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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. and people says one bio chemical plant stinks so bad they're losing sleep. they turn to denver 7 for help. your 6:00 a.m. story starts in denver. homeless camps will be cleared out. officials are sweep. in march, a ssmilar sweep for several advocacy groups to take action. >> an denver attorney taking the case to court. amanda del castillo is joining us from downtown denver. amanda, when will the sweep start? >>reporter: the sweeps could start as early as 6:00 a.m. at any moment. moments ago, a fire crew just arrived on seenn i'm not sure why. they got here
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justtoutside on the sidewalk. this is one example of those homeless encampments we're talking about. there's a motion for class action litigation pending against the sweeps and the attorney representing the homeless says the city's refusal to wait for the court to rule is a disrespect of the court and disrespecting constitutional law. camping along city property is illegal under the urban camping ban. the city saying it's a matter of health and safety. city workers and and collect belongings that will be put into storage until they're claimed. >> sending the message, you're trash. we can treat you anyway with you like and those who live in downtown denver, they don't know what'sshappening in their neighborhood. if they saw it, they would -- williams is encouraging these homeless people to protest. he says his office
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person protesting. what he's calling immoral and unconstitutional sweeps. we spoke wiih an advoccte who says that what we may see as homeless people along a sidewalk to them, they're small clusters of communities here. still these sweeps are expected anytime this morning. momentarily, even and that's -- live outside of the denver rescue mission, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. denver 7, first weather. it's now 6:02. that is what you're waking up to. a beautiful, bright sunrise in sterling. it's going to be another warm day. we're a good 5 to 10 degrees above where we were yesterday. we're in the 50s right now. expecting 66 degrees by 10:00. and then another 10 degrees on top of that by 2:00 pm. 60s -- overnight tonight, lows in the low 50s to upper 40s. this is where we should be for highs this time of year.
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denver close to 80 today. littleton, 79. montclair, 76. in aurora, same thing. a high of 76. we're tracking a storm and a strong cold front, jason, we're going to show you what it does to our temperatures. ?ross your fingers, a chance for snow on thursday. we have a decent ride - headlights are the folks going towards stapleton and towards pena boulevard. for us either way on the east and westbound side on colorado boulevard. at least this portion looks good. it's going to get busy near cherry creek and i-25. you can see a lot of green. we have road work that's big doings on the southbound side of i-25. a lane shift is scheduled. we'll start to see lane closures after 8:00 tonight there at arapahoe road and we'll have a new way to drive across
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6:03. he's accused of murdering a man. his family members were there when he turned himself in. they insist his was self-defense and they say he'll be exonerated. another teenager is due in court today connecting to explosive devices found in a castle rock home. the teen has not been identified. they are charged with posssssion of explosive and a hand gun and bond is set at $1 hit by a driver in downtown denver. this happened near love land and grant. police tells us the victim did not have the right of way. the driver did stay on scene. it's not clear if anyone will face charges. breaking overnight, russia has launched a major arrow offensive in syria today. this comes as syrian activist report
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help hoe owe. two the other areas werr mentiod . russia's offense began hours hours after putin and u.s. president elect trump talked on the phone this morning, and they reportedly talked about syria and agreed on the need to combine efforts to fight international terrorism and extremism. sheriff's deputy called off the search for a toddler's body syrus is presumed dead. his mother's boyfriend confessed to throwing the boy's body in a dumpster. he faces manslaughter. hundreds were involved in the search for the boy's body and they didn't find anything. a search for -- crews are trying to find clues in the disappearance of a littleton woman. >> today is day two of this search.
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the police were able to place vought's boyfriend at the landfill the day she disappeared and he hadn't been charmed. >> we have people going by through hand. it's unplease apt, but it's something we have to do. >> the search could last up to six months. they tell us they're committed for the long hall. trump is try to go sort out his white house staff. pence will join him in new york city as they fill those open positions. important general and an ambassador. rudy and chris christie are in the mixxfor these positions and trump will need to pick a nominee for the supreme court. it's unlike lie that garland, president obama's supreme nominee pick will get a hearing. trump's pick -- according to his website, trump plans to hold deportation operations with federal, state, and local law enforcement on day one.
