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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. >> 11 am, audible breaking news stories. a big house fire taking a worse turn in aurora. plus, protesters are marching on our state capital. why they are upset coming up. but first, breaking ne out of aurora. several people taken to the hospital after a house fire. witnesses say not everyone made it out of the house alive. >> it happened on 7th and revere street. >> reporter: we talked to a man who attempted a daring rescue inside the home just on the end of the block. there was black smoke and flames pouring out of the home. we will show you what the house looks like now.
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damage -- damaged neighboring cars and houses. it started this morning as albert was driving to home and says he saw a man yelling for help. luck he toll me to save his life. i went in and i couldn't do nothing. i couldn't breathe. they tried. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: aurora fire rescue would say five people were hurt, four taken to the hospital with unknown injuries, and there is still no word on a cause of the fire. investigators can you get in the house. the roof was bowed and could possibly cave-in so that's why they are taking their time. we will bring you updates as the come in, jason gruenauer. immigrant rights groups are
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they are against donald comes plans to integrate millions of immigrants. >> reporter: there are protesters from 30 different groups right here on the steps of the capitol. what they are trying to do we is convince elected leaders to continue some of the legislation in colorado that supports immigrants and those undocumented immigrants. statewide immigration rights starts with the capital they say. they say they're going to continue throughout the state in coming months and weeks. they are calling on officials to stand with them. dpd has already said they are not going to makes up law enforcement and immigration enforcement and we're not going to try to pull any illegal or undocumented immigrants.
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governor hickenlooper today saying the same thing. we are hoping to speak with him later on. president-elect trump has said 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 undocumented immigrants may be deported at the cost of $300 million. these groups say it's simply not worth it and colorado has already been a model back in 2013 four the first state to repeal the show me your papers law. they say colorado is a model for the rest of the company with undocumented immigrant rights and they are now all hoping to officials and have in solidarity. we will continue to speak with these groups. we have reached out to the governor. will have much more coming up in 30 minutes as well as later in the day. in the state capital, mark boyle denver 7. denver city officials are going through with a plan to clear homeless camps from
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people work to move out. this is the second day of the sweep. someone was seriously injured this morning near park avenue and champa after a car no word yet on who was at fault. we will keep you updated as we learn more. another beautiful and warm day. hardly seems like november but that is about to change. lisa joins us with an alert that cool, wet weather is coming. >> do you remember what that feels or looks like? today you are talking 70s. we are at 75 degrees in it's warm. look at relative humidity dropping below 10% and it's been gusty with wind speeds at 15 to 30 meet me. fire danger is high. we are in the 50s and 60s right now. evergreen, 59 degrees, estes park 61 degrees. 74 degrees in boulder at this point. that even 12:00 and we are 20 to 25 degrees above normal. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, we're going to watch for a change. our mountains will start to
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temperatures in and around denver will drop into the 30s or 40s and then we won't get much of a warm up. there is a lot to talkkabout on our alerts map from red flag warnings, hide fire danger to a winter storm watch out west. we will show you hour by hour what theestorm looks like as we potentially get our first snow of the season in denver. this man is missing right now. police want you to see this. this man is developmentally last night near parker road in florida -- and florida. if you see him, give police a call. this teenager, brooke higgins is in court today. we could hear testimony from people who say they knew about her attack to -- a plan to attack their high school in highlands ranch. both teenagers are being held on $1 million bond. higgins is still fighting to
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if you think east colfax can improve, denver police say they are working on it. they added 100 hours of patrol between east colfax between grant and josephine streets. new numbers show their efforts are working. amanda del castillo has the details. >> reporter: dpd says they have made successful contacts along east colfax and they are working with the district to take care of any numbers out by dpd show violent crime is down by 9%. those statistics are being compared to october 2015 numbers. the additional bike and foot patrol programs are coming after foot patrols. police are seeing burglary, larceny and auto theft numbers declined by 2.7%. even with the success, ron saunders says more can be done.>> if the need to add more
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truly its resource management. i've got the resources out there. a lot of times it's just putting the resources where i need them.>> reporter: commander saunders says when he drives are east colfax that he is seeing street-level narcotics but he has also seen a decline. the problem is still there but this is a step in the right direction. reporting outside police headquarters, amanda del castillo denver 7. >> board will discuss a ppssible water rate hike. denver customers are saving so much water that now we have to pay more. water use is down 20% over 15 years despite a 15% increase in the number of customers. the new rates would cover $7 % million in budget increas. a vote is not expected until next month. if this is approved, the rate hike will kick in after april 1.
