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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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. denver7 news starts right now. >> our top story this morning, the first snowfall in the denver area is expecting today. could see up to two inches. live with the snow? >> jason gruenauer in the mountains and lisa with when. >> this is fun. exactly what we needed. right now, we have some pretty dry conditions across the state. the cloud cover here in denver, the morning commute, don't worry, it's going to be dry. and in the west, the rain and snow is i starting to creep in. mid mornings, nine to 10:00, thh cdot cameras on i-70 will be looking a lot different.
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the day planner, 80 yesterday and cut that in half. low 40s early on. by midday, talked about this yesterday, hitting our high a lot earlier than normal and temperatures will start to drop this afternoon. jacket this morning and later today. chance for snow here in town and looks like we could get a rain-snow mix in denver, ft. collins and boulder, totals are going to be pretty light. a trace to twooinches. heaviee in the mountains and the low is going into effect in a few. coming up, i'll show you what it looks like hour-by-hour. first, let's send it to eric. bone dry, but it's a pretty scene behind you. >> yeah. frisco is ready for the holidays. i tell you what. no snow.
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silverthorne, frisco, georgetown, closer to the metro area. and here in frisco, can still see the be moop. it's beautiful. the christmas lights, load rods are clear. i had my snow boots raes to go. still waiting for the snow flakes. -- i had my snow boots ready to go. and 25 and 84sth and north at 25 and harmony, still dry and no issues to worry about in the morning commute. dry conditions on arapahoe and 25, santa fe, clear, including getting out to dia.
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cdot will be shutting down the drive here today. the driver of this truck, look at this. evans and i-25. the driver was speeding, couldn't make the turn, crashed head on into the barrier and now the wreck and injuries are cleared from the scene. a bizarre scene from massachusetts. police that ran away from the scene of the accident. the train, slamming into the car, there it is, splitting it into two. we have two people there, getting out, appear to be just fine and run way. police are looking for a man who was driving and a woman, a passenger. unbelievable with that damage.
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driver who was struck, when he drove around the loring crossing gates and that's when the train slammed into him. >> one person dead after a large natural gas explosion in illinois. >> giving you an idea of how big it wiz, windows -- it was , windows blocks away shattered. >> explosion. my heart was like in my stomach. >> no word on who that victim was, still look at what set off the explosion. searching for this man, escaping from a patrol car. william robert morgan was arrested on drug charges and somehow got away.
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in the larimer county community college for signs of the toddler. they were searching a landfill. >> here's a story you'll only see here on denver7. people in green mountain, the search for old army munitions is on hold. if everyone isn't on board with this, the project stops. evacuate their property, which is their right, then it can top stop the work. >> we would like to know what's in the yard. >> off more than 80 moem homeowners that agreed to participant, just one piece of munition debris, the area was used for training before world war ii. fighting fires in -- a
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delmar circle off sixth avenue. and traffic tracker seven flew over this fire in adams county. winds made that fight pretty difficult. one home destroyed, but thankfully no injuries reported. turning to the presidential transition, donald trump is meeting with advisors, among them, henrki yee haley, possible secretary of state. and -- steve bannon. >> mean time, hillary clinton made her first public appearance since conceding the white house. back at home, donald trump imbrags protests. those families affect --
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held this protest. >> college students at the auraria campus joined the movement for sanctuary campuses. the undocuments students say they're worrieds. >> my status is not solid, that's always in the back of my mind. i'm going to go to school, but i could get deporttd and could have that taken away from the m.e. >> that's cu-denver, metro and community college of denver. fourt warning in four languages. a transgendered woman outraged to find her car vandalized. a slander, swastika, and slurs.
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>> said she has no idea who did it. >> it's an attack on me as a person. >> this is the third incident like it this week. relocating homeless, a success. you can see them setting up their makeshift homes here. today is the deadline day for the foundation that's been in the denver area for decade. the epworth organization is help helping feed hungry people. >> jason gruenauer has more. >> good morning to you. a lofty goal in a short period of time, but the foundation is
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this is part of the daddy bruce randolph program. it's money for all the fixings in a box for people in need. sunday, still in need of an additional hundred thousand dollars. thisf thee don't make the fundraising goal, the baskets would have to be cut and possibly more han last year. >> this year, we cut back, based two thousand plus. 2,000 plus. original target of seven last year. >> the epworth and daddy bruce -- distribute them, if you want to help, donate or volunteer, i put that information on my facebook page, jason gruenauer, denver7.
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important these meal baskets are for those that receive them. ouuside the epworth foundation, i'm jason gruenauer. flooded with all kinds of calls and blessages about a plane flying around. >> kind of creepy. we did some digging. the iron-99, how it was identified from the air traffic tracking map. and it circled denver in a racetrack pattern several times and then to oklahoma. >> never checked in with buckley, despite flying over there. and no one could confirm the idea. >> strange. >> and many people suspected that the plane is with the military, maybe even a ufo -- i don't know how many ufos
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but yeah. 5:11 now, new developments in a new jersey traii crash. >> and information on the shooting at the oklahoma city airport. investigators, now calling it a murder plot. what we're learning about it this morning. >> their taken aback. saying this is a dream come true. mall in aurora. taking you in a one stop strip mall for marijuana users. >> it is cold and it is dry. we are tracking a storm that is going to bring snow to the metro yvr. right now, 33234 denver. coming up, i'll show you how it looks.