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idea. they say they won't help the president elect with any deportations telling us it's quote a federal issue. you may get an unexpected phone call today. officials in seeeral colorado counties are testing an important alert system. >> this has saved lives ii the past. jason gruenauer joins us to explain. >>reporter: the calls are going to those in jefferson and broomfield starting at 9:00 a.m. today. it's to make sure the code red emergency nif two, as many as people as possible are getting these notifications, and the system is set up for landline. if you have one of those, you'll get a call. it can be added to your cell phone or your e-mail. so if you have already gone through and added that, you'll get test call. if you have not, you can do that. you can have to go to your county's website. code red has been around for three
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missed notifying people during a major wiid fire that killed three people. today is just a you don have to do anything. it's to protect you if something major or catastrophic happens like a wild fire or severe weather or major criminal activity. that's to notify you if something happens. ?hat about prevention. a lot of people are going to go on vacation, a lot of people could use extra set of eyes on their property, on their stuff.% we have a list of law enforcement for free, but the deadline to sign up is coming up. we'll tell you about it at 6:30. jefferson county, i'm jason gruenauer. new this morning, the denver city council approved next year's budget. it will be $1.9 million. the department of agriculture will offer more help for the farmers and ranchers
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applications are now being taken through december 21st. we have posted a link with details on our free denver 7 app. police want to talk to the man who jumped into the exhibit at the denver zoo yesterday. the animal is okay. the guy ran away before zoo officials could catch him. word why he jumped in there, but he could face charges. nasty smells are making it hard -- >> buy - owe the neighbors describe the smelllfor us. >> imagine putting raw chicken into your waste can and you leave it there for days and days and it heats up, and it's just that raw, decaying, disgusting >> we spoke to the manager of that bio gas plant and says they've been in compliance most of the time. he says the plant is good for weld county, even with the smell.
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asked weld county commissioners to do -- yesterday neighbors asked weld county commissioners to do something about the smell. there's a hearing next month. ?>> here's your first alert. there's a change on our 7-day forecast. i'm getting excited in the first alert center. we have high fire danger the next couple of days. south astern colorado tomorrow, a fire weather watch. look at our temperatures. today we're going to northbound the mid to upper 70s. near 80 in pueblo and lamar and trinidad -- >> look at >> it's pirate's booty. >> this is my work space. get back to work. >> the roads look okay for us. we're starting to get heavier and heavier. you can see that on the southbound side of i-25. getting more crowded. 15 to 20 minutes on the ride. protestors aren't giving up. they shut down a national state capitol building. find out how protestors in denver are getting
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6:14. welcome back to denver 7. a live look at constitutional avenue. a beautiful sunrise over the u.s. capital building. our nation's capitol. gorgeous colors. this family from texas busted a shoplifter in aspen. they were on vacation noticed a teenager trying to steal a vouis vuitton bag. they're okay. they have -- the shoplift near custody. it's now 6:14. a jury convicts the man who left his young child in a car. justin harris locked his son cooper inside the car for serve
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harris claims he didn't remember his son was sleep nothing the backseat. he'll be sentenced in 3 weeks. 6:15 now. antipipeline protestors demonstrate in north dakota. yesterday they stormed the state capitol building forcing a soft lock down. none was arrested. leaders are asking people to come to north dakota a protest. federal authorities are calling for a more review on that pipeline. here in denver, protestors will be at the du campus as apart of the national day of action. they plan to occupy the lawn in front of the andersen commerce area today and tomorrow. this is in protest to a conference happening on du's campus. just in, united air liens has announced a new low priced
