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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. thanksgiving is just one week away and one ocal charity may not be able to provide for the less fortunate. how you can help. was the denver sweeps a success? doesn't look like it. by the homeless center, they've returned. tracking the first snow of the season. a live look from the viero camera. the first moisture we have seen in over a month. likely going to stay dry here in denver until midday today. cloudy, dry this morning, mid 30s as you step out the door.
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going to hit our highs earlier. a rain-snow mix today. a look at what that looks like on future cast. that's 12:30 and that's 6:30. could be different today. >> great to see the green and blue. some resorts already hope, by vail starting to open later. planni eric lupher is live for us. >> you have the hat, the dickie -?you insist on wearing. >> what? what did you call this? i love it. you it's beautiful. going to be a good sun rise from frisco and then the snow is going to pick up and it will right now, it's bone dry.
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you've got mounds of snow here. and it's not the case this year. i have to make fun of one of our photographers. eric english. this is his winter gq photo. very excited about the snow. comes from arizona. never worked in a cold market. and said on facebook this morning, said, is it weird that i'm more excited than an adult should be for the snow? he's ready, got his gear and it's coming, hopefully, down in the metro area as well. traffic looking good. >> there and on metro denver. 225 from mississippi to iliff, looking good. and green through the arapahoe road project, going to be closing down tomorrow night through monday morning and a little bit of traffic on the north. 76 through the construction
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70 and 470, wide open and look good. will denver police try another homeless sweep today? done it each day in the last two days, this is on lawrence and park avenue west. they have returned. >> calling it a victory for them. trying to not make any arrests, just trying to keep the streets clean and safe. >> a news alert for you this morning. larimer county police need your help finding this man, william morgan. escaped from the patrol car while waering handcuffs. if you see him, you're urged to call nine. a couple of breaking news stories in from overseas. cars being stopped after an notaries public tip at the
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and authorities in kosovo, say they prevented an isis attack on the israeli team. suspects with connections to isis were planning to attack the team and that they had other targets as well. 18 people were arrested in kosovo and more in albania or macedonia and found explosives in homes of suspects. going to president-elect donald trump. still sorting through the cabinet. no announcements, today that could name. >> south carolina governor nick yee haley, in there and could be secretary of state. and rudolf giuliani is a possibility. >> tell some say it's not smooth, others saying it's ho a different story. this is one that resigned.
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confusion about the chain of command coming out of new york. >> trump putting a positive spin on it, saying the transition is very organized. protests against the immigration policies. , the calls for the deportation. they want the campus designated sanctuaries. >> it's scary after this election. don't know what the immigration policies are going to look like moving forward. >> protests on the auraria campus. >> thousands of csu students are planning a rally today. want the school to use 100% renewable energy by 2030. more 400 students have signed the petition. the administration has not addressed the proposal as of
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with daddy bruce randolph have been. % >> the last day to help with this cash crunch. jason gruenauer has more. >> a lofty fundraising goal in a short perrod of time. as of sunday, still needed a hundred thousand dollars, half of what they originally needed in order to not have to cut back on giving away those free thanksgiving meals. known as the daddy bruce randolph giveaway. it's happening this weekend. this year, the foundation received a question for 56 meals, was baskets of turkey and everything they need for elderly and those less fortunate this thanksgiving. they could have to cut possibly more than they cut last year. >> last year, we cut back base based upon the money we raised,
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the original target was 7 thousand. ,000 last year. >> the epworth foundation has until today. that's when they have to purchase the food and put into the distribution and the male important also in need of volunteers. and all happening this rd. if you want to take part or donate, i have links on my facebo coming up, we're going to tell you just how important these thanksgiving meals are. hear from them in just a little bit. from the epworth foundation, jason gruenauer, denver7. it is now 6:07. the teenage garl accused of planning a mass murder in her high school waves the right to a preliminary hearing. arrested last year and a-- currently being tried as an
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the next next hear something in december and that's when the judge can be moved back to juvenile court. colorado marijuana industry continues the streak of record breaking revenue. 168 merchandise for the month. in the year, close to 1 billion $1 billion so far. >> so many are cashing in on the marijuana, a marijuana themed mall at chambers and mexico, the hemp marketplace. a donut shop, tattoo parlor. and a steady stream of customers. >> the customers are taken back. goodness. dream come true. >> the vacancy rate has dropped
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>> record highs to record highs. didn't see that. 40 degrees colder today. 80 degrees yesterday. rain and snow expected by lunch today. it is going to get warmer for the weekend. today and tomorrow, talking highs in the 30s to near 40. today we'll be in the low to mid 40s by midday and a chance of rain and snow. i'll show you the timing of this in just a few minutes. going to have a three-hour ride hom wet, slowinger than average. not going to be a huge, massive, nasty mess of storms. that's -- 25 and arapahoe road, rrmember, the road closures on arapahoe road starts this weekend. i'll have more on that in just a minute. a house fire in aurora, the good samaritan that ran into this home. >> terrifying hoement moments
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. 6:13. denver7. son of a nutcracker. a week from thanksgiving. a live look at 25 this morning. two cu police officers were just armed with a machete. that happened on the cu boulder campus that's last month. the two officers shot the man 15 times. it's still not clear why the man with the machete was on the campus in the first place. on several campuses, having people concerned.
