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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. a welcome site in denver. snow falling. a foot of snow in the mountains. >> smiles up there. we sent eric lupher with a look at the conditions up there. good morning, eric. >> good morning. what a difference. look at the snow coming down here in frisco now. we saw light flurries out here ofshl, and the locals are -- obviously, and the locals are happy to see it..
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didn't have to wear my gloves with the sun and then the clouds and the snow started to fall. i talked to one, david that owns summit rentals, rents out condos, luxury homes, anything to people out of state. says there's something called snow equity that's very important to business. >> people start running from the 70 from di >> and live back here, you can see the snow starting to fall, the areas, the buildings that face north. that's where the snow is starting to stick on the sidewalks and the snow is melting to the pavement as of now, but boy, i'm excited to see this. it's about time we were due for a good storm and hopefully some of this moisture gets down to the metro area now.
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>> we got some. some flakes inside the studio and outside the studio right now. take a look at the temperatures. they're in the 30s. and wait for it. wait for it. kind of hard to tell, but there are a few snow showers and it's going to pick up in the next few hour. the radar is very active and this moves in fast this morning. sunshine this morning in the mountains there morning and snow up snow showers moving over the plains and seeing a mixture of snow through the morning and the potential of accumulating snow through the evening commute. it's going to be about 40 degrees cooler today. snow continues through the evening commute and then the snow. going to show you more and warmer for the weekend. jason, look at these temperatures. this morning 30s and 20s tomorrow morning.
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>> summer, come back. i wish. we have some very snow conditions up here in vail pass, chain laws, traction laws, that sort of thing. the traction law, remains, if your car needs good tires, snow tires, mud tires or four-wheel drive to go up. in c-470, going to have a wet commute this afternoon. >> retty quiet here, but this storm left a foot of snow in the mountains of oregon. bringing relief to the ski resorts there. and some? salt lake city as well before colorado. new in the denver7 studio, pleading guilty for the signatures she -- moss appeared
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32 other counts were dismissed against her. combro going to be in court to face prison, probation or some time in prison. this just into the news room, the blood shooter is not competent to stand trial. rules that his mental health has not improved enough to stand trial. he killed three and injured nine in the shooting in the blood clinic in critical condition a year ago now. kkep an eye out for a man -- arrested in loveland on a felony drug charge and somehow, he was able to make it out of the patrol car. today, president-elect donald trump will be immediate
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of japan, wants to build a relationship of trust with the president-elect and may want to sway trump on the trans pacific agreement, a 12 country agreement that trump opposes and going to meet with with south carolina governor nick yee haley, expected to be secretary of state. >> clinton talking about the defeat, honored in a gala in stay strong in the face of a trump administration. >> i will admit, coming here wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> and clinton urged supporters to not give up or lose hope in
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students at auraria with a protests, some of which undocumented student. carrying signs and saying that making the campus a sanctuary will make it safe for all students in the light of the new election, many fearing for deportation, which donald trump has been promising to do. >> looking for the suspect in a hate crime, swastikas and curse words the word trump, spray painted on the hood. the woman said she's gotten support, notes on the window, saying she is loved and denver police have had three separate reports in the last week. students at the university of northern colorado asking for the president of the university to step down, a lack of
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students cough color. the search for a missing wyoming toddler has moved to a pond near the larimer county community college. they were looking for him in a landfill, the body was never found in that landfill. this is a story you'll only find on denver7. the is called off in green mountain. >> if someone chooses to not evacuate the property, which is their right, the work would stop. >> of the 80, they have only served one property where they found this tiny piece of munition debris.
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no telling if police will attempt the same thing today. steps near lawrence in denver. each time the police have performed these sweeps, the homeless population returns. they're not trying to make any arrests, just keep the streets clean and safe. new numbers expected to be released today, with the number of homeless nationwide, the numbers of homeless has veterans. the holidays are here. mayor michael hancock kicking off mile high holiday, shopping and hotel deals happening in the area this season. jason gruenauer has the latest from today's kickoff. >> may not actually look like this outside yet, but inside the cherry creek mall, it's the holiday season. everything is done up. the man in the sed suit is even
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now a special campaign. mooi holidays -- mile high holidays. starting in november and going through the national western stock show. many events are free, the reason their pushing this so much, in -- slow for meetings and conventions, the hotel business, people to come through for leisure and shopping. pushing to shop local, come out to places like the cherry creek here and give the economic boost we're talking about this holiday season. and see what she wants for christmas. reporting live at the cherry creek mall, jason gruenauer, denver7. a denver tremendous tra digs for three decades. -- a denver tradition for three- decade.
