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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. we begin with breaking news here at 11:00. #6th avenue is closed at grant browse of a waush -- 6th avenue is closed at grant because of a water ma eric lupher, last the latest out there. >> getting the old one out and the new one in, still dealing with a road chloro closure between grant and about six this morning. so there you go.
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this is really messing up the morning commute as drivers had to get off 6th after from grant, water spewing on to 6th avenue and residue and stuff in the gutters now as we inch closer to noontime and as we look closer, this is taking up to 12 hours and this could still be going on evening commute. you hear the honking cars and angry drivers. >> that's a pipe that has been in there since the 1890s. talking over a hundred years that it's been under the ground. you can tell why it burst. and the fire department has to move their truck and as you zoom on that on 6th avenue and
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speer and to loggen or sherman, next to channel seven here and speer is also a great way to cherry creek if you want to go that way and then university up to 6th avenue. a woman able to make it out safe after a garage fire. our helicopter flew over this morning. the fire spread to the second floor of no word on what starteddit. thousands of protestors came out in denver and boulder last night, upset about donald trump being elected president. we got an update that there was no arrested last night from the protests around the city. started at the capitol and marched along the 16th mall and eventually on 25, forcing it to shut down from 6th to 23rd for a short time.
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protestors gathered on the pearl street mall towards cu. and last night, before police said there was no arrests and no injuries. and protestors say they don't agree with approximate the president-elect policies. >> love not hate. >> advancing the culture, you can't just sit back and nod your head and say this is okay. >> in portla call it a peaceful protest. a riot there is what police called it. more than two-dozen people arrested after people set small fires and used small rocks and bats to break windows of businesses and cars. and police had to use flash bangs to force the crowds to disperse. dozens arrested for blocking
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calling the protests, quote, very unfair and not respecting the democratic process. and back taked and said, love the fact that small groups of the protestors have great passion for the country and we will come together. that early tweet disappeared from his twitttr feed. signing a petition to get rid eltoral college to vote for clinton. there is little likelihood and no pres sense here. a different type of conversation. the interfaith alliance of colorado organized a discussion over healing. >> with one another, we can
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>> met at the iliff school of theology. 98.4% of the state is dealing with about normal dryness right now. the darker, more drought, 38%, including denver. and denver, 12 days away of setting for a lack of snow, november 12th is the latest the city has seen the first snowfall, that happened in 1934. so close. why not the record? >> love breaking reeords. less than two weeks away. so dry. comparing this to previous years. don't want to be extreme. in the 40s, we had 40 inches of snow already. we'll talk about the dry weather and the records in just a minute, but clear skies an i
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start to the afternoon. 54 right now in denver. winds are calm and a front tracking through, been tracking that since overnight. and the temperatures will be ten degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 50s to around 60 this afternoon between one and 3:00 and clear tonight. upper 30s overnight and the 30s will be common overnight hours. englewood, 60. broomfield, 58. so these temperatures, while they seem cool compared to where they have been, still five to seven degrees above normal in some neighborhoods many. a look for that potential of snow, guys, coming up in a few minutes. hoping tomorrow is going to be a little more quiet. the hill tops rumbling after an earthquake was reported.