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had close contact with the patients. university of central arkansas, four cases and in boston, tufts s s universe. 2300 cases of mumps have been reported in the last month. . twice as many this year as last. >> and damaging several buildings. windows blown out on buildings within a three-mile radius. police are investigating what set off that explosion. and one person remains in critical condition after a deadly house fire back here at home in roar. brought you this story in good morning. >> one person killed. second rushed to the hospital,
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ran inside, trying to save those inside. >> i couldn't do nothing. the smoke, i couldn't breathe. >> the fire was so big, caused severe damag the cause is now under investigation. the dry, windy conditions s helped fuel this brush fire by dia. several buildings st about 50 acres were burned. the wind lisa warned us about. >> and the wind bringing in colder temperature. >> and high fire danger out there. still look at red flag warnings in lamar. winds are shifting now. you can see the cloud cover out he's. the camera near sterling. clouds streaming in this morning, with the system moving in. going to see within the next
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mountains. it is really dry up along i-70 right now. still dry in denver by that point and within an hour or two at that point, 12 to 12:30, we have a rain-snow mix on 25 and a chance of afternoon showers by the afternoon and evening domestic dispute. not only will going to be dark, to be dark, but wet. clear and cold conditions tomorrow. teens and 20s early friday morning. as far as the alerts go, we have winter storm alerts and advisories out there. and the mountains surrounding aspen, five to ten inches
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denver and the plains, a trace to two inches. a lot of it melting on impact. hit our high a couple of degrees -- couple of hours earlier today. but it's going to be about 40 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. yesterday was a record breaking high of 80. what a change. today in the 30s and tomorrow morning, dropping into the 20s eventually. that in a few minutes. broomfield, 42 and centennial, 42. this is going to be the coldest day of the season as the temperatures drop closer to that 40-degree mark. still cold by pueblo and lamar and dry and gusty winds for the next couple of days. as skies clear tomorrow, sunny and cold, 30s to near 40s.
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and 63 by sunday. >> an accident on 25 north. this is the lane on 84th. the one, two, express lane there. the traffic is flowing well past the stent. as the police get there, they'll ask them to move. you see that crumbled hood there. we'll see how that plays out. take a look that way, slow up there, 270, 76, looking okay the rest. the traffic tracker on colorado and 25. the northbound and southbound side, looking okay so far on the roads. take a look at this. from a hot air balloon. in philadelphia.
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you can see the guy in there working feverishly. and he comes down and people go to help him out. when it was all over, no one hurt, this balloon was used for an ad for home depot. hearing from people that saw a plane circling over. the which we believe is a military plane, appears to be headed from california to oklahoma. we called everyone you could think of, none of them were able to give any concrete information. and buckley even said it was something strange. they never checked with with the towers there, though it fl through the airspace. >> top secret.
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?ind of weird. helping deal with domestic violence calls and say this will prevent murders. >> in the last year, denver7 has uncovered three high profile murders, starting with the domestic violence. now assessment. asking 11 questions of the victim of domeetic violence. by the end, the officers can tell if there's a high chance of violence. >> doesn't xts exist to help prognosis, doesn't exist to-- cut down on the number of cases my ufs office prosecutes. >> half of the victims were at serious isk sniech a recall in the pasta aisle. the cheese could be contaminated with salmella. find out which ones.
