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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> denver 7 news starts right now. >> for the fourth straight night from coast to coast, signs ofresistance to the president leblght. in -- president-elect. in manhattan, patrolled by me havely armed police. in indianapolis, two officers hurt when protests turn violent. three demonstrators tackled to the ground and arrested and two people arrested in the shooting of a protester at rally in portland. police say the man was shot during a march this morning, but is expected to survive. in colorado, a huge crowd gathering as well, but the tone of this rally much different than some violent protests elsewhere. denver 7 russell hawthorne joins us. what did you see today? >> it was a contract, thought thought-provoking rally. nothing like you saw on the national left. it's possible to disagree yet
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>> newport collins, a crowd of thousands gathering near old town. >> aside from being a student, i'm an egyptian-born, american- raised, proud, muslim, woman. >> a peaceful rally for solidarity. >> regardless of our skin color, our faith, our beliefs, the people we love, we are all human. >> in contrast, protests in other cities across the country this week, this one looked and felt different. opportunity for us to come together in some date and say what kind of -- solidarity and say what kind of movement can we build together. >> you have to make sure this gathering of people was nonviolent and peaceful and i think we are seeing florida. >> state senator says despite the outcome on election day, it's time to move on. >> we'll find ways to move together and have common ground for action. >> there is still anger.
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is no endorsement of the president-elect. >> elections are supposed to have a loser. it's just that we cosigned with somebody who is so dangerous to our democracy. >> the message inspiring. >> i think it's very powerful. >> for love. for unity. support regardless -- >> after this rally, there was no march. there were no disparaging the crowd simply dispersed and went on its way. organizers did encourage participants to engage in the political process by attending a city council meeting next tuesday in fort collins to voice their frustrations. >> back in new york as demonstrators converged on trump tower, donald trump continued building his new team. vice president-elect mike pence is the new head of the transition team replacing new jersey governor chris christy.
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the first big shake up, trump's children are helping shape the new administration. >> we're not going to be involved in government. >> there will be a wall between you -- >> 100%. we won't talk to him about it. >> he vawrchgia -- ivanka trump's husband is now a contender for white house chief of staff. other names in contention, stevenon, -- bannon, newt gingrich and trump in a reversal now suggests parts of owe baseball hall of famia care will -- obama care will remain. hill will i clinton is placing -- hillary clinton is blaming her loss on comey. she says the letter sent to congress halted her momentum she had after the debates.
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days before the election may have exonerated, but brought the e-mails back into the spotlight. a different kind of protest in denver tonight and it has nothing to do with the election. take a look. dozens of demonstrators gathering at our state capital protesting the pipeline in north dakota. >> every resource we are using comes from mother earth and we need to keep mother earth as much as possible. it's hard to be able to our next generations, you know, the beautiful land that we all have, you know. it should be able to remain as native american land. >> students from manual east and south high schools organized the rally to show support for the standing rock sioux tribe and their fight against that pipeline. as tragedy in weld county. a 17-year-old in custody after accidently shooting and killing his 23-year-old friend. deputies say it happened this
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43. the teen is facing criminal neglect homicide charges. police are still looking for the person who shot three people late last night. this was in north denver. it happened near fillmore and mlk boulevard. all three victims were rushed to the hospital but expected to be ok. they're testing out a new program to generate money because there are more fuel efficient cars on the road, c- d.o.t. isn't getting as much tax money. it is looking at with the gas tax altogether and instead have drivers pay per mile. as electric cars become more popular, it's hurting gas consumption. the department is recruiting volunteers to track mileage and see if a little over a cent per mile fee will work. >> a belated celebration in denver today. we were there as hundreds came out to honor our nation's heroes. during veterans' day parade. >> i have such pride in our
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seeing so many people out here supporting our veterans just i can't express how happy it makes me. >> living members of being a true citizen of this country. i am not a republican. i'm not a democrat. i'm a patriot. >> of course, here at denver 7, we want to thank each and every one of our veterans for their service. stacy, it was a beautiful day for that parade that's sure. >> absolutely. mother nature shining down on us all across the state. temperatures right now are mostly in the 40s for the front range. mostly clear skies out there. you can see the bright move that will be the super full moon tomorrow. tonight we'll have 30s and 40s across the front range of the plains. mostly 20s up through the higher elevations. officially our overnight low 39 degrees with partly cloudy skies and we'll talk about our chances for snow in the forecast. yes, they're there. -?you have tsto k around for the seven-day and see when it
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>> thanks. thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and for some, it can be a struggle. that's what makes this so special. students from ponderosa high school takkng time out of their weekend helping the less fortunate families have a turkey day to look forward to. that those who are more fortunate in the community can come out and donate even if it's some of your time to help other people that aren't able to have thanksgiving like the rest of us can. >> so great. th worth of boxes filled with all that good thanksgiving food. >> it may not feel like this it, but it's beginning to look a like like christmas in denver. crews put up more than a mile of garland to decorate for the holidays. in new york, the rockefeller center christmas tree arrived today. the 94-foot norway spruce made a 140-mile trip to manhattan.
