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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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holiday rush we want to check out links on dia. >> dia could break a record for the busiest travel day ever at the airport more than 1 million travelers expected this week. >> during last week the snowstorm, united airlines eeperienced delays, they are working on making sure that does not happen again. amanda del castillo joins us to see how the airport is preparing for the busy rush.>> you think about holiday travel maybe you are imagining long looping security lines. but we have good news, officials told our partners at the denver post they are adding more airport workers to help alleviate that chaos that comes with holiday travel. dia spokesman keith montgomery says they are adding contract workers for thanksgiving to
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staffing will be increased nationwide and they are deploying extra canine teams to airports, as many as 1.1 million people are expected to travel through the airport this week. so arrive 2 to 3 hours early. dia updates time and availability through fly denver online. security wait times are not ad right now, you're looking denver online says it could take roughly 20 minutes to get through the lines here. reporting live amanda del castillo denver7 tomorrow could be the trickiest travel day if you're trying to look tuesday we are expecting rain and snow in denver, if you're driving the mountains will pick up heavy snow, this next storm spreading rain and snow to the
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in denver for most of today, so i chance of picking up a shower this afternoon and a better chance tonight into tomorrow. highs today near 60, quite a bit of call cover across the plains and in denver. here is your cheat sheet, as the storm moves into the state, 60s today, 40s tomorrow the best chance for snow in denver on tuesday. take a look at thanksgiving coming up in a few minutes. over here. the coffee pot that was thrown over here. look at the high country, i-70 at the eisenhower tunnel it is damn much snow we are to the southwest we dudes have some chain laws in state. expects some sloppy conditions in that area. look at the drive around i-76
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a bit more crowded but look at the map i am expecting it to be a touch lighter some folks already hitting the road and the airport already for their holiday travels. right now it looks good driving to dia you can hear from amanda from the airport all day. breaking details on the house fire in indiana. the children who were killed in the fire were all under 11 years old and all of them were girls, four children died after being trapped in one hour north of indianapolis, their mother was airlifted to the hospital, two police officers were hurt and the cause is being investigated. we also just heard of a couple other fires in new jersey this morning leaving several people homeless and some injured including one in trenton, new jersey leaving nine homes damaged. a community comes together
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on a stapleton elementary school. >> police are searching for answers as to who is responsible. jason gruenauer live from isabel byrd community school. >> it happened over the weekend all over the back part of the school the back door, the playground the sidewalks messages sprayed all over. it is gone as of now but we prompted the cleanup response shared all over facebook including the swastika. one of several instances of the vandalism and graffiti all over the back portion of the school. parents responded with paper hearts of positive messages. a cleanup effort of nearly over 50 people over the weekend, yesterday we spoke to a parent of three students here who says there are immigrants and refugees that attend the school. that parent had her young
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and messages of love that were taped on the wall next to the graffiti.>> just to show that hate ddesn't win over love. and that we believe in peace at our school.>> the local jewish life center responded in a statement condemning what they call a deeply hateful acts and display. police are trying to figure out who did this. i'm jason gruenauer i'm sure you hate to waste time and money, this morning ryan luby is here to tell us about a state program that is putting some drivers through the ringer. >> it all comes down to clean air you know the drill you want to drive in the denver metro you have to spend $25 for an emissions test, if you pass you are good to go.
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some of the vehicles have no business being on the road, piles of junk spewing all sorts of things but there are others that straddle the line between what is good and what is not, some mechanics came to us telling us vehicles are failing that should not. for instance this rav4 failed time and again. she went to a certified mechanic to leern she did not need a sinnle repair before she ultimately passed the test. that sent us many other vehicles fail only to pass eventually. what kind of vehicles are we talking about? why is this happening? is the emotions -- emissions program worth the $50 million we spent on it last year. denver7 investigates tonight i'm ryannluby i will see you
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for a place to spend the night after a fire in colorado springs. the smoke started on the fifth floor of the building, one person was treated for smoke inhalation. people living in durango will soon only have this river as a source for its water this winter because of the work going on at lemon damn. the rivers flow will greatly decrease because of the maintenance work. the city's fallen officers for denver's very first officer down 5k in wash park yesterday. >> it is our chance to humanize the bad and let people know they have family and friends.>> 125 officers nationwide have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. 95 fort carson soldiers are back home just in time for the holiday spirit the soldiers
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soldiers are supposed to come home all week long. a huge thanks to all of them. this thanksgiving post a fort carson soldier for dinner. soldier connection is teaming up with fort carson to give soldiers away from home a taste of home. if you want to sign up go to have a huge congratulations to the cu >> the team says goodbye to hughes stadium, they played their final game saturday night beating new mexico 49-31. a big celebration on the field, a new on-campus stadium is being built set to open for the 20 17th season. soothey are bowl eligible now. millions of americans rush to the emergency room and get slammed with huge bills.
