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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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denver7 news starts now. we will be bearing one of our own. police officers ambushed in several states one of the incidents turning deadly. details on each case and the latest plus. >> someone spray-painted a outside of the stapleton school how the community came together to respond. live at dia where officials expect a busy travel week ahead. a look at the holiday rush live details. good morning, thanks for joining us i'm mitch jelniker.
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is snow on the way? >> we have a ring so makes it will turn into heavy snow through the northern mountains, down to the san juan mountains and to rather your pass up to one foot of snow tomoow, in town we have an increasing clouds and temperatures topping out in the low 60s this afternoon. it is a warm start to the day, a lot of melting snow this weekend from last week and we will see more today, the upper 50s to the low 60s, englewood 61. in brighton, 61. here's your first alert, a chance for snow in denver tomorrow, more about that come their.>> wolf creek pass and some of the places in taos -- southwest colorado affected by the show's. the tunnel looks okay take a look at arapahoe road under i-25
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that was after the weekend long closure that was planned through early this morning. but they got done early. look at the overall map a lot of green, south west and east we will keep a close eye on that all week as we get closer and closer to holiday travelers heading out to the airport. at least 27 civilians have been killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan. this is video from an afghanistan television at least 35 others were wounded in the attack. no one has claimed responsibility yet, but a spokesperson for the taliban denied they were involved so it is possible this is isis related. developing now around the us officer attacks are on the rise. multiple officers all shot ambush style in three states in
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survive. florida, missouri and texas, in all the shootings the officerr were sitting in their cars. there is no clear connection between the cases. denver police are trying to figure out what caused this crash, two cars colliding one of them hitting a house. police say no one inside the home was injured. a possible record-breaking travel week ahead with thanksgiving this thursday. if you're flying out airport officials are asking you to be patient. >> last week some united passenger side delays, with more snow in the forecast we wanted to check on things out at dia. amanda del castillo is out there this morning. >> good morning, it is the start of the week maybe people are not planning until flying out until later show the lines are fairly short but don't let
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supposed to get longer as the week continues with thanksgiving thursday and there is a chance for more snow on tuesday. giving yourself extra time to get here and through security is ideal. getting here on time won't change the weather. last thursday not all of united airlines equipme was working and passenger sent us photos as they were stuck on the tarmac for hours. united released a statement saying they are working cl ensure all passengers have a safe and on time travel experience. you are looking at just how many people are in line right now, we will talk about how many people are expected this busy travel week in the next half hour. reporting live at dia amanda del castillo leo tried to. a lakewood officer looking for answers after a man was shot
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>> they found phillip tod penny in the car. you can put a face and name to the men facing first-degree murder charges. they were arrested over the weekend after police found a man's body in an abandoned buiiding. police are not releasing the name of the victim. pick community coming together to clear this graffiti someone school in mapleton. >> the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: morning to you denver police were here on scene checking this out they will continue looking into it today to try to figure out who did this and why they did this to this elementary school in stapleton. this is just one of the items of graffiti and vandalism on the back oo the gym door you
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painted at the isabella bird community school, there was also spray-painted on the sidewalks just behind the school. yesterday parents, community members and others came together to clean up the graffiti scrubbing it away and leaving notes on paper hearts near where it happened. the principal says this is a very inclusive community and school that teaches the opposite of what the messages we center released a statement condemning what they called an offensive act. we will have more reaction including from the principal as well as some of the parents who came out here to clean up all of this and reaction to these hateful messages. thankfully they are now gone from behind the school into stapleton. jason gruenauer, trying to.
