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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  November 13, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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mid-40s for friday and overnight lows in the 20 but most of us that will be in the higher elevation so we will keep our fingers crossed for more moisture. coming up the broncos turned a tough loss into an unbelievable victory in one play, they discuss the blocked extra point and very exciting, what it means for the rest of the season, plus an avalanche
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good evening and welcome to xfinity sports extra, you can win in so many different ways in the nfl and this was different, a blocked extra point after the game-tying touchdown, that happened in new orleans, let's get to the scene in broncos beat the saints, gary kubiak gave out 3 game balls. >>[applause] sam. >> i am proud to find a way to contribute to the team and hats off to that call. [applause] >> we are staring it right in the face, we have 6 or playoff
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with that heart we will be there and we will get there. >> gary kubiak this is how they got there, tied 23-23 1:22 left and saints would take the lead with extra point by justin simmons with the grab and will park stubborn of his life and they went from 1 down to 2 points up, did he step out? you can tell, he had his white shoes on >> would practice all the time with different coordinators but to see it executed for the game- winning play, i don't think that has everrbeen done since seattle. it was a great playy >> i was like score, score, score and it was hoping no one was going to overturn the call.
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>> i don't get too into these moments and replayed the broncos for many years and we've had some great wins and disappointing losses so we try to stay even keel and whatever happens happens. >> whatever happens today hardly ever happens hardly the third time since the role wasn't stated in 2015. troy rink and woody paige in the superdome for the wild and crazy finish. >>reporter: don'' stand time, how about this, parks and kick, i'm taking from this playbook and what an amazing ending. they lost and then they won. you covered me -- way more games that i haven't had to explain what happened? >> i have been covering games since the super bowl opened in 1975 and i saw archie manning
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of sugar balls and i do sugar bowls and i saw herschel walker go crazy and as i said, nothing compares to that but we have seen earlier in the year players jumping over the center and you would think that the center's first objective when they snapped the ball is to rrise his head so that he could block the intention player. as you talked about, they tried it three or four times in practice and it worked every time. he blocks it and now he has to have an additional movement of the ball and this is filed around here in the river. suddenly it has picked up in
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going down the sidelines, how can you stop it? >> parks almost ended up out of bounds and it stood up on review and he was like a sprinter in track who lost track of where he was a nearly ended up out of bounds but they practice it, you know where they messed up? they did not change the snap count and they did not give him not look came and sean payton said how do we not recognize he said he was in disbelief. >>reporter: you are talking about parks and before the game he worked with his practice shoes and he said he felt so good on the artificial turf the not one customer complains. he felt like the white lion and the saints even pointed at it and they said if you were in black shoes it would've contrasted that may have been
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happened is the officials could not tell between issues and the out of bounds maakers so they could not overturn its. an incredible ending that turned the broncos season around and chris harris junior said that turnover led to a turnaround for them. and unbelievable defining moment and 2 rookies involved. >> you would never guess it would end like that in no me, witty, troy, we all said the saints would win. we've been wrong before and we are all wrong today. this is as big as it gets. >> it is a big game going for us and we knew it would come down to the end. we found a way to do it somehow someway. >> the past will bb caught in
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>> we went to get this first round bye and we pretty much got a win and we need to do this one game at a time. >> i am happy we got this win and we can get back and get ready for casey -- kansas city. >> will have a lot of big games at the end of the season and for the first 10 weeks we need to get better and re to freshen up and get ready to go.>> getting back to woody paige and troy renck in the superdome, it is amazing how one play or one victory changes the season ? >>reporter: one week in one play can change the optics of everything, they go to six, they go to 6-4 if they lose and there's a referendum on trevor simeon and his job and instead
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they are 7-3 and they could still get the afc west and have a decent playoff seed and theer offense showed some life. how do you see this as they enter the bye week at 7-3, it looks like they control their destiny? >> they still have line issues and they still have some uncertainty and hang onto the have injury problems and depth issues but the one thing about it going and 7-3 you remain a half game out of first place in the division and you got them. i'm talking about the raiders and they have to come to denver at the end of the season and they have 2 games so you can still determine, i hate that term but you can determine your