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another in greeley on sunday morning. waiting for more information after a person was hit and killed by a car near 225 and 6th avenue. right now, there is no word on where the driver is or how the crash happened. new this morning, a man dead and a police officer injured after a shooting in grand junction. no word on what happened. the suspect pinned and dragged by the officer's car. the officerss shot and killed the suspect. serving eight years in prison for hitting and killing the officer last year. both are named in a suit. her husband is suing for pain -?and suffering and emotional distress ann the financial loss
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a man behind bars in connection to a deadly shooting on 16th street mall. this happened in broad daylight. another man was hurt. are you living in a neighbbrhood that is prone to % burglaries? on top of the list is green valley ranch. the most dlaers over the last five years. report during the course week and later in the month. the most popular day, the 28th of the month. some homeowners make it too easy for burglars. >> a lot of people don't look the interior garage doors. justgo in the house and you're in there for however long. >> one simp, cheap way to
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more support than a one inch screw and only $0.99. you can get more on a live look at ft. logan national cemetery. at the post 9644 in englewood. a day to remember those who served and are serving in the military. this morning, president obama laid a wreath at the tomb people of denver came together in a unique way to remember our vets. they want people to remember how important they are in the overpass. jason gruenauer is more with their message. >> rush hour in denver can be anything but fun. but the beeping is not about that. but people, members of law enforcement and everyday
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under the frag to honor those who served the country and reminding the drivers about what today is all about. >> i love what they did for this country, love being here and i just got to show my patriotism some how some way. >> to stand here for the cars and trucks to honk, taking pride in the nation, military want to do and have done. >> this has been goi throughout denver in every patriotic holiday since 9/11, the message, one of unity, especially the events in the country this week, reminding that we're standing here under one flag. reporting live for denver7, jason gruenauer. . parade taking place this weekend through downtown. going to start at 14th and west
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going to go from noon to three and on sunday, a run for veterans day. the race starts at eight in the morning. veterans and their families can also take advantage of savings today. a lot of restaurants are thanking the service members with deals. free food, like a free entree at olive garden and free admission to a national park. for a list of all these deeb bee's deal -- dep debbie's deals. donatioos to the mission on lawrence street. the turkeys will go into the freezers to help feed the homeless on thanksgiving. and darryl arthur of the nuggets is donatinga thousands to the mission. saving you a lot of money on gas, but there is a catch.
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what they have planned to help you at the pump may hit you in other ways. >> and a wish coming true at
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. all new this morning, a community coming together in
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officer killed in the line of duty. officers gathering to remember the one that died. he and another were ambushed, responding to a domestic dispute. >> going through things. don't know what they're going to run into. the profession is a family. we have a long rod of recovery ahead -- long road of recovery ahead of us. >> thousands are expected to body cam footage from the pulse night club shooting in joon. this footage has been heavily edited to avoid showing bodies. showing them running around, laying out stretchers. 49 killed before the gun medicine was shot and killed by police. these men are said to have
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and some passing by du law students also ended up getting attacked. they share their story on denver7. >> touching, groping the private parts and i said, excuse me, stop. and next thing i remember is three or four of them surrounding me. >> that man was knocked to the ground and suffered a traumatic brain injury. here's another look at the men. if you know where they are, call police. the principle of d'ef lin high school is -- ranked fourth best high school in the state. developing this morning, school is closed ad adventure academy because sewer lines are
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parents are pulling the students from the school because it's getting so bad. they have been having extended recess for officials to figure out why the sewer is backing up. said three inches of back ups and the smell of sewage throughout the entire school. >> interfering with the learning, can't focus. it's natural gas. it's waste for a reason. cost millions. but set to be torn down and rebuild. that's if the ballot measure passes. still some outstanding ballots, right now, the measure is 104 tes short. going green. 200 electric cars by 2020. going to cost about 8 hundred $800,000, but cut back on
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cdot is considering replacing the state gas tax with a pay by mile charge for drivers. launching a pilot study instead of paying the $0.22 per gallon gas tax, instead, paying for how many miles they drive in a month. with the prices lowering, they need to bring in the money efficiency. not every day someone gets % to fly with air force cadets. >> that's what happened yesterday. he came in as part of a make a wish program. >> i want to graduate as a pilot and aadegree in aeronautical engineering. >> we know how special we have
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once a year we come together to celebrate it. >> going to be praking with the practicing with the football and baseball team. what a guy. >> that intrigues me. i want to do that too. just saying. intrigued. beautiful start again. temperatures are going to be beautiful, even on the coolest day of the week, which is today. and warming up this afternoon. the first alert, 60s and 70s through next wednesday. and then, here's the big then, a chance of snow next thursday, expecting the next storm to potentially be the first snow for us in denver. beautiful and a few high clouds. denver right now at 54 degrees, windses are pretty calm and early this morning, felt cooler.