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economy fare. in a news release out to us, united says this is a low fare option with what they call the same standard economy experience with differences. here's the differences. customers will be assigned seats on the day of the departure. and they'll be in a later boarding group. also flyers gets one personal carryon bag and it has to be under the seat. but the fare will be lower. they n do i after the game against the saints. that wore me out. >> one guy needs it. that's siemian. he was hit a dozen times including 6 sacks. he did receive injections to help with the pain. coach gary kubiak is expecting him to play better. >> i don't like the fact we turned the ball over the last few weeks. he's in charge of the football whether he get hits or not. we've got to get//i
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i don't want to trevor to play okay or good. >> the broncos are off until sunday after thanksgiving and that's when the chiefs come into town. the kickoff was supposed to be at 5:15 and now the time is 6:30 p.m. the sunday after thanksgiving. >> the 6:30 game great we're being moved except if you work the morning shift like we do. >> it makes me nervous when check my phone in the morning, yes, we won. it's going to be beautiful, very warm. i cannot believe that thanks giving is nine days away. here's your cheat sheet. today we're talking record setts . we're going to northbound the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. fire danger remains high across the state today. we're a good 30 to 40 degrees colder. a cold front set to roll through. probably the strong rest of the season. temperatures in the 50s. you
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and the mountains are going to get snow starting wednesday night into early thursday morning. i'll show you future cast in a moment. it's warm. mild this morning. you'll notice at the bottom of the screen, right hand side there, it's 52 degrees in denver. 76 by noon. 77 by 2:00. so a very warm afternoon with overnight -?lows tonight in the 50s. 78 in littleton today. we haven't been in the 50s yesterday this morning, and in fact the last time we were below the 60 degree mark was on october 12th. that's levels the last time we picked up a trace of precipitation. broomfield, 76. centennial 75. same thing in aurora. the warmup continues near 80 degrees in pueblo and lamar. 50s and more 60s for the mountains. there's a little rain and snow spreading east from the storm that's right now hitting the pacific in the west.
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to be watching for here. here in the next couple of days it's going to dive further south, and it will bring us a chance for a little rain and snow here in denver on thursday. now, here's a look at your future cast. there's not much to show you until early thursday morning. by 6:00 thursday, a lot more blue on our future cast. snow for the mountain. and a chance for a little rain and snow out across the plains. temperatures are also going to drop significantly from near 80 today and tomorrow to 50 even upper 40s on thursday. i'm keeping the bright spot on thuusday. jason gives me the -- friday, we'll be at 42. clearing skies. it will be colder though. 42 to end the week. >> i like this weather. you're right. we need snow. we need rain, but man i like it. >> you should move some where else. >> no, i will not. i like it here. we have this accident on the southbound side of i-25 near the thornton parkway off to the
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it's do to go the backups. take a look from the camera by 104th and you can see it's not too terrible because it's out of lane of traffic. so we can get through it with minor delays. take a look at the overall map. traffic on i-76 and 270 and 225 -- and 270. for the southbound side they're doing a lane shift with lane restrictions starting 8:00 tonight and this weekend, we're arapahoe road both directions at friday night and it will continue until monday morning. a lot of roadway coming up not only tonight, but this weekend. if you want a fun challenge this morning, head over to capitol hill. try out the expanded street parks. >> officials says the back enn angled parking spot was increasing the number of parking spots available in denver. drivers say that's great, but
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difficult. >> i can't see anything. i hear cars, but i can't see them. >> so the parking spots take up 4 blocks, this is along 7th avenue from lincoln to logan and the city could install similar parking spots in other areas and i don't think you can make things either on -- by parking -- head first to make it easier and faster. it doesn't work because if you do that, you're going to be fined $25. >> you have to back up and you park at that angle and have a quick exit. backing up like that is like parallel parking so -- denver is the most environmentally conscious cities in the country. we're lagging in one department. we'll explain next. heading into break, we have news for the ladies. this man, the rock has been name ld the sexist man alive.