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continue around the us meanwhile trump continues to build his administration holding a second round of marathon meetings in new jersey. >> yesterday he mewith chris christie and rudy giuliani, mitt romney is said to be under serious consideration as secretary of state. general james mattis is now a favorite contender for secretary of defense. colorado did its part when 71% of eligible voters cast ballots much higher than the national average of 58%, the state director of elections says the mail-in ballot system did not play a factor in turnout. do you hate wasting time and money? denver7 investigator is here to tell us about a state program putting some drivers through
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drive in the denver metro you have to fork over $25 for an emissions test, if you pass your good to go here's the problem there are people who do not pass. some of those vehicles have no siness being on the road, there are others that straddle the line between what is good and what is not. that is what we looked at, some mechanics came to us telling us vehicles are feeling that should not. for instance time and time again. she learned eventually she did not need a single repair before she ultimately passed the test. that sent us digging to see how many vehicles fail and fail again only to pass. what kind of vehicles are we talking about, why is this happening? is colorado's emission program
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on it last year? we will investigate tonight at 10:00. i'm ryan luby. one brand of hummus may be hazardous a recall after the break. a possible airport strike that could affect your travel.
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a breaking story overnight protesters and police clashed in north dakota over the excess piline this happened at a bridge near a protest camp, video that was streamed by protesters showed law enforcement using water cannons and tear gas on the crowds, many complained they were left soaking in below freezing temperatures, between 100 and 200 protesters remained near the bridge this morning at least one person several were hospitalized. more coming up at 5:00 am as well. an explosion in sweden sending people running for cover overnight. police found a car n fire. the man who had been shot as well. witnesses say several men chased to someone down the street and opened fire, at the same time another suspect
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the ntsb investigating a tragic medical plane crash killing all four people on board. >> the flight was going from nevada to utah before it crashed. a mechanical failure may have caused the crash. a 40 car pileup in ohio. a rear end causing several cars to pileup, some drivers were stranded for hours while crews work several people were injured. all should survive. things could get more hectic for thanksgiving travelers, thousands of workers are prepared to strike this week of all weeks for higher wages. >> this could have a major ripple effect across the us, american airlines said they are working to ensure there is no disruption to operations but airports across the country are on edge hoping to avoid the long lines and delays we saw
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the best advice now is get to the airport two hours early before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. dozens of fort carson soldiers returned home over the weekend, the soldiers were deployed to afghanistan in february, more soldiers are expected to come home all week long. a show of love for law enforcement, hundreds came out to celebrate and honor fallen officers yesterday. the very first officer 5k people running in the cold to show gratitude. >> it is our chance to humanize the badge and let the community know that police officers are friends and family they are here to protect us. >> 126 officers in the us have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. a live look outside, a nice start to that a pretty mild in the 40s. our first alerr forecast for
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the high tomorrow. it looks okay for thanksgiving. we were tracking potentially a storm but it will probably bring some snow to the mountains late wwdnesday night into early thursday. tracking another storm impacting the first of the week, we have rain and snow already hitting the western slope, cloud cover streaming over denver a few showers down across southern colorado this morning, dry conditions out the door, me 40s right now, out of the west at five winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour, a warm star, mid to upper 30s in the foothills, then it at 40, parker 53, mild early on, low 60s this afternoon, likely the warmest day this week with the denver at 62, boulder 61, evergreen today 54, 50s and 40s to the mountains, leadville 42,
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and southeastern colorado closer to 70 near pueblo and lamar. look at the number of alerts in effect today winter storm warnings also winter weather advisories, we will talk more about snow totals coming up in a bit, but the mountains will pick up another good dose over one foot in some spots especially down to the southwest near durango, wolf creek pass at over one foot by tuesday. yours what that looks like of cloud cover at least, asswe set this into motion a rain snow mix western slope closer to grand junction some wet roads, overnight tonight more snow to these central mountains even a chance for showers denver tonight into tomorrow morning likely picking up a light mix across the plains just in time for the morning commute tomorrow. i am weary down the palmer
