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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 21, 2016 2:00am-2:30am MST

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>> below my chin, and above my belly button. >> then they meet the ladies. >> face, face, face, face. >> eyes. >> face, face, face, face. >> it's like robocop. >> that's really what is happening in this you guys's brains. >> this is a skewed experiment. they should have given them glasses saying it's going to they are so locked into the eyes. >> kontd couldn't they just answer a questionnaire? >> recent studies suggested that men find thinner women more attractive because they associate that body type with youth, fertility and a lower risk of disease. they fixed on one for 1 seconds, one for 11 seconds and the other for six seconds over a 30 second
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which means ladies, eat the hamburger. >> what you are looking at there, they checked out all the women equally. that's basicallyt how it w. >> my first question is which one is the funniest. >> there is somebody for everybody. i might not be your type. but i might be yours.
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fresh viral videos today, "right this minute." a couple's relaxing horseback ride suddenly takes a terrifying turn. >> watch closely. the horses were spooked. >> see if you can spot the scary reason why. after an abandoned newborn is found by women in a bathroom. >> they started taking off their coats and using them as quiltsd to comfort the baby. >> see the amazing response to let a one know she's loved. it look like your average spa treatment. why this one is only for the bold who want to be beautiful. and a nervous home stylist -- >> she's about to cut her bangs. >> why the quest for beauty is more than skin deep. >> her finger is not the problem. great way to spend time on your vacation with your honey a horseback ride. this is gorgeous.
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here, galloping along with your guy, and your girl behind you. suddenly oh, look out. the one horse cuts in front of the other. and down goes eli. in the delta. the horses were spooked for a very good reason. can you see in this slow motion on eli's go pro. >> oh, yeah it is a predator. >> we're going to switch to lindsey's camera to a different an angle. they see a they saw her behind the termite mountain. the lion leaps out. eli is lying in the bog. the lion running right for him. thankfully for whatever reason that lion goes -- and stops. eli survives. the uft rest of the crew doesn't realize they have got a man down. they keep running.
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running. luckily he got out of this. there is his riderless horse. >> that horse was on full on survival mode. >> bye. >>ent were of horse power. >> this lapped last october. it was recently posted to the kruger national park. it it was quite the experience. these folks survived and they have a story to tell. a a heart warming scene when this group of women in china came together. a woman left a baby in a women's rest room in that little trash can there. they suspect the baby isn't much more than an hour old. and when she was found, other women who were in the area rushed to aid the baby. you see they started taking off their coats and using them as quilts to comfort the baechblt it's not sure who the baby reports to but reports say there are social welfare systems in
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person was unable to use those services. >> i would think in this day and age that wouldn't happen him in. >> they suspect the mother wasn't financially stable enough to care for it. >> it was left in a bathroom, probably where she was delivered, too. >> to go aagainst a mother's instincts and to abandon her baby, you have to wonder what pushed them to this took the baby to the hospital and the baby was in perfect condition. once other mothers got word they started taking toys and supplies to aid the baby as well. there you see the baby wrapped up in those cute blankets. >> that's what women do. when they see a child in des stress, whether they have kids or not they know we need to come to the aid of this child. >> it is a testament to the beauty that happens when we all
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great dark unknown of winter, sometimes it can be pretty awesome to look back how great it was, how great it can still be. that's the message behind this video. it was from this epic run in shamny back in may. it's all in nods to the upcoming winter wonderland which awaits us all which must be awesome when you have these kinds of skills. once you get up into the mother nature. >> seriously of all the different extreme sports the ability to skpee and fly, put those two things together -- i don't know that i like any other extreme sport video more than this. >> right here he is basically surfing the avalanche, doing little bit of both at the same time. it shows all these different angles. the guys are doing what they do best. >> nick i'm completely with you. i fine them some of the most kmiting and engaging videos you can really get when it comes to
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together with the incredible vistas. >> as crazy as it sounds it's actually relatively safe. if you do get caught in an avalanche all you have got to do is woop, go up. >> i don't know if that's accurate but i get the same feeling. it's kind of like if i can flap my wings and fly away from danger, then it's safe. >> a rock, no problem. up. >> with skills like this, with people like thomas and his friend out there we have g when the great song stress alicia keys sang "this girl is on fire" shement her. she went to the spa day to relax and release negative energy. that's what this process of setting people on fire is supposed to do. >> what about cranking the electric blanket. >> will do it. >> let me know if you have any burning sendation sayings. >> this is daniel, the man doing
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blanket and lays it over another blanket that has something on it. >> what's the purpose? >> it's to release negative energy. >> really? >> yeah. >> this woman is famous in russia. she was a prima ballerina with the bolshoi. but she was fired for being too fat. >> you know, it seems a little crazy. but if there are people by that know how this process works and know how to quickly extinguish it. okay. >> it's snake oily, isn't it? >> of course it is. >> it's like i'd rather take a baseball bat to a roomful of stuff you can smashup. that's theory. >> the translation, she is scared a little bit, it feels very warm. she recommends it to all. she thought she felt very good after she did it.