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early on. topping out around 60 this afternoon, upper 50s to near 60. if we hit 60, that will be meaning that we hit 60 or 70 or 80s for a month. 61 in denver. mont -- centennial and aurora, 59. upper 50s to near 60 in ft. collins and greeley and warmer montrose, 63 and craig, a high of 62. looking ahead to tomorrow, 65, warmer and in the mid to upper 60s through the weekend. veterans day parade tomorrow, pleasant temperatures and chilly early on if you're headed downtown and expecting the 30s by #8, but 53 by the start of the parade, flesh and in the 60s in the afternoon.
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sunday. monday, 65 and tuesday and wednesday, low 70s. a pretty typical pattern just before the snow comes in. likely see some red flag warnings for wind on wednesday. and on thursday, cross your fingers. we could see some snow with the highs around 50. >> with the red flag warnings, going to want the rain. >> that's right. with the see the brush fires along the highways. so be careful. a special veterans day celebration for a special 3 veteran in the metro area. how this 102-year-old vet got a chance to lead a parade. something you don't see every day. a deer crashing through a store window. >> it was cold there. long sleeves. >> what if i told you a man
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cubs winning the world series. >> i made the final call of the world series. >> this is chris. >> this is chris. >> so loud. >> game two of the world series. >> find out how he wound up
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. all new video today, a deer trapped inside an american eagle best way to get out. there it is. slow motion. employees say the deer wandered inside the store and got locked in when the employees locked that front door. stay much longer. idn't want to a dramatic rescue in florida last night. a female bald eagle was rescued from a storm drain.
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eagles. and the second flew off when officials got there. the crews had to reach in and bring it out and once rescued, fff put in a box. >> amazing. that's the country's bird. need to keep it safe. >> now checking head and wings and eyes for injuries. >a surprise parade by a group of elementary school kid. with a special parade. leading the parade? a woman that's 102 years old. she wore the nurse uniform from world war ii in the parade. still fit into that. unbelievable. organizers say it's great for the kids and the veterans. >> we think that intergenerational programming is so important.
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a part of the veterans day parade. >> huge shoutout to the veterans there. very cool. proteets are continuing across the country and across colorado. >> now the question is, what is being done to keep donald trump safe. tensions are high across the country.
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on breaking news at 11:00. this may affect the afternoon rush hour commute home. 6th avenue is closed near grant and logan. >> part of the road started to buckle because of a water main break. >> eric lupher has more. >> around three or 4:00, that's when traffic begins to pick up for the afternoon rush. going to be a problem around there. the crews are starting to work on replacing the 16-inch pipe that broke. it's been in the ground since 1890, due for a break and a fix. still a huge gaping hole on the road on 6th ave between logan and grant. and on east 6th, grant street
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and pennsylvania, between 5th and 6th. going to be out of water until the repairs are done. and jason, bringing 6th avenue dun to one lane at speer and we know about the construction at broadway with the building at the corner. now through the worst. >> and most of the traffic into 6th avenue into downtown and down here on the morning commute. less in the afternoonom and going to broadway, lincoln streee and then into this area whe the wraush is there. and keeping things diverted to grant, down to speer, logan and back to 6th avenue and sherman down to denver7 here. and speer might be one of the better alternates here and take
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obviously a big inconvenience here on friday. protests kroosz the country and here in denver. the reaction to the trump presidency. when he learned there was -- we learned that there was no arrested made in denver. somehows marched on 16th street mall before 25 when they closed the highway 23rd. they said they don't agree with some of donald trump's policy. >> love trumps hate. >> rape culture is not something you can just sit back and not your head and say this is oak. >> a similar scene in boulder. about a thousand gathered on the pearl street mall, marching towards campus.
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injuries. >> protests happening across the country overnight. donald trump responding, first calling the protests unfair and then saying he loves the passionate protestors. reid binion has more on that. . >>reporter: protests continuing for a second day thursday, demonstrators angry over the donald trump election on the coast and country's midsection from new york to los ange and up the coast to portland where the unrests have become a riot. >> you're acting like donald trump. >> trump on twitter, protesting from the media. very unfair. that after the pleasant message about the day in washington, trump meeting with president obama at the white house. >> very good man. >> thank you very much. appreciate it.