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the drive tomorrow, castle rock up to castle pines you could have nic or slushy drive early tomorrow morning with a light mix possible throughout the day. i will show you some of the totals coming up in a few minutes, 45 degrees on tuesday overnight lows in the 20s on wednesday. and then skies clear out, mountains will likely pick up snow late wednesday into early thanksgiving. pretty dry across the plains, travel in and around the metro area should be fine thursday. friday sunny and 51, and then a beautiful weekend, roadways tomorrow will be the toughest bet across the state. >> looks like thursday will be okay for the turkey trot. you can see we ave a great drive in the past area no weather-related issues here but
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western and southwestern part of the state getting snow. you see kipling bone dry conditions. we will see what happens tomorrow morning, look at the overall map to the west, sixth avenue, i-70 the drive-through golden all the way to boulder looking nice easy driving around boulder to the north side of town on 36 or i-25, i-76 right now it is quite. breaking news just in a four children have been killed in a house fire, we understand that two police officers have been injured. helping to fight the fire trying to rescue people, this just coming in, we will continue to follow this. a health alert. pumice and spreads may have been contaminated with listeria. >> you are urged to discard best before date through
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listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections. some good health news the world health organization announcing the zika virus is no longer an international public health emergency. while zika can be a problem in certain areas, on a global level it is under control. right now there is no vaccine or medicine to treat it avoiding mosquito bites is the only known prevention. thanksgiving week is here that means travel cooking and shopping. the ta of these easier. how tech can help ease travel cooking and shopping challenges.>> first travel, the cheapest gas along your route gas buddy. >> airport lounges that are free or have one-time fees and hotel tonight finds last-minute deals on places to stay. >> with the amazon echo device asked the assistant to guide
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perceived -- recipes for popular website. if you tell her what you have it will tell you what you could make. walmart kicks off its big online deals this friday. one minute after midnight.>> last year more americans shopped in -- online than in stores. >> those are your tech bytes. colorado now rank ninth in and the rams say goodbye to hughes stadium beating the university of new mexico 49-33. celebrations took over the field a new on-campus stadium will open for the 20 17th season. when you think about thanksgiving you probably think of time with friends and family. >> some in colorado struggled to puttfood on the table so
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there is a church in littleton that quietly reaches out to those that are hungry. >> a 7 everyday hero is behind it feeding body and soul. >> friday and will purchase the eggs that we need. 18 cases this time. >> it takes a lot to feed the hungry, but st. mary catholic
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pantry. >> a small army of cheerful volunteers has been reaching ?ut to help those in need for 25 years. >> we are open on mondays to serve anyone who needs help. >> it usually means 100 families or more each week. coordinating it all is debbie. >> she has such good organizational skills. she is a people person. she has us all >> she brings an incredible sense of inclusiveness. >> with volunteers at their site the clients shop for food. >> it is much better, less waste people could choose what they use. >> it is more dignified than handing people a sack of food. >> a big part of the mission is
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who come. >> st. mary's is wonderful. thank you all. >> the residents of littleton and everyone in the parish should be proud and thankful for the 7 everyday hero who has led this effort for nearly 14 years. >> everyone here is in on this except for you. denver7 and trusted choice would like to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all you do for the community. >> to nominate someone as a 7everyday hero go to and then click on community and a 7everyday hero we are tracking a storm it will not impact the forecast in denver today but we will see an increase in clouu cover, 42 at the bus stop this morning, by early afternoon 62 degrees, colder tomorrow with a chance for rain and snow we will talk more about it at
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anywhere you want toogo i-72 ward dia no delays. overall a lot of green, east to west looking good for your commute. meet ray and mavis they just celebrated their 30 -- 73rd wedding anniversary. >> the two met while ray was serving during world war ii. >> on a small ship, now i have a date. i have been dating her ever since.>> here's the deal, ray says the key to the long marriage is finding the right girl. she says it is all about patients. a look at what we are
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than usual this thanksgiving you are not alone. why stress could hit an all- time high. before you start holiday shipping -- shopping for the kids there is one toy you should put the brakes on. tips on how to fight those
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denver7 news starts right now. >> police department's on alert after three officers were shot in the line of duty in just 34 hours this morning police are calling the shootings targeted attacks. people messages on this middle school over the weekend. reaction coming up. we are keeping an eye on the snow coming our way, coming up, lisa hidalgo has all the details about when and where the snow will fall. breaking overnight, 400 protesters clashing with police in north dakota over the dakota access pipeline, we have brand-new


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