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in denver walking the red carpet ahead of a special fashion show that raises money for the global downs syndrome foundation. >> i hope these kids are celebrated and they feel like rock stars on the runway. >> it's just a blessing and an honor for me to be here. you know, not just i got to hang with peyton manning for a little while. i love me some peyton manning. no, everybody that's here, jamie and hillary john, everybody that's coming out from the world that i know of acting to be here just we're human beings. we have families. we have siblings. you know, we have friends. we all have been connected somehow to people with downs syndrome. >> such a great event. the be beautiful, be yourself fashion show is the single largest fundraiser benefiting people with downs syndrome. more protesting today, but it's
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all in fun as protesters voice frustrations with the warm weather. coming up on sbx, they are
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>> it is november 12. a lot of the slopes still closed if you can believe it. these guys have had enough with our unseasonably warm weather. check out these signs at this
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their signs reading "more snow, less hate," "powder to the people." i like that one. "make colorado snow again." it's true. we need some snow. >> i never heard of a weather protest. that's a first. we've actually had no rain in denver for 31 days so far, so we are on quite a streak right now. the latest snow we've ever had has been november 21 and we are creeping up on that record in nine days we'll be hitting hopefully in here, we'll get a little bit of moisture. it lks promising the end of this week. some of these resorts have delayed their openings thanks to the warm weather and lack of snow. keystone being one of them opening november 18 and winter park november 23. these will all open in the next couple of weeks between the 18th and 24th, otherwise you can go to loveland and they are alreaay open. beautiful conditions out there tonight. the super moon occurring tomorrow. keep your eyes out for that.
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able to miss and you'll have beautiful weather for it. mild temperatures are going to stay. so will the sunshine. it looks like we have a chance however slight it may be for a chance for snow here for the front range on the seven day. 48 degrees outside right now. our humidity at 41%. winds about 11 miles per hour. at this point, we mostly have 40s here for the front range all the way up into the hills as well and the mountains. temperatures tonight in the high country will be in the 20s, but nice, clear skies statewide as you very quiet out there. no moisture sneaking through at this point. overnight lows will technically be in the 30s. temperatures after midnight in the 40s. tomorrow afternoon back in the 60s once again with sunshine. tonight, 39 degrees. it will be partly cloudy overnight with some light winds. our lows for tonight will be in the 20s and 30s for the mountains. 30s for the western slope. also some 20s filtering in here around limeon, but greeley at 31, 39 for denver and 33 for
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through that may pop-up some scattered snowshowers in the highest elevations early tomorrow morning by 6:00 a.m. the chance of that are very slight. it's so weak it looks like it will just pull up cloud cover for the front range and part south. some rainfall showing up on that map may not hit the ground. 68 degrees will be our high tomorrow. mostly sunny skies. we'll have 60s from fort collins and greeley toward daa and into parker, castle rock and highlands ranch. in the western slope 60s and southwestern colorado 48 and low 70s here for southeastern colorado. seven-day forecast keeps us getting warmer and warmer as the days progress here on the beginning of next week. we'll have 68 tomorrow. 72 on monday. 75 on tuesday. one of our bright spots. here is that chance for a little rain-snow mix. i think we'll see most of the snowshower activity in the higher elevations, but here at least we have a chance. you are saying there's a