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several cabinet positions. we know now that alabama senator jeff sessions may be the one to take the head of the deportation efforts. >> senate republicans elected mitch mcconnell to be majority leader, a key for trump. trump's team is holding meetings in new york city all week. they are still trying to settle on a secretary of state and attorney general. paul ryan spoke out about the transition. >> this will be a government focused t progress for the american people. our team is very excited and we cannot wait to get to work. >> the president-elect tweeted about his transition saying it is a "very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i the only one who knows who the finalists are.">> trump is still that one controversy about his peesonality. prez elect trump -- the
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criticism from megyn kelly who times trump had a personal vendetta against her. she says days before she moderated the first debate, trump called her "not happy" about an interview and threatened to ruin her reputation through his twitter account. >> he called me up and threatened me and made very clear that he was extremely displeased. he started screaming at me and hung up the phone. >> trump was angry with the interview. allegation was untrue. von miller is making headlines today and not for his work on the football field. a recent trip toocanczn has recently turned into a legally but this a legal battle over a sex tape. tmz initially reporting that miller is suing a california woman to stop her from releasing a video of them having consensual sex. the judge has issued a temporary restraining order. the lawsuit names miller as
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extort him for millions of dollars. sports agent to do shafer says he doesn't think it will hurt miller's long list of endorsements. at one point, miller offered her $10,000 for the video. she is due back in court next month. this man, jacob mcgee has been caught. the 35-year-old took photographs up a woman's skirt at the broncos game last month. he is reportedly a registered % sex offender free on bond month. parents are in an uproar after a school board member paints his face black. here from school officials and parents after the break. a man take the toddler hostage. it was all caught on camera. we will show you what happened,
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taking a look at headlines, cleanup in central florida after two trains collided head- on. one train carrying coal in the other phosphate rock. >> two people suffered minor injuries. crews are working to clean up the fuel spill. rescue crews continue their ?earch and rescue dish their search and rescue for tourists stranded after the earthquake in new zealand. some relief arrived today. it's the navy's canterbury.
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adventure for those vacationing in new zealand. >> i s following my wife so i was able to get ictures of susan so i think that would have be more than $150 to her. >> with around 600 tourists, they are trring to get out. ace -- 11 were injured in trouble by a bomber -- couple -- kabul suicide bomber. and iraqi troops are trying to recapture mosul. the coalition hit isis with 4000 bombs, artillery strikes and missiles over the past month. bombs, tunnels and killed hundreds of isis fighters.>>
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>> a hostage situation in oklahoma turns deadly. a sniper ended up killing a man who was holding a two-year-old hoste. the suspect was killed. man haddbroken into his estranged wife's home, took the two-year-old daughter who is not related to him. it's 11:15 am and you are heading out for lunch. this is what you're walking out the door to. temperatures feel pr >> it's almost hot again and a little windy. that wind is now picking up temperatures anywhere from 75 to 80 degrees at this point. a big change on the way. tonight and tomorrow, little rain and snow starting to -?develop. here is your first alert headlines. son today and possibly tomorrow. this will be the strongest cold front we have seen this season.
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up most of the snow for this. beautiful blue skies and loveland. loveland and areas east of the divide, not going to see as much as what we get wess of the debate -- west of the divide. this is our 100day planner. we are in the mid to upper 70s this afternoon, closer to 80 degrees between 1:00 and 3:00 and then overnight, temperatures gradually dropping. upper 30s to mid-40s during the morning hours and actually going to get colder in the afternoon as we see those winds shift and a northerly wind ushers in some pretty cold air through the day tomorrow. today is the last day of 70s and 80s on our seven-day forecast. one 377 degrees, westminster a high of 76 degrees. reitan, 82 degrees this % afternoon. thinking to the south near pueblo. mainly some low to mid-60s in the mountains. let's start with the red flag warnings. we have fire danger that is pretty hhgh covering most of southern colorado.