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of a natioowide trend, the reason why and how you could save money. the american music awards last night, a look at the big winners. cloud cover for the first half of the day, that is by 3:00 a chance for a few showers to roll through and a better chance for snow tomorrow morning, a closer look at the next oncoming of. so far so dry the south and northbound side wide open for the most part, a little traffic here and there but that is normal for the holiday week. denver7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 years.
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overnight the death toll rising after a suicide bombing targeted a mosque in afghanistan. earlier we reported 27 dead now
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at least 35 others were wounded in addition to those killed. there has been no claim of responsibility for the attack. a taliban spokesperson says they were not responsible. leaving the possibility open to being related to isis. the coast guard and local responders save six people on a were taken to the hospital to be checked out thankfully no one was seriously hurt. as for the boat it is still sinking. investigators are looking into the cause. if you have gone to the emergency room you know it is a pricey visit. it is a common problem but thhre is a way to fight back a new study finds one out of five patients treated in the emergency room gets a doctor that is out-of-network. that out-of-network doctor will
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experts say call your insurance provider to explain the situation tried to negotiate with the doctor and finally get help from a consumer group. the holidays are here and the champagne is flowing at the brown palace hotel kicking off the season with the annual champagne cascade. 6000 champagne glasses built into a pyramid and the master swordsman the bottle and all the champagne is poured out. the event raises more than $12,000 for the next objective foundation. look at this bill taking over the internet, a palestinian waiter got a $100 tip on a $23 meal a day after the election.>> if you look closely the message reads you
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are here. a friend of the waiter posted the receipt. online people were posting comments saying how the gesture proves america is a good place to live and colorado. >> the waiter says he does ?orry a bit about the trump presidency. >> there are good stories out there too. last week we had our first snow now there are more in mountains the mountains picking up a good dose. perfect for some resorts trying to open up this week, look at satellite and radar already seemed -- sings some showers out west, southern colorado with a few showers as well. this will be a really fast moving storm, we will be in the 60s today, 40s tomorrow, heavy snow within the next way for hours in the mountains.
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tomorrow a chance for snow for the morning commute. today the warmest day of the week in the low 60s between 1:00 and 3:00. overnight tonight we will drop to the 30s, it will get colder tomorrow morning as the storm roster, ighlands ranch 62 today, parker castle rock aurora in the upper 50s. one of the warmest spots will be down south, pueblo and it is cooling down in the mountains with rain and snow moving in. futurecast shows most of what we will see west of the divide, should be pretty dry along i-70 as you head up to the tunnel and then we get our first wave which means possible showers likely rain tonight between 2:00 and 5:00 and that is the first round, another chance for rain and snow by early tuesday
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best chance for some snow may be slushy conditions early tomorrow morning. it could lead to a couple of inches of snow south along the palmer divide. that would be a spot to watch out for near castle rock, castle pines we could get a little bit of snow, totals would likely be in the one or two entrained that is early tuesday morning and then the skies start to clear out and we are under cloud cover tomorrow afternoon. the mountains winter weather alerts are today and tomorrow. temperatures will drop, 62 today, 45 tomorrow, and then the skies clear up, as you look ahead to thanksgiving there will be a chance for snow in into thursday but the drive t %- across town and across most of the state will be dry. we have a lot of people heading out and about wednesday it will be the worst travel date before the holiday, sunday was technically the best travel
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the best trouble they coming bacc 6:00 am friday. who is coming back then? nobody is driving at 6:00 am on friday. we have the drive on the north side of town starting to get busy through the denver tech center overall pretty easy this morning. take a look at the drive on highway 36 getting more crowded but still free flowing at this point. we can see that on the map at i- 70 and sixth avenue. 225 and the drive on parker road wide open. the 2016 american music awards are a wrap they celebrated fan favorites in the world of music. >> the award of merit went to sting a special honor reserved for significant contributions to music.
