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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 21, 2016 1:30am-2:00am MST

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>> finally for you today, time stands still at a wedding. >> the mannequin challenge is taking over a wedding ceremony. from the guests to the groom and his grooms men, and even the bride. everyone is stopped in their tracks. what a way to make time
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>> that is so cool. and thank you very much for watching. we will see you right back here
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time for fresh viral videos, right this minute. a para glider with chute trouble figures he's doomed. but that's all about to change.
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hope. a woman dangles a small child from a busy overpass. what happens when the girl's father won't lift a finger to help. >> there were strangers who had to run out to save that child. a jet skier races to rescue an animal. >> a cat. >> no. >> a deer? no. >> see why whatever it is, it shouldn't be there. and a research project to determine -- >> men like the best. >> the revealing results from eye tracking technology. >> face, face, face, face. >> his eyes. >> face, face, face. i'm about to show you a para gliding video from turkey. this has more information than we've ever season. it's different. vertical speed is in the bottom middle. 176 meters per second, meaning he is dropping at five feet per
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change. >> oh, shoot. >> what the? >> the wing collapses. but the real trouble comes in here. assest he's trying to reinflate the wing, pulling on his brakes. the brake catches the reserve chute handle and now that deploys. now he has his main canopy deployed and the reserve chute is his speed decreased his heartbeat goes up. his vertical speed plummets. >> his lines could tangle. both chutes, both canopies. >> you are right. he continues to try to infwlat the main canopy. it does pop open a lib. but he still hags this issue of the tangling. he starts to reel in the main commute and the rely on only his reserve. good news.
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and he's also over water. that means there are a lot of people watching the skies and watching for people in trouble. so now you can see, he's lost a lot of elevation. he is going straight for the water. >> what did you spot? >> earlier i had seen wake from a boat heading out. >> yep. two boats. see what is happening. they start heading his direction. >> catch him. >> they almost do. watch. here we go. >> oh, wow. >> splashdown right in front of these two boats. there was a casualty in this situation. his waterproof bag for his cell phone, not so waterproof a. need look at something we've seen before. but now that we have the numbers to break it down it adds another layer to what these guys do. this is one of the scariest stories you are going to hear about today. it takes place in turkey.
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altercation between a man and his wife. the wife is carrying a child. and he's being particularly aggressive with her. he appears to go toward her. then he takes her handbag and swings it over a bridge down to oncoming traffic. >> wow. >> with a child in her arms. >> with a child in her arms. as he did that, this woman the woman walks across the a car brakes just in time not the hit her. she holds the child over the railing. the child appears to almost slip from her hands. she manages to grab on. the kid, dangling upside down. bystanders see this and rush over to take the child away from her. >> was this her way of trying to protect herself from the guy? was this her way of saying look if you continue i'm going to kill our kid? >> so much wrong. >> so much wrong.
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translations that appears to be exactly what she is doing. appears to be trying to teach him a lesson. emotions are running high. fortunately bystanders watching move in and watch the man here, grab the child. take it away from the husband. >> none of these people was the husband. there were strangers who had to run up and save that child. is this a long drop. >> it is a bridge that's pretty high. had that child fallen reports say for sure it would have been a her away and placed her and her three children in a battered woms home. >> i'm surprised she got that kind of treatment. >> communitily sounds like authorities are going to be giving her the help she needs. here we are in western australia. somebody has a jet ski. obviously some kind of adventure, right? >> yeah. >> well, sort of. this is a rescue. what could they be rescuing in the water.