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we have high fire danger there today but we're not going to see a lot from the system south of i-70. most of the snow will be along i-25 to the north of colorado near cheyenne and into wyoming. winter storm watch in effect tomorrow for again the western slope, areas west of the divide for about 5 to 10 inches of snow and in denver if we see much from this, it's going to melt when it hits the ground and any accumulation will be pretty light. 7 pm tonight, a few clouds and then overnight still pretty dry. it's going to be more midmorning or was he a little rain and snow. our thursday morning commute so far looks dry. if you're heading west on i-70 or coming from the mountains, you will see wet roads. by the afternoon, thursday afternoon, we have a rain-snow mix turning over to a little bit of snow through thh eveniig commute. that's likely when we would see some accumulating snow by
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last long. you will notice by midnight, into friday morning, things already starting to clear out and more sunshine expected to end the week. one more chae of picking up rain and snow before we dry out for the weekend. it gets a lot colder. it 40s on thursday, upper 30s to right around 40 degrees on friday and the winds will also be pretty cold. with temperatures overnight in the 20s. that is some of the coldest air we have seen so far this season. pleasant and sunshine, 63 degrees. beautiful through the weekend. this is that shift and patterns that will change things up. we're not going back to 70s and 80s. >> we are kind of ready for it. thank you. right now, a stabbing spree at a high school in utah is under investigation. six people were hurt.
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before stabbing himself. the suspect had no history of trouble. >> he just stabbed me. >> a school police officer eventually tasered the suspect and took him into custody. do you remember this man tackling an anti-trump protester? friends of the suspect are coming forward to saying there may we coming more from the story. they say that the suspect suffers from as burgers and says stanton has challees processing situations. >> i know what he has worked for and what he's trying to do in his personal life. it's painful to watch because that's not a good indicator, that sliver of time of who this person is. >> so stanton is out on bond charged -- charged with assault. this picture is causing plenty of controversy this morning. -?a school board member in
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halloween party. in front of him is a sign that reads "black lives matter's instead of matter" and the picture has many parents upset. >> it's inappropriate for a school board member to disrespect the students he is over who are black. >> i don't think i appreciate the fact that you are mocking the thing that i'm teaching my boys is something to be proud of, being black. i am teaching them to be strong, bl you do this and make them feel like we are a joke.% >> a school superintendent released a statement saying the district is deeply committed to maintaining a healthy and strong school culture free of discrimination and bullying. the school board member has the opportunity to step down but he can only be removed when his term on the board is up in 2018. a man breaks through the roof of a pizza place and loses
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it's all caught on camera. losing her pants with throw most people off. once inside, he took off the rest of his clothes. >> everybody's mouths dropped and we couldn't help but laugh. that doesn't happen every day. >> police say the suspect caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and he is still out there on the run. new video this morning would make any parent's heart skip. keep an eye on the baby on the chgi almost fall 4 feet. luckily, his big brother who is only nine, caught him just in time. >> i would have never caught him and i can't run that fast so i felt like something came in and just pushed me forward and when it happened, i just ran and caught him. >> i believe in god and i believe in miracles, i'veejust never seen one in front of my face.>> pretty amazing.
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a mother of five turned her back for a second when this happened to tend to another child. president obama is still despite violent protests. we have his morning for that country just aheedd and public officials are
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welcome back. president obama ii now on his way to berlin continuing his farewell tour but before he left greece, he spoke with people about democracy and warned against "crude nationalism" in the wake of obama says countries across europe and the u.s. are dealing with movements based on a fear of global forces. >> progress follows a winding pathh sometimes forward, sometimes back. but as long as we retain our faith in democracy, as long as we retain our faith in the people, as long as we don't
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principles that ensure a lively, open, debate then, our future will be okay. >> after berlin, president obama will head to peru. apparently, president obama sometimes wishes he could live in his own house and not the white house. during a meeting with the president of greece, he asked palace.>> is this a residence house? i wishi had the option. >> i'm sure everyone needs a break from politics. >> first lady michelle obama is the talk of the town in west virginia but it's not for anything she did but comments by the now former mayor of a town called clay.>> beverly wailing stepped down following outcry after a controversial
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as a "eight in heels -- eight -- ape in heels." >> there is a lot of talk about rural america and this is not the image we need. >> the city council will appoint a new mayor. the county employee has en in a deadly fire in aurora. several people believed to be dead or injured.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc.