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good morning, it's 6:24. here's a look from akron. beautiful clear skies. a dry one. 50s at the bus stop. 77 degrees when your kids are heading home today and it's dry across the state. a big change though in store come thursday into friday. jason, we're going to go from summer to winter within a 12 to 24-hour period. >> oh, goody. we have a pretty good drive though. we have one of i-25 near the thornton parkway. with the flashing lights. the lanes are open as you can see, but we're sluggish. no problems just getting busier from parking road. >> denver is dog a bad job when it comes to recycling. we have the numbers to prove it. denver recycled 18th %. that's the worse in the state . the city as
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blame since most don't ffer recycling bins and colorado is throwing away more than $265 million worth of recycles each year. here's good news. the du pioneers are the number one men's college hockey team in cup -- in the country. they're seeking their first national title in more than a decade. they're going to play miami of ohio at imagine us in arena this weekend. the city of boulder is a few hours away from a it's connected to the warmer weather, we'll explain.
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there are 40 days until christmas and how are you protecting yourself from porch pirates. >> one colorado man decided to
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i tiee a bun gee cord to the box. and those who tried to steal the box looked foolish. >> a little satisfaction and he out smarted them 23 americans have had packages stolen. we're going to tell you how to protect yourself. it won't look like this in boulder. the city is -- >> the old record for latest for snow is november 15th which is today. the city of boulder hadn't gotten any snow this season. >> we haven't seen snow in a while. lisa is here to tell us there may be a chance in the 7-day forecast. >> i would consider it a bright spot if we get snow. thursday into friday, a big change. a pretty significant cold front that's going to bring our temperatures down a good 30 to 40 degrees by friday. >> we'll feel this. >> you will. you'll feel the change from short sleeves to jackets on friday. it's 52 degrees right now in denver. look at our winds coming out of
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we're going to see warm, dry air across the state today. this afternoon, look at this. we're at 72 degrees by noon. 77, near 80 by 3:00 p.m. we could see record timing bbeaking highs. even in the 60s after our sunset. really mild up and down the front range with 80 in pueblo. 74 in fort collins. and 50s and 60s in the mountains. we're tracking the change. the chance for some snow by late wednesday night stick with me, coming up in a couple of minutes, we're going to show yo3 how cold it gets on friday, jason. we have a minor crash in the middle of mouse trap. the area of i-70 and i-25. you can see it from air tracker 7. a couple of cars. this is the split -- it will let you go north or south. those folk was going north. it's well over into the gore point. the area -- that shoulder area, so it should be out of traffic.
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the map and you see a lot -- that shoulder area, so it should be oot of traffic. take a look at the map and you see a lot of green. we have slowing in usual spot, but a pretty quiet drive. these two men were charged of a drive-by shooting. on the left is johnson and on the left, juskins. johnson is out on bail and juskins is not. they're expected back in court in the next 3 weeks. one woman is in the hospital and recovering from stab wounds after a brawl. two women into a fight after midnight yesterday. one stabbed the other -- the fight is over for moses. for the first time in 29 years, he's waking up without fear of incarceration. yesterday, a jury found him not guilty of a 1987 rape. this was a retrial.
