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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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frustrated passengers stuck on planes. the snow was late to arrive that many of us still weren't ready. then comes the big chill. or team coverage from dia tonight.>> i got here at 3:30 and we were delayed until 4:00 and they canceled it >> her was canceled and she is trying to get to la for her honeymn.>> e me is where the planes deice and united airlines passengers are seeing some pretty big delays after the company tells me some of the deicing equipment was not working. >> one united passenger send me these pictures from inside thh plane after sitting on that airline.>> all the yellows you see our flights that are delayed.>> the plan is to get a hotel room tonight.
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at 7:00 a.m. >> airlines like delta, southwestern frontier tell me they are seeing minor delays but they weren't typically longer than 30 minutes.>> roads to get out here to dia are going pretty slow because of icy conditions. plan extra time if you're heading out here to the airport. whether you're hitting the roads tonight or first thing in the morning, take it easy jennifer kovaleski is live tonight.>> stopped but as the temperatures continue to drop we are going to see worse and worse ?onditions out here. we always tell you to be careful on bridges and
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has a sensor underneath that that monitors the road conditions and the road temperatures every 10 seconds. we've been driving all over the metro area and for the most part the road temperatures have been about 33 to 35 degrees but you can see on the gauge right now on the overpass it's about 32.5 degrees and we've seen this get as low as 30 degrees which is why you often see black ice or frozen areas on over prices and bridges. -- overpasses and bridges. you can see the beginnings of black ice and this could likely freeze over and be a mess for commute. that will be the big problem, the storm delivered over one half a foot of snow. 9 inches at allen's park. the official at the airport was about 2 inches. there is still lingering snow showers off to the south and west and bands out of fort morgan all the way
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midnight and temperatures will keep falling. it's 25 in denver, 13 leadville and the gusty north wind behind the main storm system has dropped the wind chill down to 14 degrees in denver. -?one at leadville and nine on the eastern plains. the flurries ending around midnight, cold gusty northwest winds and watch out for the ice especially on elevated portions of the highways, ramms and overpasses. when we get back to 60 degrees, i will have that in the first alert seven-day planner. this is i 70. more than a dozen cars including a semi-rectum i 70. the interstate is back open. two people ended up in the hospital. a first alert for you, trac effect on i 70 denver to bail that means you have to have four-wheel drive, strode dryers -- snow triers or chains. but there is another option.>> this is an auto sock and if you
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never heard of this before but today seemed like the perfect day to test it out.>> it's a bit of a surprise. >> the first significant snowfall meaning -- leavvng many of us are prepared including our cars.>> the white part is up our tickets to the traction. >> we put these auto socks on our suv on along the side of i 70 and headed west driving several miles through snowy and slick conditions as temperatures continue to i didn't know what to expectt but we noticed a big difference in traction.>> distributed by denver company and put to the test in colorado near the eisenhower tunnel.>> the nest -- the next test we are going to do -- smith the auto sock is at least 10% more effective when compared to chains.>> it's a nice lightweight insurance policy to having your
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>> when traction laws are in effect you need snow tires, four-wheel or all-wheel-drivee vehicle or good old-fashioned chains.>> i like to chains for my tractor i know that i'm sick your. i can use my engine brake went down the hill. >> it is a law. as for conditions, road conditions in the mountains tonight, it's still pretty slick. especially as continue to drop. we are seeing quite a few clouds that here tonight but definitely if you're heading into the mountains along i 70, be careful. making sure the roads are safe is no small feat in denver alone the city spends more than $5 million a year on snow removal. the city says it sends out -- sends out its fleet of 70 snow piles 50 -- 52 $70 -- 5270
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than 40 degrees in 24 hours. arborists are telling us tonight this is by no means the worst freeze and sturdy trees should be just fine. if you're worried, water your 3 truth as soon as possible and then wwap them. new tonight a sexual assault at a bloomfield rec center put the 17-year-old boy is accused of inappropriately touching to six- year-old girls this happened six weeks ago. has been arrested. a news aleet tonight for this man wanted for setting a man on fire. the assault happened a couple weeks ago in adams county. here's a closer look. the victii tonight is in critical condition. deputies are working around the clock to catch a suspect who escaped a patrol car. william morgan did not get too
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there interviewing people who live there. a denver apartment complex faces charges for putting your health at risk of. they may have released asbestos into the air back in 2014 when they were renovating. this happened close to my high stadium during to packed -- two packed plaaoff games. one in seven people will become a substance abuser. more people will die of overdoses than in and 2014 50,000 americans die from overdoses. these are a few of the findings in a new surgeon general's report. he calls for programs and health coverage to treat abuse. another big move for the incoming trump administration. he has reportedly asked michael flint to serve as national security advisor. he served as director of defense intelligence under president obama also ttis weekend president-elect trump will meet with one of his outspoken critics mitt romney.