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ziploc. a house fire turns deadly. witnesses claim several people have died. >> jason gruenauer is live with the latest information.>> reporter: good information -- go information crews are packing up the room behind a destroyed shell. members on the scene tell us that one person, at least one person emma died as a result of the fire. the fire and the flames and the smoke are so intense -- were so intense this morning, they had to shut down a portion of the block on 7th and review the fire damaged several cars
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driving to work this morning when he saw a man in the street yelling for help.>> he told me to save his life. i went in, and i couldn't do nothing. with the smoke i couldn't breathe. i tried. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: he says that woman never made it out of the house. fire rescue originally ul hurt and four were taken to the hospital. they just updated us. they will be giving a media update in about five minutes on the scene. we hope to learn more about what happened and if or how many people actually died here as a result of that fire. that new information will be online and on social media as well. fire near larkspur. his car %-
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the deer ended up on the left side of the road and the car was on the right side. it appears the people in the vehicle got out safely. immigrant rights groups are protesting at ur state capital. they say donald trump's plan to deport 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 immigrants will cost close to $3 billion. instead, they want to see the government protect immigrants and welcome refugees. >> mark is live at the capital for us.>> reporter: you can see supporting immigrant rights. we just heard a story from one young woman who just turned 18. her father was deported when she was 13 and her mother is also undocumented. she is afraid the same thing will happen to her mother. this group is calling on officials to stand in solidarity with the a grim it -- the immigrant community battling attacks from the national level and president- elect trump.
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denver, and governor hickenlooper have all said they support movements to separate law enforcement and immigratio enforcement 10 colorado. these groups say colorado is a model and can continue to be a model for this for the rest of the country leading into the coming weeks and months. the west steps but say it will -- but say it will continue in the coming weeks as they continue to try to pull the denver city officials are going through with a plan to clear homeless camps from downtown denver. this is new video near lawrence street and park avenue west as police tried to work and get people out of there. this is the second day of the sweep. we have put together extensive coverage of the issues related to thh homeless. you can find that by downloading our free denver 7 app. it's a beautiful day out
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-?a few puffy clouds out there, little breezy. it's still in the mid-70s this far in november. >> when you are in that sunshine, it really feels warm. >> and typically this month we would have about 13 inches of snow. we haven't seen anything. if we don't get measurable snow wwth the storm, that meaas we are not even hitting our a fishable -- our official snow. tomorrow we might still be looking at the latest snow date ever on record which is next tuesday. 75 degrees in denver, winds at of the south at 10 to 20 meet me. it is gusty at times, fire danger high and relative humidity now below 10%. fort collins, denver, greeley, wind speeds between 15 to 30 miles per hour and winds are also picking up in the mountains. it is gusty. i want to show you our highs today compared to tomorrow. tomorrow we will be in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees from fort collins, to denver, to greeley. tomorrow, highs in the 30s to
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we will likely see some of our warmest error by midmorning and then things will get colder in the afternoon as winds shift in the get much cooler air and a chance for snow. across southern colorado. rier - i want to show you what to expect over the next few days and what we are expecting with this snow coming up in just a few minutes but the mountains are in the 30s tomorrow. have you seen this man? he used a stolen buy a home security system of all things at the best buy on wadsworth and jeffco. if you have any information about the case, you are asked to call pplice. a major crackdown on illegal marijuana grows in the denver area. mmre than 30 addresses were raided yesterday as a direct response to neighborhood complaints. sources say 300 plans were seized from two homes on the city's east side. the homes were only being used as illegal marijuana grow
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specifically but they the operation was a success. a colorado man has been deported back to the u.s. after trying to illegally cross from russia to siberia. our partners at the denver post say the man was looking for a better -- better life. he didn't have the proper paperwork so he tried to sneak he has a long, history in the u.s. crime and east colfax. many say those go hand-in-hand. and the police decided to do something about that by adding 100 extra hours in the capitol hill area. we want to kkow if their efforts made a difference. amanda del castillo is looking at those numbers. >> reporter: denver police tell me that both violent crime and property crime has seen a decline in the last month but they have compared crime trends from october 2015 to just last month for us. still, they say more can be done. compared to october 2015, hannibal, sexual assault,
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than 9%. property crime was down across the board during the same period. auto theft and burglary amend the property crimes. the department also saw a 5.8% increase in officer initiated calls. we asked commander ron saunier if this will expand past grant and josephine. >> if we need more, we will add more. it's truly resource management. of got the resources out there. a lot of times it's just being able to put the resources where i need them to address the issues.>> reporter: commander saunders says it's much like addressinggproblems along the cherry creek like path and 16th street mall. they ccn't say whether the extra hours added are directly related to the reduction in crime but say it's a right direction.