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when you r closed kagsing provided
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leaves skin nourished, healed, healthy-looking. gold bond. they got some new equipment. check this out. they are unwrapping it. and you can say not your typical looking farming equipment. that's because it's actually for a farm animal. you see, somebody needed a little that somebody is patricia. >> oh, piggy. >> the poor pig's bag legs were paralyzed in an accident. her mom was living in a cage in a pig farm. and moms are known to crush their babies in that cage because of the confines that they are in. and poor patricia's mom crushed her. but she survived. she was taken to this sanctuary and they got her some wheels.
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look, looks like she is taking right to them. did they have to train her? looks like they put her in the cart and off she goes. >> she had already had a set. this was the newest set of wheels for the girl. she was given an upgrade. >> she knows how to use this thing. >> i've got some exploring to do, people. good news is is that even though she was brought them at days old they were able to give her a really >> next time get her to pirellis. >> or wing. the people in this video are gonna learn to dance. their lessons, because let me tell you, there is trouble brewing in these two videos. this first one is from peru. these people are waiting their turn to see their loved ones who are in prison. keep an eye on this woman right here that's walking right behind the tent. she is angry.
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woman. oh! >> oh. >> she is getting the cheng love. she has got her now by the head. she is hitting her. e other woman is screaming now to let her go. she doesn't actual knowly know this other woman who is essentially just telling her, you gonna learn today. >> side chick 101? >> side chick. >> that's like either a or somebody there to see the same guy. >> yep. but even more than that. apparently the mistress, who was a chick on the phone had posted a picture from & her boyfriend from jail on facebook. the wife saw it. she was like huh-uh. this woman sees the mistress waiting outside of the jail and tries smashing her head against the bench. >> ironically, if she keeps this up, she will be inside with her man. >> until you see two women walk
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and that's basically where the video ends. now over to china. apparently this guy had the white is the son of the woman right next to him that he is beating. and you see in the video that he like swings and hits her right on the head and then goes after his dad. why is he beating up on his parents? it's the stupidest reason. they bought him a house. >> what ufl parents! -- awful parents! >> right? they bought him for his wedding wasn't big enough. and he was embarrassed by the size of the house that they bought him. the people that saw this were not happy about the situation. they got involved. they called the cops. and eventually they came, arrest him. and they said, yes, he is going to learn that this was bad behavior because he is going to spend a few days in jail. >> yeah, he is going to have a roommate, but it ain't gonna be his wife.
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>> we are having a family meeting. >> things are about to get real. >> xavier is excited. oh, family meeting. >> they present him with a gift. brother bear. and he is excited. >> brother bear. >> bears. yeah, i love bears. bears are great. are we getting a bear? do i get a pet bear, a teddy bear, a good morningy bear. >> brother, what does that mean. >> it involves a bear hug. >> you are going to be a brother. >> you are going to be a brother. >> what? no. >> maybe is going to have two babies. >> he is excited. look at his face. >> he is excited to be a big brother. and of course you ask for one, now he is going to get double for thinks troubles. >> today? >> no, not today. >> what do you think the baby is? >> a boy. >> guy. >> girl.
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>> anthony? >> boy. >> they have all placed their bids. a few for boy, a few for girls. now it's time for the reveal. >> are you all ready? >> yeah. >> it's a girl. it's a girl, and the crowd goes wild. meanwhile -- >> it's a good thing the girls were gracious winners. a guy between his legs so he can -- >> crush that sucker. >> see the strength to make it slush. and -- >> i can't believe it. >> a wife pranks her husband with a fake pregnancy test. >> look. every muscle is tense. >> she what happens when he is really happy about the news. >> wait. don't go any further. she doesn't have to tell him. >> yes, she does!