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the victim says she saw moses-al identified him as a suspect. moses says he's worked for years to overturn the conviction. >> there's a lot of things i wanted to do back then. >> what's the number one thing? >> right now, enjoy this freedom. >> the da's office tells denver 7 that the victim still testified that moses al was her rapist despite another man has confessed to breaking news, president obama this morning meeting with greek's president. this is obama's final foreign tour as u.s. president and greece is the first stop on this tour. no problems yet, but an armed group has called for attacks to disrupt observe's visit. protest rallies has been banned in athens for the 2 days that obama will be there. obama is on this tour expected to
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isommitted to nat. he believe -- the holidays around the corner ann many of you are planning to head out of town. you're probably wondering how to protect your home while you're gone. >> some people install security cameras, but what if you can get help from police. jason gruenauer has this important information. >>reporter: over a thanksgiving which means it's a week until those hit the airports and hitting the roads and getting out of town. that's good until you come home to a broken house and all your stuff and law enforcement agencies, a dozen of them are going to give you a helping hand this holiday season by doing some extra watches and extra patrols basically on demand. all you have to do is ask. it varies by police department or agency. all you have to do is call or
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your local sheriff's depprtment where you live and when you're going to be gone. denver and -- here in jefferson county, deputies will know how to reach you in case of a problem while you enjoy your vacation. to be put on the list, departments wants to know about a week or more in advance of when you're not going to be home. so if you're going to be traveling out of town for thanksgiving, you should probably do so either today or tomorrow. just again for the additional patrol and keep inn3 mind this has nothing to get your mail or keeping an eye on your pets. it's extra security check to make sure everybody has a good holiday. i'm jason gruenauer. it's 6:35. this year alone, 137 people have come down with the west nile virus in our state. we're learning the virus can have a long term impact on your health. >> a study that followed west nile patients for a decade and the number of people who died of long term complications was
6:36 am
3 months of getting sick. kidney problems is the prime culprit..3 west nile patient was 11 times more likely to die of kidney disease. a jury is going it decide if this man is guilt of murder. he's accused of shooting a neighbor over a dispute over squirrels. his jury trial is -?set for april. barber is free on bail. there's a little black cat safe and sound after etting rescued from a sewer piping. you can see it for yourself after the break. advocate declaring -- why your bar may open a smoking session. this area surrender rounding the denver rescue mission is going to look different by the end of the day because the city
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we are the tv doctors of america. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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help. a kitten was stuck 8 feet down a pbc sewer pipe. so sad. aurora fire crews lowered a -- the cat grabbed onto the owels and hung on while firefighters pulled it to safety. no information about the kitten's owners. >> that was -- >> way too many cat rescues recently. >> beautiful outside. 50s this morning. sunshine. temperatures by this afternoon g to be upper 70s. so we're a good 20 to 25 degrees above normal. normal highs this time of year in the low 50s. that's where we're going to be overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. just to give you an idea of how warm and dry it is. lakewood today a high of 78. brighton at 78. and in centennial and aurora, mid 70s this afternoon. very warm and very dry state wide. here's your first alert that all changes on thursday.
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need a jacket thursday and friday. we'll talk about it coming up. here's a traffic alert in the denver tech center head south going north -- there's the fire crews right now. they're going tt a new accident that has been callout on the northbound side of i-25. closer to yale. i was looking at the yale camera and i couldn't see the accident from that vantage point. they're point to go the north. so hopefully we'll get airr3 tracker 7 down there in a minute. the northbound side is stacking up t fire crews are blocking lanes. we're going to see a big traffic jam out the tech center. plan to get downtown from the south. 6:39. we'll get you caught up in our morning spricht. are homeless sweeps legal. it's shaping up to a tense day in downtown denver. we have live details. new information in search for a missing woman. why police
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start was a story we have been following all year. a second major homeless sweep expected in downtown denver. denver police are focus on removing homeless -- some say it's a long time coming, homeless advocates call it not constitutional. >> amanda el castillo joins us liie. the sides of the sweeps, advocates are supposed to protest. >>reporter: yeah, the attorney who is actually bringing this case to federal court, he's enco people to stand up and protest against these sweeps. many telling us this morning that they're planning to march to the capitol. jason says his law is going to represent any homeless person who needs legal help in fights these sweeps. city is clearing the -- the city is clearing the sidewalks and belonging was put into storage until they can be claimed.
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matter of safe and healthy. there's a motion for class action certification pending right now. the homeless population says sweeping violence their 4th and 14th amendments. >> what i've said is anybody who wants to resist in the american traditional -- tradition of civil disobedience sweeps are unconstitutional. my office will >> there's live conditions along lawrence and park avenue west and broadway. people are starting to pack up their camps. we haven't seen any activity, although sources told us the sweeps were supposed to begin at 6:00 this morning. we are still waiting on that to happen. people out here being very vocal about their opposition. we'll be covering this all day today. reporting live in downtown denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. we have a big traffic alert on the northbound side of i-25.