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donald trump is a phony, fraud. >> dear member that? water under the bridge. romney may be up for secretary of state. as another one-time critic is, south carolina governor nikki haley who also met with trump today. also opponent ted cruz, he is on the shortlist for attorney general. fraud and covered in a guilty fleet -- play. will find out her sentence. the only reason she was caught was some digging by political reporter. smith it started with my suspicion that the signatures were forged.>> did he sign that petition? smith no, sir. >> no i di't.>> the woman who turned them and refused to talk with me. >> i have no comment.
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on 34 counts of forgery. today she pleaded guilty to two counts while having gathered 32 dismissed. smith i thought two counts was suspicion -- sufficient for what she did. it will not impact the final sentence on this>> joe morale is prosecuted the case which included voters in jefferson and arapahoe county. she could get county jail time or six years in prison.>> the fact that she got very significant for anyone for employment and housing. we have some one that did something it that was improper and illegal but it did not have any impact on the election. >> she rrfused to talk to me outside of court that did comment on my facebook page. are you happy now? she will be sentence on inauguration day january 20. -?today 500 workers voted to strike at one of the nations
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for thanksgiving. workers with private contract such a hot cargo -- at chicago o'hare. they're looking for $15 an hour. we have a answers about a mysterious plane that circled denver over and over again yesterday. the navy confirms this is an e e6 b the missions are classified. a high-ranking government official told denver semi denver7 the plane was on a mission. tonight the story is 63-year-old bruce hocker. an investigation asking what happened after he got on this bus and why passengers and the bus driver didn't notice he was dying.>> to pass away helpless , alone with nobody to help you, that is terrible. >> in 90 seconds denver7 investigates what happened on
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and now tony kovaleski exclusive investigation. portions of the video are difficult to watch. >> that's my uncle bruce right there.>> the video clearly shows 63-year-old bruce hocker getting on the bus. >> it's hard to watch.>> in less than 30 seconds later,
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start to take deep breaths. >> kenneth dixon's uncle appears in some kind of distress in front of several passengers and in clear view of the bus drivers mirror he slumped sideways in his seat. smith i think i went numb.>> she got the phone call. >> i didn't believe what i heard. but i had to believe it. >> what you want to see come from our investigation? that this won't happen to >> what has rtd said to you?>> nothing. we have not received a single phone call.>> is unacceptable? >> not at all. >> denver7 investigates reviewed the videotape from three on board cameras and reports filed by rtd. the video shows the uncle remains somee-- slumped over in
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during that time the bus driver never left her seat she never spotted bruce hocker in need of help.>> it's unacceptable. something has to be changed with rtd's policy>> the video also exposes another contributing factor. take a look at the lack of awareness, lack of response by and four minutes after he bus. - slumped over, the passenger in wearing the earbuds simply gets up and ms. across the aisle. you can see others their phones, none realizing a man was dying.>> just assume that my uncle was another drunk or a homeless person that sleeps on the bus. it's unacceptable. >> the video shows nobody alerted the breast driver and the driver noticed nothing suspicious until the end of the route. a full 90 minutes after hocker got on the bus. with the bus
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and recognizes a serious problem. >> it was devastating to see how he passed away. to pass away helpless, alone with nobody helping you, that's terrible.>> i tried to wake him up. >> a full 31 minutes after tenets uncle first showed signs of distress paramedics were now oo the bus.>> trying unsuccessfully to revive him.>> the response got to him, he was already passed away. when they took my uncle off the bus, they were taking him off the bus in the white bag on the stretcher. spirit -->> meg curry serves as a senior manager with rtd.>> did the driver that they do what she was supposed to do? >> absolutely.