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house speaker paul ryan. trump's visit marked the start of the transition process as his team looks at filling the cabinet. some names arer gingrich, giuliani, skra of homeland security or attorney general. and kelly conway. >> can you say which job you >> i can't. that's between president-elect trump and me at the moment. >> i'm reid binion reporting. so how do owe keep president-elect trump safe, especially with protestors in noeshgs. >> how do you build a -- in new york city. >> how do you build a -- the sniper or someone can place themselves.
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hour secret service coverage top to bottom, whether trump is there or not. and a no fly zone within a two- mile radius. waiting on initiative 300. last check, the yes vote by 8 8,000 votes. but still 90,000 ballots left to count. they say, expect more states voting to allow recreational marijuana. governor hickenlooper said it was a good experiment. >> do you know how many young lives that saves? how many other kids would get accustomed to going to jail, which is not a good thing.
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but sees positives. but not expecting the legalization of pot to affect it here. a man out of jail after only serving 19 years. convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole when he was just 17 years old. a judge said his lawyers were ineffective and resentenced to time served, 19 years and 19 days. he november 11th, and today our nation comes together to honor those who have served. >> veterans day. a way to remind people in a unique way oo a denver overpass. >> josh montoya has the story. >> it warms my heart to hear the honks and see these people.
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to honor our veterans. >> so honored that they did this for us and i love this country. >> served 16 years in the marine corps to come out and be a part of this and show my respect and respect the veterans that can't come out today for veterans day. >> standing out here with the honking and yelling, those taking part, this intolzing what we -- symbolizing what we want to preserve these freedoms. >> got to show my patriotism some way. this is the best way to do it. love hearing the horns honk. brings a smile to my face all the time. >> on, we haae a list of things veterans can take advantage of on this veterans day. launching a campaign to
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business, or just to become day care employees. >> walk through what it takes to become licensed and how many cllsses they need. >> if you're interested in becoming a child care provider in ft. collins area, contact the child care chapter. searching for a rabid cat on the loose in weld county. got to people, including two children. they should be okay. still looking for this cat, so far, unable to find it. sad news from the music world today. ?anadian leonard cohen passed away at the age of 82. well-known for the song hall lieu yea and wrote novels and poetry.
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the denver broncos are going to new orleans to play the saint saints. and the saints signed two former bronccs. von miller is looking forward it to it. >> would love to just blow everybody out, but that's not going to happen. we want to win. after the super bowl win, you're going to meet the newest fans, coming up tonight at five. they're kind of little. >> super cute. before you get your holiday shopping started. we have a warning for you out there. >> what you need to be on the lookout for as holiday shopping scams are becoming more common. >> details on the star wars
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shopping and star wars? can this weekend get any better? two favorite things. 50s and 60s this afternoon. englewood, 63, thornton, 64. getting warmer this weekend. 70s and snow next week. it was cold there. >> what if i told you a man from colorado had a hand in the world series. i made the final out call in the world series. >> this is chris. >> and this is chris. >> it was insane. the crowd was so loud. >> two decades of history stored in the home. >> game two of the world series.
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. this one will be a relief to parents out there. a judge ruled how amazon has kids make in-app purchases without parents knowing. there's a refund protestor. not being able reimburse for gift cards.
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phones to buy gifts. more and more apps posing to to help shop, but steal your information. looks real, but is phony. >> new apps are arriving every day and other ones are being taken down. the trend seems it will be a trend for this upcoming season. >> google and to flag those suspicious apps. you can help feed children in need. one in four colorado children are hungry. go to any whole foods to donate or the security service fedal krooun, for weekend food bags given out by the community food share program.
