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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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denver7 news starts right now. >> police department's on alert after three officers were shot in the line of duty in just 34 hours this morning police are calling the shootings targeted attacks. people messages on this middle school over the weekend. reaction coming up. we are keeping an eye on the snow coming our way, coming up, lisa hidalgo has all the details about when and where the snow will fall. breaking overnight, 400 protesters clashing with police in north dakota over the dakota access pipeline, we have brand-new
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drone over the scene, we also saw video from the ground. people live posting this as it was happening police firing water cannons and tear gas at the demonstrators. protesters say 117 demonstrators were injured and seven had evere head injuries. authorities claim there have been no reports of verified reports of injured protesters. they say on the head with a rock. one person was arrested. denver7 first alert weather. a number of alerts going into effect on the western slope, the pink is the winter storm warning, we could get over one foot through the san juan mountains also through the central mountains, east of the divide up to one foot locally at the ski resorts, good snow on the way, in town dry
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and clouds through the afternoon. 40s early on and low 60s for highs today. are temperatures are a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal and that night notice a rain still makes developing in town. that storm bringing snow to the mountains will bring snow to denver tomorrow. today some cloud cover here is your first alert, low 60s. we will look at how much snow we could see in just a few. the tunnel to back, the southwest part of the state is getting hammered. we do have some chain loss that may. be careful in that area. be careful on the drive we have under i-25 this was opened up early yesterday afternoon. i think we're going to see lighter than normal traffic todaa and then it will get lighter closer to thanksgiving. look at the overall drive a lot
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three police officer shot in ambush attacks. in all the shootings the officers were shot while -?sitting in their vehicle expe one officer is dead, one in critical condition and one with moderate injuries. police on high alert. an incident in st. louis and officer was shot twice in the face while sitting in his suspect was shot and killed during a shootout with police. it all started when a vehicle pulled up next to the officer and someone inside opened fire.>> it tells you how dangerous of a job it is and how much we have to appreciate our police officers. >> the shooter drove off but early this morning police shot the suspect when he attempted to shoot at officers again. to the shooting in texas a
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officer in cold blood. >> similar to the ambush in st. louis the officer was writing a ticket in his squad car someone walks up to the vehicle opens fire twice and drives off. >> here is a look at the person of interest the shooting happened across the street from police headquarters. >> this is everyone's worst nightmare. >> investigators are scanning video hoping to find any clue to lead them to the suspect. a police officer shot in florida . the suspect in custody, this year more than 50 officers have been gunned down in the line of duty that is up more than 60% from last year. the back door of an elementary school spray-painted with a swastika
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>> it is a mystery who did this and why. jason gruenauer joins us live from the elementary school with the latest. >> good morning, the majority of the graffiti has been cleaned up just a few hours before students return to school thanks to the community members and many parents and kids who attend the school. this is one photo that were circulating widely on social media prompting the cleanup efforthi only vandalism. there were hateful messages spray-painted on the playground and some of the sidewalks including one that was translated to we are hitler youth. and was answered by messages of love on little paper hearts. also met by scrub brushes and cleaner by people who did not want to see that happen to the neighborhood. we spoke to the principal at the school about what happened and the response.>> the
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hearts and messages all over the walls and doors has taken something that was unfortunate and turned it into something beautiful. >> police are investigating trying to figure out who did this and why. coming up we will talk to one of the people behind the people hearts that were left here and why they did it. coming up for not reporting live jason gruenauer lakewood police looking for answers after a man was found shot dead inside of his car in a ditch. you can see skidmarks and remnants of the crash. police found the 44-year-old phillip tod penny yesterday near west ninth and allison street. these men are facing first- degree murder charges, matthew
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what led up to the homicide. one person seriously injured after this crash in denver, one of the cars went into a home yesterday. police say it is not look like anyone in the home was injured. help save a historic home one of the few queen style homes in the neighborhood. now the owner says one city councilman may prevent her from getting top dollar when she tries to sell it. the home and was once home to the hoyt brothers. one councilman wants to add the home to a list of historic denver landmarks protecting the home from demolition. the owner says she believes when she goes to sell the house the designation would limit the buyers. >> this is all i have, by somebody, one councilman
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anybody else involved he is taking away my nest egg and my future. >> the denver city council is meeting this evening. there will be a public comment before the vote. a 50-year- old merrill is getting a permanent home thanks to fundraisers. here's a look at the mural a vintage coca-cola advertisement that workers found while demolishing a building. our partners report fundraisers collected $126,000 to it. the dedication is september 3. we could soon hear more about trump's staff picks later this year -- afternoon. we already know five of his picks he lined up 20 meetings into monday's meeting with chris christie, rudy giuliani and former presidential candidate mitt romney yesterday.