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look outside, nice and quiet
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. all right. jason found snow on one of the cameras. it's not here. wyoming. it's coming. loveland, seeing some dry conditions here on 70. snow will develop by midday today. for the kids as you get them ready, they're going to need a hatd or jacket this afternoon. highs in the 40s at about 12:00. dry and in going home, become in the 30s with the chance of snow and accumulating snow for the evening drive. here's a look at what t looks like on future cast. the rain-snow mix. take a look at this. this is going to potentially make for a messy commute tonight. >> going to be warm on the pavement, so seeing mostly ket conditions, might see a little
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in ft. collins, going to be okay, up to wyoming, more snow. looking for a wreck on 270, i don't think they found it. through commerce city. passing- immediate mete the newest members of the denver sheriff's department. sniffing out drugs and cell phones and preventing contraband into jails. three people have had allergic reactions. the company said there is milk in some of the batches and these are all supposed to be dairy free. 114-year-old had to be hospitalized because of the mixup. parmesan cheese, recalling because of possible salmonella contamination. find the cheeses in virtually
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. live matthew missions -- munitions buried. why they're not being found, the controversial reason why. jackson, wyoming, snowing there, on its way here. going to be great for the ski resorts and dry so far in denver. windy and cold is how it's going to be. live conditions this morning.
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going to start with lisa hidalgo. >> i don't see it. can we take it back? need this. a little rain, little snow. so dry for a month. here's how it looks. cloudy but dry conditions this morning in and around denver and across the intooir metro area. low to mid 30sely on. warmest around 12:00 and at that point, a rain-snow mix. morning. 42 degrees and a chance for some snow this afternoon and through the early evening for the drive. a number of alerts out tlch many winter storm warnings and winter weather advisory, the forecast for denver, trace to two inches. not enough for the alert. it is enough to make it the first snow of the season. that's it for the forecast,
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nothing quite falling yet in frisco. >> nothing yesterday yet. in fact, we got clear skies. but i know that's going to change. i tell ya what, isn't this a cool backdrop? feels good for the holidays and the cool breeze and the snow that is going to come. take a look. per fkt timing. the big resorts -- perfecc timing. keystone, copper mountain and saturday, breckenridge will open up. three of the biggest resorts set to open this weekend. back here live, die roads in frisco. easy driving in the high country for them. when the snow comes, five to ten inches. trucks got to have the chains, make sure the tires have enough tread.
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backups. wouldn't be surprised to see some traction law, chain law. and that includes you. if you have a regular car, you need good tires when the traction law is in place. if you don't, get in an accident, you could face ssme hefty fines. the southbound side is heavy on 25. clear off the highway. leaving some of that from 104t 270, 76, all getting busier for us. very typical to 2525. 70 by the coliseum, heavy for us on the eastbound trip though we're not seeing the glare. take a look at this hate graffiti, spray painted on a transgendered woman there. swastikas, and the word trump
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>> this is in capitol hill. amber said she is afade she's going to be attacked. >> do you think someone felt emboldened -- >> considering that it had trump over my hood, i would say it's related. >> left post it notes there , saying she is loved. and three similar reports in just the past week. denver7 first let's get ssarted. the head of the federal reserve, indicating an interest rate is likely and soon. set to speak before a congressional subcommittee xhooet today. the repaired remarks were release. a rate hike could be happening soon. the job market is continuing to improve and the inflation is up. the unemployment is lowest
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filing at the new low. could be raising the interest rates as they meet in december. searching for a toddler in wyoming. 400 volunteers spent go weeks searching for his body. did not find anything related to the boy's appearance. the boy's mother is cing murder harge sniefrjts ld, dangerous munitions --. old, dangerous munitions are in lakewood. some are still there. but some homeowners are preventing them from coming in. under the current safety protocol, they have to evacuate.
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their right, we have to stop the work. >> we want to know. >> more than 80 homeowners agreed, a one piece, some debris there in that home. and 12 live shells and countless munitions debris, which led to the neighborhood searches. a local charity is asking for your help. >> need to raise thousands of dollars today to make thanksgiving happen for families in need. jason gruenauer has more on this last minute push. >> good morning. they announced hat the epworth foundation needs a hundred thousand dollars today to reach the goals and get the meals out to everyone that asked for thee. the dadly bruce randolph thanksgiving gaveway.
