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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MST

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. ahead's up for this week. dia was busy last thanksgiving but expect to see even more
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year. aaa says nearly 50 million americans are expecttd to travel nationwide making it the busiest holiday rush in almost a decade. half of those travelers will be flying. but hey maybe you can pass the time at the airport with some ice skating. dia tweeted out these pictures of the ice risk's construction on the plaza. it opens this friday the 25th through january 21st, and the best part, it is free. stacey, how are your ice skating skills? >> i hang on to the edge a lot more than i do for skating purposes. >> it kind of hurts my ankles. >> and you have a bad knee. >> i won't be ice skating. take away my fun. some good looking weather into the holiday week. there's going to be some rain and snow mostly in the morning clearing by the afternoon and 50 degrees wednesday. 48 for thanksgiving and we'll have 50s into next weekend. >> all right, thank you, stacey. coming up the broncos were off today for the bye week, but we'll look ahead to next sunday
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high. and they're still celebrating in
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. good evening, and welcome to xfinit, any sports extra. a sunday without broncos because of the bye week, but back to practice tomorrow. the players were off today watching and waiting.
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weeks. coach gary kubiak with a steam address after we get ready for the final six. >> some of the changes we've had playing a first-year quarterback, losing cj. defensively, the guys we've had down, we're right there and we're in a great division. there's three teams, seven wins, so i don't think that's anyplace else in football. we know what's at stake and every game we play these last big starting with the first one. >> the first one is one. next sunday night, chiefs and broncos at mile high tied for second place in the west right now. kids and ccty shocked by tampa bay today. thanks, bucks, appreciate t signed broncos country. alex smith, get open, somebody. no? all right, i got this. scramble and slide for six. chiefs up 10-6.
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53-yard return right there bucks went up 19-10, but alex wasn't done, came back to albert wilson for the touchdown. kansas city got with n in two and got it back. oh, lateral play. that works every time, doesn't it? no hardly ever. and not this time either. 19-17, breaking a ten-game winning streak at arrow head, and that with me as always, denver 7 broncos insider troy rank and long time denver denver sports writer and network tv star, woody paige is here. starting a huge afc shhwdown right in the ace tonight. >> the chiefs stumbled. their amendment is riculous. that's why you can't trust the chiefs, folks. that's why you have to believe the broncos have a chance. oakland plays against houston monday night.
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look at the remaining games, raiders, plus seven, they probably have the easyist path, now with the chiefs losing? >> i wrote this for the suddenly all those people who hated brock osweiler, you better get behind him. you want him to go to mexico city and want him to do more bueno. the last time broncos played there years and years ago. there was a moat and a fence around the soccer stadium, and i think they removed that. but if the raiders were to lose tomorrow night you ssart fresh. six games, you're playing a lot of round-robin kind of events. this is a possibility if the raiders were to lose to houston, you're clean after ten weeks. >> go brock, go, and everybody 7 and 3 going into the final five games of the season after that. it's all going to come out in
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ways, guys. the broncos are one block extra point away to the saints and 6-4. it's a fine line between love and hate and winning and losing and gary kubiak likes where his team is overall. when you dig deeper, things must be get better. he's got to run the ball better, better everything. listen to catri bibs saying it's more on protecting the line. >> a lot of ball too long and i get what i deserve in that sense, but i think it's a team deal, team effort. it's a 11-man operation, so we all have to do our own part. >> it's on us right now. guys down the block, they bust off in the game against new orleans and me and brook, we have to make more happen, do you know what i mean, turn those ten-yard runs into 20-yard runs, turn those 11-yard runs into 30-yard runs, maybe house calls, do you know what i mean? and it's definitely -- it's
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done. >> there you heard it. woody and troy, some of the offenses ineptitude, and a lot is on the line, changing moving forward. >> i'm going to help bibs with the math. it's turning two yard gains into 5-yard gains. booker has averaged 2.87 yards since he took over cj anderson. i talked to him and he's ahead of schedule. he's got a chance to be back before playoffs and i think could be huge. look for tyson when we come out of the bye week to start at right tackle. it doesn't mean they won't play, but polombus where they had him at guard, and velasquez, and billy turner, but they've got to play their best football and it starts with running the football. >> and it may be an opportunity to move stevenson inside, because he was a guard in the
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strengthen the entire line if ty does the job. you were mentioning lionel 6 and 4. if that carolina field goal doesn't hit the cross bar there's situation where this team could be 5 and 5, and a guy said to me the other day, he said i liked what you said about the broncos, better to be lucky than good and i said get bartlett on the phone because that's a famous quote. this team has been very lucky if you think about it this year. it wouldn't a kicking an extra point is not the easiest thing in the national football league. it's like watching moutier making a play. >> things to look for as the broncos get back to practice? >> they need to knowon is healthy. and practicing and healthy, that's part of the issue, no continuity along the offensive
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cohesive unit to help them run the football, woody. >> i think it's even more important that you get a key back and you get brandon marshall a little bit healthier than he's been. >> and maybe derrick wolf. >> i think that is a lot more important because you're going up against a team that basically can match you defensively, but is not much offensively either. so you're going to have i think a very close, low-scoring game and that means to me it's more important to get your defense healthier than the offense. >> we'll talk more abo chiefs coming up, but getting the defense back healthy i think is going to be huge this week. >> see? >> guys, saturday, what a day. huge day in colorado for college football. it was great. in boulder, mike mcintyre. i love it. coach watching his players run into a packed folsom field. and keep this alive, and what a day, passed for over 300 yards, ran for over a hundred, and
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fans stormed the field. cu today, up to number nine, and ucla last night, they must beat utah to win the pac-12 south. but what a day to be a buff. you've seen it all from national championships under bill mccartney, to john embry. where does this risk in terms of cu history, and getting a championship? >> in late-'80s. that was a team that was miserable through most of the '80s, and they got into the senior class with a lot of players still around, chad brown and a bunch of other guys that -- hag an, who is coaching the running backs up there, and in the late '80s, this reminds me of the same situation, where bill mccartney was on the line at that point, close to being fired, so was mcintyre.