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promotional considerations provided by -- minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels and how you feel. discover act? dry mouth. specially formulated to soothe and moisturize your mouth. act? dry mouth. the movie you are about making. >> oh! >> oh. ahh! >> man, he's a big dude, too. >> he is actually 100 pounds herrierish than he was ten years ago when he could successfully do these wall flips. well he apparently suffered an injury. he fell on his head and continued training and doing other thigs, just not the wall flips. in this case, he has two buddies there that are helping him, watching his form. he has the drive. his mind, ten years later is now
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want to finally try night boom, done, bro. >> he doesn't want to just do the jump. he wants to put it back into his life. so he can't just quit, right. he has to keep trying so that his body builds that muscle memory to be able to do it again. >> you can tell just from his body that he is a man of discipline. >> oh, my gosh, yes. >> what makes you say that? >> he is solid muscle. >> that situation requires discipline. it is a going to require to -- >> whoa. >> whoa. >> i mean, you did it a couple of times. is it worth all the injuries? >> to him it is. he has been waiting way too long. later in the video you see he does it over and over and over again. and he feels confident that he has brought back the wall flipping to his life. >> yes. >> yes. practice makes perfect. perseverance and maybe that's what got this guy to do this. you put a water melon between
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that sucker. >> this hurts me. because i love water melon. >> so does he. except he is going to crush into it with his thighs. >> we've sully seen someone do this on the show before. it was a woman. she did have mean thighs. i don't know if that's where he got the inspiration to, but he did it, and he is feeling good. we often talk about the fellows going a little bit too far with their pranks. >> uh-huh. >> well d here may have gone a little bit too far >> i don't think there is such thing, really. >> there is a such thing. >> i said yes. >> here she is talking to her husband jerry about some of her symptoms. she went and purchased a pregnancy test. >> i think i'm pregnant. >> why didn't you tell me you wanted to get a pregnancy test i would have got it for you. >> he is taking it like a champ. >> so nice. so supportive. >> he is just going math. in his head right now how much
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am in trouble. >> i'm pregnant. >> they are pregnant. congratulations. >> that's amazing. >> that's really sweet. >> look at her face. she seems really upis it set about the whole thing. >> well, she is. >> is it because she is a terrible person. >> that's amazing. another angel. >> i'm dying right now. >> sounds like they are about to have a >> i don't care about that dress. this is a baby. >> i think she just realized she may have gone too far. >> you are right. he is super emotional. and it's all fake. >> don't let him go so deep into this. be honest. >> you can tell she has backed herself into a corner and it's hard. >> every muscle is tense. >> wait. don't go any further. she doesn't have to tell him? >> yes, she does!
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do the deed. he will never know. >> right, and then have a baby 12 months later. >> so. >> do you watch maury povich? >> it's a prank. >> what? you can't fake these things. >> yes you can. >> they don't even make those. >> yes, they do. >> i'm sorry. i didn't think you would be all excited. >> i didn't think you would be sensitive and a nice person. >> watch his entire demeanor worried about that wedding after all. >> look at his eyes. eyes of pain into don't be messing with people's emotions. we've seen situation where is people have gone too far. this is another one of them. >> he is holding his head, grabbing his chest. he needs to take a seat. >> this is a discussion they need to have whether to have more kids or not. >> i think it needs to be a conversation about pranking or not. a brave girl is about to do the unthinkable. >> she is about to cut her
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there are three stages to recovering from a bad haircut. this korean web star is going to show the full gamut of emotions. there she has a triangle section of hair at the front. she is about to cut her bangs. >> there is your first problem. if you are going to complain about a bad haircut don't
2:30 am
scissors. >> it's classic error. when you let go, they go doing. >> let's see how it comes out, first. >> i'm sure. >> the finger is not the problem. >> yeah, she cuts herself, and then she sees her bangs. the first stage, the scream, the second stage? >> denial. >> shock. third stage. realization. so this is why i pay my hairdresser $60 a week. >> if you wanted a new hair style all you have some we have been, style it, wear it. >> finally the last stage, laughter. >> oh, acceptance. >> i told you there were multiple stages. >> this haircut made little parker miles' mom super, super happy. parker has down's syndrome. he has been modelling since he was 8 months old, he is now 3 years old but mom says he


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