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foundation. if they don't get the hundred thousand dollars they need in donations, going to have to cut the number of families that can serve, to find out how to help, go to neighborhood designated as the newest national historical center. the 7,000-acre site provides critical information for understanding the time scales of earth history, could include some dinosaur fossils. just getting started. finally getting snow in colorado. >> much needed. we have a list of opening days for ki resorts in a moment. >> a sight in colorado. where this marijuana-themed shopping mall is open for business. a waiter getting stabbed by
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find out who what he was getting upset about. >> and a shot of theize eisenhower tunnel, lisa hidalgo has more. a busy rtd bus, a man in trouble, why didn't anybody help? >> if someone would have noticed quick enough, would it >> i think so. >> tonight, denver7 investigates, a final bus ride. >> what if this was your husband, your son, would you finish the route before you checked if they were oak?
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. new details this morning, businesses in downtown canton, illinois, after a gas explosion this happened right near the town square. one killed and several injured. you can see the windows blown explosion hit. people explain what they thought the moment the explosion hit. >> heard this boom and thought someone crashed into the back of my car and there was this
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>> and now, looking at what caused the explosion. take a look at this frightening video this morning. an ihop customer accusing the server of poisoning his food. walked up and stabbed. this wasin florida. you can see the panic ensuing. the victim is recovering at home , thankful to be alive. one person in critical aurora. fire crews have not identified the person killed or the person injured, this was on east 7th avenue. so big, caused damage to homes nearby. the cause of the fire is right now under investigation. wind fuelling the brush fire a few miles from dia. crews were mopping up hot spots
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about 0 acres were burned. csu is planning a protest, nothing to do with the election. want the school to use 100% renewable energy by 2030. they have not addressed the proposal yet. shopping center you'll only see in colorado at least for now. in aurora, the first marijuana- themed ball. the shopping center in chambers and empty, but a face lift and a new name. the hemp shop, various businesses, including a tattoo parlor. now there's a steady stream of customers. >> all offer a little bit different facet. a cohe'siveness that works with
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getting snow, bereave breathing a sigh of remreech keystone and copper, they are going to be open tomorrow. brek is going to open on saturday and next week, beaver creek and vail, hoping to have enough snow to open next week. so black friday, could be a white friday frid. >> wax the boards. let's go. >> and in denver, a mix, slushy >> exactly. get what you need to put you in the mood for the holidays. a week away. beautiful look from city park, you can see how green the grass is, that's not very november- like. some snow falling. this storm is a fast-moving storm. sunshine in the mountains this morning and snow developing moving in over denver just in time for lunch.