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they dreamed when they got in the pac-12 of going to the rose bowl and e would laugh for years thinking, how about winning two games. well, here's a team that is going to get into a situation with double digit victories and beating a utah team that lost it home to oregon i think is not going to be an in surmountable task in getting to the rose bowl. >> yeah, i was there and they're playing their best at the most important time. and farewell sweet hughes, he went out in collins. the rams final homeame of the season against new mexico. stephens to p earl to, a touchdown for the senior on senior night. and the rams beat the lobos, and got to bowl eligible, and moving to the new stadium. the fans went on the field, as well. storm the field to celebrate and
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the stands. watch yourself, buddy. they were chanting with players, former coaches, dignitaries. great wayo cap off a great run. time for our first break. when we come back, nuggets and
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chandler. third rock, nuggets by 11. and more like sky walker, spin move and slam, and murray with a jet eye night move. and one. he had 18 nuggets are now five and eight. and cu hosting unlv, scoreless in the second half. pioneers corner kick and head games by scott devoss, the sophomore from arapahoe high school. that opened the gates and goals started pouring in. next was alex 25 yards out, a strike of epic, and ended. courtney ford, centennial's finest. another header, 3-0 final, first tournament win for the pioneers since 1970. on to the third round and now the last unbeaten team in the nation, they'll play washington next saturday. and the rams at stanford tonight, nika carvacho put in nine points, bank it. and jd paige with the lay in.
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and stanford got the w. 56-14, first loss of the season for csu. and back to the nfl for a minute, network tv sound man trying to cross the field before the vikings came running out. next time, note to self, go after they run out. didn't make it, epic fail, but sound man is tough. there he is later working the sidelines. play of the game right there. or maybe this one. patterson broke it wide open, second half kickoff, took about 15 seconds 104 yards to glory, after that 5-0 start. the nascar season came to an ends, and denver's own furniture row went down in a blaze of glory. i mean it.
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. welcome back. nascar today, final racist season, denver's own nascar season, with ten laps to go, there was some assisted steel, and heavy metal and crash and burn. and martin had to get out, he was on theehot seat after a crash. furniture row was, as i said, went down in a blaze of glory. this was no ricky bobby.
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martin's okay. the winner was jimmy johnson for the seventh national championship. and it all starts tomorrow. time off for the bye week, back to practice. we'll talk to gary kubiak to see if everybody got back okay, which is a always important in the bye week. when we look ahead to the chiefs, final thoughts, what do you see hanging sunday night? >> with the broncos, the chiefs looking in the mirror. they play good defense, they takes care of the ball. their offense isn't very takeaway is in the red zone. they're opportunistic. if smith throws one pick, denver wins, woody. >> that's what i thought. the one thing you want to concentrate this thing on, is trevor don't make those mistakes you've made the last three games where you're throwing interceptions. you and i always talk about get the ball down the field. i think this is a week where you throw it short, particularly to the new tight end, derby, and work him more and the running
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your darnedest not to throw interceptions, and fumbles because that's the only way kansas city can score against you. >> we'll talk more about it but the turn over battle is going to be huge. whoever wins that turnover battle will be huge. we'll talk about it this week. we're not done yet. check out the denver 7 facebook page in just a couple minutes show. facebook live, everybody. anything you want to talk to troy and woody about, we're going live in a few minutes but let's go back to molly and stacey with a weather map or some sort of forecast behind you. >> yeah. it'' looking pretty good. >> it's got someein snow
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