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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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the u.s. president. and this comes with some heighten security in greece. 500 police in athens riggt now. they called for lashes to disrupt obama's visit. among other things, obama is expected to talk about donald trump and he'll try to reassure u.s. allies especially in europe that the alliance will remain strong. it's a mild morning. temperatures northbound the 40s to 50s -- temperatures are going to be in the 40s and 50s. temperatures close to 75, 77 degrees across most of the metro area. so it's going to be a really warm one. if we can take this really quick, i want to show you what the metro area today, highs will be, in denver, about 75 to 77. our record high today is 78. so we could tie it or we could break it. i know that map shows
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it's a wealth of info. on future cast, that's going to show a lot. i'll get back to. what are we looking at. we'll get more on this coming up as i get the grim ones out of the computer. jason. >> that's good one. that's a nice contour. that's very, very lovely. i-70, central park, we're back open here at the ramps that goes from i-70 to havana. we're going to have more closures as we get havana. we have a problem with the crossing arms, again, another problem there causing some traffic delays, not hearing of delays with the a-line with the train, but crossing guards near smith and holly are not working. over at york it was causing all kinds of problems, but it's around smith and hol causing big back up in that area right now. if you were headed out of
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look at law enforcement. they want to give you a peace of mind by keeping an eye on your house. jason gruenauer has how this works. >>reporter: if you're flying out of town to see grandma for turkey day and you don't want to come back to a ran socked burglarized home, law enforcement agency and sheriff's department want to help you out increasinggpatrols in your neighborhood and this is basically is -- it agency oo department including how much or what they do and how you get involved. many of them just ask that you give them a phone call or fill out a formm3 online that basically tell them where you live and when you're going to be gone. places like denver and parker will increase watches in your neighborhood. places like here in jefferson county, deputies will increase patrol and quote, know how to reach you if a problem happens while you enjoy your vacation.
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just a patrol car through your neighborhood a couple of times while you're gone. we have a full list of agencies, what they will do, and how you get involved on our free denver 7 app. and if something major or catastrophic were to happen, local law enforcement agencies especially here in jefferson and broomfield county wants to get in contact with you. that's the reason for the test for the more at 7:00. eye jason gruenauer, denver 7. the porch pirates will be out as people begin their christmas shopping. >> aurora police, arapahoe police department and u.s. postal service are teaming up to stop these crooks. you can watch for drivers cruising through your neighborhoods and backing up on your street.% and someone getting out, but not going inside the house.
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>> if you don't call about it, the police department isn't going to know. >> for a full investigation, head to 5:34. in brighton, police are investigating a fight between two women which turned violent. one of those women, a 36 year old is stabbed and she's expected to survive. a 29 years after being this man, 60 rape. year old clarence moses has been cleared of a judge found moses not guilty of raping a woman back in 1997. the woman claims she saw moses face in a dream and she possibly identified him as a suspect. moses worked if years to overturn his conviction. >> i wasn't going to plea to something i didn't do. >> the da office tells denver 7 that the victim insists moses was her rapist. but for moses, he's not planning to enjoy --
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if you've been down park avenue west, you have noticed the sidewalks completely crowded with people and all of their possessions. >> that's supposed to change today. the city of denver conducting another homeless sweep. it's the third this year. homeless advocates say it's unconstitutional. >> denver 7 amanda del castillo joins us with more on this controversial issue. are people still >>reporter: people are camped out along the sidewalk. i'm going to step away so you can see the current conditions. this is one example of the homellss encampments. the idea is to sweeppaway what is becoming a large homeless camp. a statement rellased by the city claims its approach to connect with those live on the streets has been consistent. directiig
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while some of the area says the sweep is necessary, others argue the move is unconstitutional. >> and then the denver police under the city of denver come in, they take those things for them and they dispose of them treating them like trash, their property like trash, treating human beings like trash. it's done. it's over. it's not right. >> a lot of people coming up to us this morning being very vocal repeated that message that flores williams just delivered. but i'm told the sweep is expected at 6:00 -- as early as 6:00 this morning. the city hasn't released an actual time, but again it could start as early as 6:00 this morning. city workers and police are expected to clear out the sidewalks here across the street from denver's rescue mission. right now, there is a motion for class action certification pending in federal court. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. reporting live in downtown denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7.