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the douggas county school board is shutting downnits school voucher program. this is their second attempt at a program. the first plan was ruled unconstitutional by the state supreme court last year. the denver post was at the meeting were board members unanimously voted to kill the voucher program. they say a legal battle would be too expensive. controversy surrounding parks and rec. denver 7 got a copy of a recent audit. you to be concerned. one man who has a contract with the evergreen golf course got a house. that was n interesting contract. so he asked the city auditor. >> is that a nice way of saying sweetheart deals? >> i don't think there's any documentation to report or refute that statement. >> the parks and rec department denied our interview request. a new audit is being launched, investigation on the denver 7 app and see who is being blamed for those contracts.
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at the stanley aviation factory in aurora. developers are making it a place to eat, sleep and shop. it will be a destination spot. it will soon house 50 new businesses that will bring 500 new jobs to aurora.>> differentiate -- franchisees will change. it's a gathering of like-minded things. >> some businesses will open in december. police in aurora are making an emergency. 911 dispatchers have adopted new software they say will help them learn life-saving information quicker. >> first responders will knoo what to do when arriving on the scene of an emergency. the software rolled out to dispatch centers yesterday. a special flag ceremony for the one-year anniversary of a victim of a drunk driver near castle rock.
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just eight years old when she died. largest ddnation today. single walter scott junior donated $53 million. he graduated in 1953 with a degree in civil engineering. here at denver 7, we are super proud of the cu buffs. they are nowwranked 10th and one of the polls. it is the highess ranking the bus have earned under the playoff ranking since that started in 2014. this is the first time in any major poll in 14 years. the buffssare 8-2 on the season taking on washington state on saturday at folsom field. tech lovers, we have all the news you can use after the break from how you can own a piece of snapchat to a special book being released today by apple. season, airlines are changing
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we're taking a look at ?onsumer news. we have good news and bad news when it comes to travel. >> delta airlines is launching down on lost luggage. you cut they have put microchips inside the baggage tags and by you have to do is download an apt to follow your bags in real time. >> we believe this will drive the industry. >> so the company hopes you
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in reality the new technology will cut down on lost luggage by about 10%. it's time for the not so good news. changes are coming to united airlines. you will soon have to pay to use the overhead bins. >> the new policy means unless you pay extra, you can only carry a bag that fits under a seat. if you try to bring a bag that won't fit, airline employees will make you check the bag. the change starts next year but theeairline has not said how much it will cost. appp book about it self designed by apple. the book showcases 20 years of apple design with 450 images. the book begins with the i and ends with the 2015 apple pencil and a stylus. it goes on sale today. it is dedicated to the memory of steve jobs. snapchat could go public.