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colorado cast ballots. much higher than the national average of 58%. the director of elections says mail-in ballots did not seem to play a factor in voter turnout. if you are planning a trip to chicago you might want to prepare for major delays. >> 2000 workers are preparing to go on strike over low wages. we should learn today which day theyre set to strike. aaa predicts nearly 49,000,000 americans are traveling this thanksvi >> dia could break some numbers records amanda del castillo at the airport with more. >> reporter: officials estimate at least 1.1 million people will be traveling out of this airport this week. we are here at the north security gates that has taken people at least 60 minutes to get through the lines if you're heading this way now fly denver
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bridge security wait time and 60 minute wait at the north security lines and 22 minutes at south security. officials are recommending you arrive 2 to 3 hours ahead of your flight time, it is only the skies seem a rise in travelers, wednesday will also be the busiest day on the road, 791,000 coloradans expected to travel 50 miles this holiday. whatoe security specifically? more people, more workers. we will talk about that in the next half hour, i'm amanda del castillo denver7 a medical airplane gges down moments after take off. >> no one on board survived. what witnesses are revealing about the final moments. a waiter in denver gets a huge tip from a customer in denver. here is your first
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in the low to mid 40s early on, near 60 degrees this afternoon under partly cloudy skies there is a storm moving it to colorado right now. nice and quiet to the north
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we are back with the check at dia a lot of people traveling for the holiday. if you're looking for a place to park all lots are open security wait times are not too bad. waiting 20 minutes. new information on a tragic story from indiana. four children have been killed in a house fire in florida,
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were taken to the hospital via helicopter. we don't know the extent of their injuries. we are told there were four children in the home and a mother, the mother inside she was also airlifted to the hospital, no word on the ages of those four children who lost their lives. and medical airplane crashes killing all four people on board, the flight was headed to utah friday night. it crashed moments after taking off. failure as a possible cause the owner of the plane is cooperating with the investigation. colorado springs police are looking for an armed suspect who robbed a group of partygoers of their marijuana. according to the denver post it happened early sunday morning. the first major snowstorm hitting the problem is the wind, blowing all of the snow around decreasing visibility.
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plows working around-the-clock. look at this, icy conditions leing to a 40 car pileup in youngstown ohio. police shut down the roads for hours yesterday, they asked drivers to stay home if possible. good news for ski resorts more of them will be firing up the chair lifts, opening today in time for thanksgiving. winter park and steve -- friday. thanksgiving is thursday and this year talk at dinner may be tense. >> there is a new poll finding more than 1/3 americans say talking politics while eating stresses them out so we will get to this in a minute. but first the real story is the weather. >> how nice is it going to be?