6:36 am
baskets that they have requests for, with the turkey and the fixings, they -- reaching out to the community for this last ditch effort to make sure they don't have to cut back. they have had to in the past, they say that the requests for these baskets are up. including cynta. . >> paying the rent, it's hard when you don't have the income for that. how you can have something important like thanksgiving. >>reporter: now all of this is happening this saturday. and also rooking for correspondent vonts. if you want -- looking for volunteers.
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volunteer or donate, go to my facebook page. outside the epworth foundation, jason gruenauer, denver7. brad new crash, police are just now being dispatches, southbound 85 here. one crash up here too a little while ago. that is cleared up. and bing, bang, pow, already in the backup. a ride on the city bus ends up with a man dead. hearing from the emotional plea from the victim's family.
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back memories for a generation of kids. and now a new generation will be able to discovery it. the new nes is one of the hottest toys. the problem is finding them. most stores, their sold outt . >> wal-mart is selling some on line at three. not that easy. one tried, wasn't fast enough. u we are is link that you need on our free denver7 app. and if you're counting, 38 days. >> maybe a cabbage patch dolls. >> those are also impossible to find. . >> it's cold outside. 33 in denver right now. ?inds coming out of the east.
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with tomorrow. single digits and teens in the mountains. we get today, jason. today is our shot. i'll show you the timing of it in a few minutes. it's going to be slow this afternoon commute. this morning, not weather- related but this three-car crash here, waiting for police and fire to get here, there is some damage and i don't ?hey're drivable yet. you can see on the map, already pretty big. and the camera back there. to 104,th td, not quite, but that's where the traffic is starting to get heavy into downtown denver. catching up with the morning. the warm weather may be coming to an end. that's a relief for the resorts.
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. another big crash on the southbound side of 25 by 84th avenue. the courtesy patrol tow truck, those guys actually work for the department of transportation. they help out, helping protect aad wait for police. take a look at what it's doing ?o traffic. top and go traffic on 84. 84th. if you're wide open to downtown. jackson, wyoming, a live look at the conditions there. 24. 34 in denver. soon that will be traveling our way. giving our ski resorts some much-needed snow. and a warning for larimer county deputies. william morgan, he is on the run. deputies arrested him yesterday, but he managed to
6:44 am
on how that happened and how he got out of the car. wanted on felony drug charges. stands 6-20 at about 230 pounds and a tattoo on husband right oormarm. arm. a spike in bias violence in cu bould. our partners in the daily a class. told a la tina to, quote, shut up. donald trump's administration saying that his son has not applied for a role in the administration or
6:45 am
kelley con way -- conway, saying that -- donald trump, meanwhile, tweeting my transition team, which is working long hours, doing a fantastic job, seeing many great candidates today. so we're mating for an announcement from him. the highest peaks above frisco, they need a little bit more snow. there's some snow on there. but there should be more than that. the roads, they're dry, but we're expecting the storm to move there. five to ten inches for it here in the high country. i'm excited and got my winter gear out. a 70-year-old high temperature record broken yesterday. set back in 1941. we hit 78 degrees officially in
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happening with thh major ski resort. loveland is open, keystone and copper mountain, opening tomorrow and brek, saturday. >> we would like to see some snow too. they're getting some. >> tomorrow would be the month from the average first snow and tuesday would be the latest first snow. a lot closer to that number. ?oesn't look to -- look like we're going to hit it today. we'll see. live from city park, the camera from the museum of nature and science. you have a lot of cloud cover this thursday morning. the clouds streaming ahead. finally bringing a little rain and snow to the we shall slope and -- the western slope, and into grand junction and utah,
6:47 am
midday today, low 40s, arraign- snow mix to start and all snow this afternoon and early evening. temperatures are going to top out, again, 40-43 in denver. fee degrees cooler in pueblo and lamar and rm winds are biking up as the -- are picking up as the storm rolls in. highlands ranch, 44 and aurora and bennet, 40s today. a quick look of the future cast, 25, dry conditions until midday. what future cast looks like. a few flakes. a brief break, wrap around moisture to the system, bringing snow to the city tonight. by five to 7:00, going to see some costumes on the rooftops,
6:48 am
not enough for a winter weather alert here in denver, but a wet drive and first moisture we have seen in a month. in the pink, winter storm advisory and rabbit ears, going to have some winter weather. nothing in the southeastern colorado. and red flag warnings and high fire danger. they need it there. this storm is tracking too far north to bring it that far south. tomorrow is going to be chilly and 30s on friday. look at the weekend. got to love this state. saturday, 53, sunday, 63 and next week looks a little more like it should this year. highs in the 50s and 60s.