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feature a meet yore shower and a super moon. if you can escape the city lights, you can see a couple of meteors an hour. and then the super moon. largest we have seen in of years. lisa is excited. on the 16th and 71th, the leonid meteor shower with 15 meteors a shower. >> you're making me -- >> it's your fault. >> i know our viewers are feeling the same. with the election, long and emotional. enjoy your friday. you deserve it. >> just laugh with us the rest of the show. >> beautiful and gorgeous clear skies. here's your cheat sheet on friday. beautiful and sunshine. low to mid 60s. right around 69 this afternoon and warm through the weekend.
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potentially on the seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. a look across the region right now, and the dry conditions, a few high thin clouds filtering in around enver. if we see any wind gusts, ten to 15 miles per hour. really calm. there is really the only thing that has kept us from an extreme high fire danger is the calm winds. next week, they'll pick up. we'll talk about that coming up. 58 this afternoon, close to 06. some of the clearest skies we have seen in weeks. overnight lows, 40s to around 30 tomorrow morning. currently, 57 in castle rock. 40s in the mountains, the foothills, allen park at 46. highs this afternoon, in the low to mid 50s through the foothills and mountains and
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havrj, 61 and -- highlands ranch, 61 and parker 59. hint of fall today. normally not this warm. 59 is the normal high. both days this weekend in the mid to upper 60s so if you have plans this weekend, heading out to supreme court our veterans, the parade tomorrow at 10:00 in denver. tuesday and wednesday, the two warmest on the seven-day forecast, it's going to be hat last little push of wind from the southwest wringing the temperatures well above normal and that's also when we could see some red mrag warns out there. and thursday, cautious to see some snow. could see it here with highs around 50. a change on the seven-day forecast. something for me to talk about
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>> you can come talk about this. i know this is something you enjoy. star wars fans, rejoice. a new trailer, rogue 1. more death star, more battles and of course, darth vader. we have with us right here in the studios. star wars, the rise. and we have smithsonian and some other guests here. >> thank you for having us. >> so what does this exhibit entail? >> 60 original costumes from the museum of art. when i say original is the screen-warn costumes. so we're looking at concept to costume. all the multitudes of really talents individuals that contributed to this endeavor.
11:49 am
not only seeing the final costume, but the video of really the creative process that went into it. >> so many hands and minds went into creating these things. we want to showcase those stories as well. peel back the curtain a little bit and see what it takes to make it real. >> how did the smithsonian get into it? >> long story. e franchise is different, it's a piece of americana. >> and the denver museum has always had fabulous exhibits. how did we get lucky enough to get this one? >> denver art museum went above and beyond. added 300 new ones. above and beyond what we usually do with this show. it's really a treat to see how it happened. >> so give us the timeline. how long are you going to be in
11:50 am
>> for about five months, until april. and the show opens on sunday. >> awesome. >> it is. >> the tickets for the big events and shows go out pretty quickly for the denver art museum. wheal do you want people to know? >> -- what else do you want people to know? >> getting the behind the scenes, seeing up close and personal with the costumes, get it and see the detail that makes these things work. and i hope that people come, fans, people interested in fashion and costumes. >> and probably people that aren'ttstar wars fantastics will enjoy it. >> no doubt. >> and thank you for joining us for joining us.
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from black friday and believe it or not, santa claus has already showed up at the cherry creek shopping center. flew in last night. if you're doing the math, 43 shopping days until christmas. >> so many different ways to count. so much going on, especially for honoring veterans today. >> this boy here in virginia, father deployed, 190 hersheys kisses, meant them to be good night kisses. and when he had just one left, take a look at what happened. . dad came back right on schedule, which is a good thing. ann now shawn can get the real kisses. >> so sweet.
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>> we're all going to cry. >> every time i go to one of those, i cry. i can't help it.
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? >> announcer: today, we're saluting our veterans with a tried and true thanksgiving. carla's making a decadent sweet treat with merrin dungey. mario's frying up a turkey with cajun twist. and michael's serving up a meal to some real american heros. thanksgiving dinr [ cheers and applause ] ? >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew!" you know, we have been having celebrations for thanks giving for nearly 400 years, so who are we to mess with tradition?


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