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40s on friday and low 50s on saturday. that's what it should be look like this time of year versus mid-70s for afternoon highs. that's way above normal. >> whatever we get on wednesday is not going to be enough. >> true. >> thanks. sbx starts right now. >> welcome to xfinity sports extra. we have a jam packed, stuffed let's not waste any time. buffalo in tucson to take on the still winless in conference arizona wildcats. the but was made a statement on the road for the possession. they went 81 yards on 15 plays. drive finished off by phillip lindsey from a yard out. 11th touchdown of the year. 7-0, cu. after a wildcat touchdown, decides to go deep. he's going to drop one in the bucket right on the hands of
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situation very next play. that guy lindsey snow the goal line. delicious. second touchdown of the day. 14-7, buffaloes. in the second, 14-10, buffs. beautiful pass. 15 yards, it was 21-10, colorado. lou fell was fantastic in the first half throwing the football under duress. puts another one right on the hands of his receiver. the coach's son, mr. macentire, 40 yards, 28-10 buffs at they are playing third quarter right now same score 28-10. in the springs, we had colorado state taking on the air force academy. third play of the game from scrimmage, dawkins goes off tackle and he's going to run a long way. 61 yards to the end zone. 7-0, csu. the force would tie it on their opening drive, but the rams get the lead right back. big izzy mathews bowls its way in. it was 13-7. falcons came right back. tim mcvey, look at the trickery on the reverse.
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hands. it was tied at 14-14. rams defense makes a play. worthman throws into double coverage. sweet says thank you very much and brings it back for a pick six. 24-14 at that point. the falcons scored twice late in the half. they're in the third quarter right now and air force leads it 28-24. it was an absolutely epic game in las vegas between wieg and the run -- wyoming and the running rebels. the ball was loose and we a dave casper-like holy roller situation. logan fallsed on it and it was tied at 10-10 -- falls on it and it was tied at 10-10. the quarterback goes in the direction of gentry and he comes down with it. you ave to see the replay on this. gentry makes a one-handed catch for the 48-yard score and they went to the locker room 27-24, vegas. we go to the fourth quarter. enter austin conway, another colorado kid.
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then he makes a lot of rebels miss. 60-yard punt return aad the cowboys had a 45-44 lead. now to the final play in regulation. wyoming down by seven. allen under pressure directing traffic and look who he finds in the end zone. tanner gentry, third touchdown. game was 52-52 and they are at o. t. after three o. t.s, vegas lined up for a 41-yarder. good. 69-66 in triple the rebels had 653 yards of total offense. wow. what a ball game. nfl, the play for pay league, the broncos, they are snug in their hotel beds tonight dreaming about tomorrow's game between the saints in the louisiana super dome. pivotal game for the broncos. they need to win to keep pace in the afc west. insider troy rank tore himself away from the french quarter long enough to file this report from new orleans. >> hello, there, phil. welcome to the big easy or as
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difficult. broncos trying to get back on track against a suddenly hot saints team. broncos have lost 3-5 of their last games. it starts on offense. it's time for that side of the ball to do heavy lifting. they need to get going on the ground and need to score in the first quarter. >> we are all a little frustrated. i think we're dding some good things too. it's tough, but i think guys are just working really hard and that's the thing. guys are working hard and we are not seeing it pay off on sundays like we want it i think we all got the right mentality and we are going about things the right way. >> hopefully, they are frustrated enough that we work together to get it fixed. it's not that they are trying to do it poorly. it's just we are not getting it done. we are not quite in sync. frustration is not a bad things sometimes. >> we know the broncos can't run the ball right now, but they need to stop the run. no derek wolf, no advance walker, no excuses.