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on good morning america at 7:00 am. >> in our first look a manhunt in san antonio. >> police officers are shot targeted in their patrol vehicles.>> a 20 year veteran of the force stopping a vehicle just outside police headquarters. a man getting out and shooting the detective twice in the head to the passenger side window.>> edward's. >> the 50-year-old father of two rushed to the hospital. where he passed away. another ambush in st. louis and officer shot twice in the face while wearing his seatbelt's weapon holstered. the unidentified father of three now in critical but stable condition. the latest details live from texas at 7:00 am.
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you may be tracked to get some early holiday shopping done. >> heads up if you are going to toys "r" us. the retailer pulling a toy off the shelves. details ahead. the longer you work in the ministry the more you realize you are receiving in return. >> we will introduce you to
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if you're traveling this
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pass the time at dia try ice- skating, these pictures were tweeted out of the ice rink construction opening friday and it will be there through january 1. it is all free. a news alert, toys "r" us halting the sale of a toy truck. a fire broke out in the bed of the truck as they were jiving home from toys "r" us. >> i said we have to get out of the truck, we pulled over flames started shooting. >> the officer said the flamms appeared to be 15 or 20 feet high. it was pretty shocking.>> this is the toy truck they were talking about. now being pulled off the shelves no one was hurt. there is a church in littleton quietly reaching out
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7everyday hero is behind it all eating for body and soul. >> friday i will purchase the eggs we need. 18 cases. >> it takes a lot to feed the hungry, but st. mary catholic parish is up to the challenge. >> it is our pantry, we don't want anybody to go hungry. >> a small army of cheerful volunteers reaching out to help those in need for more than 25 years. >> we are open mondays to serve anyone who needs food. >> more each week and coordinating it all is debbie. >> she has got such good ornitional skills. she is a people person. she has us all organized. >> she brings an incredible sense where everyone is welcome like a big family. >> with volunteers at their
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waste, people get to choose what they use. >> debbie says it is more dignified than handing people a sack of food. >> a big part of the mission is to offer friendship to those who come.>> st. mary's is wonderful. it has been wonderful. >> the residents of littleton and everyone at the parish should be proud and thankful for the 7everyday hero who has led the effort for 14 years. >> everyone here is in on this except for you. denver7 and trusted choice would like to honor you as a 7everyday hero for all you do. congratulations. >> to nominate a hero in your life go to under the community section you will see 77veryday hero 5:55, thanksgiving week seems like it
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moving in, rain and snow on the western slope likely a few showers this afternoon as we get the first wave rolling through, 49 degrees by 8:00 a mix of santa claus today and by 4:00 we will see temperatures drop, highs in the low 60s here is what that looks like on futurecast. that is 12:00 midday, between 3:00 and 5:00 a chance for showers and a rain snow mix. a be town early tomorrow morning. more on that at 6:00. one accident to the east side of town you can see sixth avenue not too bad all the way to downtown denver making the trip in less than 10 minutes. we have this one accident at eight and monaco not huge delays but definitely hazard. a look at san antonio, texas
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one of three shot in the line of duty. the search is on for one suspect. the latest on what police are calling targeted attacks coming up at 6:00. more on the big stories we are following locally including an elementary school being defaced. >> jason gruenauer joins us live from the school. it is already getting busy at dia americans packing their thanksgiving. make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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denver7 news starts right now. 6:00 am and intense morning across the country, pipeline protests in north dakota, police officers targeted in three states and swastikas spray-painted on an elementary school. how families are rising up against it. >> protesters accused of writing in north dakota. first another winter storm headed to our area, here is your first alert forecast. >> we will get snow before the thanksgiving holiday great for the ski resort, a few showers hitting the western slope, across the plains quite a bit of cloud cover. he number of alerts going into


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