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transition to the president see. for the first time, president obama discussing this meeting you're seeing here with his successor. take a listen. >> mr. president you talked specifically about his temperament. do you still have any concern about his temperameet? >> i think what will happen with the president deselection there's going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them. and corrects them. >> the las one of the first hires is drawing criticism. talking about stephen bannon. he's been named the chief strategist and senior counselor to the president. the southern poverty law center says that bannon has no business in the white house saying he's a racist, sexist and -- but trump's manager is coming to bannon's defense. >> he's been the general of this campaign and frankly people should look at the full resume. he's got a business degree, he's
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in entertainment. i don't know >> bannon -- muslims americans says they're worried about what a trump's president see means for them. denver 7 caught up with -- he owns the iconic shish kabob grill. he's experienced harassments since theeelection. he says a c you. and then there was this. >> the day after the election, some guy came by and -- but the guy gave a $20 as he was cashing out and said keep the change. you may need it. >> there are no local statistics available regarding an increase of hate crimes since election day, but the fbi says last year there was 107 hate crimes in colorado and 65 were race and
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this week, boulder county i% performing a -- that means scanning machines will be chosen at random and ballots will be ppcked. they'll be rescanned and hand counted to make sure the numbers match. this is done by bipartisan team. it's made tran parent to the public. >> it has never changed the outcome of an election based on an audit. it's the checks and balance and final steps for the process. >> every county in colorado must perform an audit just like this not rigged. it's 5:30. we invite you join marshal -- for a look back at the highs and lows of the colorado political coverage this election's cycle. tonight's discussion is the final in this -- we've partner with the denver pulse and other organizations. you can learn more information on for it in the spotlight section there on our website. new information now on a
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aspen. police say says james hole stole 17,000 in cash and bikes. he was under arrest for illegally living in a shack. this man will not face murder charges for killing raise 17-year old. levi says he shot the teen in self-defense during a marijuana burglary in adams county back in september. the da's office says there wasn't enough advance for his the teen's mom told our partners at the denver post says she plans to sue since nature rose. a man is accused the killing bears outside his house. williams was found guilty of charging. the shooting happened -- if you don't know, killing a bear outside of hunting season is illegally. it will take 5 months before a trial starts over a fight over squirrels. he's accused of
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barrel after he gave squirrrls peanuts. he's on bail. three drug sniffing drugs are going to be added to denver. cell phones through -- they're apart of a broader security crack down at denver jails to help find contrabands. we should learn more during a news conference tomorrow >> they're so little. west nile virus normally causes flu-like symptoms, but it could lead to death years later.
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some breaking business news just in. ups announcing it's expecting a record-breaking number of deliveries this holiday season. the company is projecting over 700 million packages will be thanksgiving and new year's eve. and peak holiday volume is expected to be up 14%. we could see a problem though because you may have seen that aircraft maintenance workers for ups recently voted to strike. they voted to approve that strike. they might not strike during the holidays, but if they do, it would disrupt usp's shipping operation and lead to people.
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doctors are issuing about using testosterone to boost your -- there's risk related to your heart. >> i caution people when human beings and medicine interferes with the natural hormonal balance, sometimes we harm people. i would encouraae people to look into this more. >> the fda asked for testosterone companies to get a there's new guidelines on fighting future strokes or heart attacks. the expert panel for preventive medicine recommends that all americans between ages 40 and 75 consider statin's. that's if your doctor says you have a higher risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years and if you just had one of these risk factors, that's high cholesterol and high blood pressure, diabetes or history of smoking. >> these drugs are quite safee3
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groups so if you have these risk factors -- >> heart disease kills 1 in 3 americans and statin's are believed to help lower that risk. doctors stress those with history of cardiovascular disease could be at-risk. west nile virus is more deadly than they thought t. could affect people years after the infection. researchers looked at patients for a decade and found a similar under of patients died within the first in colorado, 137 people have been infected. it's so hottthat sleeve oz lisa's blouse fell off. >> they melted. >> it's almost 80. you can go sleeveless. >> evidencely. >> you can wear flip flops and shorts and you'll be fine. >> i get concerned when mitch gets that look. what is he going to say. >> you should be here for the commercial breaks..3 >> you should. first alert headlines. you would be fired if anybody heard
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today, we're under a fire weather watch across parts of southern cooorado. 70s today. 40s on friday. a big cool down. in fact, about a 30 to 40 degrees cool down, so yes you can wear your sleeveless shirts today. beautiful. by the end of the day we're going to scrambling for our jackets. beautiful shot from sterling. this is our prettiest images early in the morning. lots of sunshine early on. mid to upper 40s by 7:00. and then climb another 10, 12 degrees by 9:00. 72 by 11:00. and a high in denver today of 77. you're going to find clear skies tonight. mild again tomorrow morning. lone tree, a high of 77. broomfield you're hitting 76. and in englewood, a high of 76 degrees. keep in mind in our overnight lows tomorrow morning are likely going to be warmer than our daytime highs. what they should be this time of year.