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>> no, a cat? >> no. >> a deer? >> no. >> a person? >> no it's not human. look at that, oh, how now brown cow. >> a cow. did it fall off a chip somewhere? >> no word on how the cow got this the water. i think he thought he wanted to go for a swim. the cow was this the water. see free mantle rescues him with a boat and a jess ski. humans this time. >> the cow looks like he was swimming just fine to me. >> it's not supposed to be there. i am supposing he was tired. >> he was stuck under this jetty. eventually finds a tiny path to get back on dry land. one more time to rescue a cow. this time it's stuck in muddy tall grass. and i like how it really does
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drive. >> yah! >> he's like all right. i'm going. after you hear yah, yah. >> that's what they consider a rescue? whipping it on its butt? >> that's to th a rescue. that's a force out. >> you can't stay there, stay in the muddy gras grassy area. they want to make sure she leaves. eventually she turns and looks at them and says all right. much as coaxing in the right direction. >> the cow is shorter than grass. had it departed in any direction back toward the road that cow is dead. i'm not bibliocally studios person out there. but sometimes you need people that need help, you give them help. first video you can see someone changing a tire right there. basically got a flat. they are at the front working on it of the this fellow kind of
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perfect opportunity. you can walk up and be a decent human being. hey man, need help? reaching inside, grabbing a bag all the while the other person on the other side bang, bang, bang, trying to loose ten lug nuts. stole the bag and starts making his way away. the worst is usually how these videos end. fortunately for us this is an observant security guard watching this feed. take this! took this guy down so much he was begging to be released. >> meanwhile, the person with the flat had no idea any of this was going on. >> until the security guard comes back, is this yours, mate. in china for this next video. this woman was driving home and had too much to drink, so much she decided it was too dangerous, pulled over to the side of the road and took a nap.
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help. no, wait. he is a scum bag. he reaches in takes her cell phone and makes his away a. a policewoman called out patrol officers, watch this, boom, gets in front of the cab, stops him, grabs him, pulling him out of the car. the irony of this situation is look the lady in pink is back on her scooter and fact stops to watch the circus that's going on that it's her cell phone that's been stolen and the police that are helping her out. >> meanwhile the police are going to go over there and say here's your phone back. and we're going to need the keys to that scooter. a man strolls into the hospital with a knife in the back of his head! boom! >> the story behind the jabhat stunned the doctors. >> look at that. >> oh, that's in there.
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when your skin is feeling by -- leaves skin nourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. tweet us at "right this minute" and follow the show all day long. doctors in emergency rooms are always faced with challenges. and in this first video in china, this man came to the he apparently had been riding his motorcycle without a helmet. >> wrong decision number one. >> but his injury wasn't because he fell. something hit him, right in the middle of the forehead. >> did he drive into a pipe or -- >> no. >> a bird. >> bird is a great theory. >> i was thinking maybe he drove into a branch. nope. watch this. >> wow, what is that? it looks like a bolt. >> that is a nut length lodged
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middle. >> how fast wase going. >> was he going 700 miles an hour. did it skip off nothing. >> it was enough to get this nut that had a rounded end to hit him and go in. you see the injury in this x-ray. it did shove bone into his brain. >> it fragted his skull. it's shaped like a bullet. >> he is going to need to wear a helmet from here on out. lucky also is the man in because he showed up to the hospital with a knife he had been staed with in the back of his head. >> look at that. >> oh, that's in there. >> oh, yeah. >> my goodness. that's in there a few inches. >> this is a fight between two dudes. according to reports, this guy, a 28-year-old man, and a 30-year-old man had been bickering with each other. so it looks like it's been a
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injury. it's amazing he was able to walk himself to the hospital and walk out of it as well. medical marijuana has been legal in a lot of states for a while. it's been recently made legal for recreational purposes in some statesle but it looks like the fellow over at these studios are confused. >> medical marijuana shops are popping up everywhere, and they are commonly being confused as actualme door. skateboard in hand. ow! oh! yeah, can i see the doctor, please? i kind of fell over on my skateboard and i think i need stitches. [ bleep ]. >> wait, but some of these place does have doctors, right? >> no. >> that's why this prank works because you can see people aren't quite sure.