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broncos are allowing 128 yards on the ground. compare that to 83 last year. they need to be better up front. >> big plays that happen that should be a loss when you have a guy hanging on him and all of a sudden they break the tackle and go for 15, 20 yards, so you have to have better tackling. we did that innpractice and been working on that the whole practice and we'll he see that this week. >> they are defending super bowl champs for a reason because there's not a weak link they get after you. we're going to need a great game of execution in all phases in order to be success aceval if it's not bad -- successful. >> if it's not bad enough, they are dealing with the safeties this week. of course they are going to give up secrets. >> shiloh is singing like a canary because he did it when he -- [ laughter ] >> he did it when he came here. >> get your rest, bronco fans. 11:00 a.m. kickoff. remember, broncos haven't lost
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since 2010. back to you, phil. >> thank you, troy. upset saturday in the top 25. maybe the biggest pitt panthers against number two clemson. final minute, clemson calls a pitch out often fourth and 1 and don't make it. give the ball back to pitt and they have a chance to win it with a field goal. they don't do it. he nails it and the pittsburgh valley 43-42. there was no joy at the club tonight. in the top five. usc on the road to fourth ranked washington. the huskies are done. this video maybities turk. -- may be disturbing. quarterback scrambled for a short gain. he was injured on the play. it turned out to be a list
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neck surgery. man, this guy has bad luck. we have to take our first time- out of this episode of exhibit sports extra. when we -- xfinity sports extra. nuggets at home tonight against the pistons looking for their first home victory. we'll get preparticularses on
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sports extra. we cannot let this game go down in new orleans without knowing what they think about the matchup with the saints. we've got a feature op our web site -- on our web site here is a sample from this week's edition. >> what happens in the superdome? >> i've given the indication i think the saints win. >> he didn't use that number this past week when it was finally 30-20. >> it was 30-2 the broncos score about 24 points a game. that's their average. they mostly been under that. i think the broncos are going to be in the range of 20-24. i will say 24 and the saints are going to be scoring 30 just like the raiders did. so, 30-24. >> basically almost exactly what their averages are. 30-24. >> make sense. >> i have similar. i have the saints winning 28-
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don't think the broncos can win. prove me wrong, but offensively they have to be better because the defense can't be on the field against brees for 75-80 plays because the saints will score as you know. >> i'm going 34-20, saints. i think, hey, i'm from new orleans, so -- >> it's a homer pick this time. i'm picking thsaints. i just think the injuries are the problem with the broncos defense. marshall is not happy. without against the raiders. you have dawson and nick in there. >> tough matchups. >> they have to come in against brees and that offense, i think this is the week i pick against the broncos for the first time and saints are going to take this one to the dome and then maybe the paxton lynch era begins. >> i thought i'd never seen an earthquake in greeley
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broncos. >> it's unanimous. the denver nuggets tonight and a couple of minutes later, it was emmanuel mudiay's turn to throw it away literally. pistons up by 10 before you get comfy in your lazy boy. nuggets never led and got as close as three and lost. 106-95. they are now 3-6 on the season, 0-3 at pepsi center. second ranked du hockey team closed out their series grand forks. he's a sniper. the wrist shot just under the cross bar. that's the game winner. they split their series against
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i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network. and i'm jamie foxx for sprint, with no wins in reliability in any state. you need to stop your shenanigans. i-i'm... you're not jamie foxx. i'm close enough, just like sprint. no! look at my map. take it in. oh! yeah, there you go. eh? yeah. oh. (sighs) verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get twenty gigs and four lines for only 160, with no surprise overages. on america's best network. >> finally, west virginia head coach has got anger issues. this dude looks like his head is about to explode and spin off into space.
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like a beefsteak tomato. he might need dr. phil. he might need dr. phil and dr. oz. college football coach must be a teacher, educator. i think he's plain nuts. maybe the lack of snow and precipitation, stacey, that's what's putsing him over the -- putting him over the edge. >> awesome segue. he has a temper tantrum. oh, my gosh. we have a chance -- slig chance for snow on thursday.
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