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high in the mid 50s -- fort collins in the mid 50s. you can see spreading a fee showers north of colorado. it's not going to bring any moisture to our state until late wednesday into early thursday. and that's when we could see start to see a little snow here in town. yet again, we're well off from that average first snow dates ack in id-october. today we're going to see 70s. but winds are picking up ahead of this system. so fire danger is likely going to be an issue through the day on wednesday. then on thursday, a high in the upper 40s to near 50. 5 might be warm on thursday. we -- 50 might be warm on thursday. rain and a chance for snow in the morning and later in the day. and then skies will gradually start to clear out by friday. it's cold, jason. a stronger cold front we have seen this season. 42 is end the week.
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we have a pretty good drive right now on i-225 up from the north side of town. you see the brake lights come on from the congestion on southbound i-25 over to -- 15 minutes into downtown denver. not too bad yet. take a look at the map. we have a problem with the crossing guards going across that will block you from driving across the tracks at the a-line. i'm not hearing delays aaong the a-line just yet. but we have seen the problem and holly. it's not working quite right and causing traffic delays and the rest of the ride on i-70 looks nice. they finished the work at haaana. arapahoe and i-25, details on that coming up. back here in colorado, 340 fort carson soldiee are set to come home. this is video from yesterday when 100 soldiers returned. they were deployed for 9 months. welcome home. >> if you have a service member
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is, the first holiday shipping deadline is around the corner. december 9th is the cut off to get packages to military members overseas so get that packaged up quickly. here's what's coming up on good morning america at 7:00. >> in this morning's gma's first look, the investigation this morning into what the pilots of a plane with 54 passengers onboard saw coming towards them leading into their severe action. the pilot's making a sharp turn at 9,000 air. two flight attend ants thrown and njured. the airplane thought it was a drone. >> they see a flash, and they see something at an altitude where they wouldn't expect something to be flying so they make a sharp turn to get away from whatever it is. so it may have been a drone. it may have been a balloon. >> the two flight attendants
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40% in the u.s. more on that close call at 7:00 with your gma first look i'm david curly, a bc news, washington. a watch dog group rated the recycling group -- the tips you need to know to make sure you recycle properly. did you know that food is the most second common item found in landfills. steps to help -- you can b and help feed local children in need. 1 in 4 colorado kids is hungry. between now and the end of the month -- or go to the food bank of the rockies and buy weekend food bags. >> i'm from denver 7, how are you? >> you have tricked me.
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volunteers for 18-year. hi. >> oh, my god. oh , my god. >> you know what's happening? who is the 7everyday hero in your life. nominate them look
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it's 5:54. denver, it's time to step up. we're behind the national average for recycling with 18% of the waste recycled last year. this is according to eco. today is national recycle day.
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these tips when cycling. make sure recycles are empty and make sure they're clean and dry. don't put the tops back on the milk jugs. that gets nasty. clean, and dry that's how you do it. >> very simple. >> yeah. >> did you know that americans wasted 37 tons of food. >> all of that food wasted means -- we have tips on smart. check what's in your refrigerator and cook or eat what you have before -- freeze produce before it can go bad and instead of throwing food in the trash, maybe consider composing. >> i hate wasting food. >> 30 tons, that can -- a beautiful start. it's in the 50s. it's mild. 52 at city park. 40 in evergreen. 40 in confer. 50 in estes park. it's such a warm start to
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70s this afternoon. so even warmer than yesterday. about 5 to 7 degrees above our monday temps. 64 in estes park today. denver and highlands ranch near 80 degrees. so we're likely going to tie or break the record high. winds are going to pick up. fire danger is a concern the next couple of days and finally a little rain and snow on thursday. we're going to talk more about this at 6:00. there's a lane shift scheduled in the denver tech center you'll drive on this new portion of i-25 and we have a full closure ?f arapahoe road from friday until monday. cross -- crossing arms aren't working right at we have a lot more news coming up at 6:00. police beginning of search of a body of a woman since july. homeless in denver are lose
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denver are losing their home. a teen charged in the explosives found in a castle rock home is set to face a judge find out what's happening in court. we know denver likes its beer, but how do we compare nationally? the answer coming up on denver 7. it's 6:00 a.m. in a few minutes. we're tracking international breaking news. preeident obama arriving in greece this morning. protestors could disrupt his visit. we'll the latest on ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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6:00 a.m. and people says one bio chemical plant stinks so bad they're losing sleep. they turn to denver 7 for help. your 6:00 a.m. story starts in denver. homeless camps will be cleared out. officials are sweep. in march, a ssmilar sweep for several advocacy groups to take action. >> an denver attorney taking the case to court. amanda del castillo is joining us from downtown denver. amanda, when will the sweep start? >>reporter: the sweeps could start as early as 6:00 a.m. at any moment. moments ago, a fire crew just arrived on seenn i'm not sure why. they got here


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