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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this morning on dpern 7 at 4:30, violence erupting at a university in ohio. what led up to these tense moments. plus -- >> the judges will be pro life. >> presidenty mrekt trump laying out his plans for his time in ?ffice. what this could mean for women and a law that has >>reporter: this area surrounding the rescue mission expected to look different by the end of the day because of the city is carrying out homeless week we have been telling you about. first we have a weather alert. drought taking over our state. you can see the map behind here. far too much yellow. 98% of our state is considered abnormally dry or kind of a moderate drought. >> we have now gone more than a month without precipitation.
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relief. >> come thursday and friddy, but through tomorrow you're going to find warm, really dry conditions. yesterday, we had highs in the low 70s. today, we're going to be 5 degrees warmer. upper 70s by this afternoon. the winds is kicking up. that's going to lead to high fire danger around the state. lakewood, 78. englewood, 77. the record high today is 78 degrees. westminster is going to be 76 this aft 2:00. it's warm and again, it's dry. we are tracking the storm that's now hitting the pacific northwest. i'll show you what that means for the rest of our week, jason and a chance for rain and snow by thursday. >> we'll see how it changes the drive in the mountains. look how smooth that is. nice and pretty. you'll be driving on it tomorrow morning. this is going to be a lane shift on thh southbound side of i-25 at arapahoe road. and then they're going to have a full closure of arapahoe road coming up this
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through monday morning. so just plan accordingly. we'll have a lot to talk about later on. take a look at the other trouble spot at i-70 and havana. we're going to have more ramp restrictions this week and a closure of the eastbound side. that's later on this week as we're doing more shifting for the bridge project. breaking overnight, a u.s. worship has been zealand. they rescued 140 people from a helicopter, but hundreds of residents and tourist are stranded there. we have good news for you. the stranded cows we were telling you about yesterday, they have been escued. those ones right there. farmer were able to dig a path for them to escape that
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a deadly accident near 11th and grant. >> he crossed against the light. the driver is not seeing any charges. a search started for a toddler -- a search for toddler ended. this is for sirus. there's 3-car seats that are being inspected. the commerce city landfill for the body of a missing littleton woman. this is day two and no trace of the 32-year old. she disappeared in june. police were able to place her boyfriend at the landfill the day she disappeared, which gave them a date. police are looking for her remains and any other evidence they can find. law enforcement experts says finding a body in a landfill is not easy.
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is easy to see, it won't. it can be quite disguised. >> e're in this for the long haul. this isn't a sprint, but a marathon. >> the search can last up to 6 months. today is the day that the city of denver post signs on tell homeless people to remove their -- camps will be cleaned along park avenue west and lawrence street and a major homeless sweet. >> a even in denver attorney is taking the case to court. denver 7 a -- amanda decaatillo. >>reporter: the property is going to be removed from the sidewalks around 6:00 this morning, although there hasn't been a time set or released to us. we're told as early as 6:00.
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the way so you can see what we've been talking about. this is an example. homeless encampments we have been talking about. the city's refusal to wait for the court is rule is disrespecting the court and disrespecting constitutional rights and the sweep are being carried out today with many wondering what's next for those being removed from city property. >> as their attorney, i h lot of ideas for solutions, but what i'm concerned right now is about united states constitutional rights. the 4th and 14th amendments and that's what we're fighting to protect. >> williams his says law office is going to represent anyone who is going to be resisting or protesting against what he's calling unconstitutional and immoral sweeps.
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>> some community was fed up with the homeless population and one homeowner says it's not worth it to stay. >> it's a struggle to come to our cars from our doors without worrying about a domestic dispute going on. >> that man says despite the city's area, he's moving his business to a different area of town. we're turning to president elect trump. julie tops the list for state choices. trump's team says -- >> trump has tapped two of his close -- priebus will serve as chief of staff and bannon was named chief strategist. the president elect is expected to fill the seat soon replacing scalia. trump made it clear during a 60 minutes
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that's pro lifee next judge to ooerturn row over wade. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. if it were overturn it would go back to the states. >> some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> no, it would go back to the states. perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> when it comes to another controversial court case with he says he has no plans to change same-sex marriage. >> trump's campaign website says he'll hold deport operations but federal and -- in our state we learned from the denver police department the department has not participated in deporting people in the past, and it says is won't in the future since they say it is a federal issue. advocates declaring victories saying the measure to
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passed. yes votes lead by 18,000, but the city has 30,000 ballots left to count. we want to give you a heads up. today, you'll get a call from code red. it will call you on your home or cell phone when something is wroog. >> jay -- jason -- >> all land lines are automatically. you're going to get a test phone call at 9:00 and it's going for a couple of hours because it takes a while for the notifications to go out. the code red system is an emergency system that's meant to alert you in case of a wild fire and severe weather and criminal activity in the area. expected to take a few hours.