6:44 am
the northbound side is all down to one lane right after hamden right before yale. we had a wild accident where drivers were spread across the roadway. they pushed them over to the left side which is good news. hopefully the fire trucks will be free positioning where they're blocking one or two lanes and not them having the entire highway shut down. expect delays out of the denver tech center heading north into hamden heading into late last night, denver council approved a 1.9 billion budget. the budget is up by 4:00. it will go towards police officers and affordable housing. pot houses -- the yes votes lead by 18,000 and marijuana advocate was planning a celebration. they're going to talk about the next steps about opening up pot clubs within the
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just in this morning, u.s. retail sells jumped .8% in october. ?conomist were predicting it to be that good. that's good for the holiday shopping season. a new report out from wallet hub is looking at the freshest black friday deals. stores are repeating the deals they had last year on black friday. the stores with the most recycled deals includes sears and office office max and jc penny's and kohl's and those with the least recycles is sam's club, cvs. another day of anti-trump protest in our city. students across denver are going to walk the capitol. they say president hateful rhetoric. president obama spoke about the trump 's election.
6:46 am
him make his decision and it's really important to try and send signals of unity. i think he's going to try as best he can to make sure that he delivers. >> this morning, president obama is in europe. he'll be talking to u.s. allies about what they can expect from president elect trump. in the meantime, trump's transition team is try to go decide on the new secretary of state. sources says it's a toss trump refers long rudy. establishment conservatives want him to pick john bolton. a decision could come today. it's now 6:46. if you're trying to get the kids out of the door, it's mild outside. maybe a light sweat shirt, but we're in the 50s right now. we're going to be in the 70s this afternoon. as they're heading home. even warmer than yesterday. beautiful, live look across north eastern colorado.
6:47 am
vero wireless cameras. it's a southwesterly wind. city park, 51. parker in the mid 40s. evergreen, as you get into the foothills, a little colder there. but estes park right now at 50 degrees. so you look at the next 24 hours and the coolest that we get will be upper 40s to low 50s early tomorrow morning. we're goiig to see a high today of 77 degrees. well above our normal hhgh of 52. sunshine in denver. lone tree a high of7. broomfield, 76. lakewood oday, you're at 78 degrees. aurora, 75 near 80 in pueblo with more 50s to low 60s right through the central mountain and montrose, our western slope at 70 degrees this afternoon. so that combined with winds leading to higher fire danger. we have warnings in cheyenne and fire weather watch goes into effect
6:48 am
surprised if we see those cover a bigger portion of our state% tomorrow. on satellite and radar, you can see the rain and snow that's grazing parts of northern wyoming. that's part of the system that's going to dive further south. we have a good change on our a 7-day. i'm glad to change up my verbiage. my vocabulary warm. skies will clear friday. but it's a lot colder. 44 degrees to end the week. a pretty good bounce back, jason. this is a fast ming system. >> i'm hoping for a fast clearing of this accident on the northbound side of i-25 right before yale. what they have done is repositioned the vehicle to the left shoulder so they were able to get a couple of more lanes open, so you have two lanes opened. so folks have been using that ramp lane that goes between hamden and yale.
6:49 am
as an alternate as well. but you can see two lanes to the right are blocked. take a look at the maps. this is the northbound side of i-25. this is the back up that just starts now at orchard and it's rock solid from that point passed bellevue, and 225 and -- so heavy stop and go traffic. there's no -- maybe university can help you out. maybe after you get from hamden to -- cutting through the denver tech expect extensive delays. you can see stop and go traffic. minor accident near i-25 and i-70. it's not much to worry about. 6:49. here's great news. more of our bravest soldiers back on american soil. this was the scene at fort carson. 100 soldiers returned home..3 the men and women spent 9 months in afghanistan. 300 soldiers will return home today. great to see those reunions.