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happened here and consider a policy change?>> i know our staff -- air operations staff is looking at the situation as we do with every situation.>> tom serves on rtd's board. he says the bus driver did her job. she is not required to leave her seat to check on passengers.>> it's very unfortunate that somebody did not say something and she was doing her job getting the bus to its destination safely. >> ultimately an answer and a position that is simply not acceptable for bruce hocker's family.>> it's the way they are saying we are not responsible. that's what bothers me.>> this cannot happen again to anybody. >> i think rtd needs to change its policy. >> what if my uncle would have got help suter, would he still be with us today?>> officially
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heart attack. could help from a passenger or driver made a difference? we will never know that ultimately the family has rtd uses this as an opportunity to educate all drivers so if it does happen again, that person might have a better chance. finally, a question for everybody. what would you do if you are in that same situation? we have all heard it. see something, say something.>> you would help that tt angels would take over. >> it's certainly something to think about. bears having quite get the memo to hibernate. inside this suv and left quite a mess behind. this happened to an employee that works at the steam boy -- steamboat today newspaper. they usually go into hibernation october or
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finally got some measurable snow. downtown fort collins fall between two to 3 inches.>> it was a quick hitter. you go back to yesterday when it was 80 degrees. a golden sunset ahead of the storm. this morning clouds thickening and 40 degrees. this was the view at city park with snow falling and 32 degrees. the storm has moved away so the latest shot starts to see some clearing. right now a chilly here's what radar shows at the present time the storm winding its way quickly out of colorado. lingering snow showers in the mountains, a few flurries in the metro area. temperaturr today, instead of the 80 from yesterday, the high was 38. our current 25 is the low. normals are 51 and 24. right now you see those slick looking to -- slick looking streets. humidity is up aa 80% pressure
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13 and wind chill at 14 degrees. the storm system moving away off to the northeast. it will still be a good snowstorm in nebraska, dakotas. we get up big high-pressure cell moving in ann that will mean clear quiet conditions all the still a bit windy overnight. tomorrow we will start with cold weather and maybe a few flurries early. the morning low temperatures 17 aurora and parker, 16 elizabeth, 22 bloomfield, boulder 13. across the state how about eight at alamosa, seven at leadville, 14 degrees lyman. tomorrow will be windy in the morning especially far northeastern planes. the winds will subside as the day goes on in the skies will be clear that a chill for the day. 40 for denver, 38 the hyatt akron. at lyman front range numbers will be cold generally in the
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downtown, 35 evergreen, 30 winter park. around the metro area the temperatures will be in the upper 30s to low 40s. congress park 40, 42 westminster. flurries and, clear and cold are 20. northwest winds 15 to 25 for tonight. tomorrow the higg temperature expected cold and windy in the morning and the winds will gradually subside. mostly sunny skies expected. looking ahead temperatures bounce back quickly. saturday starts out cold and 18 but 53 in the afternoon. sunday mild and pleasant at 63. clouds increase with the next storm system coming in this will mostly impact the mountains with snow and maybe rain showers.
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sunny and another storm comes in with a few more inches of snow and a chance of showers in the planes with a high temperature 50 expected on thanksgiving day. by the way snow cast apted a pretty good job of the storm. downloading in time for the next time. it works for all ios devices just search snow cast. it does not shovel your walk.>> that would be good. >> we are breaking news. denver police have shut down westbound talman and i'd 25. they say it's too icy. the old sports run down tonight. gary kubiak with the biweek. the rams saying farewell. and ralphie will be busy this saturday leaving the 10th
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welcome to 7 sports extra avalanche in dallas tonight. look at the score. down 3-0 in the second and they started chipping away. dates, q longer-range kicked in that's three -2. hest and in. let's get one more. almost stars ended up winning this one three -2. this will be the scene in boulder. are we ready to go? let's go. >> the 10th ranked taking on the -- taken on washington state. the biggest game in years and they know that inside the locker room.>> i don't think there's been one quite like this where you have two teams
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and both believe they can be here and the excitement of its. and having a chance to both control their own destinies on ch side of the conference. we could all meet again. in three weeks. so that's interesting in the thought process.>> later that night in fort collins the rams will say farewell. last game in the 49-year-old game -- stadium. new mexico the opponent mike volvo went to page.>> you have to man up. here's another opportunity this week against the team that is going to say here we come. defensively and here we come often simply. we've got to be able to answer the bell.>> i've got my big boy pants on. how but you guys? the biweek and broncos players
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they've done. the monster victory in new orleans, the bad and ugly the offense of line. the running game, trevor siemian takinn too many hits and some injuries. gary kubiak okay with where they stand right now. looking forward to what he says are six left games in the regular season. >> i'm proud of how hard we work to get in the position we are in. we are harder in ourselves. it will be a it will be a fun stretch.>> sent in panthers tonight. the panthers did the same thing the broncos dead. they blocked the saints kick, started running, same sideline and almost ran out of bounds but when all the way. it was dij@ vu all over again. there was a penalty for pushing
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billy crystal. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from jeezy featuring french montana. now, stay right where you are. here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of this ho show. thanks for watching.


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