6:49 am
there because of this wreck. you can see the police on the scene there now, blocking up that lane. the express lane is open, right two lanes, everybody going by slowly. you can see what's going on there. and stopping at the sbdz, going to be -- the southbound side, going to be heavier. see that on the map as well. slow all the way up and through there. on in good shape. 76, tough driving and slow on 25. 470, stand fe, 285, very quiet now. starting like any other ride on an rtd bus, but ended with the death of a denver man misfortune. >> now the family wants
6:50 am
>> denver7 tony kovalewski has more. >> hustling to get on an rtd bus at stop 105. it turned out to be his final bus ride and his sister and nephew now want to know why the bus driver, other passengers didn't take time to notice. >> it's unacceptable. something has to be changed whenever you're responsible for public safety, public transportation, this is totally unacceptable. >> saying they're not that's what bothers me. >> assuming that he's another drunk or home less sleeping on the bus is unacceptable. >> as a board member, would you
6:51 am
>> came to denver7, hoping we could get some answers. rtd and we hope you'll join us for those answers tonight at ten on denver7. with denver7 investigates, i'm tony kovalewski. the brewery lights celebration. >> running through december 30th and s'mores and the christmas chance to sample on some beers and hot cocoa for kids. >> s'mores and beer? it could work. . >> the popular gifts.
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. at about six before seven,
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to be cleared out from the crash. what happened, the traffic that goes back to so 4th should look bet mer -- back to 104th should look better. a crash between wadsworth and sheridan, we'll have the updates for you during good morning, america. and what we're looking at ?his morning, robert deer, the man accused of keling several inside a colorado blood is in court. there's another hearing to see if he is competent to stand trial. the election may be over. but there's still a battle to fight. expected back in court. the signaturers that she collected from a u.s. senar. follow the denver7 app for updates here. >> the deadline for the epworth foundation. we have been telling you about this. they need a hundred thousand
6:55 am
families in need, how close they are to to that goal. the black friday alert. just ten days away. target with the daily deals on things like toys, electronics, appliances, in store online. five until 7 now. seven now. the csu rams are going tola their final game at the stadium. if if they win, they'll be bowl eligible. we asking some former rams on the broncos about it. >> wish they were go doing better many but it's a bittersweet moment. >> a power house, be that school with the on campus stadium. >> their getting one.
6:56 am
weekend. >> it's going to be nice, but chilly. with the breeze, feelllike in the 40s. we're going to be in the 40s. a live look from vail, still dry right now. snow moving to mountains in the next couple of hours. and a cloudy dry start in denver. rain and snow developing by midday, temperatures in the 40s. it will then chance of snow this afternoon and into the commute. up to two inches and it will melt as soon as it hits the ground. 43 today, 39 tomorrow. really cold tomorrow. in the teens and 20s. a high near 40, look at the weekend. 40s saturday, 60s on sunday. on good morning, coming up,
6:57 am
drones? one man was expecting his wife was cheating on him. what he found. >> can't always be short? turning into assumptions. >> plenty to say about deflate gate. >> the trump transition, the president-elect's campaign manager, kelley an conway is in studio to talk about the process and a look at trump's cabinet choices. >> a crash on sheridan and wadsworth. looks like it's going to be light. take a look at the mountains and pretty good driving conditions in georgetown and vail. expect traction and chain laws late ere on.
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>> send the kids out with a
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good morning, america. hillary clinton breaks her silence. speaking for the first time since her loss to donald trump. >> this isn't the easiest thing for me. against a transition in turmoil. now henry kissinger heading to trump tower and kellyanne conway here live with the inside story. breaking overnight, a deadly gas explosion. a blast going off in the middle of a town square. destroying buildings, shattering glass, killing at least one person. 11 rushed to the hospital. >> just a big boom. >> now, investigators are on the scene. abc news exclusive. former fox news star and miss


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