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. welcome back. at 5:15, looking for a place to park in dia, not bad. security? give yourself a little bit of extra time. 56-minute wait on the north side. new deadly shooting in the oklahoma city airport. police are now saying it's a murder plot. loi buie set up a sniper's nest and waited and fatally shot the victim from 50 yards away. and he quit after refusing to be tested for working while intoxicated.
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retaliation innthe circumstances leading to his resignation. >> buie ended his own life. it's not clear, the relationship between him and the suspect. looking into the possibility that sleep apnea could have been a factor for the train ka crash in new jersey. the son of a u.s. congressman is reported missing. 21-year-old carl coniers. last seen on tuesday. his father is john conniers from michigan. police are not releasing much information, only that they're looking for carl and no
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-- conyers yet. a face lift for the marketplace in aurora. gone from 60% occupancy to 95% and there is now a steady sdreem of customers. >> all offer a little bit different stuff. a cohesiveness, wos well. >> hoping to attract nepo related businesses there. all of this while colorado is coming off another record sales month for pot. $128 million was spent on pot just in the month of september. 128 million. >> fair to say that marijuana has changed things in a lot of ways. beautiful start to the day, dry conditions as you're stepping out the door.
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rain and snow expected by lunch. it does get warmer for lunch. this is a fast-moving storm. enjoy it while it lasts. notice the storm right now, some of the heaviest snow, falling in central woing right now. this storm is tracking north. going to be enough to bring some decent snow to the mountains to the elk head and rabbit ears denver this morning, starting with the mid to upper 30s, we'll be about 40-41, nine to 10:00 and the temperatures will kind of hover there until we get to the afternoon with the chance of snow. you will obviously want jacket. nothingglike the 80 we saw yesterday. record-breaking highs yesterday. today, the mountains are going to be in the 30s, going from
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and southeastern colorado, unfortunately, still pretty warm and dry there. they could use something. it's going to be pretty dry south of 70. as far as the weaaher alerts go, pink is winter storm. 35 to ten to nine to 10,000 feet. in denver, no alerts, but calling for inches of snow tonight. and a look at that on future cast, 10:30 this morning. eric lupher said, where is it? it's dry. he's in frisco. this afternoon and evening commute, going to see a different drive tonight. and skies clear and clear but cold day tomorrow.
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the 60s by sunday. this is why you live in colorado, right? a littlebit of everything in four days. >> that's right. we have a good commute here. not going to see a snow or precipitation stick to the roadways, see it later on today. right now, 6th avenue, looking nice. and you can see that overall drive looking pretty good. we do have one accident on mlk near havana. not a huge deal, but something to be mindful of. memories from aurora, how you can own a part of tan ka farms. -- tanaka farms. >> and the hot toy of 2016, nintendo.
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. we now know a heat lamp that the barn fire here near ft. collins. investigators are calling it an accident. the animals inside were evacuated and no one hurt. a farm closing. talkinn about tanaka farms is closing. >> the auction is tomorrow
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like i did, you remember it. fun. >> sad to see. >> 50 years. turning to our weather. good-bye 80s -- >> hello coffee. anyone have coffee for gail? an injection? >> translate for me. >> hello. niner, niner? just above freezing right now, winds from the northeast, and the wind shifting through the area this morning. it's fast moving. going to say hello and good-bye for a couple of things. rain and snow possible, by lunch and it's going to turn to snow this afternoon. we're not expect ago lot. a trace to two inches. going to make it the first official snow.
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broadway, going to 25. uth and take a look at 25 and aaapahoe road. the lane shift is still throwing some people off. some dry roads out there. one accident on havana and mlk. not a big deal, just a hazard this morning. coming up, traffic on i-70 is going to be a nightmare. there was an expansion, but it hasn't started. >>ay cdot may be facing a lawsuit on the contracts. we'll tell you what the lawsuit is about. ways to help you with your furry friend. >> a charity is in need to help people in need in denver. a tradition that's been going on for decade. how you can help coming up.
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manhattan right now outside trump tower. the secret service and nypd talking about protecting the appellate court. we'll have more in breaking news. >> i'm mitch from denver7. >> you surprised. >> denver7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years. >> hi. >> my god. >> see, you know what's happening, huh? >> who is the 7everyday hero in your life?
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temperature from yesterday to today. >> what to expect. >> eric lupher is monitoring the conditions for us. . >> he is up in frisco. what's it looking like right now? >> right now, bone dry, i texted lisa, where's the snow? where is it? trying to find it. she said, calm down. it's going to happen after the morning show. it's chilly and you can see the snow. when you're up here. take a look. three resorts opening up this weekend. breckenridge, opening on saturday, closest to breckenridge. tomorrow, keystone and copper mountain. most of them, really, some


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