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mountains on thinks giving we could see snow early that morning but we will be okay in town. a look at your first alert headlines, 60s today, 40s tomorrow we are tracking a storm bringing heavy snow to the mountains within the next 34 236 hours, that is a great scenario for ski resorts getting set to open up this week, rain and snow possible in denver tonight and again through the first half of here's a look at the planner, in the 50s by 11, 60s between 1:00 and 3:00. temperatures will start to drop overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning a chance for a little rain and snow so we could see what roads tomorrow. i will show you what that looks like on futurecast in a minute. congress park a high of 62, over rf hitting 59. more 40s and 50s in the mountains today,,quite a bit
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see a little rain and snow out west, 6 to 12 inches possible into the mountains and down to the south and west over wolf creek pass also through the i- 70 corridor west of the divide could see 5 to 10 inches that means for ssme ski resorts parts of boulder and larimer counties the western edges of those counties could be in the 5 to 10 inch mark. in denver will not see a lot around one or two innhes by clouds at east, rain and snow covering the mountains west of the divide, with this first round we could see a few showers along i-25 this afternoon, it woulddbe really quick hit just cloud cover and overnight tonight a better chance for showers, that is 4:30 tomorrow morning, as you set this into motion it turns into
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divide a chance for committing snow and a light makes through the first half of the day until skies clear up, a fast-moving storm in the 40s on tuesday, skies clear on wednesday, a high of 50 the bright spot on wednesday. thursday looks but a good, upper 40s, low 50s through the end of the week, mountains could pick up more snow wednesday night into thursday, down across the plains stay pretty dry through the holiday, so travel on black friday no problem getting to or from the mall. >> we have an easy drive statewide a lot of people traveling the worst of it is the southwest part of the state, you can see there are some icy spots, there are some being reported at the highest elevations, for the most part i- 70 looks okay. bone dry to the westside through
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anywhere you want to go all of the construction has been picked up, highway 36 easy to boulder. holiday stress. this year it could be intense especially with thanksgiving. >> we were talking about this poll how politics can interfere with the thanksgiving meal. here's the poll, 45% of americans expect to talk about the election, 38% will find the 14% say it is very stressful. a thank you is not the normal reaction when you get pulled over by police. >> that is how some people responded in one city. a big blow for toys "r" us pulling a
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with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. announced cyber monday deals online on friday. so that is two days earlier than last year when they did the deals sunday. cyber monday the day when retailers offer holiday shopping deals. walmart deals start at bin -- midnight on friday. it is like christmas in downtown
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for the holiday lights within 330,000 led lights plus 300 light up ornaments. a surprise ticket for drivers in texas. >> fort worth police are citing bad drivers for turkey. police say people can use the food and the cops are building goodwill. >> they are surprised they say you are not giving me a ticket? >> all of the donated to the police department.>> you're not getting a ticket take this frozen turkey. that is cool. >> it is cool. it is a good gesture. it is only monday morning. beautiful with a storm we are tracking.
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-?jacket, a mix of santa claus today partly cloudy to mostly cloudy this afternoon, low 60s a chance we could see a few showers, i will show you what it looks like on futurecast, quiet this morning then by 3:00 a wave of potential wet weather just in time for the evening commute, it will then quieted down until tonight that is when we could see more rain and snow making for a slushy drive. we have a fun drive right now, nice and dry i-25 at alameda wide-open spaces you can see that in southwest denver, evans and federal wide- open. can you see the lights changing? nobody out there. there is somebody. we saw the first snow of the season last week as we mentioned more snow possible tomorrow, is your car ready for winter? 02 for the essentials you need to have in your car at all times.
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next half hour including preparations underway at dia. more americans making their way through amanda del castillo is live from the airport. >> if you are flying out of dia so are 1.1 million others. what the airport is doing to relieve the rush. every year we pay more than $50 million in ta vehicle emissions tests, what
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denver7 news starts now. >> more snow on the way, great news for the mountains over one foot in some spots a lot of ski
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holiday rush we want to check out links on dia. >> dia could break a record for the busiest travel day ever at the airport more than 1 million travelers expected this week. >> during last week the snowstorm, united airlines eeperienced delays, they are working on making sure that does not happen again. amanda del castillo joins us to see how the airport is preparing for the busy rush.>> you think about holiday travel maybe you are imagining long looping security lines. but we have good news, officials told our partners at the denver post they are adding more airport workers to help alleviate that chaos that comes with holiday travel. dia spokesman keith montgomery says they are adding contract workers for thanksgiving to


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