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expecting. a light mix this afternoon, likely within a few more showers through the afternoon and evening. that's the scene at 4:00 on future cast. denver north to ft. collins and boulder and through the northern front range mountains, could get two to five inches. in town, not going to be as much. a trace to an inch or two. melting as soon as it hits the ground. this storm will be moving off to the east and drier air moving in and clearing skies into early tomorrow morning. it's not going to last long, but it is going to be enough to bring upwards of a foot in the mountains. five to ten inches in the higher elevations and higher. 3 in denver, a trace to two inches. on the radar, notice how dry it
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colorado springs, clear and fire danger is a huge concern in southeastern colorado. ushering in some cooler air today. we went from a record breaking high of 80 yesterday to 40 degrees colder this afternoon. we're in the upper 30s for the highs today. upper 30s, low 40s and overnight tonight, that's going to be the next talker. we're going to be in the 20s early friday morning. skies will clear and it's going to be really chilly. degrees, to overnight lows around 20. look at the mountains. those are the low temperatures we're expecting. when you factor in the winds, it's going to be feeling like the single digits, close to zero in somm spots. 39 tomorrow and saturday and sunday, that's a good old colorado seven-day forecast. 30s today and 30s tomorrow and
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so we got two bright spots, making everybody happy on the seven-day forecast. snow today and sun on saturday and sunday. >> good combo. >> golf aggin on saturday. >> exactly. you with can help put food like this on a table of a family in need this year. food banks distributed at schools for qualifying families. donate to the holiday heroes campaign. now to the end of the month, feeeral credit union, going to go to the food bank of the rockies and community food share to help buy something to help make someone's holiday brighter. >> a mystery in the sky, we got calls and now we have some answers. what we know about this pllne
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. we have some new details on
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plenty of you called us yesterday, this mystery plane circling over denver. the plane was an e #6 strategic nuclear command plane, doing exercises. came here from california, circled denver and made its way to an air force base in oklahoma. many suspected it was with the military. it was. some read more about the possible ufos here in colorado. a charity started by a kid for kids. it all started in the hospital. >> hi. >> just can feel her energy when she walks into the room. fantastic. >> i'm riley and i have these stuffed animals, cuddles for kids. >> little peyton is a super
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from another standout. >> cuddles for kid. we collect them and donate them to hospitals in need. >> the stuffies like st. a ease north. >> got this to kind of cuddll with and get them through the really hard time. >> puppy. >> riley is just 14. she started cuddles for kids when she wa >> when i was in first agrred, i had a stroke. >> that demanded surgery. she got a lot of stuffed animals donated by the kiwanis club of lakewood. >> that got me through that and i want today share that. >> cuddles for kids was born to help kids and the young at heart through their hospital stays. >> she's just a bubbly young
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beyond her years. i can't wait to see what she does beyond it. >> fantastic kid. not just a great student. all around, someone you would love to have in your organization. >> a little bit selfish, but the feeling that i changed somebody's day. >> from denver7, we heard what you do. brought you. in denv the insurance agents of colorado, wants to honor you for all you do in colorado. congratulations. >> thank you. >> to learn more about cuddles for kids, go to, click on our community section and look for 7everyday heroes. a mess no one wants to see as people head out of town for the holidays, to make sure the backups like this aren't seen
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you do to have the trip of a
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. denver7 news starts right now. it is the most welcome site for people in the high country. snow finally falling on the pass, down 70. >> right through our state.
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mountains and snow also here in the metro area. >> and that's a welcome sign for people in the high country and the slopes. >> people can get out. eric lupher is there at some of the resorts opening this weekend. >> a lot of the big boys. keystone opening tomorrow, copper tomorrow, and breckenridge, opening on saturday. a bit of a winter wonderland here in frisco. the locals are excite. they came up to me saying, it's about time. a beautiful sight here on the drag through frisco. sttll add to see the clear pavement. usually piles of snow here, the crunchy sound under your feet, that hasn't happened yesterday yet. this is a good start.
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the area and the metro area as well. eric lupher, denver7. checking in with lisa hidalgo, tracking the snow possibility here. >> writing thhs, thought it was going to be 12:00, writing the script. it's here already. this morning, sunny and dry conditions and now some really nice snow up in the mountains. and now move moving over the i- 25 corrid earlier than what we were expecting. seeing some snow in the plains. temperatures in the 30s. this is what it feels like. 27 in city park. hope you watched this morning and sent the kids out the door with the jacket. 30s now and colder tonight. coming up, take a look at how cold tomorrow morning and what happens for the weekend. jason, here's a hirnt.
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hint. book in the 60s by sunday. >> in boulder, the snow sticking and look at the road. you can see the surface of the road turn aao touch bit slushy. a little bit wedwet, the snow is coming down so heavy. looking at c-470, snow just blowing at that point. and now the wind speeds are prid good right now. the problems in the high country, the red in the vail and vail pa traction laws and chain laws, loveland pass, all the usual suspects up there. >> cdot is preparing as well. showcasing the equipment and tools they'll be using to keep the roads clear. and traction and chain laws.