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means it could hit the stock market and you could own a piece of it. the company is estimated to be worth $20 billion-$25 billion. the ipo could happen as soon as this march. the peach but his back -- butt is back. tibbo freaked out about apple changing the emoji because apple changed it so it wouldn't look like a rear end. people weren't happy so apple similar to the original. it has a slightly longer stem. i don't make this stuff up. first world issues. it's always a good day when you can say butt on-air. >> she skipped one on the prompter. >> it's beautiful outside, fire danger is high across the
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but with one t, here is your cheat sheettthis wednesday, we are again near 80 degrees. we are a good 30 to 40 degrees cooler thursday and friday. what a change. it does get warmer for the weekend. this isn't a long change. we aren't going to see 30s and 40s for an extended period of time. we are going to bounce back this weekend but just a taste of fall. in limon, clouds. temperatures soaring into the upper 70s. we are at 78 degrees in boulder right now. 55 degrees in conifer, 63 degrees in estes park. what an afternoon. we are near 80 degrees between 1:00 and 3:00 and then overnight, it is going to get colder. tomorrow morning, we will start to see the wind shift and temperaturee will bottom out
11:47 am
into the low to mid 40s by midmorning and then that's where we are going to hang out. temperatures will actually get colder through the afternoon tomorrow and we will see a chance of snow. littleton 78 degrees, brady -- brighton 82 degrees, centennial 76 degrees. and 90 degrees and lamar. look down across southeassern colorado. summerlike conditions straight from summer to winter within just a 12 to 24 hour period. we do have quite a few red flag warnings in effect today for the high fire danger. the concern is that we're just not going to get a lot of moisture from the system across southern colorado. it is tracking pretty far north so some of the accumulating snow that we are going to get along the front range will be north of colorado, closer to cheyenne through wyoming, into nebraska. we won't get much here, about a trace to an inch. i wiil show you futurecast in a minute but mountains west of the divide are at 5 to 10 inches. pretty quiet tonight and
11:48 am
6 am or 7 am tomorrow, we will see snow developing in the mountains. we could see a few light rain snow showers midmorning and tten a better chance for snow and heavier snow just north of fort collins and cheyenne by 4:30 pm tomorrow. a little band then rolling through for the evening drive. bad timing there but liis -- skies clear out thursday night, early friday morning and we're looking at clear skies and more sunshine on friday. it's going to be windy as the storm exits. the winds upper 30s to near 40 degrees on friday and pleasant for the weekend. 63 degrees in sunshine on monday. 3 up at two bright spots. thursdaa for the snow, sunday forrthe sun. >> a little bit of everything. thanksgiving is a little more than a week away. he prepared for an uptick in travel. >> aaa says nearly 50,000,000 americans are expected to travel nationwide. this makes it the busiest
11:49 am
security this holiday. ee more homeland security believes isis may be taageting new york for its annual thanksgiving parade. the terror group posted a picture of the parade calling on its followers to use speeding vehicles to attack. police are visiting local truck% rental locations giving warnings of a possible attack. >> speaking of the macy's thhnksgiving about a sneak peek? there is a look at some of the % new floats. that one is called kings hawaii and. -- kings hawaii and while -- kings hawaiian. >> all of these three-story 24 foot wide, 30 to 40 feet wide
11:50 am
know more thaa 8 1/2 feet wide, 12 and half feet tall and they've got to go through the lincoln tunnel. >> in 90 years, the parade was on the canceled during world war ii. it did go on after 9/11 andd marched on just six days after the jfk assassination. isil smoke all around the
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euros come in all shapes and sizes. one hero proof that after stepping up to help very most. >> a 10-year-old saved a family from a 10 -- from a terrible fire. >> i saw smoke all around in our bedroom. >> reporter: diana says it was about 630 i am yesterday when she -- 6:30 am yesterday when she ran to wake her mother up. her apartment was on fire. >> i told my mom i don't feel well. i can't breathe.
11:54 am
to get out of the house as soon as possible. i was feeling a little scared. >> reporterr diana, her mother, and two younger siblings raced out of the building. the 10-year-old says her mother doesn't speak english very well so she called 911 herself. >> i told them my name, how old i was, my address, and what was the situation. >> reporter: the fifth-grader is shy and still a bit shaken up. she says fire officials and family told her how proud they thinking demeanor. >> my mom is glad that if i woke her up because if i didn't we would probably be in the hospital. >> reporter: family came to the apartment to assess the damage today. diana's father says heewas at work when the fire broke out and raced home as soon asshis wife called him. what was going through your miid? >> it was rough.
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indiscernible ] >> he cut up there.
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? >> announcer: today, it's like spring break for your thanksgiving table in an hour of stuffing gone wild. clinton's serving up a crispy creation with the incredible andrew rannells. michael and daphne are teaming up to make a duo of stuffing sensations. plus, anything can happen wh mario rolls the dice. get ready to get stuffed, right now, on "the chew". [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew". thank you very much. thank you. woo! i know what you guys are excited


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