6:50 am
in a stolen car yesterday afternoon. they - that stolen car crashed near 104th and lincoln street. all the women on the run. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. take a look at your screen because here's something you don't see everyday. the plane landed on i-70 east of rifle after the plane started running low on fuel. everyone is okay. you can see the plane landed fine. the pilot appears to made a perfect landing just not the --esignated runway.%- the plane has been tow and no word if the -- we have an update for the search of a missing toddler. crews ended their search for 13-month-old syrus. their search came up mostly emptyy
6:51 am
week and no word on charges he may face. he confessed to police that he threw the boy's body in a dumpster. and he's facing manslaughter charges. 36-year old charlene went missing 4 months ago and police are looking for her remains and they're looking for a mattress mmssing from her apartment when police searched it earlier this year. >> we're in it for the long haul. this a marathon. >> her boyfriend was arrested on unrelated charges and those have been dropped. littleton police have placed beer on the landfill or have placed him at the landfill on the day of vought's -- 6:51. does the city of denver prefer beer or wine.
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we do have a big traffic delay on the northbound side of i-25. the camera resets because it's murphy's law. the northbound side of i-25 with an accident right before yale, we have two lanes blocked and two lanes open and the traffic jam starts now, approaching orchard. it will go towards county line. take a look at the map. you can see the heavy stop and go traffic on the southbound side as folks are looking at the northbound side. tr headed to highway 73 and 92 -- 72 and 93. check that. flip those around and it sounds like it's a rollover crash with those hurt. it doesn't sound to terribly bad, but we'll get an idea what's going on out there. we have breaking news of a barn fire. crew was trying to extinguish that fire in the 600-block. it's in the southern
6:55 am
open space in that area too. again, a barn burning. they're we'll bring updates during good morning america. >> [sirens] >> that's what a sirens test sounds like and there's tests happening across aurora this morning at 11:30. more than 50 sire wrens will sound that whaling tone you heard that last for 3 minutes, you hear the alarm it's a test. 6:55. here's w city of denver is moving homeless off the streets. we're going to update you on how this is going at 11:00. we know denver is growing and we're going to find out how the city of denver is unveiling the tourist road map at 7:30. this is a year long study that's going to maintain tourism growth that will benefit visitors and those who live here.
6:56 am
explosives after it was found in his castle rock home is expected in court this morning. we're developments. 6:55. denver is the second best beer city in the city accord to go info group. portland oregon ranked number one. the gold dots represent cities where people prefer beer over wine and the red dots says that people prefer wine over beer. best beer city in america actually prefer wine, so who knows how they came up with this. let's use d, all the above. >> just select a, alcohol. >> it's 6:56. it's beautiful. right now, we're in the 50s . look what's going to happen this afternoon. highs in the 70s. by noon, we're at 72. by 3:00, about 5 degrees above that. 64 after our sunset. so extremely warm. well above normal. but man, i'm happy to see there's a
6:57 am
this is what wee need right -- this is what we need right now. we could see light snow turning to rain and potentially back to light snow thursday night into early friday. skies are going to clear friday. this system isn't going to stick around. look how cold it is. 42 on friday. 20 degrees warmer by sunday. well, we'll take it from here, how's that. you can be a holiday hero to help feed local children in need. >> there's hey quarter of colorado kid that's are hungry. it's easy if the donate $7 and you can make sure the kids have a weekend -- it's easy, you can donate 7:00 and you can make sure the kids have a week end of food. you can do a security service -- it's easy do. >> every time i go up to a register and i see denver 7 on
6:58 am
more. i'm 100 bucks in already. >> thank you lisa and thanks
6:59 am
? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
7:00 am
good morning, america. anti-trump protests escalate. a trump supporter caught on camera attacking a fellow student on a college campus as president obama tries to peacefully pass e >> i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic. >> his advice to the president-elect as donald trump builds his team, the new role rudy giuliani may play in his white house. breaking overnight a massive manhunt for this accused killer escaped from a county jail. now authorities warn he may have stolen a truck with a rifle inside. the search for this man who could be armed and dangerous. caught on camera, this hot air balloon goes haywire at a festival catching fire as fireworks explode. firefighters on the scene as the crowd screams, running for their


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