump with someone chanting white power and the act left parents and students in shock. >> they been calling me mexican and i need to be sent over the mexicans and they call us puppy. >> the election, we believe people more vocal to feel like they cannuse this as a way to say how they really feel. >> i go to the school and they're getting the same education we are, but because they're doing these things, it's stopping us from that opportunity. >> additional officers have been added along with security cameras. a university in california is promising a full
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muslim because -- >> he held on tight on the back of my head and pulled the scar and he choked me. >> the perpetrator ran away without saying a word after the attack. there's no surveillance cameras where this happened on campus and the case is hard to prove without evidence. the mother of an accused serial kill >> it came while -- >> why did you do this? >> and he said [indiscernible]. it made me feel so bad. i'm so sorry. i am so sorry. >> according to her, todd admitted to her that he killed four employee from that shop
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culit may be responsible for seven murders. new this orning, new body camera video has been released in the nightclub pulse. the video may be disturbing to some. >> officer got -- we've got officers going after the victim. they're coming. >> you look closely, some say the most chilling parts are the victim's cell phones that continue and the city of orlando is going to buy that club and turn it into a memorial. two officers were ambushed. one injured and plus one dead. james who is recovering after he was shot in the stomach. he -- the suspect died at a gunshot wound. the suspect's wife was also found dead. we're still waiting for more details as to
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let's outside. another beautiful start to the day and nice and mild, although we're seeing a little bit more chill each morning. >> this morning, low 30s close to freezing. are you ready for this? >> yes. >> snow potentially on our 7-day forecast. >> i'll show you in a minute. >> wishful thinking. >> a little bit. maybe i'm putting it on there. a beautiful day, and it's cooler. a cold front rolling through, so today we're going to be in the 50s. it's a good 7 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, but it will get warmer and stay warm through the weekend. and yeah, snow potentially on our 7-day forecast. 31 and colder. winds at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour . with a wind chill, it feels like 23 in town. so a colder morning, bundle up the kids on this veteran's day and below freezing.
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you're feeling the effects of that front as it push through this afternoon. mid to upper 50s in evergreen. erie, 60. to upper 50, near 60 this afternoon. greeley, a high of 59. even chilly down near pueblo and lamar. cooler there. as you get west of the divide, low 600 in eagle and close to 70 in grand junction this afternoon. future cast shows a few clouds across south eastern colorado. clearing up, so we're this afternoon. so even in the 50s, it's going to feel great. it's going to feel mild for this time of year. clear skies and more sunshine on saturday. a mix of sun and clouds on sunday, but our temperatures this weekend, back in the mid to upper 60s. very pleasant both saturday and sunday. now, often we talk about that warm before the storm. it's pretty common because we get a strong southwesterly wind. on tuesday
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in the low to mid 70s. winds will pick up and at this point, it looks like with temperatures overnight being close to freezing, with that storm on thursday, highs will be in the upper 40s, near 50. and there is a chance we ould get a little rain and snow. at this point it doesn't look like a lot. it's something and it's a change. it will bring moisture. my trees and my grass, everything is so dry. >> i have theealetters, and i think i'm going to have them blown out -- i have my sprinkle to have them blown out. we're not seeing significantly delays even with the construction on i-25 on arapahoe road. they should be picking up the cones momentary. looking south side, they picked them up. they were doing faint innocence in the canyon and they had it closed down, but i got word they opened it moments ago. the american cancer society releasing new numbers that shows
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cancer expected to double. this is worldwide in 14 years and many deaths will happen in lower and middle age countries where access to health care is limited. >> there's a 60% increase in less than 20 years, survival rates are depend tech -- three people over the age it takes about two weeks to develop immunity from the flu after of course you get that vaccine. we have a list of places to get your flu shot on if you see a stray, cat, you may want to keep your distance. a cat scratched --
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drunkest city in colorado. financial news website 24/7 wall street conducted the research. one in five denver adults reported binge driiking or heavy drinking within last month. it's almost ten minutes before 5:00. in adams county elementary school have a sticky problem on their hands. sewerage lines are backing up. >> the school is closed through next monday so crews can fix the plumbing. students are eating lunch outside and they have extended recess so the -- so sewerage is backing up in the south side of the school. parents tells denver seven, they have three inches of standing sewerage water on the carpets of those room and they says it's stench throughout the school. >> they sayt stink and it interferes with their learning. it's natural gas and it's waste for a reason. >> here's another problem, if
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they this past election, the school will be rebilled. that measure is 104 votes short although thhre's votes left to break. after the break, paul mac car knee takes on the manikin y floor vacuum. omba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners. and roomba's patented 3-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes and suctions dirt from your floors for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
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mccartney takes on the manikin challenge. some take -- while others support trump. we'll explain
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4:52. ever send an e-mail and regret it. you can undo e-mails. >> he we have that in today's tech bytes. >> g mail lets you put a stop to the embarrassing sends. >> an ndo app has been added. it's at the bottom of your screen a few seconds after the mail goes out and it's available on the inbox app, but not android. satellite center to track the weather. >> the eight system will help meteorologist track and gage the intensity of hurricanes and predict storm surges. snap chat spectacles are a must have item. >> i like them. >> the glasses which can record up to ten seconds of video and up load it to the app went on sale thursday at a vending machine in venice beach california. >> they sold out and they're
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snap chat plans to offer them again at another location. >> another way to use snap chat, an expensive one. >> have a great day. macy says they're going to permanently dump trump's clothing line. they dropped him after he called mexicans immigrants and criminals and criminals. >> they say they don't want to carry -- because half population disagrees with their views. macy's does carry von through vice president said things will move in the right direction with trump in the white house. people were burning ballot sneakers. the statement was referring to the trans pacific partnership, a trade deal they believe will hurt american jobs.
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note will taking over in a -- new yorkers are leaving the notes to show their disapproval of president elect donald trump. it's now 4:55. as you're getting the kids ready, it's going to be colder. mid to upper 30s at the bus top early on. send them out the door with a jacket. we're under a mostly cloudy school. 58 degrees for a high in denver. under a mostly sunny sky. today, up and down the front r 58 to 60, 62 as you get closer into town right around du, low 60s. congress park today, 58. and in broomfield, a high of 59. clear skies right now. we're still talking dry weather through the weekend. even jason through next wednesday, but there's snow on our 7-day forecast. cross your fingers, we'll talk more about that at 5:00. >> we have to get our winter tires going and we have to figure out how to drive in the winter time. we have southbound
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a closure on the overnight hours, but everything has been picked up and moved out ofhe way. on the all over map, a lot of green out there including getting out to dia where there's a 15-minute security wait time. even if you're not a big star wars fan, this is cool: the new exhibit opening at the denver art museum this sunday features six costumes from the star war movie. this is the iconic costumes from all seven star wars films. people going to that. paul mccartney is the latest superstar to get into the manikin challenge. he's frozen at the piano looking up to the sky and play nothing the back round, the song "black beetles" and his caption reads, love those black beetles. if you -- relief may be on the way for childcare. we'll explain.
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why the companies are turning up the heat on the company. why roger goodell is frustrated with president elect donald trump right now. those
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? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats
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y diet. ? >> donald trump hate. donald trump hate. >> breaking overnight, a second night of protest across the country against president elect donald trump. last night in downtown denver. people started up the state capitol and going over to 16th street mall all the police were monitoring that crowd. >> it started at 7:30 and it went until 11:30. if you look closely, they went on a ramp onto i-25. the freeway was forced to be shut down. it was less than an hour from 6th avenue to 23rd street. no one was injured or arrested. >> air tracker over the scene last night and from the skk you can see the number of people out there. >> there was quite a few.


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