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there's a class up there. you can go snow shoeing. seasonally warm temperatures we have seen, keeping this pass up a lot longer than normal. usually closing by november 7th. the path closes in about 30 minutes around noon. >> snowing in longmont. i'm working, mom. stop that. dia is getting ready for the holidays, helping you deal with the holidays. avoiding the lines. new workers to help with the tsa and nonsecurity check poinns for dia at christmas. expecting a million travelers over the thanksgiving holiday. a scam alert from the aurora police. someone going door to door in aurora, there to test the water, but then rob the person.
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and driving a city water vehicle. one of colorado's best known farms is closing. talk about tanaka farms in longmont. dick tanaka owned it for years and closed after he passed away. he ran it for 50 years. a man a machete. it's still not clear why he was there with the machete. cu boulder officials say there have been a spike in harassment in the past month. nine such incidents since the first. last november, they say they did not have any incidents. the minnesota officer charged with mans for shooting
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make his first court appearance tomorrow. charged with shooting and killing philandro castile, after pulling him over for a broken tail light. his fiance live streamed that on facebook. helping law enforcement deal with domestic violence calls in an effort to prevent murders. over the past year, denver police have covered three high prof all of them starting with the domestic violence call. now a le that willty assessment. 11 kre kwes asked. at the end, officers are able to tell if there is a high chance of violence. >> doesn't exist to help prognosis, doesn't exist to increase penalties against anyone, it exists in essence to cut down on the number of cases my office presidents. >> and a number they're
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128 times since august, and more than half of those victims were at serious risk. there's a road block again for the i-70 expansion. several community members are suing cdot over the project. they claim the project is discriminatory because the neighborhood is 84% latino and all of those will impact the called of life and health. and looking at the impact, the sierra club charge quality standards. we know that colorado is a very dog-friendly state with the dog parks and breweries that cater to dogs. when it comes to saying good- bye, there's a new option. calling dog hospice center. it's good for pets if the pain is under control and improves the quality of life. one uses the service for her
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>> no point in getting in the car and traumatizing the dog with more trips to the vet. this is a time where he has more quality time and a chance to say good-bye. >> the cost varies from hunddeds to thousands of dollars. the holiday season kicking off in denver. mayor michael hancock kicked off the events this morning. talking about shopping, hotel deals that are available to you, holiday season. jason gruenauer has the latest from today's kickoff. >> here at the cherry creek mall. needs no introduction. >> ho, ho, ho. >> and talking about five 500 events, coming here and meeting santa claus. christmas, all the way through january, the national western
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the reason behind it, december and january is actually slow when it comes to meetings and conventions. stay here, shop local, eat at the restaurant and helps the economy overall for santa, i'm jason at the cherry creek mall. capitol christmas tree making a stop on its way to the capitol. cut down in idaho to become the christmas tree at the capitol. going to go to washington, d.c. tomorrow, the tree is going to be in denver for a little bit. a trip of a lifetime. around the world and back. think something like that would cost a fortune. only a couple hundred buckk? >> how? taking advantage of colorado offers. good news for all of us.
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and racked up about a million miles in points. >> that's the great thing about dog it as a couple, get the same bonus twice. >> they used the credit cards to pay the monthly bills and paid them off every month. the miles racked up and found better cards and the trip just grew. >> before we knew it, going around the world to four or five different countries. >> for weeks, traveling like royalty, tokyo, dubai, all over. all five star hotels. >> be about $50,000. >> doing that, never expected it. >> booked everything, all of our flights, all of the hotels, all with credit cards. >> and only paid ca for the
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$500. the key to getting the points, getting the right cards at the right cards and taking advantage of the offers. >> the best was amex-platinum. >> and -- anyone can do what they did, just takee a lot of work. >> start researching as much as you can, learn the basics and commit time to it. just like any other hobby. >> just like any other. this travel may not be for everyone. you should check yyur credit score which can be affected by opening all these accounts. they admit, that happened to them. >> and you can get in a lot of trouble. >> debt, for example. >> i don't recommend it for everyone. >> this is an awesome story for
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this astronaut is set to be the oldest woman to be in space. john glen was the oldest at 77. going to be 57 on the iss in february. the entire mission is going to last for six months. >> as parents, we hear about the dangers for booster seats. . . >> the hottest holiday toy is selling out faster than you can blink your eyes. we have a secrete. dark at the highsen hour tunnel. maybe it's the snow. there it is. lisa's got the forecast in a
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. we have a news alert to tell you about, a recall for parmesan cheese for salmonella, you can find them in just about every grocery store. check your pantry. november 12, 2016, and november november 28, 2018. booster seats for our kids are getting better at designing them. 43 of 58 that were tested by the insurance stoout for highway safety. a year ago, only a quarter got the highest rating. the i,hs say these booster seats are much less likely than just a booster seat. the power of x-ray vision. see inside the box with a new feature called package x-ray.
