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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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temperature from yesterday to today. >> what to expect. >> eric lupher is monitoring the conditions for us. . >> he is up in frisco. what's it looking like right now? >> right now, bone dry, i texted lisa, where's the snow? where is it? trying to find it. she said, calm down. it's going to happen after the morning show. it's chilly and you can see the snow. when you're up here. take a look. three resorts opening up this weekend. breckenridge, opening on saturday, closest to breckenridge. tomorrow, keystone and copper mountain. most of them, really, some
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bisz, looks like the snow is going to arrive. seeing the roads ann grass. it's going to get cold, now just waiting for he snow. >> simmer down now, my friend. it's coming. beautiful dry conditions there. and most of the snow that eric was talking about, heavier totals, about -- 12 clock, that's when a little rain and snow will start to develop, but 3:00, a chance of that turning over to all snow. likely hit our highs in -- colder this afternoon and you'll want a jacket today, keep it handy. this is what the future cast looks like. as the kids are heading home today, a little rain, little
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just in time for the evening commute. jason, how is it? >> it's going to make for a wet commute later today. plan on that. right now, we have dry roads, 70 by the liseum or the thornton parkway. the overall map, a lot of green out there. north, south, east, west, just one accide not far from havana. just a hazard at this point. a migration organization said 340 migrants are disappeared or died in the mediterranean sea in the last four days. bringing this year's total to 45 4500 migrants lost in the mediterranean, trying to make that deadly sea voyage to europe.
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the death toll is increasing because the smugglers are still making the trek despite the rough see seas. a scam we want to tell you about. someone going door to door, saying they're with aurora water. and then rob the resident. they are wearing a uniform and driving a water vehicle. suing for 1.2 blgdz, saying the project is discriminatory, because of the project there is 84% latino and the cars will impact the quality of life and their health. now working with the community on this project, it isn't the only one. earlier, the sierra club charge
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standards. a lot of places to cater to dogs. when there's time to say good- bye, there's not much. but now hospice care. say it's good for pets. under control and a quality of life issue. one that used it for her dog, 19 years old. >> no point getting in the car with the 19-year-old dog. this is the time, quality time. time to say good-bye. >> varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars. the hospice has only been around for a few months. was a routine light rail drive, but turned into more.
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>> the 63-year-old, hustling to get on an rtd bus, stop 105. turned out to be the final bus ride. his sister and brother want to know why the other passengers didn't take time to notice. >> something has to change with rtd policy. when you're responsible for public safety, public transportation, this is totally responsible. >> how they're not responsible. that's what others me >> just another drunk or homeless person to sleep on the bus, unacceptable. >> as an rtd board member, would you ask them to look at it more closely and consider a -?policy change. >> coming to denver7 and asking
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hope you join us here at ten on denver7. with denver7 investigates. a va whistle blower retaliates for facing -- the actions -- the settlement -- statement that said he broke some rules. and reassigned him to a job with social contact. so far, no contact from the va. >> president obama is naming the final list of presidential medal of freedom.
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dia is getting ready. the epworth foundation has been providing meals for year but that is now in jeopardy. >> the foundation is asking for your help. jason gruenauer is live with how to help. >> if you know hundred thousand dollars or know a thousand people with ten dollars. $10. you can help. and talking about the daddy bruce randolph thanksgiving drive. this year, th're short by a hundred thousand dollars. to make sure that they don't cut back on the number of meals, ask asking for the community to donate and this is the last day to do so. the demand for baskets are up,
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some pantries have already had to close down over the last few thousands are counting onlion them, including cynthia devila. . >> it's hard when you don't have the income to provide some people celebrate, like thannsgiving. . also needed. w, volunteers are the distribution and putting these boxes is going to be taking place this saturday. if you want to help or donate, you can go to our facebook page or go to their website to volunteer or donate. again, today is the last day to do so. reporting live from the epworth foundation, i'm jason gruenauer. the denver rescue mission
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here's a look at where you can drop them off. can be a holida helping feed children in need. one in four colorado kids are hungry. your $7 donation to whole foods market, federal credit union branches or online at the denver going to go to the food bank of the rockies. the hottest toy for 2016 is the nes classic. 30 years old. and comes with 30 preloaded games. target, wal-mart and kmart are sold out. wal-mart is trying something different. we have -- tomorrow and friday before 3:00 p.m.. or today and tomorrow on >> good luck.
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sering and controversial shooting deaths caught on camera, live streamed. >> it was streamed on facebook. >> the murder to the highest extent of the law is what would be appropriate here. >> calling the police officer the criminal and what's next for the police officer. >> surveillance camera as a waiter stabbed a customer.
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. this morning, we are awaiting a meeting between the nypd and the secret service on how they're going to protect donald trump in new york. this is manhattan. traffic is already bad along fifth avenue. one thing officials are talking about is permanently shutting down one lane of fifth avenue and going to trump tower and replace it with bullet proof glass. he said he's going to split his time between the white house and trump tower.
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him. he was just getting his id out. >> it was a shooting all recorded on facebook live in this case, the prosecutors say it was the police officer who was the criminal. >> no reasonable officer would have used deadly force under these circumstances. >> the minneapolis police officer is facing charges for the shooting death of philandro castile. going to be in court tomorrow. expected to enter a not guilty plea tomorrow. the defense said he fired because he was armed, not because of the race. if convicted, could face 10 year ten years in prison. the ihop server, stabbing a customer. -- out of nowhere.