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someone else's hands, it is in your own hands to do what you need to do. the bye week will give them a chance in a number of areas to figure out what they have been doing. and they will be more and more into the offensive tight end and the broncos did rush for over very good sign. improvement, some interesting notes, derek will should be back after the bye week as well as aqib talib , i trust that his back is fine, tyson brownlow replaced donald stephenson as right tackle in the 4th quarters of the could be running out of patience. booker we wondered if he would share and no, they basically
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had the best effort. he hurt his shoulder again but he thinks he will be fine, again the broncos said at 7-3, not perfect, it never is. but with the difference being help the threshold to you like their chances. despite what people think he saved his job, did he have help? -?>> when you're more turnovers by your safeties about the chinese new year than this is the day of the safety and they basically will turn over this and we think that trevor simeon was in a place that they had been 6-4 going into the bye week and they would be training not only paxson mensch to go as quarterback but also to make 3 changes as to where they play and we would've seen paxson
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the offense to have a chance to get back, now they cannot be comfortable but they can feel like we can continue to move forward with trevor.>>reporter: 7-3 and it's amazing how one play changes the optics of the season. after the bye week the chiefs are coming to mile high and then kansas city at carolina today kim newton to devin funchess and they were up 17-0 and look like they would help t ?icked up by eric. watch the return, avoiding tackles and spin cycles and a path to victory. 17-14 and 29 to go and tied at 17, kim to kelviin benjamin and marcus peeters rips it away and took it back for the chiefs and set up santos for the walkoff game-winner. the chief score 20 unanswered and they take the game with 20- 17 and they are half-game ahead
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come back the buffs are moving up the rankings ready for a top 20 battle at folsom field, from
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welcome back, the colorado buffaloes are up to number 12 in today's ap and coaches poll and we will find out the college rankings on tuesday and they'd be arizona late last night 49-24 and a monster game neck saturday at folsom field against number 20, washington state. kickoff at 1:30 pm, national tv and two teams in the pectoral
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are not going to boulder. boo! . now to the avalanche, after 3-1 start under new coach they have crashed back to earth, the problem, scoring goals. is that a problem in sports? scoring? and being told yes. the avalanche are ranked 28th in goals per game scored in their ssutout 5 times in 2-6 in november. they were in their alternate uniforms against boston and with a sharp angle gets past farley and made 43 saves but not that one could with matthew shane blake, out we headed nhl to view an almost a goal. his parents and mom shooting video and dad was like come on, so close. you have to be proud of him. nor aj or any other avalanche scored 2-0 score.
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minimal gone wild early on, he scored 15 and the 1st quarter and 14 rebounds in the nuggets by 7 in the 1st half. damien the lord rained on buckets from above and the third rock, and don't think we have the video. they scored 32 and another long- range early in the blazers took the lead and one 112-105. the nuggets fall 3-7. check on rapids goalie tim
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an update now on rapids goalie tim howard, an mri showed it injured adductor muscle and this happened in the us l mexico and he will miss the us game against costa rica and he is back in denver for evaluation and treatment and the rapids by the sounders in the western conference finals week from tuesday. since it's so late we leave you with this, as near herzegovina and greece woke up fighting for the ball and one guy just pulls the other ones pants down, he just pants tim on the pitch and he fell over. right there on national television. worldwide television. not a good thing. all i can say is think goodness
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no xfinity sports extra show tonight woody and troy back from new orleans and it's over and saved on facebook page, gone watch that as they break down today's
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>> this is japan's famed mount midoriyama, the world's most difficult obstacle course. over the past 15 years, thousands of competitors have taken on this beast, but only three have ever conquered it. no american has ever defeated mount midoriyama. >> mount midoriyama showing no mercy. oh! doesn't get it! and the dream isve >> but this year, that could all change, because for the first time ever, this mother of all obstacle courses has come to america, and more athletes than ever before are ready to take it on. competitors from six different regions across the country will run qualifying courses, but only the top 100 competitors who embody athletic talent, mental fortitude, and single-minded commitment will earn the right


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