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>> we don't have a doctor here. >> what are you talking about? >> we are a dispensary. >> i don't know what that is, i saw the plus symbol. >> yeah, medical marijuana. >> this girl must think, am i stone right now? can't be serious. >> this least weird thing she's seen today. >> oh, is there a doctor? >> this guy kind of has the same reaction. >> yeah, no. >> i don't -- >> can he take patients right now. yeah, i think i really need pitch is stitches. >> we are in shorts and flip-flops. >> they both roll up to the next spot. >> is the medical specialist in today? >> sir, no. we don't have anything like that. >> just balk into the lobby, you'll be cool, man. >> do you have any pringles?
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go to the other place. >> they turned away. >> i can't imagine why they are all so chill. >> you might have to go to the emergency room for that. a mountain biker has a dislocated and his buddy wants to fix it. >> how hard do we need to pull? do you yank it? what happens when they turn to >> hold on i need my phone to look up how to use an android phone. this little girl is plain sad. >> it is the end of the world, nothing will make me feel better except -- >>he simple solution that turns her frown upside down. >> are you okay. >> yeah, i good. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc.
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and how you feel. discover act? dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. the rtm videos app. it's the easiest way to watch the best videos. download it now. it's the perfect time of year to get out and explore. fall n northwest arkansas. >> these two guys, alex and seth, are out on bikes. they have got stabilized action cameras. that's why the footage is so smooth and spot on. seth puts up a lot of these mountain biking kind of videos. alex is behind him. got to be careful. doesn't want to have a big crash. >> oh. the trail. >> oh, the trail turned hard left, he was carrying too much speed. went down. >> yeah, i'm good.
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maybe it's time for alex to lead. >> oh! >> oh! >> alex goes over the handle bars. but this time there is a bit of damage. >> i think i separated my shoulder. >> dude, no. >> yeah. >> oh, no. dude. hold on. >> dislocated shoulder. >> oh, no they have got to pop it back in now? >> they do. but how? maybe they google. >> no service. offline. >> neither phone. no service. so. here's your shoulder. here's your arm. >> careful, careful, slow. keep going. just like incremental pull. oh! >> oh! >> the relief on his face, instantly, he went, woo, it worked. >> it was a beautiful bro moment for sure. alex feeling good.
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no problem. they continued to ride out. on the way home they said okay do not use this as an instructional video. we got lucky, okay? >> i think i separate made shoulder. >> oh, dude, no. >> yeah. >> woo. whoa! a lot of people ask the question why do children cry? the answer to that is yes. because there is literally nothing will not cry over. in this case, this girl is distraught because mom put her down so she can cook. she is distraught. >> look at that face. beautiful, little curls. >> beautiful, inconsolable girl. >> what's wrong? >> no! >> are you okay. >> no! >> devastated. look at her, how can you possibly get her to stop crying? a grill chooed cheese sandwich?
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>> she is 100% committed to this cry. >> do you want a snack? >> yes. >> food. >> yes. >> are you okay. >> yeah, i good. >> the full gamut of emotion. >> exactly. >> the whole course. >> i'm going to tell men something. women are always tired, and women are always hungry. so feed them. >> yeah feed them and let them safe. >> perfect example, she's gone from definite con1 to the snack. >> are you fine? >> yes! >> ten guys in special glasses are checking out three ladies to find out. >> which body type men really like the best. >> see why this experiment is a real eye opener. >> hi, how are you doing?
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like. how are you supposed to resist that? >> add this to your thanksgiving morning menu. bailey bell set out to do research. they want to know they found three women, instagram fit, model like and kim curvy. and then they got glasses with eye tracking devices. >> supermarkets use those to know where to put produce and stuff. they can tell exactly where they
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>> below my chin, and above my belly button. >> then they meet the ladies. >> face, face, face, face. >> eyes. >> face, face, face, face. >> it's like robocop. >> that's really what is happening in this you guys's brains. >> this is a skewed experiment. they should have given them glasses saying it's going to they are so locked into the eyes. >> kontd couldn't they just answer a questionnaire? >> recent studies suggested that men find thinner women more attractive because they associate that body type with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease. they fixed on one for 1 seconds, one for 11 seconds and the other for six seconds over a 30 second


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