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amazon app camera and all the goods inside the package are shown. that's kind of cool. the hot toy for 2016 is almost impossible to find. the classic nes, all sold out locally at wal-mart and target. wl mart is trying something new. a select few available on line at three. that's today and tomorrow. and you can find a link to that on the so let's give you a live look right now from our cdot camera. as you can see at the eisenhower tunnel, you can see the snowfall. the mountains could see a foot. in the metro area, it's going to be our first snow. looking at possibly a few inches.
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this year. snow on the ground all across colorado. that's last november. and look at that. prior to today. no white on that map at all. tells you how dry it's been. >> this is good, but not inform to get us out of the moderate drought we were talking about yesterday. i went out to look at it. and it already stopped here in denver. we'll get more. don't worry. the roads are waetwet. wet. 35 in denver. few flakes in the afternoon. crossing the fingers for a trade trace to two inches to two inches. still active in the front range, ft. collins, south. the mountains getting the moort of the snow.
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closer to idaho springs, georgetown and up to tte tunnel. that's where the alerts are right now. the pink is a winter storm warning. heaviest snow is aspen and about ears pass and steamboat, denver, a trace to two inches likely. the few flakes we have seen, already melting when they hit the ground. this is just the fi a stretch east, fort morgan, pretty dry spots. and through the evening, a chance of snow after sunset. right around 7:00. and in the evening commute, looking at mainly wet conditions and that does not last long. this is a fast moving storm. watched this thing for days hang out on the west coast. it's going to hit land and it's cruising. tomorrow, we're going to see
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morning and a really cold start. this 24-hour planner almost looks fake compared to what we saw yesterday. yesterday, we had 80. today, upper 30s to near 40 in the afternoon and tonight, low to mid 20s. expecting right around 20 to 22 for a low here in denver. very cold and when you factor in our winds tomorrow morning, going to likely see some single du, 40, lone tree, 41. already hit our highs for the today. tomorrow, sunny, cold, sunshine returning and stay with us through the weekend. mild in the weekend. saturday, 53 and sunday, about ten degrees warmer. next week is looking more like it should this time of year. highs in the 50s and lows in
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no more 80s on that seven-day forecast. >> thanks, lisa. a week from thanksgiving, the defr rescue mission needs your help. still needs 7,000 turkeys. if you want to help, there's a list of where you can drop off the turkeys. the dogs, new members of the denver police department. holidays can put on a host. >> can be stressful, especially
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. we have some breaking news we're following right now, related so all the snow. these pictures just tweeted by eric lupher. some semis jackknifed because of the snow. right now, cdot has not said anything about that or if there is a chain law out there. thanksgiving is just one week away. and the holidays can be so stressful for everyone.
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a wrong number. >> a 17-year-old was sitting in a class, getting a text, telling him about thanksgiving dinner. and he still wanted to get in - on it. >> established we weren't related, but how about the plate? incite vooited? >> of course, come over. have some food. >> love it. said he's really going. >> i think it's fantastic. >> done that before, somebody changed the number, a string -- by the way, this is not kristin. >> oh. sorry. yeah. the key is not under the mat. >> how is the weather looking?
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advisories, some measurable snow here in denver, would be the first. if we don't get it today, tuesday is the latest first snow.
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? >> announcer: today, we're bringing you the sweets you've been craving with an hour of thanksgiving desserts to die for. mario's in the kitchen with the hilarious billy eichner. carla's teaming up with a viewer to pimp her pie. plus, michael and clinton have a perfect dessert and cock the sweetness starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody, and welcome to "the chew." woo! thank you. thank you very much. as far as meals go, breakfast is


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