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saying, you poisoned my food. >> you can see the customers running from the table moments before the attack. said there was a smell of his food and then moved. the suspect behind bars and the server, doing okay. >> the big story in colorado, the chance for snow today. >> huge change. you saw that seven-day forecast, went from 80s to 30s and 40s. weekend. this is a pretty fast moving storm. starting to see the rain and snow in grungs and heading into -- in grand junction and heading into utah. going to see some cloudy skies and a mix of sun and clouds this morning with the chance of the first snow of the season and if you like the typos, the firs snow of the season.
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warm again sunnay. today, not so warm. you're staping out the door to the 40s. low to mid 40s here by ten to 11:00 and colder through the afternoon. once this front passes through, going to see winds and rain, lone tree, a high of about 41. low to mid 40s. a far cry from the 80 that we saw in denver yesterday. pueblo and lamar, warmer. and unfortunately, dry there. it's not as hot as it was yesterday. not expecting any snow or rain in the southeast. ?cross northern and western colorado where we see most of the snow. in the mountains, the drive on 70 will be wet and slushy at times. dry in denver and around 12 to
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snow and rain roll through. through the early afternoon, some wet roads and accumulating snow by 6:30 and getting some of the moisture wrapg around the back side of it. and the storm continues tonight and clearing skies by midnight. very fast, not much, but it's going to be enough to help us out. it's been so dry now, look at over a month of dry conditions. the totals will be around a trace to two in denver if we get that, would be the first official snow of the season. in the mountains, more like two to five ifrngs along the divide. five to ten inches west of it. and in the elk head, park mountains, five to ten inches there. tomorrow morning, 20 degrees. it is cold on friday. the highs tomorrow, near 40, upper 30s, sunshine and beautiful and warmer through the weekend.
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if you were not like jason and i and haven't put up the christmas lights yet, sunday would be good. >> did did et when it was noo -- did it when it was nice and warm. not today. and an accident in hampden and university. not going to be an issue there by the kennedy golf course. ease drive, side roads, 6th ave many no weather worries just yet. it is 5:48. a look at what's going on. >> an amazing act of brotherly love, caught on camera. >> watch as 35-year-old mom of five turns her back for just a moment. leaving 11-month old ethan on the changing table.
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leg over the edge and tumbles over. the 30-pound infant was miraculoosly caught by his brother. >> i just caught him. i can't carry him. i don't know how thapd >> one of the leading causes of injuries important. >> something that happened in less han a second. >> check out this home depot employee and this dad catching his more on that at seven. with your gma first like, i'm mara give give wam poe. schiavocampo. . . 3 >> part of a trend you don't
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>> looking forward to the black friday savings, but not the hassles? look for the credit card you
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. welcome back. new home construction, usually a sign of growth in the city. some say it's a nightmare, shoddy construction. could be mold, bouncing floors, holes in the foundation and the worst part, the homeowners say
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contractors to make the repairs. >> the home, no one has answers for, no one will fix it. >> the building industry said they dispute it and ta the highest quality every and the unhappy homeowners are in the minority. >> standing in line for black friday deals. and now we have the credit card to use to get the best deals. price protection. citi has one to refund if it goes down. others have similar programs. >> never have to leave your couch. >> yeah. it is cold out there this morning. low to mid 30s this morning. right now, estes park, 29. city park, 38. 28 in bennet and this afternoon, we'll see highs in the loam 40s. this is going to be early
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around 12:00, going to hit our high. going to get colder, snow will move in and i'll show you what it looks like tonight. outwest, going to have snow and a trace to two inches of snow in denver, jason. >> the drive is clear on 36 to sheridan, easy drive for us. a lot of green out there. anywhere you want to go, including getting out to dia. >> heads up, broncos fans, you can get a one time broncos experience with jam plumber. you -- jake plummer. advocating some research for medical marijuana. a charity started by a kid for kids. it all started in a local
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when she walks into the room. fantastic. >> i'm riley. and i have these animals from cuddles for kids and i was -?wondering if you want one. >> payton is a super bowl baby. >> passing out the stuffies like hospitals like st. a's north. >> having them cuddle with and get them through tough times. >> riley is just insure. she started cuddles for kids when she was just 12 years old. so when i was in first grade, i had a stroke. >> that required an eight-hour surgery. and she had a bag full of
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donated by the kiwanis club of lakewood. i wanted to share that. >> cuddles for kids were born to help kids and the young at heart through their hospital stays. >> she's just a bubbly young girl and a little bit wise beyond her years. i can't wait so see what she does i don't this. >> great kid, great student, all around. the kind you would love to have >> just a way to help, i guess. but that feeling that i changed somebody's day. >> from denver7, we brought our cameras for you. we heard what a great job you do. denver7 and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado want to thank you for all you do. >> to learn more, go to
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community section, you'll find the 7everydaa heroes. record breaking yesterday. >> cooler and know today. recalling, everything you need to know at 6:00 a.m.. an isis attack thwarted. i'll tell you who was targeted,
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. thanksgiving is just one week away and one ocal charity may not be able to provide for the less fortunate. how you can help. was the denver sweeps a success? doesn't look like it. by the homeless center, they've returned. tracking the first snow of the season. a live look from the viero camera. the first moisture we have seen in over a month. likely going to stay dry here in denver until midday today. cloudy, dry this morning, mid 30s as you step out the door.


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