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want to receive those, you can do to by going to your county's website and signing up. it's about keeping you safe. on denver 7, we'll talk more about this code red test and what you can expect and what local law enforcement are offering up to you. now that the holidays are here, people are going to leave their homes and how to protect your home while you're gone, and that's through the morning. if you want a fun challenge, head over to capital hill and try out the street parking. >> i can't see anything. i hear cars, but i can't see them. >> denver driver let us ride alone shot gun as she let us get out -- it cover four blocks and the city tested this back in 2011 near capital hill near
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of this alignment. >> it's easier to get a spot, but there's a lot of down side where you can't see around a truck or you can't see if you're trying to cross 7th. >> there's cars parked nose first. if you do that, you'll be fined $55. you have to be nosed out. get back in there. >> there's signs, but sometimes they're hard to see. a jurors convicted a man for leaving his why hate filled graffiti isn't being removed. we have information on an officer who was flying a -- even warmer than yesterday. as your kids are leaving school today, we're going to northbound the mid to upper 70s. denver, 77 degrees. coming up, we're going to look
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breaking news just in. russia's defense minister says the air force launched a major offensive in parts of syria. activist says this is the first time in 3 weeks that air strikes has hit eastern arapahoe. right now i'm monitoring another international story. president obama arrived in greece. this is the final stop or his final
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first stop on that tour and an armed group called for attacks and clashes to disrupt obama's visit there among other things, obama is expected to talk about donald trump and reassure u.s. allies that their partnerships with the u.s. will remain strong. an indiana church targeted with graffiti is leaving it. >> they put hail trump on the -- show their mission of inclusiveness and the congregation is praying for the vandals. >> our response is is not hate or being revenge, but it's supposed to be love and love concurs all hate, and so they took comfort in that. >> right now, police are trying to track down the vandals, but the church doesn't have security cameras. you don't know have to
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>> hey, oh, boy [bleep]. >> you saw it right there. a speaker at an anti-trump rally assaulted. the attacker was taken away by campus police. this rally is many across the nation as people against trump's future president see shows their displeasure. a michigan police officer resigned after he was caught on camera flying a confederate flag during a love trump hate rally. many saw the off duty offic officer wasn't confrontation, but they believe he was trying to cause a confrontation. >> i said that flag brings out fear. it strikes fear march me and what it has done -- >> he said it doesn't done anything to you. >> i don't believe that flag has any right to fly anywhere. this is my opinion. it should be probably be a museum. we live
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we have a -- we don't believe in slavery. we don't believe in how that [indiscernible]. >> the officer has apologized to the community, but his behavior is under investigation. in georgia a father who left his young son in a hot car has been found guilty of his death. justin harris intentionally locked his son in the car for serve yep several hours while he sexted with a minor. >> i love my son. [indiscernible] for a few minutes [indiscernible], abandoned, he did exactly that. >> a jury found harris guilty of thrre counts of murder along
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judge is expected to sentence harris on december 5th. a federal judge ordered the wisconsin man whose murder conviction was overturned to be released from prison under supervision. the judge said his constitutional rights were violated when he was qqestioned and there's an emergency motion filed to stop his release. in our state, a man wrongly convicted of rape is it took 19 years, but 60-year old clarence is free. a jury found his not guilty of raping a woman back in 1987. the woman claimed she saw moses face in a dream and positively identified him as a suspect. moses says he worked for years to overturn the conviction. >> i wasn't going to take no plea. i wasn't going to play to something i didn't do. >> the da's office tells denver 7 that in this year's testimony,
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that moses was her rapist. 4:48. a live look outside. another nice start to the day , but still awfully dry. >> we're talking 60s. >> it's crazy this time of year. >> it happens. the record high is 78 degrees today, so we could tie it. we could break it. here's your cheat sheet on this tuesday. we're talking again a record setting day today and tomorrow. we're going to see fire danger higher, not only today, but tomorrow. of fire watches goes into effect across southern colorado tomorrow. i won't be surprised if we see them here in denver as well. by friday, 30 to 40 degrees colder than where we're going to be today. there's a big change on the way, but today look at this. we're starting off with 50 degrees in town. winds west, southwest at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour. southwesterly breeze today, like yesterday, upwards of 15 to 20 miles-per-hour. but 50s as you walk out the door here in
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evergreen right now a mild 4 2. estes park at 49 degrees. now here's your highs this afternoon. we're going to see evergreen at 72. denver today, 77. parker a high of 74. and near 80 degrees in erie . same thing down south near pueblo and lamar close to 80. this past few weeks we have escaped some of the red flag warnings because it hadn't been windy, but ahead of this storm, our winds will pick up especially tomorrow. the system snow to the pacific northwest willradually ddve south into the middle of the country and that's going to bring our change come thursday into friday. tomorrow is still extremely warm. upper 70s again wednesday. overnight lows in the 40s to 50s and then on thursday, i'm still keeping the bright spot there, jase. i'm holding strong. we need rain and snow. 50 degrees thursday and upper 40s for highs and on friday, it is a lot colder. skies will start to clear out.
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afternoon. we're still tracking the progress of the storm as far as any accumulation, but the roads are just so warm. my fear though is we have seen so little rain there's a lot of grease on the road and it's going to be slippery. >> there's all that gook out there. 225 and yosemite looking nice for us this morning. basically wide open. paaker road, 5 minutee or less, maybe 3 minutes to the denver tech center. overall map and an easy drive at i-25 and arapahoe. a lane shift on he southbound side come tonight, so you'll be driving on new -- a new bridge tomorrow morning, and we'll have a full closure of arapahoe road over the weekend starting friday night through monday. we havee3 -- some of the ramps are still restricted. we're going to have more of that work coming up and a full closure on eastbound i-70.
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need gift ideas. how about this gadget. it's a smart watch powered by your this new power watch by matrix uses thermal electronics -- the power block has the basics of a fitness counter, but it tells you how many power of watts you have generated. and the watch cost $100. >> fairly affordable. >> totally. more than you think. it's on facebook and -- we have the details in the tt bites. >>reporter: the world biggest -- >> we'll ban those websites from usiig online add services and facebook has followed with a similar service. got regulators wants hybrid to make more noise. they say it
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>> they say that can prevent 2400 injuries a year. the first noisy electrics are due with the 2017 models. there's a state of the art system to keep tabs on your bags. >> the smartphone app can keep track of their luggage even if it's not where it's supposed to be. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. [indiscernible] journalist and newscaster glen who just died of cancer. you may know her on news hour on pbs. judy were the first female team to lead a nightlies cast. we have -- a bear kept in a cage for
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welcome back. nearly 100 cart -- the group returned last night afttr spending the last 9 months in afghanistan. another 340 soldiers are expected home later this evening. calling all heroes. we need your help making sure local children don't go hungry. if you donate $7, you can make sure the kids have weekend food bags. you can make those donations on the free denver 7 appp search
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here's your first alert. . mild and we're in the 40s and 50s. look at this afternoon. 77 degrees for a high in denver. under a mostly sunny sky. so we're near the record high today of 78 degrees. we're going to be close to tomorrow's record as well. then a big change. it's going to feel like fall come thursday and friday. more details coming up in our 5:00 hour. the world saddest polar bear has a new temporary this bear named pizza. he was found living in deplorable conditions. this is at a mall aquarium in china. one video shows him pacing. experts says it's a sign of depression, so the mall moved him out while they renovate pizza's encloser. give him more space. here's what we're working on for 5:00 a.m. protestors turning up the heat for the pipeline construction project. we have details.
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in weld county that has everyone upset. we have an update on what the company plans to do behind it. what forced a pilot to land near rifle. those stories and more up next on denver 7 at 5:00
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we're tired. we're tired of moving our stuff. this is an insane way to live. >> homeless people living in denver is getting kicked out. >> crews are clean out the camps on lawrence and park. but the people who call those streets home are not fight. denver 7 amanda del castillo joins us live from where the sweeps are taking place. amanda, how is it looking this morning? >> everyone is still camped out. the attorney who actually brought the case to federal court, he's encouraging these people to stand up and protest against the sweeps today. now, jayson flores williams says his law office will be representing anyone who is trying to find a legal help in the sweeps we're


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